Journal: SIAM J. Numerical Analysis

Volume 42, Issue 6

2257 -- 2276Brian D. Ewald, Roger Temam. Numerical Analysis of Stochastic Schemes in Geophysics
2277 -- 2297Peter Kunkel, Volker Mehrmann, Ronald Stöver. Multiple Shooting for Unstructured Nonlinear Differential-Algebraic Equations of Arbitrary Index
2298 -- 2319Oscar P. Bruno, E. McKay Hyde. Higher-Order Fourier Approximation in Scattering by Two-Dimensional, Inhomogeneous Media
2320 -- 2341Mark Ainsworth. Robust A Posteriori Error Estimation for Nonconforming Finite Element Approximation
2342 -- 2365Alfred H. Schatz. Perturbations of Forms and Error Estimates for the Finite Element Method at a Point, with an Application to Improved Superconvergence Error Estimates for Subspaces that Are Symmetric with Respect to a Point
2366 -- 2386Winfried Auzinger, Othmar Koch, Ewa Weinmüller. Analysis of a New Error Estimate for Collocation Methods Applied to Singular Boundary Value Problems
2387 -- 2407Gerhard Starke. A First-Order System Least Squares Finite Element Method for the Shallow Water Equations
2408 -- 2428Habib Ammari, Hyeonbae Kang, EunJoo Kim, Mikyoung Lim. Reconstruction of Closely Spaced Small Inclusions
2429 -- 2451Douglas N. Arnold, Daniele Boffi, Richard S. Falk. Quadrilateral H(div) Finite Elements
2452 -- 2475Mohammad Majidi. Least-Squares Galerkin Methods for Parabolic Problems III: Semidiscrete Case for Semilinear Problems
2476 -- 2495Barbara I. Wohlmuth. A V-cycle Multigrid Approach for Mortar Finite Elements
2496 -- 2521C. Carstensen, R. Lazarov, S. Tomov. Explicit and Averaging A Posteriori Error Estimates for Adaptive Finite Volume Methods
2522 -- 2568Gerald Moore. Floquet Theory as a Computational Tool
2569 -- 2589Guido Giese. Nonlinear Stability Analysis for the Method of Transport for the Elastic-Plastic Wave Equation
2590 -- 2611Andrea Toselli, Xavier Vasseur. Dual-Primal FETI Algorithms for Edge Element Approximations: Two-Dimensional H And P Finite Elements on Shape-Regular Meshes
2612 -- 2632Chiu-Yen Kao, Stanley Osher, Yen-Hsi Richard Tsai. Fast Sweeping Methods for Static Hamilton-Jacobi Equations
2633 -- 2651Carsten Carstensen, Dirk Praetorius. Numerical Analysis for a Macroscopic Model in Micromagnetics
2652 -- 2670Richards Grzhibovskis, Alexei Heintz. A Convolution-Thresholding Approximation of Generalized Curvature Flows
2671 -- 2687Pierre Degond, Shi Jin. A Smooth Transition Model between Kinetic and Diffusion Equations
2688 -- 2705Carlo Lovadina. A Low-order Nonconforming Finite Element for Reissner-Mindlin Plates

