Journal: SIGART Bulletin

Volume 6, Issue 4

3 -- 10Phillip G. Bradford, Michael Wollowski. A Formalization of the Turing Test
11 -- 13Nancy L. Tinkham, Darren F. Provine. The Stage One Turing Test as an Artificial Intelligence Class Exercise

Volume 6, Issue 3

2 -- 6Giorgio P. Ingargiola, Judith D. Wilson. The Introductory Undergraduate AI Course as Observed on WWW

Volume 6, Issue 2

3 -- 7Marti A. Hearst. Overview of the Symposium On the Instruction of Introductory AI
8 -- 10Lee Spector. Artificial Intelligence as the Liberal Arts of Computer Science
11 -- 13Deepak Kumar, Richard Wyatt. Undergraduate AI and its Non-imperative Prerequisite
13 -- 15Susan L. Epstein, Virginia Teller. Teaching Introductory AI from First Principles
16 -- 19John Batali. How Much AI Does a Cognitive Science Major Need to Know?
19 -- 21Patrick J. Hayes, Kenneth M. Ford. Intellectual Archeology
22 -- 23Nils J. Nilsson. Evolutionary Artificial Intelligence
24 -- 26Stuart J. Russell, Peter Norvig. A Modern, Agent-Oriented Approach to Introductory Artificial Intelligence
27 -- 28S. Rebecca Thomas. A Consideration of Some Approaches to Course Organization
29 -- 33Deborah A. Vastola, Ellen Lowenfeld Walker. Interactive Learning Tool for Statistical Reasoning with Uncertainty
34 -- 38Marilyn A. Walker, Pamela W. Jordan. Design-World: A Testbed of Communicative Action and Resource Limits
39 -- 41James Martin, Karl Winkelmann. AIgorithms: An Integrated Algorithms Analysis, Writing and Artificial Intelligence Course

Volume 6, Issue 1

4 -- 7Martha E. Pollack. Evaluating Planners, Plans, and Planning Agents
8 -- 15Craig A. Knoblock, Qiang Yang. Relating the Performance of Partial-Order Planning Algorithms to Domain Features
16 -- 25Subbarao Kambhampati. A Comparative Analysis of Partial Order Planning and Task Reduction Planning
26 -- 32Austin Tate. Characterising Plans as a Set of Constraints - the <I-N-OVA>Model - A Framework for Comparative Analysis
33 -- 41André Valente. Knowledge-Level Analyysis of Planning Systems
42 -- 47Shlomo Zilberstein. The Utility of Planning