Journal: SIGMOD Record

Volume 14, Issue 3

0 -- 0. Call for Papers: SIGMETRICS 1985
0 -- 0Jon D. Clark. Editor s Notes
1 -- 7C. J. Date. Some Principles of Good Language Design (with especial reference to the design of database languages)
8 -- 54C. J. Date. A Critique of the SQL Database Language
55 -- 68T. H. Merrett. Extending the Relational Algebra to Capture Less Meaning
69 -- 103Ken Meyer, John Doughty. Automatic Normalization and Enity-Relationship Generation through Attributes and Roles

Volume 14, Issue 1

0 -- 0Bea Yormark. Chairman s Column
0 -- 0. Call for Papers: OIS 1984, Parallel Processing 1984, 1984 NCC, PODS 1984
0 -- 0Jon D. Clark. Editor s Notes
1 -- 14James Ong, Dennis Fogg, Michael Stonebraker. Implementation of Data Abstraction in the Relational Database System Ingres
15 -- 38Timo Niemi, Kalervo Järvelin. A Straightforward Formalization of the Relational Model
39 -- 44T. H. Merrett. Practical Hardware for Linear Execution of relational database Operations
45 -- 54Antonio L. Furtado. An Informal Approach to Formal Specifications
55 -- 60H. C. Du. Distributing a database for Parallel Processing is NP-hard
64 -- 65Neil C. Rowe. Book Review - Edward A. Feigenbaum and Pamela McCorduck, The Fifth Generation: Artificial Intelligence and Japan s Computer Challenge to the World