Journal: SIGMOD Record

Volume 30, Issue 4

2 -- 0Ling Liu. Editor s Notes
3 -- 0M. Tamer Özsu. Chair s Message
4 -- 0Daniel Barbará. Special Issue on Data Mining for Intrusion Detection and Threat Analysis - Guest Editor s Introduction
5 -- 14Salvatore J. Stolfo, Wenke Lee, Philip K. Chan, Wei Fan, Eleazar Eskin. Data Mining-based Intrusion Detectors: An Overview of the Columbia IDS Project
15 -- 24Daniel Barbará, Julia Couto, Sushil Jajodia, Ningning Wu. ADAM: A Testbed for Exploring the Use of Data Mining in Intrusion Detection
25 -- 34João B. D. Cabrera, Lundy M. Lewis, Raman K. Mehra. Detection and Classification of Intrusions and Faults using Sequences of System Calls
35 -- 44Wenke Lee, Wei Fan. Mining System Audit Data: Opportunities and Challenges
45 -- 54Yücel Saygin, Vassilios S. Verykios, Chris Clifton. Using Unknowns to Prevent Discovery of Association Rules
55 -- 64Olivier Y. de Vel, Alison Anderson, Malcolm Corney, George M. Mohay. Mining Email Content for Author Identification Forensics
65 -- 66Karl Aberer. Book Review Column
67 -- 68Marc H. Scholl. Transactional Information Systems - Book Review
69 -- 70H. V. Jagadish. Information Warfare and Security - Book Review
71 -- 79Marianne Winslett. Gio Wiederhold Speaks Out on Moving into Academia in Mid-Career, How to Be an Effective Consultant, Why You Should Be a Program Manager as a Funding Agency, the Need for Ontology Algebra and Simulations, and More
80 -- 85Luca Cardelli. Describing Semistructured Data
86 -- 89Guy M. Lohman, César A. Galindo-Legaria, Michael J. Franklin, Leonard J. Seligman. SIGMOD 2001 Industry Sessions
90 -- 91Kenneth A. Ross, James R. Hamilton, Laks V. S. Lakshmanan, Limsoon Wong. Reminiscences on Influential Papers
92 -- 93Maurizio Lenzerini, Daniele Nardi, Werner Nutt, Dan Suciu. Report on the 8th International Workshop on Knowledge Representation Meets Databases (KRDB)
94 -- 96Dimitrios Gunopulos, Nick Koudas. DIMACS Summer School Tutorial on New Frontiers in Data Mining
97 -- 102Jim Melton, Andrew Eisenberg. SQL Multimedia and Application Packages (SQL/MM)
103 -- 114Mehul A. Shah, Samuel Madden, Michael J. Franklin, Joseph M. Hellerstein. Java Support for Data-Intensive Systems: Experiences Building the Telegraph Dataflow System
115 -- 0Alexandros Labrinidis. Introduction to the Career Forum Column
116 -- 122Ugur Çetintemel. On the Academic Interview Circuit: An End-to-End Discussion
123 -- 128Amit P. Sheth, John A. Miller, Krys Kochut, Ismailcem Budak Arpinar. Research in Multi-Organizational Processes and Semantic Information Brokering at the LSDIS Lab

