Journal: SIAM J. Numerical Analysis

Volume 37, Issue 6

1747 -- 1767X. Q. Liu, C. W. Li. Weak Approximations and Extrapolations of Stochastic Differential Equations with Jumps
1768 -- 1799Christoph Gauger, Peter Leinen, Harry Yserentant. The Finite Mass Method
1800 -- 1819Sergej Rjasanow, Wolfgang Wagner. A Temperature Time Counter Scheme for the Boltzmann Equation
1820 -- 1837Salim Meddahi, María González, Pablo Pérez. On a FEM-BEM Formulation for an Exterior Quasilinear Problem in the Plane
1838 -- 1860Steinar Evje, Kenneth Hvistendahl Karlsen. BV Solutions To Degenerate Convection-Diffusion Equations
1861 -- 1884Ning Ju. p-Laplacian: Approximation of Trajectories
1885 -- 1908Barbara Kaltenbacher. A Projection-Regularized Newton Method for Nonlinear Ill-Posed Problems and Its Application to Parameter Identification Problems with Finite Element Discretization
1909 -- 1929Andreas Rieder, Thomas Schuster. The Approximate Inverse in Action with an Application to Computerized Tomography
1930 -- 1934Xiao-Liang Cheng. On the Nonlinear Inexact Uzawa Algorithm for Saddle-Point Problems
1935 -- 1972Thierry Gallouët, Raphaèle Herbin, Marie Hélène Vignal. Error Estimates on the Approximate Finite Volume Solution of Convection Diffusion Equations with General Boundary Conditions
1973 -- 2004Denise Aregba-Driollet, Roberto Natalini. Discrete Kinetic Schemes for Multidimensional Systems of Conservation Laws
2005 -- 2022T. Tachim Medjo. Numerical Simulations of a Two-Layer Quasi-Geostrophic Equation of the Ocean
2023 -- 2060Philippe G. LeFloch, Christian Rohde. High-Order Schemes, Entropy Inequalities, and Nonclassical Shocks
2061 -- 2081Carsten Carstensen, Petr Plechác. Numerical Analysis of Compatible Phase Transitions in Elastic Solids
2082 -- 2102Salim Meddahi, Francisco-Javier Sayas. A Fully Discrete BEM-FEM for the Exterior Stokes Problem in the Plane

Volume 37, Issue 5

1399 -- 1419Alexander Ostermann, Cesar Palencia. Shadowing for Nonautonomous Parabolic Problems with Applications to Long-Time Error Bounds
1420 -- 1454Gabriel J. Lord, Daniela Peterhof, Björn Sandstede, Arnd Scheel. Numerical Computation of Solitary Waves in Infinite Cylindrical Domains
1455 -- 1480Max D. Gunzburger, Hyesuk Kwon Lee. An Optimization-Based Domain Decomposition Method for the Navier-Stokes Equations
1481 -- 1512Max D. Gunzburger, Sandro Manservisi. Analysis and Approximation of the Velocity Tracking Problem for Navier-Stokes Flows with Distributed Control
1513 -- 1541Qiang Du, Max D. Gunzburger. A Gradient Method Approach to Optimization-Based Multidisciplinary Simulations and Nonoverlapping Domain Decomposition Algorithms
1542 -- 1570Zhiming Chen, Qiang Du, Jun Zou. Finite Element Methods with Matching and Nonmatching Meshes for Maxwell Equations with Discontinuous Coefficients
1571 -- 1589Bruce P. Ayati. A Variable Time Step Method for an Age-Dependent Population Model with Nonlinear Diffusion
1590 -- 1617Joe Coyle, Peter Monk. Scattering of Time-Harmonic Electromagnetic Waves by Anisotropic Inhomogeneous Scatterers or Impenetrable Obstacles
1618 -- 1643Paul Houston, Christoph Schwab, Endre Süli. hp-Finite Element Methods for First-Order Hyperbolic Problems
1644 -- 1656Marie Noëlle Le Roux. Numerical Solution of Nonlinear Reaction Diffusion Processes
1657 -- 1676Barbara I. Wohlmuth, Andrea Toselli, Olof B. Widlund. An Iterative Substructuring Method for Raviart-Thomas Vector Fields in Three Dimensions
1677 -- 1708Denis Zorin. 1 -Continuity of Subdivision Surfaces
1709 -- 1728Xiao-Chuan Cai, Tarek P. Mathew, Marcus V. Sarkis. Maximum Norm Analysis of Overlapping Nonmatching Grid Discretizations of Elliptic Equations
1729 -- 1746Avram Sidi. The Richardson Extrapolation Process with a Harmonic Sequence of Collocation Points

