Journal: SIAM J. Numerical Analysis

Volume 39, Issue 6

1835 -- 1864E. O. Ayoola. Lagrangian Quadrature Schemes for Computing Weak Solutions of Quantum Stochastic Differential Equations
1865 -- 1888Richard E. Ewing, Tao Lin, Yanping Lin. On the Accuracy of the Finite Volume Element Method Based on Piecewise Linear Polynomials
1889 -- 1913Ping Lin, Raymond J. Spiteri. A Predicted Sequential Regularization Method for Index-2 Hessenberg DAEs
1914 -- 1937Mi-Young Kim, YongHoon Kwon. A Collocation Method for the Gurtin-MacCamy Equation with Finite Life-Span
1938 -- 1953Alan Demlow. Suboptimal and Optimal Convergence in Mixed Finite Element Methods
1954 -- 1984Markus Bause, Peter Knabner. Uniform Error Analysis for Lagrange-Galerkin Approximations of Convection-Dominated Problems
1985 -- 2013Wolfgang Dahmen, Angela Kunoth, Reinhold Schneider. Wavelet Least Squares Methods for Boundary Value Problems
2014 -- 2033Maïtine Bergounioux, Housnaa Zidani. A Fully Discrete Approximation for Control Problems Governed by Parabolic Variational Inequalities
2034 -- 2044Carsten Carstensen. Residual-Based A Posteriori Error Estimate for a Nonconforming Reissner-Mindlin Plate Finite Element
2045 -- 2065Bingkun Li, Graeme Fairweather, Bernard Bialecki. Discrete-Time Orthogonal Spline Collocation Methods for Vibration Problems
2066 -- 2088G. N. Milstein, Yu. M. Repin, M. V. Tretyakov. Symplectic Integration of Hamiltonian Systems with Additive Noise
2089 -- 2108Serge Piperno, Malika Remaki, Loula Fezoui. A Nondiffusive Finite Volume Scheme for the Three-Dimensional Maxwell's Equations on Unstructured Meshes
2109 -- 2132Éliane Bécache, Patrick Joly, Chrysoula Tsogka. A New Family of Mixed Finite Elements for the Linear Elastodynamic Problem
2133 -- 2163Paul Houston, Christoph Schwab, Endre Süli. hp-Finite Element Methods for Advection-Diffusion-Reaction Problems
2164 -- 2178Jing-Bo Chen, Hans Z. Munthe-Kaas, Meng-Zhao Qin. Square-Conservative Schemes for a Class of Evolution Equations Using Lie-Group Methods
2179 -- 2199Bennett L. Fox. Filtering the Feynman-KAC Formula

Volume 39, Issue 5

1469 -- 1487Qiang Du, Mo Mu, Zi-Niu Wu. Efficient Parallel Algorithms for Parabolic Problems
1488 -- 1511Alfio Quarteroni, Alessandro Veneziani, Paolo Zunino. Mathematical and Numerical Modeling of Solute Dynamics in Blood Flow and Arterial Walls
1512 -- 1538Ivo Babuska, Benqi Guo. Direct and Inverse Approximation Theorems for the p-Version of the Finite Element Method in the Framework of Weighted Besov Spaces. Part I: Approximability of Functions in the Weighted Besov Spaces
1539 -- 1555Ivan Hlavácek. Reliable Solution of a Perfect Plastic Problem with Uncertain Stress-Strain Law and Yield Function
1556 -- 1597K. W. Morton. Discretization of Unsteady Hyperbolic Conservation Laws
1598 -- 1624John W. Barrett, James F. Blowey. Finite Element Approximation of a Degenerate Allen-Cahn/Cahn-Hilliard System
1625 -- 1647T. Tachim Medjo. Iterative Methods for a Class of Robust Control Problems in Fluid Mechanics
1648 -- 1666Mohammad Majidi, Gerhard Starke. Least-Squares Galerkin Methods for Parabolic Problems II: The Fully Discrete Case and Adaptive Algorithms
1667 -- 1683Gerard R. Richter. Stable Finite Element Box Methods for Hyperbolic Equations
1684 -- 1711Dolores Gómez Pedreira, Patrick Joly. A Method for Computing Guided Waves in Integrated Optics. Part II: Numerical Approximation and Error Analysis
1712 -- 1731Xuejun Xu, Likang Li, Wenbin Chen. A Multigrid Method for the Mortar-Type Morley Element Approximation of a Plate Bending Problem
1732 -- 1748Oleg Davydov, Larry L. Schumaker. 1 Quartic Bivariate Splines
1749 -- 1779Douglas N. Arnold, Franco Brezzi, Bernardo Cockburn, L. Donatella Marini. Unified Analysis of Discontinuous Galerkin Methods for Elliptic Problems
1780 -- 1793Borislav Bojanov, Yuan Xu. On a Hermite Interpolation by Polynomials of Two Variables
1794 -- 1809Stephan Knapek, Frank Koster. Integral Operators on Sparse Grids
1810 -- 1834I. Bouzoubaa, Kamel Hamdache, A. Noussair. A Global Weak Solution via Transport-Projection Scheme to a Thin Film Growth Kinetic Model with Nonlocal Boundary Conditions

