Journal: SIAM J. Numerical Analysis

Volume 51, Issue 6

2957 -- 2983Sarah Day, William D. Kalies. Rigorous Computation of the Global Dynamics of Integrodifference Equations with Smooth Nonlinearities
2984 -- 2998A. Kuznetsov. On the Convergence of the Gaver-Stehfest Algorithm
2999 -- 3035Elisabetta Carlini, Maurizio Falcone, Ph. Hoch. A Generalized Fast Marching Method on Unstructured Triangular Meshes
3036 -- 3061G. Grün. On Convergent Schemes for Diffuse Interface Models for Two-Phase Flow of Incompressible Fluids with General Mass Densities
3062 -- 3083Sébastien Loisel. Condition Number Estimates for the Nonoverlapping Optimized Schwarz Method and the 2-Lagrange Multiplier Method for General Domains and Cross Points
3084 -- 3105Raymond L. Speth, William H. Green, Shev MacNamara, Gilbert Strang. Balanced Splitting and Rebalanced Splitting
3106 -- 3134Andrea Bonito, Ronald A. DeVore, Ricardo H. Nochetto. Adaptive Finite Element Methods for Elliptic Problems with Discontinuous Coefficients
3135 -- 3162M. V. Tretyakov, Zhongqiang Zhang. A Fundamental Mean-Square Convergence Theorem for SDEs with Locally Lipschitz Coefficients and Its Applications
3163 -- 3185Peng Chen, Alfio Quarteroni, Gianluigi Rozza. A Weighted Reduced Basis Method for Elliptic Partial Differential Equations with Random Input Data
3186 -- 3212Xue Luo, Stephen S.-T. Yau. Hermite Spectral Method with Hyperbolic Cross Approximations to High-Dimensional Parabolic PDEs
3213 -- 3231Åke Brännström, Linus Carlsson, Daniel Simpson. On the Convergence of the Escalator Boxcar Train
3232 -- 3258Rémi Carles. On Fourier Time-Splitting Methods for Nonlinear Schrödinger Equations in the Semiclassical Limit
3259 -- 3279Christian Waluga, Barbara I. Wohlmuth. Quasi-optimal A Priori Interface Error Bounds and A Posteriori Estimates for the Interior Penalty Method
3280 -- 3306Jisheng Kou, Shuyu Sun. Convergence of Discontinuous Galerkin Methods for Incompressible Two-Phase Flow in Heterogeneous Media
3307 -- 3326Bernhard Beckermann, Daniel Kressner, Christine Tobler. An Error Analysis of Galerkin Projection Methods for Linear Systems with Tensor Product Structure
3327 -- 3350Hyea Hyun Kim, Eric T. Chung, Chak Shing Lee. A Staggered Discontinuous Galerkin Method for the Stokes System
3351 -- 3372Daniel Elfverson, Emmanuil H. Georgoulis, Axel Målqvist, Daniel Peterseim. Convergence of a Discontinuous Galerkin Multiscale Method
3373 -- 3401Benjamin Martin, Alexandre Goldsztejn, Laurent Granvilliers, Christophe Jermann. Certified Parallelotope Continuation for One-Manifolds
3402 -- 3430Giacomo Gigante, Matteo Pozzoli, Christian Vergara. Optimized Schwarz Methods for the Diffusion-Reaction Problem with Cylindrical Interfaces
3431 -- 3445Vu Thai Luan, Alexander Ostermann. Exponential B-Series: The Stiff Case
3446 -- 3457Deren Han, Xiaoming Yuan. Local Linear Convergence of the Alternating Direction Method of Multipliers for Quadratic Programs
3458 -- 3482Xiaochuan Tian, Qiand Du. Analysis and Comparison of Different Approximations to Nonlocal Diffusion and Linear Peridynamic Equations
3483 -- 3504José C. M. Duque, Rui M. P. Almeida, Stanislav N. Antontsev. Convergence of the Finite Element Method for the Porous Media Equation with Variable Exponent
3505 -- 3531Rodolfo Araya, Christopher Harder, Diego Paredes, Frédéric Valentin. Multiscale Hybrid-Mixed Method
3532 -- 3559Thao-Phuong Hoang, Jérôme Jaffré, Caroline Japhet, Michel Kern, Jean E. Roberts. Space-Time Domain Decomposition Methods for Diffusion Problems in Mixed Formulations

