Journal: Software Process: Improvement and Practice

Volume 13, Issue 6

473 -- 475Daniela E. Damian, Bikram Sengupta, Filippo Lanubile. Global software development: where are we headed?
477 -- 492Allen E. Milewski, Marilyn Tremaine, Felix Köbler, Richard Egan, Suling Zhang, Patrick O Sullivan. Guidelines for effective eridging in global software engineering
493 -- 510Timo Wolf, Thanh H. D. Nguyen, Daniela E. Damian. Does distance still matter?
511 -- 526Valentine Casey, Ita Richardson. Virtual teams: understanding the impact of fear
527 -- 544Maria Paasivaara, Sandra Durasiewicz, Casper Lassenius. Using scrum in a globally distributed project: a case study

Volume 13, Issue 5

383 -- 385Darren Dalcher. Managing software processes: do we need new approaches?
387 -- 395Timothy Burns, Robb Klashner, Fadi P. Deek. An empirical evaluation of a methodology-tailoring information system development model
397 -- 409Javier Saldaña Ramos, Javier García Guzmán, Antonio de Amescua Seco, Ana Sanz-Esteban. A study of reported practical experiences about TSP implementations
411 -- 419Anil Kumar Tripathi, Ratneshwer Gupta, Manjari Gupta. Some observations on software processes for CBSE
421 -- 437Philip S. Taylor, Des Greer, Gerry Coleman, Kevin McDaid, Frank Keenan. Preparing small software companies for tailored agile method adoption: ::::Minimally intrusive risk assessment::::
439 -- 450Charles Suscheck, Randal Ford. Jazz improvisation as a learning metaphor for the scrum software development methodology
451 -- 471Nannette P. Napier, Jonathan Kim, Lars Mathiassen. Software process re-engineering: a model and its application to an industrial case study

Volume 13, Issue 4

297 -- 299Miklós Biró, Richard Messnarz. Process improvement lessons learnt in small and large organizations worldwide
301 -- 309Ove Armbrust, Jan Ebell, Ulrike Hammerschall, Jürgen Münch, Daniela Thoma. Experiences and results from tailoring and deploying a large process standard in a company
311 -- 318Analia Irigoyen Ferreiro Ferreira, Gleison Santos, Roberta Cerqueira, Mariano Montoni, Ahilton Barreto, Ana Regina Rocha, Andrea Oliveira Soares Barreto, Reinaldo C. Silva Filho. ROI of software process improvement at BL informática: SPIdex is really worth it
319 -- 325Mads Christiansen, Jørn Johansen. ::::ImprovAbility:::::::TM::: guidelines for low-maturity organizations
327 -- 333Fergal Downey, Gerry Coleman. Using SPI to achieve delivery objectives in e-commerce software development
335 -- 343Javier García, Antonio de Amescua Seco, Manuel Velasco, Ana Sanz-Esteban. Ten factors that impede improvement of verification and validation processes in software intensive organizations
345 -- 353Fergal McCaffery, Ita Richardson, Peter Moller. Automotive-adept: A lightweight assessment method for the automotive software industry
355 -- 362Richard Messnarz, Damjan Ekert, Michael Reiner, Gearoid O Suilleabhain. Human resources based improvement strategies - the learning factor
363 -- 370Pasi Ojala. Implementing a value assessment for products: an industrial case study
371 -- 382Gunther Spork, Uwe Pichler. Establishment of a performance driven improvement programme

Volume 13, Issue 3

213 -- 215Pekka Abrahamsson, Jürgen Münch, Pasi Kuvaja. Perspectives on Global Software Development: special issue on PROFES 2007
217 -- 231Nils Brede Moe, Darja Smite. Understanding a lack of trust in Global Software Teams: a multiple-case study
233 -- 247Jianqiang Ma, Jingyue Li, Weibing Chen, Reidar Conradi, Junzhong Ji, Chunnian Liu. A state-of-the-practice study on communication and coordination between chinese software suppliers and their global outsourcers
249 -- 264Mahmood Niazi, Muhammad Ali Babar, Nolin Mark Katugampola. Demotivators of software process improvement: an empirical investigation
265 -- 279Ahmed Al-Emran, Dietmar Pfahl. Performing operational release planning, replanning and risk analysis using a system dynamics simulation model
281 -- 295Lech Madeyski. Impact of pair programming on thoroughness and fault detection effectiveness of unit test suites

Volume 13, Issue 2

111 -- 112Rose F. Gamble, Grace A. Lewis. Systems interoperability, integration, and composition
113 -- 125Gerald Kotonya, John Hutchinson. A component-based process for modelling and evolving legacy systems
127 -- 133Xabier Larrucea. Method Engineering Approach for Interoperable Systems Development
135 -- 144Grace A. Lewis, Edwin J. Morris, Soumya Simanta, Lutz Wrage. Effects of service-oriented architecture on software development lifecycle activities
145 -- 156M. Todd Gamble, Rose F. Gamble. Isolation in design reuse
157 -- 169Abdallah Mohamed, Günther Ruhe, Armin Eberlein. Optimized mismatch resolution for COTS selection
171 -- 182Juan Pablo Carvallo, Xavier Franch, Carme Quer. Supporting CMMI Level 2 SAM PA with Non-technical Features Catalogues
183 -- 193Petri Kettunen, Maarit Laanti. Combining agile software projects and large-scale organizational agility
195 -- 212Piotr Tomaszewski, Patrik Berander, Lars-Ola Damm. From Traditional to Streamline Development - opportunities and challenges

Volume 13, Issue 1

1 -- 3David Raffo, Dietmar Pfahl, Qing Wang. Guest editors introduction
5 -- 17Florian Deissenboeck, Markus Pizka. Probabilistic Analysis of Process Economics
19 -- 33Ahmed Al-Emran, Dietmar Pfahl, Günther Ruhe. A method for re-planning of software releases using discrete-event simulation
35 -- 50Qing Wang, Lang Gou, Nan Jiang, Meiru Che, Ronghui Zhang, Yun Yang, Mingshu Li. Estimating fixing effort and schedule based on defect injection distribution
51 -- 61Raymond J. Madachy. Cost modeling of distributed team processes for global development and Software-Intensive Systems of Systems
63 -- 73David Raffo, Robert Ferguson, Siri-on Setamanit, Bhuricha Deen Sethanandha. Evaluating the impact of requirements analysis tools using simulation
75 -- 87Oktay Türetken, Onur Demirörs. Process modeling by process owners: A decentralized approach
89 -- 100Weibing Chen, Jingyue Li, Jianqiang Ma, Reidar Conradi, Junzhong Ji, Chunnian Liu. An empirical study on software development with open source components in the chinese software industry
101 -- 109Merwan Mehta, David Anderson, David Raffo. Providing value to customers in software development through lean principles