Journal: SIAM J. Numerical Analysis

Volume 49, Issue 6

2211 -- 2230Philsu Kim, Xiangfan Piao, Sang Dong Kim. An Error Corrected Euler Method for Solving Stiff Problems Based on Chebyshev Collocation
2231 -- 2255Xiangling Chen, Zhongying Chen, Bin Wu, Yuesheng Xu. Fast Multilevel Augmentation Methods for Nonlinear Boundary Integral Equations
2256 -- 2276Timothy A. Lucas. Maximum-Norm Estimates for an Immunology Model Using Reaction-Diffusion Equations with Stochastic Source Terms
2277 -- 2301Marcel Bieri. A Sparse Composite Collocation Finite Element Method for Elliptic SPDEs
2302 -- 2322Ya-Nan Zhang, Zhi-zhong Sun, Hong-wei Wu. Error Estimates of Crank-Nicolson-Type Difference Schemes for the Subdiffusion Equation
2323 -- 2339Andreas Schröder. Mixed Finite Element Methods of Higher-Order for Model Contact Problems
2340 -- 2363Maike Löhndorf, Jens Markus Melenk. Wavenumber-Explicit hp-BEM for High Frequency Scattering
2364 -- 2385Kwang-Yeon Kim. Guaranteed A Posteriori Error Estimator for Mixed Finite Element Methods of Linear Elasticity with Weak Stress Symmetry
2386 -- 2406Jiequan Li, Zhicheng Yang. Heuristic Modified Equation Analysis on Oscillations in Numerical Solutions of Conservation Laws
2407 -- 2429Mihály Kovács, Stig Larsson, Ali Mesforush. Finite Element Approximation of the Cahn-Hilliard-Cook Equation
2430 -- 2450Bernhard Beckermann. An Error Analysis for Rational Galerkin Projection Applied to the Sylvester Equation
2451 -- 2469Roland Becker, Elodie Estecahandy, David Trujillo. Weighted Marking for Goal-oriented Adaptive Finite Element Methods
2470 -- 2500Elisabetta Carlini, Nicolas Forcadel, Régis Monneau. A Generalized Fast Marching Method for Dislocation Dynamics
2501 -- 2523Carsten Carstensen, DongHo Kim, Eun-Jae Park. A Priori and A Posteriori Pseudostress-velocity Mixed Finite Element Error Analysis for the Stokes Problem
2524 -- 2542M. Dashti, A. M. Stuart. Uncertainty Quantification and Weak Approximation of an Elliptic Inverse Problem
2543 -- 2563Simon Foucart. Hard Thresholding Pursuit: An Algorithm for Compressive Sensing
2564 -- 2575Zhiqiang Cai, JaEun Ku. Goal-Oriented Local A Posteriori Error Estimators for H(div) Least-Squares Finite Element Methods
2576 -- 2597Heiko Berninger, Ralf Kornhuber, Oliver Sander. Fast and Robust Numerical Solution of the Richards Equation in Homogeneous Soil
2598 -- 2617YongHoon Kwon, Younhee Lee. A Second-order Finite Difference Method for Option Pricing Under Jump-diffusion Models
2618 -- 2639David I. Ketcheson, Sigal Gottlieb, Colin B. Macdonald. Strong Stability Preserving Two-step Runge-Kutta Methods