Volume 51, Issue 5

2491 -- 2513Markus Bachmayr. Integration of Products of Gaussians and Wavelets with Applications to Electronic Structure Calculations
2514 -- 2537Leszek F. Demkowicz, Norbert Heuer. Robust DPG Method for Convection-Dominated Diffusion Problems
2538 -- 2562Edward J. Fuselier, Thomas Hangelbroek, Francis J. Narcowich, Joseph D. Ward, Grady Barrett Wright. Localized Bases for Kernel Spaces on the Unit Sphere
2563 -- 2584Wenbin Chen, Max Gunzburger, Dong Sun, Xiaoming Wang. Efficient and Long-Time Accurate Second-Order Methods for the Stokes-Darcy System
2585 -- 2612Yves Achdou, Fabio Camilli, Italo Capuzzo Dolcetta. Mean Field Games: Convergence of a Finite Difference Method
2613 -- 2633Francesc Aràndiga. On the Order of Nonuniform Monotone Cubic Hermite Interpolants
2634 -- 2650Ciro D'Apice, Rosanna Manzo, Benedetto Piccoli. Numerical Schemes for the Optimal Input Flow of a Supply Chain
2651 -- 2659Jun Hu, Zhongci Shi. 2 Norm Error Estimate for the Adini Element of the Biharmonic Equation
2660 -- 2679Charles L. Epstein, Leslie Greengard, Andreas Klöckner. On the Convergence of Local Expansions of Layer Potentials
2680 -- 2699Xuping Zhang, Jintao Zhang, Bo Yu 0003. Eigenfunction Expansion Method for Multiple Solutions of Semilinear Elliptic Equations with Polynomial Nonlinearity
2700 -- 2722Peng Chen, Alfio Quarteroni, Gianluigi Rozza. Stochastic Optimal Robin Boundary Control Problems of Advection-Dominated Elliptic Equations
2723 -- 2745Arnold Reusken. A Finite Element Level Set Redistancing Method Based on Gradient Recovery
2746 -- 2772Jiang Zhu, Jiansong Zhang, Abimael F. D. Loula, Luiz Bevilacqua. Mixed Variational Formulation and Numerical Analysis of Thermally Coupled Nonlinear Darcy Flows
2773 -- 2796Lutz Kämmerer. Reconstructing Hyperbolic Cross Trigonometric Polynomials by Sampling along Rank-1 Lattices
2797 -- 2821Dmitriy Leykekhman, Boris Vexler. Optimal A Priori Error Estimates of Parabolic Optimal Control Problems with Pointwise Control
2822 -- 2850Qinghai Zhang. On a Family of Unsplit Advection Algorithms for Volume-of-Fluid Methods
2851 -- 2873Arvind Baskaran, John S. Lowengrub, C. Wang, Steven M. Wise. Convergence Analysis of a Second Order Convex Splitting Scheme for the Modified Phase Field Crystal Equation
2874 -- 2886Aziz Takhirov. Stokes-Brinkman Lagrange Multiplier/Fictitious Domain Method for Flows in Pebble Bed Geometries
2887 -- 2910David I. Ketcheson, Colin B. Macdonald, Steven J. Ruuth. Spatially Partitioned Embedded Runge-Kutta Methods
2911 -- 2934Andrea Cangiani, Emmanuil H. Georgoulis, Max Jensen. Discontinuous Galerkin Methods for Mass Transfer through Semipermeable Membranes
2935 -- 2955Carsten Carstensen, Dietmar Gallistl, Mira Schedensack. Discrete Reliability for Crouzeix-Raviart FEMs

