Journal: SIGMOD Record

Volume 33, Issue 4

2 -- 6Lin Liu. Editor s Notes
7 -- 0M. Tamer Özsu. Chair s Message
8 -- 10Gerhard Weikum, Patrick Valduriez. Report on the 2004 SIGMOD Conference
11 -- 13AnHai Doan, Natalya Fridman Noy, Alon Y. Halevy. Introduction to the Special Issue on Semantic Integration
14 -- 19David W. Embley, Li Xu, Yihong Ding. Automatic Direct and Indirect Schema Mapping: Experiences and Lessons Learned
20 -- 25Bin He, Kevin Chen-Chuan Chang. A Holistic Paradigm for Large Scale Schema Matching
26 -- 31Erhard Rahm, Hong Hai Do, Sabine Massmann. Matching Large XML Schemas
32 -- 37Periklis Andritsos, Ariel Fuxman, Anastasios Kementsietsidis, Renée J. Miller, Yannis Velegrakis. Kanata: Adaptation and Evolution in Data Sharing Systems
38 -- 43Philip A. Bernstein, Sergey Melnik, Michalis Petropoulos, Christoph Quix. Industrial-Strength Schema Matching
44 -- 50Arnon Rosenthal, Leonard J. Seligman, Scott Renner. From semantic integration to semantics management: case studies and a way forward
51 -- 57Amihai Motro, Jacob Berlin, Philipp Anokhin. Multiplex, Fusionplex, and Autoplex - Three Generations of Information Integration
58 -- 64Michael Uschold, Michael Grüninger. Ontologies and Semantics for Seamless Connectivity
65 -- 70Natalya Fridman Noy. Semantic Integration: A Survey Of Ontology-Based Approaches
71 -- 76Abdelsalam Helal, Joachim Hammer. UbiData: Requirements and Architecture for Ubiquitous Data Access
77 -- 84Marianne Winslett, C. Mohan. Interview: C. Mohan Speaks Out
85 -- 0Karl Aberer. Book Review Column
86 -- 87Dirk Wodtke. Web Services - By G. Alonso, F. Casati, H. Kuno, V. Machiraju
88 -- 90Haim Kilov. Emergence and Convergence: Qualitative Novelty and the Unity of Knowledge By Mario Bunge
91 -- 92Kenneth A. Ross, Peter A. Boncz, Ihab F. Ilyas, Volker Markl, Vasilis Vassalos. Reminiscences on Influential Papers
93 -- 96Riccardo Torlone, Paolo Atzeni. Report on the 7th EDBT Summer School: XML and Databases
97 -- 99Ioana Manolescu, Yannis Papakonstantinou. Report on the First XQuery Implementation, Experience, and Perspectives Workshop (XIME-P)
100 -- 102Djoerd Hiemstra, Vojkan Mihajlovic. Report on the first Twente Data Management Workshop on XML Databases and Information Retrieval
103 -- 0Richard T. Snodgrass. Changes to the ACM TODS Editorial Board

Volume 33, Issue 3

2 -- 3Ling Liu. Editor s Notes
4 -- 5M. Tamer Özsu. Chair s Message
6 -- 12Arvind Arasu, Jennifer Widom. A Denotational Semantics for Continuous Queries over Streams and Relations
12 -- 14Alan Fekete, Elizabeth J. O Neil, Patrick E. O Neil. A Read-Only Transaction Anomaly Under Snapshot Isolation
15 -- 20Pietro Mazzoleni, Elisa Bertino, Elena Ferrari, Stefano Valtolina. CiVeDi: A Customized Virtual Environment for Database Interaction
21 -- 27Asuman Dogac, Yildiray Kabak, Gokce Laleci, Siyamed S. Sinir, Ali Yildiz, Serkan Kirbas, Yavuz Gurcan. Semantically Enriched Web Services for the Travel Industry
28 -- 33Hanyu Li, Mong-Li Lee, Wynne Hsu, Chao Chen. An Evaluation of XML Indexes for Structural Join
34 -- 39Janusz R. Getta, Ehsan Vossough. Optimization of Data Stream Processing
40 -- 48Marianne Winslett. Interview with Phil Bernstein
49 -- 50Zachary G. Ives, Bertram Ludäscher, Ioana Manolescu. Reminiscences on Influential Papers - Kenneth A. Ross
51 -- 60Thomas Hernandez, Subbarao Kambhampati. Integration of Biological Sources: Current Systems and Challenges Ahead
61 -- 70Kevin Chen-Chuan Chang, Bin He, Chengkai Li, Mitesh Patel, Zhen Zhang. Structured Databases on the Web: Observations and Implications
71 -- 78Damianos Chatziantoniou, Achilleas Anagnostopoulos. NESTREAM: Querying Nested Streams
79 -- 86Andrew Eisenberg, Jim Melton. Advancements in SQL/XML
88 -- 90Elena Ferrari. Report on the 9th ACM Symposium on Access Control Models and Technologies (SACMMAT 04)
91 -- 95Mark Levene, Alexandra Poulovassilis. Report on the 3rd Web Dynamics Workshop, at WWW 2004
96 -- 100Kevin Keenoy, Alexandra Poulovassilis, Vassilis Christophides, George Loizou, Giorgos Kokkinidis, George Samaras, Nicolas Spyratos. Report on the Workshop on Metadata Management in Grid and Peer-to-Peer Systems, London, December 16, 2003