Volume 42, Issue 5

1801 -- 1817Noel Walkington. Convergence of the Discontinuous Galerkin Method for Discontinuous Solutions
1818 -- 1829Mirco Raffetto. Discrete Compactness for Edge Elements in the Presence of Mixed Boundary Conditions
1830 -- 1845Martin Weiser, Anton Schiela, Peter Deuflhard. Asymptotic Mesh Independence of Newton s Method Revisited
1846 -- 1861Jason Cantarella. On Comparing the Writhe of a Smooth Curve to the Writhe of an Inscribed Polygon
1862 -- 1874Santos B. Yuste, L. Acedo. An Explicit Finite Difference Method and a New von Neumann-Type Stability Analysis for Fractional Diffusion Equations
1875 -- 1898Omar Lakkis, Ricardo H. Nochetto. A Posteriori Error Analysis for the Mean Curvature Flow of Graphs
1899 -- 1913Xiao-song Qian, Cheng-long Xu, Li-shang Jiang, Bao-jun Bian. Convergence of the Binomial Tree Method for American Options in a Jump-Diffusion Model
1914 -- 1931Todd Arbogast, Mary F. Wheeler. A Family of Rectangular Mixed Elements with a Continuous Flux for Second Order Elliptic Problems
1932 -- 1958Panagiotis Chatzipantelidis, Raytcho D. Lazarov. Error Estimates for a Finite Volume Element Method for Elliptic PDEs in Nonconvex Polygonal Domains
1959 -- 1977Béatrice Rivière, Ivan Yotov. Locally Conservative Coupling of Stokes and Darcy Flows
1978 -- 1997Sergei Konyagin, Bojan Popov, Ognian Trifonov. On Convergence of Minmod-Type Schemes
1998 -- 2019Leszek Marcinkowski. A Mortar Finite Element Method for Fourth Order Problems in Two Dimensions with Lagrange Multipliers
2020 -- 2042Chengming Huang, Stefan Vandewalle. Discretized Stability and Error Growth of The Nonautonomous Pantograph Equation
2043 -- 2075Claudio Canuto, Karsten Urban. Adaptive Optimization of Convex Functionals in Banach Spaces
2076 -- 2097Yahia Lebbah, Claude Michel, Michel Rueher, David Daney, Jean-Pierre Merlet. Efficient and Safe Global Constraints for Handling Numerical Constraint Systems
2098 -- 2117Olivier Bokanowski, Mohammed Lemou. Fast Multipole Method for Multivariable Integrals
2118 -- 2135Ricardo H. Nochetto, Kunibert G. Siebert, Andreas Veeser. Fully Localized A posteriori Error Estimators and Barrier Sets for Contact Problems
2136 -- 2147Carsten Carstensen. Estimation of Higher Sobolev Norm from Lower Order Approximation
2148 -- 2158Jörg Liesen, Paul E. Saylor. Orthogonal Hessenberg Reduction and Orthogonal Krylov Subspace Bases
2159 -- 2175Hyea Hyun Kim, Chang-Ock Lee. A Preconditioner for the FETI-DP Formulation with Mortar Methods in Two Dimensions
2176 -- 2187Satish C. Reddy, J. Andre Weideman. The Accuracy of the Chebyshev Differencing Method for Analytic Functions
2188 -- 2217Rob Stevenson. An Optimal Adaptive Finite Element Method
2218 -- 2256Arieh Iserles, Antonella Zanna. Efficient Computation of the Matrix Exponential by Generalized Polar Decompositions

Volume 42, Issue 4

1357 -- 1393Christos Arvanitis, Charalambos Makridakis, Athanasios E. Tzavaras. Stability and Convergence of a Class of Finite Element Schemes for Hyperbolic Systems of Conservation Laws
1394 -- 1414R. Luce, Barbara I. Wohlmuth. A Local A Posteriori Error Estimator Based on Equilibrated Fluxes
1415 -- 1434Olivier Gibaru. Tensorial Rational Surfaces with Base Points via Massic Vectors
1435 -- 1451Sergey I. Repin, Stefan Sauter, Anton Smolianski. A Posteriori Estimation of Dimension Reduction Errors for Elliptic Problems on Thin Domains
1452 -- 1478Florin A. Radu, Iuliu Sorin Pop, Peter Knabner. Order of Convergence Estimates for an Euler Implicit, Mixed Finite Element Discretization of Richards Equation
1479 -- 1501Albert Cohen, Marc Hoffmann, Markus Reiss. Adaptive Wavelet Galerkin Methods for Linear Inverse Problems
1502 -- 1526Daniele Boffi, Lucia Gastaldi. Analysis of Finite Element Approximation of Evolution Problems in Mixed Form
1527 -- 1551Jérémie Szeftel. d
1552 -- 1571Andrew J. Sommese, Jan Verschelde, Charles W. Wampler. Homotopies for Intersecting Solution Components of Polynomial Systems
1572 -- 1591L. Beirão da Veiga. Finite Element Methods for a Modified Reissner-Mindlin Free Plate Model
1592 -- 1609Tri Van, Aihua Wood. A Time-Domain Finite Element Method for Maxwell s Equations
1610 -- 1630A. M. Sauer-Budge, J. Bonet, A. Huerta, J. Peraire. Computing Bounds for Linear Functionals of Exact Weak Solutions to Poisson s Equation
1631 -- 1647Reinhard Nabben, C. Vuik. A Comparison of Deflation and Coarse Grid Correction Applied to Porous Media Flow
1648 -- 1668René Pinnau. Uniform Convergence of an Exponentially Fitted Scheme for the Quantum Drift Diffusion Model
1669 -- 1693Robert D. Falgout, Panayot S. Vassilevski. On Generalizing the Algebraic Multigrid Framework
1694 -- 1728Manuel Torrilhon, M. Fey. Constraint-Preserving Upwind Methods for Multidimensional Advection Equations
1729 -- 1744Liping Liu, Tang Liu, Michal Krízek, Tao Lin, Shuhua Zhang. Global Superconvergence and A Posteriori Error Estimators of the Finite Element Method for a Quasi-linear Elliptic Boundary Value Problem of Nonmonotone Type
1745 -- 1759Zhi-qiang Wang, Jianxin Zhou. A Local Minimax-Newton Method for Finding Multiple Saddle Points with Symmetries
1760 -- 1779Xiaoqun Wang, Ian H. Sloan, Josef Dick. On Korobov Lattice Rules in Weighted Spaces
1780 -- 1800Ahmed Naga, Zhimin Zhang. A Posteriori Error Estimates Based on the Polynomial Preserving Recovery