Volume 39, Issue 4

1097 -- 1114Leszek Marcinkowski. Domain Decomposition Methods for Mortar Finite Element Discretizations of Plate Problems
1115 -- 1131Fabiana Leoni. Convergence of an Approximation Scheme for Curvature-Dependent Motions of Sets
1132 -- 1145Ronald Cools, Erich Novak. Spherical Product Algorithms and the Integration of Smooth Functions with One Singular Point
1146 -- 1169Francis Filbet. Convergence of a Finite Volume Scheme for the Vlasov-Poisson System
1170 -- 1196So-Hsiang Chou, Do Y. Kwak, Kwang Y. Kim. A General Framework for Constructing and Analyzing Mixed Finite Volume Methods on Quadrilateral Grids: The Overlapping Covolume Case
1197 -- 1218John D. Towers. A Difference Scheme for Conservation Laws with a Discontinuous Flux: The Nonconvex Case
1219 -- 1253Christophe Buet, Stéphane Dellacherie, Rémi Sentis. Numerical Solution of an Ionic Fokker-Planck Equation with Electronic Temperature
1254 -- 1268Ben-yu Guo, He-ping Ma, Eitan Tadmor. Spectral Vanishing Viscosity Method For Nonlinear Conservation Laws
1269 -- 1301Marc Küther. Error Estimates for the Staggered Lax-Friedrichs Scheme on Unstructured Grids
1302 -- 1323Mohammad Majidi, Gerhard Starke. Least-Squares Galerkin Methods for Parabolic Problems I: Semidiscretization in Time
1324 -- 1342Remi Rocca, Marius Cocou. Numerical Analysis of Quasi-Static Unilateral Contact Problems with Local Friction
1343 -- 1365Xiaobing Feng, Ohannes A. Karakashian. Two-Level Additive Schwarz Methods for a Discontinuous Galerkin Approximation of Second Order Elliptic Problems
1366 -- 1379Uwe Risch. Convergence Analysis of the Residual Free Bubble Method for Bilinear Elements
1380 -- 1394Heping Ma, Weiwei Sun. Optimal Error Estimates of the Legendre-Petrov-Galerkin Method for the Korteweg-de Vries Equation
1395 -- 1417Lorenzo Pareschi. Central Differencing Based Numerical Schemes for Hyperbolic Conservation Laws with Relaxation Terms
1418 -- 1445Zhiqiang Cai, Thomas A. Manteuffel, Stephen F. McCormick, John Ruge. * (FOSLL*): Scalar Elliptic Partial Differential Equations
1446 -- 1467Natalia Kopteva, Martin Stynes. A Robust Adaptive Method for a Quasi-Linear One-Dimensional Convection-Diffusion Problem