Volume 30, Issue 3

2 -- 3Ling Liu. Editor s Notes
4 -- 5M. Tamer Özsu. Chair s Message
6 -- 0Joachim Hammer. Treasurer s Message
7 -- 10Richard T. Snodgrass. Accessibility of the Database Literature
11 -- 13Karl Aberer. Advanced XML Data Processing - Guest Editor s Introduction
14 -- 19Peter Fankhauser. XQuery Formal Semantics: State and Challenges
20 -- 26Jayavel Shanmugasundaram, Eugene J. Shekita, Jerry Kiernan, Rajasekar Krishnamurthy, Stratis Viglas, Jeffrey F. Naughton, Igor Tatarinov. A General Techniques for Querying XML Documents using a Relational Database System
27 -- 32Albrecht Schmidt 0002, Florian Waas, Martin L. Kersten, Daniela Florescu, Michael J. Carey, Ioana Manolescu, Ralph Busse. Why And How To Benchmark XML Databases
33 -- 38Wei Han, David Buttler, Calton Pu. Wrapping Web Data into XML
39 -- 45Dan Suciu. On Database Theory and XML
46 -- 53Shu-Yao Chien, Vassilis J. Tsotras, Carlo Zaniolo. XML Document Versioning
54 -- 63Bertram Ludäscher, Richard Marciano, Reagan Moore. Preservation of Digital Data with Self-Validating, Self-Instantiating Knowledge-Based Archives
64 -- 69David B. Lomet. The Evolution of Effective B-tree: Page Organization and Techniques: A Personal Account
70 -- 75Asterio K. Tanaka, Patrick Valduriez. The Ecobase Project: Database and Web Technologies for Environmental Information Systems
76 -- 85Nam Huyn. Data Analysis and Mining in the Life Sciences
86 -- 94Marianne Winslett. Jeffrey D. Ullman Speaks Out on the Future of Higher Education, Startups, Database Theory, and More
95 -- 0Philip A. Bernstein. Report on the 2001 SIGMOD and PODS Awards
96 -- 100Panos Constantopoulos, Vassilis Christophides, Dimitris Plexousakis. Semantic Web Workshop: Models, Architectures and Management
101 -- 104Kenneth A. Ross, Jiawei Han, Nick Koudas, Rajeev Rastogi, Daniel J. Rosenkrantz, Peter Scheuermann, Dan Suciu. Reminiscences on Influential Papers
105 -- 108Andrew Eisenberg, Jim Melton. SQL/XML and the SQLX Informal Group of Companies
109 -- 120Shivnath Babu, Jennifer Widom. Continuous Queries over Data Streams
121 -- 126Alexandros Labrinidis, Alberto O. Mendelzon. Career-Enhancing Services at SIGMOD Online

Volume 30, Issue 1

1 -- 0Ling Liu. Editor s Notes
2 -- 3Richard T. Snodgrass. Chair s Message
5 -- 12Chiara Biancheri, Jean-Christophe R. Pazzaglia, Gavino Paddeu. EIHA?!?: Deploying Web and WAP services using XML Technology
13 -- 18Charu C. Aggarwal. Re-designing Distance Functions and Distance-Based Applications for High Dimensional Data
19 -- 24Jonathan K. Lawder, Peter J. H. King. Querying Multi-dimensional Data Indexed Using the Hilbert Space-filling Curve
25 -- 34Calton Pu, Karsten Schwan, Jonathan Walpole. Infosphere Project: System Support for Information Flow Applications
35 -- 40Elisa Bertino, Ahmed K. Elmagarmid, Mohand-Said Hacid. Quality of Service in Multimedia Digital Libraries
41 -- 46Ling Feng, Manfred A. Jeusfeld, Jeroen Hoppenbrouwers. Towards Knowledge-Based Digital Libraries
47 -- 45Peter Buneman, Wenfei Fan, Jérôme Siméon, Scott Weinstein. Constraints for Semi-structured Data and XML
55 -- 57Kenneth A. Ross, Stefano Ceri, Luis Gravano, Per-Åke Larson, Leonid Libkin, Tova Milo. Reminiscences on Influential Papers
58 -- 61Terence Critchlow. Report on XEWA-00: The XML Enabled Wide-Area Searches for Bioinformatics Workshop
62 -- 65David Carmel, Yoëlle S. Maarek, Aya Soffer. XML and Information Retrieval: a SIGIR 2000 Workshop
66 -- 69Patrick Bosc, Amihai Motro, Gabriella Pasi. Report on The fourth International Conference on Flexible Query Answering systems
70 -- 77Jim Melton, Jan-Eike Michels, Vanja Josifovski, Krishna G. Kulkarni, Peter M. Schwarz, Kathy Zeidenstein. SQL and Management of External Data
78 -- 83Renée J. Miller, Mauricio A. Hernández, Laura M. Haas, Ling-Ling Yan, C. T. Howard Ho, Ronald Fagin, Lucian Popa. The Clio Project: Managing Heterogeneity