Volume 49, Issue 5

1737 -- 1760L. Beirão da Veiga, Konstantin Lipnikov, G. Manzini. Arbitrary-Order Nodal Mimetic Discretizations of Elliptic Problems on Polygonal Meshes
1761 -- 1787Zhiqiang Cai, Xiu Ye, Shun Zhang. Discontinuous Galerkin Finite Element Methods for Interface Problems: A Priori and A Posteriori Error Estimations
1788 -- 1809Leszek F. Demkowicz, Jayadeep Gopalakrishnan. Analysis of the DPG Method for the Poisson Equation
1810 -- 1835Vu Hoang Linh, Volker Mehrmann. Approximation of Spectral Intervals and Leading Directions for Differential-Algebraic Equation via Smooth Singular Value Decompositions
1836 -- 1859J. Breidt, T. Butler, Donald J. Estep. A Measure-Theoretic Computational Method for Inverse Sensitivity Problems I: Method and Analysis
1860 -- 1874Jiguang Sun. Iterative Methods for Transmission Eigenvalues
1875 -- 1898Vladimir Druskin, Leonid Knizhnerman, Valeria Simoncini. Analysis of the Rational Krylov Subspace and ADI Methods for Solving the Lyapunov Equation
1899 -- 1920Hanieh Mirzaee, Liangyue Ji, Jennifer K. Ryan, Robert M. Kirby. Smoothness-Increasing Accuracy-Conserving (SIAC) Postprocessing for Discontinuous Galerkin Solutions over Structured Triangular Meshes
1921 -- 1946Bin Han, Gitta Kutyniok, Zuowei Shen. Adaptive Multiresolution Analysis Structures and Shearlet Systems
1947 -- 1971Fang Liu, Martin Stynes, Aihui Zhou. Postprocessed Two-Scale Finite Element Discretizations, Part I
1972 -- 1990G. H. Zheng, T. Wei. A New Regularization Method for the Time Fractional Inverse Advection-Dispersion Problem
1991 -- 2016Martin Hanke. Locating Several Small Inclusions in Impedance Tomography from Backscatter Data
2017 -- 2038Jialin Hong, Shuxing Zhai, Jingjing Zhang. Discrete Gradient Approach to Stochastic Differential Equations with a Conserved Quantity
2039 -- 2056David Doyen, Alexandre Ern. Analysis of the Modified Mass Method for the Dynamic Signorini Problem with Coulomb Friction
2057 -- 2077Giacomo Dimarco, Lorenzo Pareschi. Exponential Runge-Kutta Methods for Stiff Kinetic Equations
2078 -- 2102E. E. Ovtchinnikov. Lehmann Bounds and Eigenvalue Error Estimation
2103 -- 2123Mayte Pérez-Llanos, Julio D. Rossi. Numerical Approximations for a Nonlocal Evolution Equation
2124 -- 2143Zvi Artstein, C. William Gear, Ioannis G. Kevrekidis, Marshall Slemrod, Edriss S. Titi. Analysis and Computation of a Discrete KdV-Burgers Type Equation with Fast Dispersion and Slow Diffusion
2144 -- 2164Igor Moret, Paolo Novati. On the Convergence of Krylov Subspace Methods for Matrix Mittag-Leffler Functions
2165 -- 2181Jiangguo Liu. Penalty-Factor-Free Discontinuous Galerkin Methods for 2-Dim Stokes Problems
2182 -- 2209Brian Van Koten, Mitchell Luskin. Analysis of Energy-Based Blended Quasi-Continuum Approximations

