Journal: Stud. Inform. Univ.

Volume 4, Issue 1

1 -- 6Petr Tuma. Component and Middleware Performance
7 -- 24Christophe Demarey, Gael Harbonnier, Romain Rouvoy, Philippe Merle. Benchmarking the Round-Trip Latency of Various Java-Based Middleware Platforms
25 -- 30Jaime Spacco, William Pugh. RUBiS Revisited: Why J2EE Benchmarking is Hard
31 -- 40Emmanuel Cecchet, Hazem Elmeleegy, Oussama Layaida, Vivien Quéma. Implementing Probes for J2EE Cluster Monitoring
41 -- 52Alexandre Oufimtsev, Liam Murphy. Method Input Parameters and Performance of EJB Applications
53 -- 72Arvind S. Krishna, Cemal Yilmaz, Atif M. Memon, Adam A. Porter, Douglas C. Schmidt, Aniruddha S. Gokhale, Balachandran Natarajan. Distributed Continuous Quality Assurance Process for Evaluating QoS of Performance-Intensive Software
73 -- 82Marek Prochazka, Andrey Madan, Jan Vitek, Wenchang Liu. RTJBench: A Real-Time Java Benchmarking Framework
83 -- 99Dayong Gu, Clark Verbrugge, Etienne Gagnon. Code Layout as a Source of Noise in JVM Performance
99 -- 110Matthias Hauswirth, Peter F. Sweeney, Amer Diwan, Michael Hind. The Need for a Whole-System View of Performance