Journal: SIGART Bulletin

Volume 2, Issue 5

39 -- 50David D. Woods, Leila Johannesen, Scott S. Potter. Human Interaction with Intelligent Systems: An Overview and Bibliography

Volume 2, Issue 4

6 -- 11Zhengxin Chen, Sam Al-Schamma. Integrated Use of Expert Systems at the K-Tree Level
12 -- 13John E. Laird. Preface for Special Section on Integrated Cognitive Architectures
14 -- 19Richard Alterman, Tamitha Carpenter, Roland Zito-Wolf. An Architecture for Understanding in Planning, Action, and Learning
20 -- 24Scott D. Anderson, David M. Hart, Paul R. Cohen. Two Ways to Act
25 -- 28Jim Antonisse, Harry Wechsler. Integrating Perception, Action, and Learning
29 -- 33Michael Barbehenn, Seth Hutchinson. An Integrated Architecture for Learning and Planning in Robotic Domains
34 -- 37Kenneth Basye. A Decision-Theoretic Approach to Robotic Control Systems
38 -- 40Joseph Bates, A. Bryan Loyall, W. Scott Reilly. Broad Agents
41 -- 45D. Paul Benjamin, Alec Cameron, Leo Dorst, Madeleine E. Rosar, Hsiang-Lung Wu. Integrating Perception with Problem Solving
46 -- 50Rodney A. Brooks. Integrated Systems Based on Behaviors
51 -- 55Jaime G. Carbonell, Oren Etzioni, Yolanda Gil, Robert Joseph, Craig A. Knoblock, Steven Minton, Manuela M. Veloso. PRODIGY: An Integrated Architecture for Planning and Learning
56 -- 60Gregg Collins, Lawrence Birnbaum, Bruce Krulwich, Michael Freed. Model-Based Integration of Planning and Learning
61 -- 65Mark Drummond, John L. Bresina, Smadar Kedar. The Entropy Reduction Engine: Integrating Planning, Scheduling, and Control
66 -- 69Kenneth D. Forbus, Dedre Gentner. Similarity-based Cognitive Architecture
70 -- 74Erann Gat. Integrating Reaction and Planning in a Heterogeneous Asynchronous Architecture for Mobile Robot Navigation
75 -- 78Ashok K. Goel, Kurt P. Eiselt. Mental Models, Text Interpretation, and Knowledge Acquisition
79 -- 81Barbara Hayes-Roth. An Integrated Architecture for Intelligent Agents
82 -- 84Barbara Hayes-Roth. Evaluation of Integrated Agent Architectures
85 -- 88Leslie Pack Kaelbling. A Situated-Automata Approach to the Design of Embedded Agents
89 -- 92Deepak Kumar, Stuart C. Shapiro. Architecture of an Intelligent Agent in SNePS
93 -- 97Daniel Kuokka. MAX: A Meta-Reasoning Architecture for X
98 -- 103John E. Laird, Michael Hucka, Scott B. Huffman, Paul S. Rosenbloom. An Analysis of Soar as an Integrated Architecture
104 -- 109Pat Langley, Kathleen B. McKusick, John A. Allen, Wayne Iba, Kevin Thompson. A Design for the Icarus Architecture
110 -- 114Lundy M. Lewis. A Time-Ordered Architecture for Integrating Reflective and Deliberative Behavior
115 -- 120Pattie Maes. The Agent Network Architecture (ANA)
121 -- 124Ganesh Mani, Leonard Uhr. Integrating Perception, Language-Handling, Learning and Planning in the CHILDLIKE System
125 -- 129Charles E. Martin, R. James Firby. An Integrated Architecture for Planning and Learning
130 -- 133Maja J. Mataric. Behavioral Synergy Without Explicit Integration
134 -- 135Steven Minton. On Modularity in Integrated Architectures
136 -- 139Tom M. Mitchell. Plan-Then-Compile Architectures
140 -- 145Gary H. Ogasawara. A Distributed, Decision-Theoretic Control System for a Mobile Robot
146 -- 150Stuart J. Russell. An Architecture for Bounded Rationality
151 -- 155Wei-Min Shen. LIVE: An Architecture for Learning from the Environment
156 -- 159Reid G. Simmons. Coordinating Planning, Perception, and Action for Mobile Robots
160 -- 163Richard S. Sutton. Dyna, an Integrated Architecture for Learning, Planning, and Reacting
164 -- 168Steven A. Vere. Organization of the Basic Agent
169 -- 173Cathleen Wharton, Walter Kintsch. An Overview of the Construction-Integration Model: A Theory of Comprehension as a Foundation for a New Cognitive Architecture
174 -- 178Steven D. Whitehead. A Framework for Integrating Perception, Action, and Trial-and-Error Learning
179 -- 184Jan M. Zytkow. Integration of Knowledge and Method in Real-world Discovery