Volume 39, Issue 3

735 -- 762Qiang Du, Ben-yu Guo, Jie Shen. Fourier Spectral Approximation to a Dissipative System Modeling the Flow of Liquid Crystals
763 -- 783Nicola Guglielmi. Asymptotic Stability Barriers for Natural Runge-Kutta Processes for Delay Equations
784 -- 816Serge Nicaise. Edge Elements on Anisotropic Meshes and Approximation of the Maxwell Equations
817 -- 833Sean Norburn, David J. Silvester. 1 Mixed Finite Element Approximation
834 -- 857Walter Allegretto, Yanping Lin, Hongtao Yang. Finite Element Error Estimates for a Nonlocal Problem in American Option Valuation
858 -- 879Jozef Kacur. Solution of Degenerate Convection-Diffusion Problems by the Method of Characteristics
880 -- 901Faker Ben Belgacem, Annalisa Buffa, Yvon Maday. The Mortar Finite Element Method for 3D Maxwell Equations: First Results
902 -- 931Béatrice Rivière, Mary F. Wheeler, Vivette Girault. A Priori Error Estimates for Finite Element Methods Based on Discontinuous Approximation Spaces for Elliptic Problems
932 -- 956Andrea Toselli, Axel Klawonn. A FETI Domain Decomposition Method for Edge Element Approximations in Two Dimensions with Discontinuous Coefficients
957 -- 982Hermann Brunner, Arvet Pedas, Gennadi Vainikko. Piecewise Polynomial Collocation Methods for Linear Volterra Integro-Differential Equations with Weakly Singular Kernels
983 -- 1000Ole H. Hald, Raz Kupferman. Convergence of Optimal Prediction for Nonlinear Hamiltonian Systems
1001 -- 1013Junping Wang, Xiu Ye. Superconvergence of Finite Element Approximations for the Stokes Problem by Projection Methods
1014 -- 1028Aihui Zhou. An Analysis of Some High Accuracy Finite Element Methods for Hyperbolic Problems
1029 -- 1055Martin Burger. Iterative Regularization of a Parameter Identification Problem Occurring in Polymer Crystallization
1056 -- 1077Qiang Du. Optimization Based Nonoverlapping Domain Decomposition Algorithms and Their Convergence
1078 -- 1095Christian A. Ringhofer, Christian Schmeiser, Alexander Zwirchmayr. Moment Methods for the Semiconductor Boltzmann Equation on Bounded Position Domains