Volume 37, Issue 4

1053 -- 1084Éliane Bécache, Patrick Joly, Chrysoula Tsogka. An Analysis of New Mixed Finite Elements for the Approximation of Wave Propagation Problems
1085 -- 1100Faker Ben Belgacem. The Mixed Mortar Finite Element Method for the Incompressible Stokes Problem: Convergence Analysis
1101 -- 1119Houde Han, Weizhu Bao. Error Estimates for the Finite Element Approximation of Problems in Unbounded Domains
1120 -- 1137Tony Shardlow, A. M. Stuart. A Perturbation Theory for Ergodic Markov Chains and Application to Numerical Approximations
1138 -- 1164Bradley K. Alpert, Leslie Greengard, Thomas Hagstrom. Rapid Evaluation of Nonreflecting Boundary Kernels for Time-Domain Wave Propagation
1165 -- 1185Vincent J. Ervin, William J. Layton, Joseph M. Maubach. Adaptive Defect-Correction Methods for Viscous Incompressible Flow Problems
1186 -- 1197J. M. Peña. On the Multivariate Horner Scheme
1198 -- 1216Faker Ben Belgacem. Numerical Simulation of Some Variational Inequalities Arisen from Unilateral Contact Problems by the Finite Element Methods
1217 -- 1245Lorenzo Pareschi, Giovanni Russo. Numerical Solution of the Boltzmann Equation I: Spectrally Accurate Approximation of the Collision Operator
1246 -- 1270Giovanni Naldi, Lorenzo Pareschi. Numerical Schemes for Hyperbolic Systems of Conservation Laws with Stiff Diffusive Relaxation
1271 -- 1294Jochen Alberty, Carsten Carstensen. Numerical Analysis of Time-Depending PrimalElastoplasticity with Hardening
1295 -- 1315Todd Arbogast, Lawrence C. Cowsar, Mary F. Wheeler, Ivan Yotov. Mixed Finite Element Methods on Nonmatching Multiblock Grids
1316 -- 1337Hailiang Liu, Gerald Warnecke. Convergence Rates for Relaxation Schemes Approximating Conservation Laws
1338 -- 1368Hong Wang. An Optimal-Order Error Estimate for an ELLAM Scheme for Two-Dimensional Linear Advection-Diffusion Equations
1369 -- 1398Stephen Wollman. On the Approximation of the Vlasov-Poisson System by Particle Methods

Volume 37, Issue 3

701 -- 724Carol S. Woodward, Clint N. Dawson. Analysis of Expanded Mixed Finite Element Methods for a Nonlinear Parabolic Equation Modeling Flow into Variably Saturated Porous Media
725 -- 741Chun Liu, Noel J. Walkington. Approximation of Liquid Crystal Flows
742 -- 757Michael Westdickenberg, Sebastian Noelle. A New Convergence Proof for Finite Volume Schemes Using the Kinetic Formulation of Conservation Laws
758 -- 771So-Hsiang Chou, Do Y. Kwak. Mixed Covolume Methods on Rectangular Grids For Elliptic Problems
772 -- 798Mariano Gasca, Tomas Sauer. On Bivariate Hermite Interpolation with Minimal Degree Polynomials
799 -- 826Yves Achdou, Jean-Luc Guermond. Convergence Analysis of a Finite Element Projection/Lagrange-Galerkin Method for the Incompressible Navier-Stokes Equations
827 -- 862Andreas Wiegmann, Kenneth P. Bube. The Explicit-Jump Immersed Interface Method: Finite Difference Methods for PDEs with Piecewise Smooth Solutions
863 -- 887B. Ben Moussa, J.-P. Vila. Convergence of SPH Method for Scalar Nonlinear Conservation Laws
888 -- 910Yalchin R. Efendiev, Thomas Y. Hou, Xiao-Hui Wu. Convergence of a Nonconforming Multiscale Finite Element Method
911 -- 926Qiang Du. Convergence Analysis of a Numerical Method for a Mean Field Model of Superconducting Vortices
927 -- 948Franz Peherstorfer, Knut Petras. Ultraspherical Gauss-Kronrod Quadrature Is Not Possible for λ > 3
949 -- 979Aaron C. Cinzori, Patricia K. Lamm. Future Polynomial Regularization of Ill-Posed Volterra Equations
980 -- 1003Kenneth Hvistendahl Karlsen, Nils Henrik Risebro. Corrected Operator Splitting for Nonlinear Parabolic Equations
1004 -- 1020Moody T. Chu. A Fast Recursive Algorithm for Constructing Matrices with Prescribed Eigenvalues and Singular Values
1021 -- 1028Jian-Song Deng, Yu-Yu Feng, Jernej Kozak. A Note on the Dimension of the Bivariate Spline Space over the Morgan-Scott Triangulation
1029 -- 1052Jayadeep Gopalakrishnan, Joseph E. Pasciak. Multigrid for the Mortar Finite Element Method