Volume 2, Issue 3

1 -- 7James F. Allen. The RHET System
8 -- 14Franz Baader, Bernhard Hollunder. KRIS: Knowledge Representation and Inference System
15 -- 21Samuel Bayer, Marc B. Vilain. The Relation-Based Knowledge Representation of King Kong
22 -- 27Toni Bollinger, Udo Pletat. The LILOG Knowledge Representation System
28 -- 34Seng-cho Timothy Chou, Marianne Winslett. The Implementation of a Model-based Belief Revision System
35 -- 44James M. Crawford, Benjamin Kuipers. Algernon - A Tractable System for Knowledge-Representation
45 -- 56Brian R. Gaines. Empirical Investigation of Knowledge Representation Servers: Design Issues and Applications Experience with KRS
57 -- 60Matthew L. Ginsberg. The MVL Theorem Proving System
61 -- 69Nicola Guarino. A Concise Presentation if ITL
70 -- 76Alfred Kobsa. First Experiences with the SB-ONE Knowledge Representation Workbench in Natural-Language Applications
77 -- 83Bryan M. Kramer, Vinay K. Chaudhri, Manolis Koubarakis, Thodoros Topaloglou, Huaiqing Wang, John Mylopoulos. Implementing Telos
84 -- 87Douglas B. Lenat, Ramanathan V. Guha. The Evolution of CycL, The Cyc Representation Language
88 -- 92Robert M. MacGregor. Inside the LOOM Description Classifier
93 -- 97Eric Mays, Robert Dionne, Robert A. Weida. K-Rep System Overview
98 -- 100David A. McAllester. Socratic Sequent Systems
101 -- 107Robert Nado, Jeffrey Van Baalen, Richard Fikes. JOSIE: An Integration of Specialized Representation and Reasoning Tools
108 -- 113Peter F. Patel-Schneider, Deborah L. McGuinness, Alexander Borgida. The CLASSIC Knowledge Representation System: Guiding Principles and Implementation Rationale
114 -- 119Christof Peltason. The BACK System - An Overview
120 -- 127Charles Rich. CAKE: An Implemented Hybrid Knowledge Representation and Limited Reasoning System
128 -- 134Stuart C. Shapiro. Case Studies of SNePS
135 -- 142Howard E. Shrobe. Providing Paradigm Orientation without Implementational Handcuffs
143 -- 151Narinder Singh, Michael R. Genesereth. Epikit: A Library of Subroutines Supporting Declarative Representations and Reasoning

Volume 2, Issue 2

9 -- 21Tom Murray, Beverly Park Woolf. A Knowledge Acquisition Tool for Intelligent Computer Tutors
22 -- 24Rok Sosic, Jun Gu. 3000000 Queens in Less Than One Minute

Volume 2, Issue 1

101 -- 114David M. W. Powers. Goals, Issues and Directions in Machine Learning of Natural Language and Ontology (Bibliography)
115 -- 121Costas Tsatsoulis. A Review Of Artificial Intelligence In Simulation