Journal: SIGMOD Record

Volume 18, Issue 3

1 -- 0Arie Segev. Editor s Notes
2 -- 0Won Kim. Chair s Message
3 -- 4Timos K. Sellis. Special Issue on Rule Management and Processing in Expert Database Systems - Letter from the Guest Editor
5 -- 11Michael Stonebraker, Marti A. Hearst, Spyros Potamianos. A Commentary on the POSTGRES Rule System
12 -- 19Eric N. Hanson. An Initial Report on The Design of Ariel: A DBMS With an Integrated Production Rule System
20 -- 28Sharma Chakravarthy. Rule Management and Evaluation: An Active DBMS Perspective
29 -- 35Jorge B. Bocca, Johann Christoph Freytag. Rules for Implementing Very Large Knowledge Base Systems
36 -- 45Jennifer Widom, Sheldon J. Finkelstein. A Syntax and Semantics for Set-Oriented Production Rules in Relational Database Systems (Extended Abstract)
46 -- 51Matthias Jarke, Manfred A. Jeusfeld. Rule Representation and Management in ConceptBase
52 -- 57Timos K. Sellis, Chih-Chen Lin, Louiqa Raschid. Data Intensive Production Systems: The DIPS Approach
59 -- 67Lois M. L. Delcambre, Jint Waramahaputi, James N. Etheredge. Pattern Match Reduction for the relational Production Language in the USL MMDBS
68 -- 77Jerry Kiernan, Christophe de Maindreville, Eric Simon. The Design and Implementation of an Extendible Deductive Database System
78 -- 101John Joseph, Satish M. Thatte, Craig W. Thompson, David L. Wells. Report on the Object-Oriented Database Workshop, Held in Conjuction with OOPSLA 88
102 -- 103Richard T. Snodgrass. Letter (on SQL support of time)