Volume 51, Issue 4

1875 -- 1899Michael Herty, Lorenzo Pareschi, Sonja Steffensen. Implicit-Explicit Runge-Kutta Schemes for Numerical Discretization of Optimal Control Problems
1900 -- 1910Eskil Hansen, Erik Henningsson. A Convergence Analysis of the Peaceman-Rachford Scheme for Semilinear Evolution Equations
1911 -- 1932Jie Liu. Order of Convergence of Splitting Schemes for Both Deterministic and Stochastic Nonlinear Schrödinger Equations
1933 -- 1958Tan Bui-Thanh, Leszek F. Demkowicz, Omar Ghattas. A Unified Discontinuous Petrov-Galerkin Method and Its Analysis for Friedrichs' Systems
1959 -- 1977Buyang Li, Weiwei Sun. Unconditional Convergence and Optimal Error Estimates of a Galerkin-Mixed FEM for Incompressible Miscible Flow in Porous Media
1978 -- 2004Jianjun Liu, Li-Qun Cao, Ningning Yan. Multiscale Asymptotic Analysis and Computation of Optimal Control for Elliptic Systems with Constraints
2005 -- 2035Dominik Schötzau, Christoph Schwab, Thomas P. Wihler. hp-DGFEM for Second Order Elliptic Problems in Polyhedra II: Exponential Convergence
2036 -- 2062Rüdiger Frey, Thorsten Schmidt, Ling Xu. On Galerkin Approximations for the Zakai Equation with Diffusive and Point Process Observations
2063 -- 2087Marcio Gameiro, Jean-Philippe Lessard. Efficient Rigorous Numerics for Higher-Dimensional PDEs via One-Dimensional Estimates
2088 -- 2106Iain Smears, Endre Süli. Discontinuous Galerkin Finite Element Approximation of Nondivergence Form Elliptic Equations with Cordès Coefficients
2107 -- 2122Hao Ji, Michael Mascagni, Yaohang Li. Convergence Analysis of Markov Chain Monte Carlo Linear Solvers Using Ulam-von Neumann Algorithm
2123 -- 2148Jérémi Dardé, Antti Hannukainen, Nuutti Hyvönen. An $H_\mathsf{div}$-Based Mixed Quasi-reversibility Method for Solving Elliptic Cauchy Problems
2149 -- 2165Yiannis Hadjimichael, Colin B. Macdonald, David I. Ketcheson, James H. Verner. Strong Stability Preserving Explicit Runge-Kutta Methods of Maximal Effective Order
2166 -- 2188Huangxin Chen, Peipei Lu, Xuejun Xu. A Hybridizable Discontinuous Galerkin Method for the Helmholtz Equation with High Wave Number
2189 -- 2213Tanja Göckler, Volker Grimm. Convergence Analysis of an Extended Krylov Subspace Method for the Approximation of Operator Functions in Exponential Integrators
2214 -- 2237K. Liu, Thomas A. Manteuffel, Stephen F. McCormick, John Ruge, L. Tang. Hybrid First-Order System Least Squares Finite Element Methods with Application to Stokes Equations
2238 -- 2259Hui Liang, Hermann Brunner. Integral-Algebraic Equations: Theory of Collocation Methods I
2260 -- 2282Z. W. Yang, H. Brunner. Blow-Up Behavior of Collocation Solutions to Hammerstein-Type Volterra Integral Equations
2283 -- 2308K. Kumar, Iuliu Sorin Pop, Florin A. Radu. Convergence Analysis of Mixed Numerical Schemes for Reactive Flow in a Porous Medium
2309 -- 2330Omar Lakkis, Anotida Madzvamuse, Chandrasekhar Venkataraman. Implicit-Explicit Timestepping with Finite Element Approximation of Reaction-Diffusion Systems on Evolving Domains
2331 -- 2356Zhiming Chen, Xueshuang Xiang. A Source Transfer Domain Decomposition Method for Helmholtz Equations in Unbounded Domain
2357 -- 2379Assyr Abdulle, Ping Lin, Alexander V. Shapeev. 1, INFINITY Error Analysis of a QC Method for Complex Lattices
2380 -- 2402Ana Alonso Rodríguez, Enrico Bertolazzi, Riccardo Ghiloni, Alberto Valli. Construction of a Finite Element Basis of the First de Rham Cohomology Group and Numerical Solution of 3D Magnetostatic Problems
2403 -- 2425Patricio Farrell, Holger Wendland. RBF Multiscale Collocation for Second Order Elliptic Boundary Value Problems
2426 -- 2447Claude Jeffrey Gittelson. Convergence Rates of Multilevel and Sparse Tensor Approximations for a Random Elliptic PDE
2448 -- 2469Takahito Kashiwabara. Finite Element Method for Stokes Equations under Leak Boundary Condition of Friction Type
2470 -- 2490Sean O. Settle, Craig C. Douglas, Imbunm Kim, Dongwoo Sheen. On the Derivation of Highest-Order Compact Finite Difference Schemes for the One- and Two-Dimensional Poisson Equation with Dirichlet Boundary Conditions