Volume 33, Issue 2

2 -- 3. Editor s Notes
4 -- 0Richard T. Snodgrass. Developments at ACM TODS
5 -- 11Yoshifumi Masunaga, Katsumi Tanaka. Yahiko Kambayashi (February 15, 1943 - February 6, 2004) - A tribute and personal memoirs
12 -- 14Amarnath Gupta. Life Science Research and Data Management
15 -- 20H. V. Jagadish, Frank Olken. Database Management for Life Sciences Research
21 -- 26Hsiao-Fei Liu, Ya-Hui Chang, Kun-Mao Chao. An Optimal Algorithm for Querying Tree Structures and its Applications in Bioinformatics
27 -- 32Michael Bada, Daniele Turi, Robin McEntire, Robert Stevens. Using Reasoning to Guide Annotation with Gene Ontology Terms in GOAT
33 -- 38Kiyoko F. Aoki, Nobuhisa Ueda, Atsuko Yamaguchi, Tatsuya Akutsu, Minoru Kanehisa, Hiroshi Mamitsuka. Managing and Analyzing Carbohydrate Data
39 -- 44Xia Cao, Shuai Cheng Li, Beng Chin Ooi, Anthony K. H. Tung. Piers: An Efficient Model for Similarity Search in DNA Sequence Databases
45 -- 50Joachim Hammer, Markus Schneider. The GenAlg Project
51 -- 57Katherine G. Herbert, Narain H. Gehani, William H. Piel, Jason Tsong-Li Wang, Cathy H. Wu. BIO-AJAX: An Extensible Framework for Biological Data Cleaning
58 -- 64Liangyou Chen, Hasan M. Jamil, Nan Wang 0002. Automatic Composite Wrapper Generation for Semi-Structured Biological Data Based on Table Structure Identification
65 -- 71A. K. Singh, B. S. Manjunath, Robert F. Murphy. A Distributed Database for BioMolecular Images
72 -- 77Jens Bleiholder, Zoé Lacroix, Hyma Murthy, Felix Naumann, Louiqa Raschid, Maria-Esther Vidal. BioFast: Challenges in Exploring Linked Life Science Sources
78 -- 83Guy Bernard, Jalel Ben-Othman, Luc Bouganim, Gérôme Canals, Sophie Chabridon, Bruno Defude, Jean Ferrié, Stéphane Gançarski, Rachid Guerraoui, Pascal Molli, Philippe Pucheral, Claudia Roncancio, Patricia Serrano-Alvarado, Patrick Valduriez. Mobile Databases: a Selection of Open Issues and Research Directions
84 -- 86Fabio Grandi. Introducing an Annotated Bibliography on Temporal and Evolution Aspects in the World Wide Web
87 -- 94Georg Gottlob, Christoph Koch. Logic-based Web Information Extraction
95 -- 102Marianne Winslett. Interview with Jeffrey Naughton
103 -- 104Nicolas Bruno, Samuel Madden, Wei Wang. Reminiscences on Influential Papers - Kenneth A. Ross
105 -- 111Andrew Eisenberg, Jim Melton. An Early Look at XQuery API for Java (XQJ)
112 -- 0Karl Aberer. Book Review Column
113 -- 114S. V. Nagaraj. Book Review: Managing Gigabytes: Compressing and Indexing documents and images - By Ian H. Witten, Alistair Moffat, and Timothy C. Bell (Second Edition)
115 -- 116Nancy Hartline Bercich. Book Review: Database Tuning Principles, Experiments, and Troubleshooting Techniques - by Dennis Shasha and Philippe Bonnet
117 -- 125Richard T. Snodgrass, Merrie Brucks. Branding Yourself
126 -- 131John F. Roddick, Max J. Egenhofer, Erik G. Hoel, Dimitris Papadias, Betty Salzberg. Spatial, Temporal and Spatio-Temporal Databases - Hot Issues and Directions for PhD Research
132 -- 134Marco Mesiti, Barbara Catania, Giovanna Guerrini, Akmal B. Chaudhri. EDBT04 Workshop on Database Technologies for Handling XML Information on the Web
135 -- 138Dave Hislop, Zoé Lacroix, Gerald Moeller. Issues in Mechanical Engineering Design Management