Volume 49, Issue 4

1321 -- 1349Eunjung Lee, Max Gunzburger. Analysis of Finite Element Discretizations of an Optimal Control Formulation of the Image Registration Problem
1350 -- 1368Jun Hu, Yunqing Huang, Shangyou Zhang. The Lowest Order Differentiable Finite Element on Rectangular Grids
1369 -- 1396Kassem Mustapha, Hermann Brunner, Hussein Mustapha, Dominik Schötzau. An hp-Version Discontinuous Galerkin Method for Integro-Differential Equations of Parabolic Type
1397 -- 1416Andrei Yevik, Huaizhong Zhao. Numerical Approximations to the Stationary Solutions of Stochastic Differential Equations
1417 -- 1435Pei Chen. Hessian Matrix vs. Gauss-Newton Hessian Matrix
1436 -- 1460Anton Arnold, Naoufel Ben Abdallah, Claudia Negulescu. WKB-Based Schemes for the Oscillatory 1D Schrödinger Equation in the Semiclassical Limit
1461 -- 1481Michael A. Case, Vincent J. Ervin, Alexander Linke, Leo G. Rebholz. A Connection Between Scott-Vogelius and Grad-Div Stabilized Taylor-Hood FE Approximations of the Navier-Stokes Equations
1482 -- 1503Joachim Schöberl, René Simon, Walter Zulehner. A Robust Multigrid Method for Elliptic Optimal Control Problems
1504 -- 1520J. Gopalakrishnan, J. Guzmán. Symmetric Nonconforming Mixed Finite Elements for Linear Elasticity
1521 -- 1531O. Steinbach. A Note on the Stable One-Equation Coupling of Finite and Boundary Elements
1532 -- 1552Max Gunzburger, Hyung-Chun Lee, Jangwoon Lee. Error Estimates of Stochastic Optimal Neumann Boundary Control Problems
1553 -- 1571Charles B. Harris, Richard D. Noren. Uniform l:::1::: Behavior of a Time Discretization Method for a Volterra Integrodifferential Equation with Convex Kernel; Stability
1572 -- 1601Timo Betcke, E. A. Spence. Numerical Estimation of Coercivity Constants for Boundary Integral Operators in Acoustic Scattering
1602 -- 1624Yidu Yang, Hai Bi. Two-Grid Finite Element Discretization Schemes Based on Shifted-Inverse Power Method for Elliptic Eigenvalue Problems
1625 -- 1648Yanping Chen, Fenglin Huang, Nianyu Yi, Wenbin Liu. A Legendre-Galerkin Spectral Method for Optimal Control Problems Governed by Stokes Equations
1649 -- 1660David I. Ketcheson. Step Sizes for Strong Stability Preservation with Downwind-Biased Operators
1661 -- 1691Josef Dick. s: Digital Nets and Worst-Case Error
1692 -- 1714Brittany D. Froese, Adam M. Oberman. Convergent Finite Difference Solvers for Viscosity Solutions of the Elliptic Monge-Ampère Equation in Dimensions Two and Higher
1715 -- 1735Homer F. Walker, Peng Ni. Anderson Acceleration for Fixed-Point Iterations

Volume 49, Issue 3

917 -- 944Jean-Luc Guermond, Abner J. Salgado. Error Analysis of a Fractional Time-Stepping Technique for Incompressible Flows with Variable Density
945 -- 969C. Wang, S. M. Wise. An Energy Stable and Convergent Finite-Difference Scheme for the Modified Phase Field Crystal Equation
970 -- 991Roland Becker, Shipeng Mao. Quasi-Optimality of Adaptive Nonconforming Finite Element Methods for the Stokes Equations
992 -- 1005Thomas Apel, Olaf Benedix, Dieter Sirch, Boris Vexler. A Priori Mesh Grading for an Elliptic Problem with Dirac Right-Hand Side
1006 -- 1022Gerhard Starke, Alexander Schwarz, Jörg Schröder. Analysis of a Modified First-Order System Least Squares Method for Linear Elasticity with Improved Momentum Balance
1023 -- 1045Siddhartha Mishra, Eitan Tadmor. Constraint Preserving Schemes Using Potential-Based Fluxes. II. Genuinely Multidimensional Systems of Conservation Laws
1046 -- 1063A. H. Barnett, A. Hassell. Boundary Quasi-Orthogonality and Sharp Inclusion Bounds for Large Dirichlet Eigenvalues
1064 -- 1084Wenbin Chen, Max Gunzburger, Fei Hua, Xiaoming Wang. A Parallel Robin-Robin Domain Decomposition Method for the Stokes-Darcy System
1085 -- 1110Beatrice Rivière, Noel Walkington. Convergence of a Discontinuous Galerkin Method for the Miscible Displacement Equation under Low Regularity
1111 -- 1126Brian A. Hagler. Optimizing Gaussian Quadrature for Positive Definite Strong Moment Functionals
1127 -- 1148Victor Didenko, Johan Helsing. Stability of the Nyström Method for the Sherman-Lauricella Equation
1149 -- 1176Volker John, Julia Novo. Error Analysis of the SUPG Finite Element Discretization of Evolutionary Convection-Diffusion-Reaction Equations
1177 -- 1193Habib Ammari, Hyeonbae Kang, EunJoo Kim, Mikyoung Lim, Kaouthar Louati. A Direct Algorithm for Ultrasound Imaging of Internal Corrosion
1194 -- 1209Nicola Guglielmi, Christian Lubich. Differential Equations for Roaming Pseudospectra: Paths to Extremal Points and Boundary Tracking
1210 -- 1243Jens Markus Melenk, S. Sauter. Wavenumber Explicit Convergence Analysis for Galerkin Discretizations of the Helmholtz Equation
1244 -- 1266Ilse C. F. Ipsen, C. T. Kelley, S. R. Pope. Rank-Deficient Nonlinear Least Squares Problems and Subset Selection
1267 -- 1288Luca Formaggia, Anna Scotti. Positivity and Conservation Properties of Some Integration Schemes for Mass Action Kinetics
1289 -- 1316Felix Kwok. Optimized Additive Schwarz with Harmonic Extension as a Discretization of the Continuous Parallel Schwarz Method
1317 -- 1319Miodrag S. Petkovic. Remarks on On a General Class of Multipoint Root-Finding Methods of High Computational Efficiency

