Journal: SIGART Bulletin

Volume 7, Issue 4

3 -- 12Maria Fox, Derek Long. An Efficient Algorithm for Managing Partial Orders in Planning
13 -- 18Paul B. Losiewicz. Complexity, Ontology, and the Causal Markov Assumption

Volume 7, Issue 3

3 -- 16John F. Lemmer. The Causal Markov Condition, Fact or Artifact?

Volume 7, Issue 2

3 -- 6Thomas Dean. Context-Dependent Computational Components
7 -- 10Richard J. Wallace, Eugene C. Freuder. Anytime Algorithms for Constraint Satisfaction and SAT Problems
11 -- 15Scott D. Anderson, Paul R. Cohen. Timed Common Lisp: The Duration of Deliberation
16 -- 19Alan Garvey, Victor R. Lesser. Design-to-time Scheduling and Anytime Algorithms
20 -- 27Joshua Grass, Shlomo Zilberstein. Anytime Algorithm Development Tools
28 -- 33Eric A. Hansen, Shlomo Zilberstein. Monitoring Anytime Algorithms
34 -- 40Peter Haddawy. Focusing Attention in Anytime Decision-Theoretic Planning
41 -- 49Yagíl Ronén, Daniel Mossé, Martha E. Pollack. Value-Density Algorithms for the Deliberation-Scheduling Problem
50 -- 57Chao-Lin Liu, Michael P. Wellman. On State-Space Abstraction for Anytime Evaluation of Bayesian Networks

Volume 7, Issue 1

2 -- 8Carla P. Gomes, Julie Hsu. ABA: An Assignment Based Algorithm for Resource Allocation