Volume 51, Issue 3

1371 -- 1391Manuel J. Castro, Ulrik S. Fjordholm, Siddhartha Mishra, Carlos Parés Madroñal. Entropy Conservative and Entropy Stable Schemes for Nonconservative Hyperbolic Systems
1392 -- 1420Ramsharan Rangarajan, Adrian J. Lew. Analysis of a Method to Parameterize Planar Curves Immersed In Triangulations
1421 -- 1442V. J. Ervin. Approximation of Axisymmetric Darcy Flow Using Mixed Finite Element Methods
1443 -- 1469Xiaodan Zhao, Li-lian Wang, Ziqing Xie. Sharp Error Bounds for Jacobi Expansions and Gegenbauer-Gauss Quadrature of Analytic Functions
1470 -- 1493Leszek Plaskota, Grzegorz W. Wasilkowski, Yaxi Zhao. An Adaptive Algorithm for Weighted Approximation of Singular Functions over R
1494 -- 1524Natalia Kopteva, Torsten Linß. Maximum Norm A Posteriori Error Estimation for Parabolic Problems Using Elliptic Reconstructions
1525 -- 1541Mitsuhiro T. Nakao, Takuma Kimura, Takehiko Kinoshita. Constructive A Priori Error Estimates for a Full Discrete Approximation of the Heat Equation
1542 -- 1566V. Domínguez, I. G. Graham, T. Kim. Filon-Clenshaw-Curtis Rules for Highly Oscillatory Integrals with Algebraic Singularities and Stationary Points
1567 -- 1584Antti Hannukainen. Field of Values Analysis of a Two-Level Preconditioner for the Helmholtz Equation
1585 -- 1609Mark Ainsworth, Alejandro Allendes, Gabriel R. Barrenechea, Richard Rankin. On the Adaptive Selection of the Parameter in Stabilized Finite Element Approximations
1610 -- 1633Dominik Schötzau, Christoph Schwab, Thomas P. Wihler. hp-dGFEM for Second-Order Elliptic Problems in Polyhedra I: Stability on Geometric Meshes
1634 -- 1654Xuefeng Liu, Shin'ichi Oishi. Verified Eigenvalue Evaluation for the Laplacian over Polygonal Domains of Arbitrary Shape
1655 -- 1677Alexandre Ern, Jean-Luc Guermond. Weighting the Edge Stabilization
1678 -- 1714Huo-Yuan Duan, Ping Lin, Roger C. E. Tan. 0 Finite Element Method
1715 -- 1734Carsten Carstensen, Dietmar Gallistl, Mira Schedensack. Quasi-optimal Adaptive Pseudostress Approximation of the Stokes Equations
1735 -- 1756Xianjuan Li, Tao Tang, Chuanju Xu. Parallel in Time Algorithm with Spectral-Subdomain Enhancement for Volterra Integral Equations
1757 -- 1776Victor Didenko, Johan Helsing. On the Stability of the Nyström Method for the Muskhelishvili Equation on Contours with Corners
1777 -- 1804Christoph Erath. A Posteriori Error Estimates and Adaptive Mesh Refinement for the Coupling of the Finite Volume Method and the Boundary Element Method
1805 -- 1827James J. Brannick, Yao Chen, Johannes Kraus, Ludmil Zikatanov. Algebraic Multilevel Preconditioners for the Graph Laplacian Based on Matching in Graphs
1828 -- 1852Lingxue Zhu, Haijun Wu. Preasymptotic Error Analysis of CIP-FEM and FEM for Helmholtz Equation with High Wave Number. Part II: hp Version
1853 -- 1874Stefan Takacs, Walter Zulehner. Convergence Analysis of All-at-Once Multigrid Methods for Elliptic Control Problems under Partial Elliptic Regularity