Volume 49, Issue 2

427 -- 458Emmanuil H. Georgoulis, Omar Lakkis, Juha M. Virtanen. A Posteriori Error Control for Discontinuous Galerkin Methods for Parabolic Problems
459 -- 490Jérôme Droniou, Christophe Le Potier. Construction and Convergence Study of Schemes Preserving the Elliptic Local Maximum Principle
491 -- 520Ross Ingram. Finite Element Approximation of Nonsolenoidal, Viscous Flows around Porous and Solid Obstacles
521 -- 540JaEun Ku. Pointwise Error Estimates for First-Order div Least-Squares Finite Element Methods and Applications to Superconvergence and A Posteriori Error Estimators
541 -- 548Yuan Xu. On Gauss-Lobatto Integration on the Triangle
549 -- 573Qinian Jin. A General Convergence Analysis of Some Newton-Type Methods for Nonlinear Inverse Problems
574 -- 607Jianguo Huang, Xuehai Huang, Yifeng Xu. Convergence of an Adaptive Mixed Finite Element Method for Kirchhoff Plate Bending Problems
608 -- 618Hongjiong Tian, Quanhong Yu, Jiaoxun Kuang. Asymptotic Stability of Linear Neutral Delay Differential-Algebraic Equations and Linear Multistep Methods
619 -- 641Weifeng Qiu, Leszek F. Demkowicz. Mixed hp-Finite Element Method for Linear Elasticity with Weakly Imposed Symmetry: Stability Analysis
642 -- 667Arnulf Jentzen. Higher Order Pathwise Numerical Approximations of SPDEs with Additive Noise
668 -- 691Young-Ju Lee, Hengguang Li. On Stability, Accuracy, and Fast Solvers for Finite Element Approximations of the Axisymmetric Stokes Problem by Hood-Taylor Elements
692 -- 710Christian Wieners, Barbara I. Wohlmuth. A Primal-Dual Finite Element Approximation for a Nonlocal Model in Plasticity
711 -- 732Hyesuk K. Lee, Maxim A. Olshanskii, Leo G. Rebholz. On Error Analysis for the 3D Navier-Stokes Equations in Velocity-Vorticity-Helicity Form
733 -- 754Hao Wu, Xu Yang. A Hybrid Phase Flow Method for Solving the Liouville Equation in a Bounded Domain
755 -- 769JaEun Ku. Sharp L::2::-Norm Error Estimates for First-Order div Least-Squares Methods
770 -- 788Michele Benzi, Maxim A. Olshanskii. Field-of-Values Convergence Analysis of Augmented Lagrangian Preconditioners for the Linearized Navier-Stokes Problem
789 -- 817Edwin M. Behrens, Johnny Guzmán. A Mixed Method for the Biharmonic Problem Based On a System of First-Order Equations
818 -- 844A. Buffa, J. Rivas, G. Sangalli, R. Vázquez. Isogeometric Discrete Differential Forms in Three Dimensions
845 -- 868Jingyue Wang, Bradley J. Lucier. Error Bounds for Finite-Difference Methods for Rudin-Osher-Fatemi Image Smoothing
869 -- 892Susanne C. Brenner, Michael Neilan. A ::::C:::::::0::: Interior Penalty Method for a Fourth Order Elliptic Singular Perturbation Problem
893 -- 915Francesc Aràndiga, Antonio Baeza, A. M. Belda, Pep Mulet. Analysis of WENO Schemes for Full and Global Accuracy