Volume 33, Issue 1

2 -- 3Ling Liu. Editor s Notes
4 -- 0M. Tamer Özsu. Chair s Message
5 -- 6Richard T. Snodgrass. TODS Special Issues
7 -- 13Malik Ayed Tubaishat, Jian Yin, Biswajit Panja, Sanjay Kumar Madria. A secure hierarchical model for sensor network
14 -- 19Yongge Wang. Robust key establishment in sensor networks
20 -- 25Mario Gerla, Yunjung Yi. Team communications among autonomous sensor swarms
26 -- 31Iosif Lazaridis, Qi Han, Xingbo Yu, Sharad Mehrotra, Nalini Venkatasubramanian, Dmitri V. Kalashnikov, Weiwen Yang. QUASAR: quality aware sensing architecture
32 -- 37Nam Hun Park, Won Suk Lee. Statistical grid-based clustering over data streams
38 -- 43Takahiro Hara, Norishige Murakami, Shojiro Nishio. Replica allocation for correlated data items in ad hoc sensor networks
44 -- 49Amol Deshpande. An initial study of overheads of eddies
50 -- 57Vassilios S. Verykios, Elisa Bertino, Igor Nai Fovino, Loredana Parasiliti Provenza, Yücel Saygin, Yannis Theodoridis. State-of-the-art in privacy preserving data mining
58 -- 63Sven Helmer, Carl-Christian Kanne, Guido Moerkotte. Evaluating lock-based protocols for cooperation on XML documents
64 -- 70Kaladhar Voruganti, Jai Menon, Sandeep Gopisetty. Land below a DBMS
71 -- 76Cristiana Bolchini, Fabio A. Schreiber, Letizia Tanca. A context-aware methodology for very small data base design
77 -- 82Antonio Badia. Entity-Relationship modeling revisited
89 -- 94Ghaleb Abdulla, Terence Critchlow, William Arrighi. Simulation data as data streams
95 -- 100Kwang Mong Sim. Toward an ontology-enhanced information filtering agent
101 -- 109Thomas Schwentick. XPath query containment
119 -- 126Andrew Eisenberg, Jim Melton, Krishna G. Kulkarni, Jan-Eike Michels, Fred Zemke. SQL: 2003 has been published
127 -- 132Michael Gertz, M. Tamer Özsu, Gunter Saake, Kai-Uwe Sattler. Report on the Dagstuhl Seminar: data quality on the Web
133 -- 137. Science of design for information systems: report of the NSF workshop, Seattle, 2003
138 -- 140AnHai Doan, Alon Y. Halevy, Natalya Fridman Noy. Semantic Integration Workshop at the 2nd International Semantic Web Conference (ISWC-2003)
141 -- 144Silvia Nittel, Anthony Stefanidis, Isabel F. Cruz, Max J. Egenhofer, Dina Q. Goldin, A. Howard, Alexandros Labrinidis, Samuel Madden, Agnès Voisard, Michael F. Worboys. Report from the First Workshop on Geo Sensor Networks
145 -- 147Georg Lausen, Dan Suciu. Report on the 9th International Workshop on Data Base Programming Languages