Volume 51, Issue 2

743 -- 772Jie Liu. Simple and Efficient ALE Methods with Provable Temporal Accuracy up to Fifth Order for the Stokes Equations on Time Varying Domains
773 -- 793Vít Dolejsí, Alexandre Ern, Martin Vohralík. A Framework for Robust A Posteriori Error Control in Unsteady Nonlinear Advection-Diffusion Problems
794 -- 812L. Beirao da Veiga, Franco Brezzi, L. Donatella Marini. Virtual Elements for Linear Elasticity Problems
813 -- 839Li Shan, Haibiao Zheng. Partitioned Time Stepping Method for Fully Evolutionary Stokes-Darcy Flow with Beavers-Joseph Interface Conditions
840 -- 863Frédérique Charles, Bruno Després, Michel Mehrenberger. Enhanced Convergence Estimates for Semi-Lagrangian Schemes Application to the Vlasov-Poisson Equation
864 -- 893Youngsoo Ha, Yeon Ju Lee, Jungho Yoon. Modified Essentially Nonoscillatory Schemes Based on Exponential Polynomial Interpolation for Hyperbolic Conservation Laws
894 -- 926Jeffrey M. Connors, Jeffrey W. Banks, Jeffrey A. F. Hittinger, Carol S. Woodward. A Method to Calculate Numerical Errors Using Adjoint Error Estimation for Linear Advection
927 -- 957Ming-Jun Lai, Yangyang Xu, Wotao Yin. q Minimization
958 -- 983Christoph Lehrenfeld, Arnold Reusken. Analysis of a Nitsche XFEM-DG Discretization for a Class of Two-Phase Mass Transport Problems
984 -- 1015Lars Diening, Christian Kreuzer, Endre Süli. Finite Element Approximation of Steady Flows of Incompressible Fluids with Implicit Power-Law-Like Rheology
1016 -- 1040Richard S. Falk, Shawn W. Walker. A Mixed Finite Element Method for EWOD That Directly Computes the Position of the Moving Interface
1041 -- 1063Salim Meddahi, David Mora, Rodolfo Rodríguez. Finite Element Spectral Analysis for the Mixed Formulation of the Elasticity Equations
1064 -- 1087Giacomo Dimarco, Lorenzo Pareschi. Asymptotic Preserving Implicit-Explicit Runge-Kutta Methods for Nonlinear Kinetic Equations
1088 -- 1107Hong Wang, Danping Yang. Wellposedness of Variable-Coefficient Conservative Fractional Elliptic Differential Equations
1108 -- 1133Benjamin Boutin, Frédéric Coquel, Philippe G. LeFloch. Coupling Techniques for Nonlinear Hyperbolic Equations. III. The Well-Balanced Approximation of Thick Interfaces
1134 -- 1162Thorsten Rohwedder, André Uschmajew. On Local Convergence of Alternating Schemes for Optimization of Convex Problems in the Tensor Train Format
1163 -- 1184Etienne Emmrich, Aneta Wróblewska-Kaminska. Convergence of a Full Discretization of Quasi-linear Parabolic Equations in Isotropic and Anisotropic Orlicz Spaces
1185 -- 1210Charles-Edouard Bréhier. Analysis of an HMM Time-Discretization Scheme for a System of Stochastic PDEs
1211 -- 1234Qiang Du, Li Tian, Xuying Zhao. A Convergent Adaptive Finite Element Algorithm for Nonlocal Diffusion and Peridynamic Models
1235 -- 1253Jing Li, Xuemin Tu. A Nonoverlapping Domain Decomposition Method for Incompressible Stokes Equations with Continuous Pressures
1254 -- 1279Alberto Ibort, Juan Manue Pérez-Pardo. Numerical Solutions of the Spectral Problem for Arbitrary Self-Adjoint Extensions of the One-Dimensional Schrödinger Equation
1280 -- 1294Roberto Barrio, Hao Jiang, Sergio Serrano. A General Condition Number for Polynomials
1295 -- 1307Franz Chouly, Patrick Hild. A Nitsche-Based Method for Unilateral Contact Problems: Numerical Analysis
1308 -- 1326Richard S. Falk, Michael Neilan. Stokes Complexes and the Construction of Stable Finite Elements with Pointwise Mass Conservation
1327 -- 1348Michael Feischl, Michael Karkulik, Jens Markus Melenk, Dirk Praetorius. Quasi-optimal Convergence Rate for an Adaptive Boundary Element Method
1349 -- 1369Xiaozhe Hu, Panayot S. Vassilevski, Jinchao Xu. Comparative Convergence Analysis of Nonlinear AMLI-Cycle Multigrid