Volume 49, Issue 1

1 -- 14Weidong Chen. Computation of Fourier Transforms for Noisy Bandlimited Signals
15 -- 37Martin Lenz, Simplice Firmin Nemadjieu, Martin Rumpf. A Convergent Finite Volume Scheme for Diffusion on Evolving Surfaces
38 -- 60Adrien Loseille, Frédéric Alauzet. Continuous Mesh Framework Part I: Well-Posed Continuous Interpolation Error
61 -- 86Adrien Loseille, Frédéric Alauzet. Continuous Mesh Framework Part II: Validations and Applications
110 -- 134Sören Bartels, Rüdiger Müller, Christoph Ortner. Robust A Priori and A Posteriori Error Analysis for the Approximation of Allen-Cahn and Ginzburg-Landau Equations Past Topological Changes
135 -- 158Daniele Boffi, Martin Costabel, Monique Dauge, Leszek F. Demkowicz, Ralf Hiptmair. Discrete Compactness for the p-Version of Discrete Differential Forms
159 -- 181Pavel B. Bochev, Kara Peterson, Christopher M. Siefert. Analysis and Computation of Compatible Least-Squares Methods for div-curl Equations
182 -- 212Nabi Chegini, Rob Stevenson. Adaptive Wavelet Schemes for Parabolic Problems: Sparse Matrices and Numerical Results
213 -- 231Jan Hendrik Witte, Christoph Reisinger. A Penalty Method for the Numerical Solution of Hamilton-Jacobi-Bellman (HJB) Equations in Finance
232 -- 263R. I. McLachlan, Y. Sun, P. S. P. Tse. Linear Stability of Partitioned Runge-Kutta Methods
264 -- 284Ralf Hiptmair, Andrea Moiola, Ilaria Perugia. Plane Wave Discontinuous Galerkin Methods for the 2D Helmholtz Equation: Analysis of the p-Version
285 -- 308Juho Könnö, Dominik Schötzau, Rolf Stenberg. Mixed Finite Element Methods for Problems with Robin Boundary Conditions
309 -- 330Victor Kalvin. Perfectly Matched Layers for Diffraction Gratings in Inhomogeneous Media. Stability and Error Estimates
331 -- 345Snorre H. Christiansen, Tore G. Halvorsen. A Gauge Invariant Discretization on Simplicial Grids of the Schrödinger Eigenvalue Problem in an Electromagnetic Field
346 -- 367Christoph Ortner, Dirk Praetorius. On the Convergence of Adaptive Nonconforming Finite Element Methods for a Class of Convex Variational Problems
368 -- 386Katharine Gurski, Stephen O'Sullivan. A Stability Study of a New Explicit Numerical Scheme for a System of Differential Equations with a Large Skew-Symmetric Component
387 -- 404Steffen Münzenmaier, Gerhard Starke. First-Order System Least Squares for Coupled Stokes-Darcy Flow
405 -- 426Irene Kyza, Charalambos Makridakis. Analysis for Time Discrete Approximations of Blow-up Solutions of Semilinear Parabolic Equations