Journal: EAI Endorsed Trans. Scalable Information Systems

Volume 6, Issue 23

0 -- 0Aroosh Amjad, Tahir Alyas, Umer Farooq, Muhammad Arslan Tariq. Detection and mitigation of DDoS attack in cloud computing using machine learning algorithm
0 -- 0Poonam K. K, Asif Ali Laghari, Rashid Ali Laghari. A Step towards the Efficiency of Collisions in the Wireless Sensor Networks
0 -- 0Nadia Tabassum, Muhammad Saleem Khan, Sagheer Abbas, Tahir Alyas, Atifa Athar, Muhammad Adnan Khan. Intelligent reliability management in hyper-convergence cloud infrastructure using fuzzy inference system
0 -- 0Nimra Dilawar, Sara Nadeem, Sania Arooj, Muhammad Rizwan, Fahad Ahmad. Simulation and Security Calibration of Weather Management System for the Least Rainy Areas of Pakistan through Quantum Key Distribution
0 -- 0Burhanullah Khattak, Aurangzeb Khan, Khairullah Khan, Wahab Khan, Muhammad Kamran, Muhammad Fahad. Empirical Analysis of Recent Advances, Characteristics and Challenges of Big Data
0 -- 0Areej Fatima, Sagheer Abbas, Muhammad Asif, Muhammad Adnan Khan, Muhammad Saleem Khan. Optimization of Governance Factors for Smart City Through Hierarchical Mamdani Type-1 Fuzzy Expert System Empowered with Intelligent Data Ingestion Techniques
0 -- 0Ruwangi Fernando. The impact of Planned Special Events (PSEs) on urban traffic congestion
0 -- 0Maryam Bibi, Anmol Hamid, Samabia Tehseen. Automated Skin Lesion Detection towards Melanoma

Volume 6, Issue 22

0 -- 0Shikha Bhardwaj, Gitanjali Pandove, Pawan Kumar Dahiya. An Intelligent Multi-resolution and Co-occuring local pattern generator for Image Retrieval
0 -- 0Jasleen K. Sethi, Mamta Mittal. Ambient Air Quality Estimation using Supervised Learning Techniques
0 -- 0Shekha Chenthara, Khandakar Ahmed, Frank Whittaker. Privacy-Preserving Data Sharing using Multi-layer Access Control Model in Electronic Health Environment
0 -- 0Firas AlOmari, Muhammed Harbi. Scalable Source Code Similarity Detection in Large Code Repositories
0 -- 0Najam us Sahar, Muhammad Sohail Irshad, Muhammad Adnan Khan. Bayesian Sentiment Analytics for Emerging Trends in Unstructured Data Streams
0 -- 0Sarat Chandra Nayak. Escalation of Forecasting Accuracy through Linear Combiners of Predictive Models
0 -- 0Sagheer Abbas, Tahir Alyas, Atifa Athar, Muhammad Adnan Khan, Areej Fatima, Waseem Ahmad Khan. Cloud Services Ranking by measuring Multiple Parameters using AFIS
0 -- 0Fahd N. Al-Wesabi, Huda G. Iskandar, Mokhtar M. Ghilan. Improving Performance in Component Based Distributed Systems

Volume 6, Issue 21

0 -- 0Shweta Sankhwar, Dhirendra Pandey, R. A. Khan. Email Phishing: An Enhanced Classification Model to Detect Malicious URLs
0 -- 0Jiaying Kou, Yashar Gedik. New Behavioural Big Data Methods for Predicting Housing Price
0 -- 0Samriti Sharma, Gurvinder Singh, Dhanpreet Singh. Role and Performance of Different Traditional Classification and Nature-Inspired Computing Techniques in Major Research Areas
0 -- 0Prabu U, Ravisasthiri P, Sriram R, Malarvizhi N, J. Amudhavel. EODVGA: An Enhanced ODV Based Genetic Algorithm for Multi-Depot Vehicle Routing Problem
0 -- 0Jyoti Bansal, Geeta Rani. An Adaptive Fault Tolerant Scheduling System for Desktop Grid
0 -- 0Prabu U, Malarvizhi N, J. Amudhavel, Sriram R, Ravisasthiri P. Load Balancing Policies of Web Servers: Research Analysis, Classification and Perspectives
0 -- 0K. N. Brahmaji Rao, G. Srinivas, P. V. G. D. Prasad Reddy. An Experimental Study with Tensor Flow for Characteristic mining of Mathematical Formulae from a Document
0 -- 0Indu Chhabra, Gunmala Suri. Knowledge Discovery for Scalable Data Mining

Volume 6, Issue 20

0 -- 0Iqbal H. Sarker. Exploiting Data-Centric Social Context in Phone Call Prediction: A Machine Learning based Study
0 -- 0Asif Ali Laghari, Hui He, Rashid Ali Laghari, Asiya Khan, Rahul Yadav. Cache Performance Optimization of QoC Framework
0 -- 0Pawan Singh Mehra, Mohammad Najmud Doja, Bashir Alam. Stability Enhancement in LEACH (SE-LEACH) for Homogeneous WSN
0 -- 0Bibhuprasad Sahu, Sachi Nandan Mohanty, Saroj Kumar Rout. A Hybrid Approach for Breast Cancer Classification and Diagnosis
0 -- 0Shivani Jain, K. R. Seeja, Rajni Jindal. Identification of New Parameters for Ontology Based Semantic Similarity Measures
0 -- 0Sanjeev Kumar Sharma. Sentence Reduction for Syntactic Analysis of Compound Sentences in Punjabi Language
0 -- 0Malav Shastri, Sudipta Roy, Mamta Mittal. Stock Price Prediction using Artificial Neural Model: An Application of Big Data
0 -- 0Bhavna Saini, Sumit Srivastava, A. K. Bajpai. Robust Automated detection of Nanocarriers' Toxicity using Microscopic Image Analysis