Volume 51, Issue 1

1 -- 23Lourenço Beirão da Veiga, J. Niiranen, Rolf Stenberg. A Posteriori Error Analysis for the Postprocessed MITC Plate Elements
24 -- 46Jong-Ho Lee. Overlapping Domain Decomposition Methods for Numerically Thin Reissner-Mindlin Plates Approximated with the Falk-Tu Elements
47 -- 67Eric T. Chung, Hyea Hyun Kim, Olof B. Widlund. Two-Level Overlapping Schwarz Algorithms for a Staggered Discontinuous Galerkin Method
68 -- 87Qiang Ye. Error Bounds for the Lanczos Methods for Approximating Matrix Exponentials
88 -- 111Yanren Hou, Buyang Li, Weiwei Sun. Error Estimates of Splitting Galerkin Methods for Heat and Sweat Transport in Textile Materials
112 -- 125Hyoseop Lee, Jinwoo Lee, Dongwoo Sheen. Laplace Transform Method for Parabolic Problems with Time-Dependent Coefficients
126 -- 136Jochen Schütz, Sebastian Noelle, Christina Steiner, Georg May. A Note on Adjoint Error Estimation for One-Dimensional Stationary Balance Laws with Shocks
137 -- 162Max Jensen, Iain Smears. On the Convergence of Finite Element Methods for Hamilton-Jacobi-Bellman Equations
163 -- 190Sebastiano Boscarino, Giovanni Russo. Flux-Explicit IMEX Runge-Kutta Schemes for Hyperbolic to Parabolic Relaxation Problems
191 -- 203Alexander Ostermann, Katharina Schratz. Stability of Exponential Operator Splitting Methods for Noncontractive Semigroups
204 -- 222David Cohen, Stig Larsson, Magdalena Sigg. A Trigonometric Method for the Linear Stochastic Wave Equation
223 -- 247Gary Froyland, Oliver Junge, Péter Koltai. Estimating Long-Term Behavior of Flows without Trajectory Integration: The Infinitesimal Generator Approach
248 -- 272William Layton, Hoang Tran, Catalin Trenchea. Analysis of Long Time Stability and Errors of Two Partitioned Methods for Uncoupling Evolutionary Groundwater-Surface Water Flows
273 -- 296Li-Qun Cao, Lei Zhang, Walter Allegretto, Yanping Lin. Multiscale Asymptotic Method for Steklov Eigenvalue Equations in Composite Media
297 -- 321Duk-Soon Oh. An Overlapping Schwarz Algorithm for Raviart-Thomas Vector Fields with Discontinuous Coefficients
322 -- 352Julia Charrier, Robert Scheichl, Aretha L. Teckentrup. Finite Element Error Analysis of Elliptic PDEs with Random Coefficients and Its Application to Multilevel Monte Carlo Methods
353 -- 376Huiyuan Li, Heping Ma, Weiwei Sun. Legendre Spectral Galerkin Method for Electromagnetic Scattering from Large Cavities
377 -- 399Todd Arbogast, Hailong Xiao. A Multiscale Mortar Mixed Space Based on Homogenization for Heterogeneous Elliptic Problems
400 -- 422Maksymilian Dryja, Juan Galvis, Marcus Sarkis. A FETI-DP Preconditioner for a Composite Finite Element and Discontinuous Galerkin Method
423 -- 444Brittany D. Froese, Adam M. Oberman. Convergent Filtered Schemes for the Monge-Ampère Partial Differential Equation
445 -- 466Bangti Jin, Raytcho D. Lazarov, Zhi Zhou. Error Estimates for a Semidiscrete Finite Element Method for Fractional Order Parabolic Equations
467 -- 490Stéphane Clain. Finite Volume Maximum Principle for Hyperbolic Scalar Problems
491 -- 515Kassem Mustapha, William McLean. Superconvergence of a Discontinuous Galerkin Method for Fractional Diffusion and Wave Equations
516 -- 525Sören Bartels. Approximation of Large Bending Isometries with Discrete Kirchhoff Triangles
526 -- 554Gergina Pencheva, Martin Vohralík, Mary F. Wheeler, Tim Wildey. Robust a Posteriori Error Control and Adaptivity for Multiscale, Multinumerics, and Mortar Coupling
555 -- 576Anna L. Mazzucato, Victor Nistor, Qingqin Qu. A Nonconforming Generalized Finite Element Method for Transmission Problems
577 -- 604Andrea Bonito, Irene Kyza, Ricardo H. Nochetto. Time-Discrete Higher-Order ALE Formulations: Stability
605 -- 628Christian Meyer, Oliver Thoma. A Priori Finite Element Error Analysis for Optimal Control of the Obstacle Problem
629 -- 653D. P. Hewett, S. Langdon, Jens Markus Melenk. A High Frequency hp Boundary Element Method for Scattering by Convex Polygons
654 -- 675Paola F. Antonietti, Lourenço Beirão da Veiga, Carlo Lovadina, Marco Verani. Hierarchical A Posteriori Error Estimators for the Mimetic Discretization of Elliptic Problems
676 -- 693Bernardo Cockburn, Wujun Zhang. A Posteriori Error Analysis for Hybridizable Discontinuous Galerkin Methods for Second Order Elliptic Problems
694 -- 715Dirk Blömker, Arnulf Jentzen. Galerkin Approximations for the Stochastic Burgers Equation
716 -- 741Bilal Saad, Mazen Saad. Study of Full Implicit Petroleum Engineering Finite-Volume Scheme for Compressible Two-Phase Flow in Porous Media