Volume 42, Issue 3

905 -- 933Qiya Hu, Zhongci Shi, Dehao Yu. Efficient Solvers for Saddle-Point Problems Arising from Domain Decompositions with Lagrange Multipliers
934 -- 952Christophe Besse. A Relaxation Scheme for the Nonlinear Schrödinger Equation
953 -- 967Jernej Kozak, Emil Zagar. On Geometric Interpolation by Polynomial Curves
968 -- 973Peter Mathé. Saturation of Regularization Methods for Linear Ill-Posed Problems in Hilbert Spaces
974 -- 996Steven J. Ruuth, Raymond J. Spiteri. High-Order Strong-Stability-Preserving Runge-Kutta Methods with Downwind-Biased Spatial Discretizations
997 -- 1017Jong-Shi Pang, Thomas P. Y. Yu. Continuous M-Estimators and Their Interpolation by Polynomials
1018 -- 1031Yao-Lin Jiang. On Time-Domain Simulation of Lossless Transmission Lines with Nonlinear Terminations
1032 -- 1061Wenbin Liu, Heping Ma, Tao Tang, Ningning Yan. A Posteriori Error Estimates for Discontinuous Galerkin Time-Stepping Method for Optimal Control Problems Governed by Parabolic Equations
1062 -- 1072Xiu Ye. A New Discontinuous Finite Volume Method for Elliptic Problems
1073 -- 1093L. Ferracina, M. N. Spijker. Stepsize Restrictions for the Total-Variation-Diminishing Property in General Runge-Kutta Methods
1094 -- 1109Lishang Jiang, Min Dai. Convergence of Binomial Tree Methods for European/American Path-Dependent Options
1110 -- 1127Dmitry E. Pelinovsky, Yury A. Stepanyants. Convergence of Petviashvili s Iteration Method for Numerical Approximation of Stationary Solutions of Nonlinear Wave Equations
1128 -- 1145Gilles Aubert, Laure Blanc-Féraud, Riccardo March. Gamma-Convergence of Discrete Functionals with Nonconvex Perturbation for Image Classification
1146 -- 1166Zhangxin Chen, Hongsen Chen. Pointwise Error Estimates of Discontinuous Galerkin Methods with Penalty for Second-Order Elliptic Problems
1167 -- 1188Penny J. Davies, Dugald B. Duncan. Stability and Convergence of Collocation Schemes for Retarded Potential Integral Equations
1189 -- 1207Pavel B. Bochev, Max Gunzburger. An Absolutely Stable Pressure-Poisson Stabilized Finite Element Method for the Stokes Equations
1208 -- 1225Jean-Claude Latché, D. Vola. Analysis of the Brezzi-Pitkäranta Stabilized Galerkin Scheme for Creeping Flows of Bingham Fluids
1226 -- 1260Michael Plexousakis, Georgios E. Zouraris. On the Construction and Analysis of High Order Locally Conservative Finite Volume-Type Methods for One-Dimensional Elliptic Problems
1261 -- 1291Maxim A. Olshanskii, Arnold Reusken. Convergence Analysis of a Multigrid Method for a Convection-Dominated Model Problem
1292 -- 1323Heinz-Otto Kreiss, N. Anders Petersson, Jacob Yström. Difference Approximations of the Neumann Problem for the Second Order Wave Equation
1324 -- 1341Charles M. Elliott, David Kay, Vanessa Styles. A Finite Element Approximation of a Variational Inequality Formulation of Bean s Model for Superconductivity
1342 -- 1356Sven Beuchler. Multilevel Solvers for a Finite Element Discretization of a Degenerate Problem