Volume 39, Issue 2

363 -- 384Ming Wang. On the Necessity and Sufficiency of the Patch Test for Convergence of Nonconforming Finite Elements
385 -- 406Ansgar Jüngel. A Positivity-Preserving Numerical Scheme for a Nonlinear Fourth Order Parabolic System
407 -- 422Marko Huhtanen. A Matrix Nearness Problem Related to Iterative Methods
423 -- 441Natalia Kopteva. Maximum Norm A Posteriori Error Estimates for a One-Dimensional Convection-Diffusion Problem
442 -- 462Klaus Höllig, Ulrich Reif, Joachim Wipper. Weighted Extended B-Spline Approximation of Dirichlet Problems
463 -- 479Andreas Frommer, Daniel B. Szyld. An Algebraic Convergence Theory for Restricted Additive Schwarz Methods Using Weighted Max Norms
480 -- 498Ronald R. Coifman, Artur Sowa. New Methods of Controlled Total Variation Reduction for Digital Functions
499 -- 518Espen R. Jakobsen, Kenneth H. Karlsen, Nils Henrik Risebro. On the Convergence Rate ofOperator Splitting for Hamilton-Jacobi Equations with Source Terms
519 -- 538Chisup Kim, Raytcho D. Lazarov, Joseph E. Pasciak, Panayot S. Vassilevski. Multiplier Spaces for the Mortar Finite Element Method in Three Dimensions
539 -- 565Georgios Akrivis, Vassilios A. Dougalis, Georgios E. Zouraris. Finite Difference Schemes for the "Parabolic" Equation in a Variable Depth Environment with a Rigid Bottom Boundary Condition
566 -- 586Jochen W. Schmidt, Marion Bastian, Bernd Mulansky. 1 Splines on Clough-Tocher Splits
587 -- 595Xue-Zhang Liang, Chunmei Lu, Renzhong Feng. s
596 -- 623Dolores Gómez Pedreira, Patrick Joly. A Method for Computing Guided Waves in Integrated Optics. Part I: Mathematical Analysis
624 -- 646Frédéric Cao, Lionel Moisan. Geometric Computation of Curvature Driven Plane Curve Evolutions
647 -- 667C. V. Pao. Numerical Methods for Time-Periodic Solutions of Nonlinear Parabolic Boundary Value Problems
668 -- 689Gerd Kunert. A Local Problem Error Estimator for Anisotropic Tetrahedral Finite Element Meshes
690 -- 707R. Bruce Kellogg, Martin Stynes. n-Widths and Singularly Perturbed Boundary Value Problems II
708 -- 723Alexander Samarskii, Ivan P. Gavrilyuk, Vladimir Makarov. Stability and Regularization of Three-Level Difference Schemes with Unbounded Operator Coefficients in Banach Spaces
724 -- 733Sergey Korotov, Michal Krízek. Acute Type Refinements of Tetrahedral Partitions of Polyhedral Domains

Volume 39, Issue 1

1 -- 37François Malgouyres, Frederic Guichard. Edge Direction Preserving Image Zooming: A Mathematical and Numerical Analysis
38 -- 51María G. Armentano. Error Estimates in Sobolev Spaces for Moving Least Square Approximations
52 -- 72Ahmed Noussair. Riemann Problem with Nonlinear Resonance Effects and Well-Balanced Godunov Scheme for Shallow Fluid Flow Past an Obstacle
73 -- 99Wenbin Liu, Ningning Yan. A Posteriori Error Estimates for Convex Boundary Control Problems
100 -- 127Wenbin Liu, Ningning Yan. p-Laplacian
128 -- 145Kenth Engø, Stig Faltinsen. Numerical Integration of Lie-Poisson Systems While Preserving Coadjoint Orbits and Energy
146 -- 167Andreas Veeser. Efficient and Reliable A Posteriori Error Estimators for Elliptic Obstacle Problems
168 -- 191Ana Carpio, Pedro J. Hernando, Manuel Kindelan. Numerical Study of Hyperbolic Equations with Integral Constraints Arising in Semiconductor Theory
192 -- 213Barbara I. Wohlmuth, Rolf H. Krause. A Multigrid Method Based on the Unconstrained Product Space for Mortar Finite Element Discretizations
214 -- 249Andreas Prohl, Michael Ruzicka. On Fully Implicit Space-Time Discretization for Motions of Incompressible Fluids with Shear-Dependent Viscosities: The Case p ≤ 2
250 -- 263Alexey F. Izmailov, Vladimir G. Karmanov, A. A. Tretyakov. Regularization of Linear Approximate Schemes by the Gradient Descent
264 -- 285Bernardo Cockburn, Guido Kanschat, Ilaria Perugia, Dominik Schötzau. Superconvergence of the Local Discontinuous Galerkin Method for Elliptic Problems on Cartesian Grids
286 -- 299Zhiqiang Cai, Seokchan Kim. A Finite Element Method Using Singular Functions for the Poisson Equation: Corner Singularities
300 -- 329Bernhard Beckermann, Arno B. J. Kuijlaars. Superlinear Convergence of Conjugate Gradients
330 -- 347Seymour V. Parter. Preconditioning Legendre Spectral Collocation Methods for Elliptic Problems I: Finite Difference Operators
348 -- 362Seymour V. Parter. Preconditioning Legendre Spectral Collocation Methods for Elliptic Problems II: Finite Element Operators