Journal: SIGMOD Record

Volume 25, Issue 4

2 -- 0Jennifer Widom. Editor s Notes
3 -- 5C. J. Date. A Response to R. Camps Article Domains, Relations and Religious Wars
6 -- 7Hugh Darwen. In Reply to Domains, relations and Religious Wars
8 -- 13Maurizio Rafanelli, Antonia Bezenchek, Leonardo Tininini. The Aggregate Data Problem: A System for their Definition and Management
14 -- 15Tiziana Catarci, Isabel F. Cruz. Information Visualization, Guest Editors Foreword
16 -- 20Yannis E. Ioannidis. Dynamic Information Visualization
21 -- 24Egemen Tanin, Richard Beigel, Ben Shneiderman. Incremental data Structures and Algorithms for Dynamic Query Interfaces
25 -- 29Christopher Ahlberg. Spotfire: An Information Exploration Environment
30 -- 34Jessie B. Kennedy, Kenneth J. Mitchell, Peter J. Barclay. A Framework for Information Visualisation
35 -- 39Daniel A. Keim. Pixel-oriented Database Visualizations
40 -- 44Giuseppe Santucci, Laura Tarantino. To Table or Not to Table: a Hypertabular Answer
45 -- 49Masum Z. Hasan, Alberto O. Mendelzon, Dimitra Vista. Applying database Visualization to the World Wide Web
50 -- 54Kenneth C. Cox, Stephen G. Eick, Taosong He. 3D Geographic Network Displays
55 -- 67Amit P. Sheth, Dimitrios Georgakopoulos, Stef Joosten, Marek Rusinkiewicz, Walt Scacchi, Jack C. Wileden, Alexander L. Wolf. Report from the NSF Workshop on Workflow and Process Automation in Information Systems
68 -- 75Malcolm P. Atkinson, Laurent Daynès, Mick J. Jordan, Tony Printezis, Susan Spence. An Orthogonally Persistent Java
76 -- 80Jeff Sidell. The Mariposa Distributed Database Management System
81 -- 88Andrew Eisenberg. New Standard for Stored Procedures in SQL
89 -- 93Ramesh Bhashyam. TCP-D - The Challenges, Issues and Results
94 -- 98Xiaolei Qian. New Programs at DARPA and NSF

Volume 25, Issue 3

2 -- 0Jennifer Widom. Editor s Notes
3 -- 9Rafael Camps. Domains, Relations and Religious Wars
10 -- 15Justin Zobel, Alistair Moffat, Kotagiri Ramamohanarao. Guidelines for Presentation and Comparison of Indexing Techniques
16 -- 21Michael G. Norman, Thomas Zurek, Peter Thanisch. Much Ado About Shared-Nothing
22 -- 27Carsten Andreas Gerlhof, Alfons Kemper, Guido Moerkotte. On the Cost of Monitoring and Reorganization of Object Bases for Clustering
28 -- 33Waqar Hasan, Daniela Florescu, Patrick Valduriez. Open Issues in Parallel Query Optimization
34 -- 39Lionel Brunie, Harald Kosch. Control Strategies for Complex Relational Query Processing in Shared Nothing Systems
50 -- 52Azer Bestavros, Kwei-Jay Lin, Sang Hyuk Son. Report on First International Workshop on Real-Time Database Systems
53 -- 58Alexandros Biliris, Euthimios Panagos. The BeSS Object Storage Manager: Architecture Overview
59 -- 63Asuman Dogac. Middle East Technical University Software Research and Development Center
64 -- 69George Colliat. OLAP, Relational, and Multidimensional Database Systems
70 -- 76Albert D Andrea, Phil Janus. UniSQL s Next-Generation Object-Relational Database Management System
77 -- 80Xiaolei Qian. Scientist s Called Upon to Take Actions

Volume 25, Issue 1

2 -- 0Jennifer Widom. Editor s Notes
3 -- 7Azer Bestavros. Advances in Real-Time Database Systems Research
8 -- 12Krithi Ramamritham, Rajendran M. Sivasankaran, John A. Stankovic, Donald F. Towsley, Ming Xiong. Integrating Temporal, Real-Time, and Active Databases
13 -- 17Jayant R. Haritsa, S. Seshadri. Real-Time Index Concurrency Control
18 -- 22Tei-Wei Kuo, Aloysius K. Mok. Real-Time Database - Similarity Semantics and Resource Scheduling
23 -- 25Özgür Ulusoy, Alejandro P. Buchmann. Exploiting Main Memory DBMS Features to Improve Real-Time Concurrency Control Protocols
26 -- 28Kwei-Jay Lin, Shing-Shan Peng. Enhancing External Consistency in Real-Time Transactions
29 -- 33Sang Hyuk Son, Rasikan David, Bhavani M. Thuraisingham. Improving Timeliness in Real-Time Secure Database Systems
34 -- 37Brad Adelberg, Ben Kao, Hector Garcia-Molina. Overview of the STanford Real-time Information Processor (STRIP)
38 -- 40Sten Andler, Jörgen Hansson, Joakim Eriksson, Jonas Mellin, Mikael Berndtsson, Bengt Eftring. DeeDS Towards a Distributed and Active Real-Time Database System
41 -- 51Vassilis J. Tsotras, Anil Kumar. Temporal Database Bibliography Update
52 -- 63Abraham Silberschatz, Michael Stonebraker, Jeffrey D. Ullman. Database Research: Achievements and Opportunities Into the 21st Century
64 -- 66Mikael Berndtsson, Jörgen Hansson. Workshop Report: The First International Workshop on Active and Real-Time Database Systems (ARTDB-95)
67 -- 79Ricardo A. Baeza-Yates, Gonzalo Navarro. Integrating Contents and Structure in Text Retrieval
80 -- 86Eric Freeman, David Gelernter. Lifestreams: A Storage Model for Personal Data
87 -- 92Andrew E. Wade. Object Query Standards
93 -- 98D. B. Phatak, Nandlal L. Sarda, S. Seshadri, S. Sudarshan. Database Research at the Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay
99 -- 104Susan Darling Urban, Suzanne W. Dietrich, Forouzan Golshani. Database Research at Arizona State University
105 -- 112John Gaffney. Illustra s Web DataBlade Module
119 -- 122Xiaolei Qian. Shutdown, Budget, and Funding