Volume 42, Issue 2

461 -- 483H. R. MacMillan, Thomas A. Manteuffel, Stephen F. McCormick. First-Order System Least Squares and Electrical Impedance Tomography
484 -- 504Bruno Després. An Explicit A Priori Estimate for a Finite Volume Approximation of Linear Advection on Non-Cartesian Grids
505 -- 529Sören Bartels. Adaptive Approximation of Young Measure Solutions in Scalar Nonconvex Variational Problems
531 -- 552Sergio Blanes, Fernando Casas, Ander Murua. On the Numerical Integration of Ordinary Differential Equations by Processed Methods
553 -- 575Mark Ainsworth. Discrete Dispersion Relation for hp-Version Finite Element Approximation at High Wave Number
576 -- 598Todd Arbogast. Analysis of a Two-Scale, Locally Conservative Subgrid Upscaling for Elliptic Problems
599 -- 620J. Thomas Beale. A Grid-Based Boundary Integral Method for Elliptic Problems in Three Dimensions
621 -- 640A. Buffa, Ralf Hiptmair. A Coercive Combined Field Integral Equation for Electromagnetic Scattering
641 -- 666Qiang Zhang, Chi-Wang Shu. Error Estimates to Smooth Solutions of Runge-Kutta Discontinuous Galerkin Methods for Scalar Conservation Laws
667 -- 685Faker Ben Belgacem. A Stabilized Domain Decomposition Method with Nonmatching Grids for the Stokes Problem in Three Dimensions
686 -- 713Gabriele Steidl, Joachim Weickert, Thomas Brox, Pavel Mrázek, Martin Welk. On the Equivalence of Soft Wavelet Shrinkage, Total Variation Diffusion, Total Variation Regularization, and SIDEs
714 -- 737Jean-Luc Guermond. A Finite Element Technique for Solving First-Order PDEs in L:::p:::
738 -- 772John W. Barrett, Robert Nürnberg, Vanessa Styles. Finite Element Approximation of a Phase Field Model for Void Electromigration
773 -- 799Eberhard Bänsch, Pedro Morin, Ricardo H. Nochetto. Surface Diffusion of Graphs: Variational Formulation, Error Analysis, and Simulation
800 -- 825Ivo Babuska, Raúl Tempone, Georgios E. Zouraris. Galerkin Finite Element Approximations of Stochastic Elliptic Partial Differential Equations
826 -- 842Zhiqiang Cai, Gerhard Starke. Least-Squares Methods for Linear Elasticity
843 -- 859Zhiqiang Cai, Barry Lee, Ping Wang. Least-Squares Methods for Incompressible Newtonian Fluid Flow: Linear Stationary Problems
860 -- 877Martin Berggren. Approximations of Very Weak Solutions to Boundary-Value Problems
878 -- 904Jesús F. Palacián. Integration of Perturbed Initial Value Problems through Reduction Theory

Volume 42, Issue 1

1 -- 29Qiang Du, Max Gunzburger, L. S. Hou, J. Lee. Semidiscrete Finite Element Approximations of a Linear Fluid-Structure Interaction Problem
30 -- 48David M. Sloan. On the Norms of Inverses of Pseudospectral Differentiation Matrices
49 -- 74Weiying Zheng, Lung-An Ying. Finite Element Approximations to the Discrete Spectrum of the Schrödinger Operator with the Coulomb Potential
75 -- 89Carsten Carstensen, Georg Dolzmann. Time-Space Discretization of the Nonlinear Hyperbolic System u::tt:: = div (/sigma(Du)+ Du::t::)
90 -- 108Jayadeep Gopalakrishnan, Joseph E. Pasciak, Leszek F. Demkowicz. Analysis of a Multigrid Algorithm for Time Harmonic Maxwell Equations
109 -- 129Hyesuk Lee. A Multigrid Method for Viscoelastic Fluid Flow
130 -- 152Barry Lee, Stephen F. McCormick, Bobby Philip, Daniel J. Quinlan. Asynchronous Fast Adaptive Composite-Grid Methods for Elliptic Problems: Theoretical Foundations
153 -- 178A. A. Dosiyev. The High Accurate Block-Grid Method for Solving Laplace's Boundary Value Problem with Singularities
179 -- 208Adimurthi, Jérôme Jaffré, G. D. Veerappa Gowda. Godunov-Type Methods for Conservation Laws with a Flux Function Discontinuous in Space
228 -- 251Boris A. Andreianov, Michael Gutnic, Petra Wittbold. Convergence of Finite Volume Approximations for a Nonlinear Elliptic-Parabolic Problem: A Continuous Approach
252 -- 264Mats G. Larson, A. Jonas Niklasson. Analysis of a Nonsymmetric Discontinuous Galerkin Method for Elliptic Problems: Stability and Energy Error Estimates
265 -- 282Bernhard A. Schmitt, Rüdiger Weiner. Parallel Two-Step W-Methods with Peer Variables
283 -- 301Bernardo Cockburn, Jayadeep Gopalakrishnan. A Characterization of Hybridized Mixed Methods for Second Order Elliptic Problems
302 -- 325T. Tachim Medjo, L. R. Tcheugoue Tebou. Adjoint-Based Iterative Method for Robust Control Problems in Fluid Mechanics
326 -- 349Jie Shen, Li-lian Wang. Error Analysis for Mapped Legendre Spectral and Pseudospectral Methods
350 -- 382Nicolas Besse. Convergence of a Semi-Lagrangian Scheme for the One-Dimensional Vlasov-Poisson System
383 -- 408Hermann Schichl, Arnold Neumaier. Exclusion Regions for Systems of Equations
409 -- 433E. Bécache, A. S. Bonnet-Ben Dhia, G. Legendre. Perfectly Matched Layers for the Convected Helmholtz Equation
434 -- 459Paul Houston, Ilaria Perugia, Dominik Schötzau. Mixed Discontinuous Galerkin Approximation of the Maxwell Operator