Volume 37, Issue 2

353 -- 374Luca F. Pavarino, Olof B. Widlund. Iterative Substructuring Methods for Spectral Element Discretizations of Elliptic Systems I: Compressible Linear Elasticity
375 -- 402Luca F. Pavarino, Olof B. Widlund. Iterative Substructuring Methods for Spectral Element Discretizations of Elliptic Systems. II: Mixed Methods for Linear Elasticity and Stokes Flow
403 -- 422Vladimir Druskin, Leonid Knizhnerman. Gaussian Spectral Rules for the Three-Point Second Differences: I. A Two-Point Positive Definite Problem in a Semi-Infinite Domain
423 -- 442Clint Dawson, Robert Kirby. Solution of Parabolic Equations by Backward Euler-Mixed Finite Element Methods on a Dynamically Changing Mesh
443 -- 469Christoph Pflaum. Robust Convergence of Multilevel Algorithms for Convection-Diffusion Equations
470 -- 499Bosco García-Archilla, Edriss S. Titi. Postprocessing the Galerkin Method: The Finite-Element Case
500 -- 522TaKeo K. Ushijima, Shigetoshi Yazaki. α
523 -- 555L. Zhornitskaya, Andrea L. Bertozzi. Positivity-Preserving Numerical Schemes for Lubrication-Type Equations
556 -- 586Thomas A. Manteuffel, Klaus J. Ressel, Gerhard Starke. A Boundary Functional for the Least-Squares Finite- Element Solution of Neutron Transport Problems
587 -- 620Frank Hettlich, William Rundell. A Second Degree Method for Nonlinear Inverse Problems
621 -- 645Ben-yu Guo. Gegenbauer Approximation in Certain Hilbert Spaces and Its Applications to Singular Differential Equations
646 -- 664Françoise Dibos, Georges Koepfler. Global Total Variation Minimization
665 -- 682Gang Bao, Hongtao Yang. A Least-Squares Finite Element Analysis for Diffraction Problems
683 -- 700E. A. Dari, Ricardo G. Durán, Claudio Padra. Maximum Norm Error Estimators for Three-Dimensional Elliptic Problems

Volume 37, Issue 1

1 -- 17Hao Lu. Stair Matrices and Their Generalizations with Applications to Iterative Methods I: A Generalization of the Successive Overrelaxation Method
18 -- 36Gabriel Acosta, Ricardo G. Durán. The Maximum Angle Condition for Mixed and Nonconforming Elements: Application to the Stokes Equations
37 -- 47John C. Strikwerda, Young S. Lee. The Accuracy of the Fractional Step Method
48 -- 69Dietrich Braess, Wolfgang Dahmen, Christian Wieners. A Multigrid Algorithm for the Mortar Finite Element Method
70 -- 104B. Lee. First-Order System Least-Squares for Elliptic Problems with Robin Boundary Conditions
105 -- 130Bengt Fornberg, Michelle Ghrist. Spatial Finite Difference Approximations for Wave-Type Equations
131 -- 151Hsing-Hsia Chen, John C. Strikwerda. Preconditioning for Regular Elliptic Systems
152 -- 172Dong-Hui Li, Masao Fukushima. A Globally and Superlinearly Convergent Gauss-Newton-Based BFGS Method for Symmetric Nonlinear Equations
173 -- 193H. S. Tang, T. Zhou. On Nonconservative Algorithms for Grid Interfaces
194 -- 210Desmond J. Higham. Trust Region Algorithms and Timestep Selection
211 -- 245René Pinnau, Andreas Unterreiter. The Stationary Current-Voltage Characteristics of the Quantum Drift-Diffusion Model
246 -- 268Matthias K. Gobbert, Andreas Prohl. A Discontinuous Finite Element Method for Solving a Multiwell Problem
269 -- 285Arne Marthinsen. Interpolation in Lie Groups
286 -- 318John W. Barrett, James F. Blowey, Harald Garcke. Finite Element Approximation of the Cahn-Hilliard Equation with Degenerate Mobility
319 -- 352Wolfgang Dahmen, Rob Stevenson. Element-by-Element Construction of Wavelets Satisfying Stability and Moment Conditions