Journal: SIGMOD Record

Volume 27, Issue 4

2 -- 0Michael J. Franklin. Editor s Notes
3 -- 4Richard T. Snodgrass. Chair s Message
5 -- 6Asuman Dogac. Guest Editor s Introduction
7 -- 14Martin Bichler, Arie Segev, J. Leon Zhao. Component-based E-Commerce: Assesment of Current Practices and Future Directions
15 -- 20Sherif Danish. Building Database-driven Electronic Catalogs
21 -- 24Bart Meltzer, Robert J. Glushko. XML and Electronic Commerce: Enabling the Network Economy
25 -- 31Asuman Dogac, Ilker Durusoy, Sena Nural Arpinar, Nesime Tatbul, Pinar Koksal, Ibrahim Cingil, Nazife Dimililer. A Workflow-based Electronic Marketplace on the Web
32 -- 39Nicholas R. Jennings, Timothy J. Norman, Peyman Faratin. ADEPT: An Agent-Based Approach to Business Process Management
40 -- 47Benny Reich, Israel Ben-Shaul. A Componentized Architecture for Dynamic Electronic Markets
48 -- 53Susanne Boll, Wolfgang Klas, Bernard Battaglin. Design and Implementation of RMP - A Virtual Electronic Market Place
54 -- 61Alex G. Büchner, Maurice D. Mulvenna. Discovering Internet Marketing Intelligence through Online Analytical Web Usage Mining
62 -- 67Josep Domingo-Ferrer, Jordi Herrera-Joancomartí. An Anonymous Electronic Commerce Scheme with an Off-Line Authority and Untrusted Agents
68 -- 73Michael Christoffel, Sebastian Pulkowski, Bethina Schmitt, Peter C. Lockemann. Electronic Market: The Roadmap for University Libraries and Members to Survive in the Information Jungle
74 -- 80Philip A. Bernstein, Michael L. Brodie, Stefano Ceri, David J. DeWitt, Michael J. Franklin, Hector Garcia-Molina, Jim Gray, Gerald Held, Joseph M. Hellerstein, H. V. Jagadish, Michael Lesk, David Maier, Jeffrey F. Naughton, Hamid Pirahesh, Michael Stonebraker, Jeffrey D. Ullman. The Asilomar Report on Database Research
81 -- 85Richard T. Snodgrass, Laura M. Haas, Alberto O. Mendelzon, Z. Meral Özsoyoglu, Jan Paredaens, Krithi Ramamritham, Nick Roussopoulos, Jennifer Widom, Philip S. Yu. Reminiscences on Influential Papers
86 -- 93David Ritter. The Middleware Muddle
94 -- 100Andrew Eisenberg, Jim Melton. SQLJ Part 0, Now Known as SQL/OLB (Object-Language Bindings)

Volume 27, Issue 3

2 -- 0Michael J. Franklin. Editor s Notes
3 -- 5Richard T. Snodgrass. Chair s Message
6 -- 9Paolo Atzeni, Alberto O. Mendelzon. WebDB 98: International Workshop on the Web and Databases
10 -- 15Alexander Borgida, Vinay K. Chaudhri, Martin Staudt. KRDB 98: The 5th International Workshop on Knowledge Representation Meets Databases
16 -- 21King Lum Cheung, Ada Wai-Chee Fu. Enhanced Nearest Neighbour Search on the R-tree
22 -- 27Timothy Griffin, Bharat Kumar. Algebraic Change Propagation for Semijoin and Outerjoin Queries
28 -- 32David B. Lomet. B-tree Page Size When Caching is Considered
33 -- 35Richard T. Snodgrass, Hector Garcia-Molina, Tomasz Imielinski, David Maier, Patricia G. Selinger, Jeffrey D. Ullman. Reminiscences on Influential Papers
36 -- 41Gerti Kappel, Werner Retschitzegger. The TriGS Active Object-Oriented Database System - An Overview
42 -- 52Kimberly Keeton, David A. Patterson, Joseph M. Hellerstein. A Case for Intelligent Disks (IDISKs)
53 -- 58Andrew Eisenberg, Jim Melton. Standards in Practice
59 -- 74Daniela Florescu, Alon Y. Levy, Alberto O. Mendelzon. Database Techniques for the World-Wide Web: A Survey
75 -- 80Shih-Fu Chang, Luis Gravano, Gail E. Kaiser, Kenneth A. Ross, Salvatore J. Stolfo. Database Research at Columbia University
81 -- 85David B. Lomet, Roger S. Barga, Surajit Chaudhuri, Per-Åke Larson, Vivek R. Narasayya. The Microsoft Database Research Group

Volume 27, Issue 1

2 -- 0Michael J. Franklin. Editor s Notes
3 -- 0Richard T. Snodgrass. Chair s Message
4 -- 0Alberto O. Mendelzon. Information Director s Message
5 -- 10Akmal B. Chaudhri. Workshop Report on Experiences Using Object Data Management in the Real-World
11 -- 15Ron Musick, Christopher Miller 0002. Report on the Second IEEE Metadata Conference (Metadata 97)
16 -- 20Praveen Seshadri. Predator: A Resource for Database Research
21 -- 26Nick Roussopoulos. Materialized Views and Data Warehouses
27 -- 34Bradley F. Burton, V. Wiktor Marek. Applications of the JAVA Programming Language to Database Management
35 -- 40Stella Gatziu, Arne Koschel, Günter von Bültzingsloewen, Hans Fritschi. Unbundling Active Functionality
41 -- 46Chan Man Kuok, Ada Wai-Chee Fu, Man Hon Wong. Mining Fuzzy Association Rules in Databases
47 -- 53Vassilis J. Tsotras, Christian S. Jensen, Richard T. Snodgrass. An Extensible Notation for Spatiotemporal Index Queries
54 -- 57Richard T. Snodgrass. Reminiscences on Influential Papers
58 -- 66Chialin Chang, Anurag Acharya, Alan Sussman, Joel H. Saltz. T2: A Customizable Parallel Database for Multi-Dimensional Data
67 -- 75Pinar Koksal, Sena Nural Arpinar, Asuman Dogac. Workflow History Management
76 -- 80Frank Manola. Towards a Richer Web Object Model
81 -- 87Arnon Rosenthal. Where Will Object Techonology Drive Data Administration?
88 -- 96Philip A. Bernstein. Repositories and Object Oriented Databases
97 -- 107Jiawei Han. Towards On-Line Analytical Mining in Large Databases