Journal: Software Process: Improvement and Practice

Volume 3, Issue 4

199 -- 0Dewayne E. Perry, Wilhelm Schäfer. Editorial
201 -- 212Peter Middleton. Managing software quality by standardization
213 -- 223Robin Hunter, Gordon Robinson, Ian Woodman. Tool support for software process assessment and improvement
225 -- 234Pasi Vakaslahti. Process improvement frameworks - a small case study with People Capability Maturity Model
235 -- 241Horst Lichter, Gerhard Riedinger. Improving software quality by static program analysis
243 -- 245Giuseppe Satriani. ESI news: a European software best practice repository
247 -- 251Lionel C. Briand, John W. Daly, Jürgen Wüst. Empirical research in object-oriented quality

Volume 3, Issue 3

139 -- 0Dewayne E. Perry, Wilhelm Schäfer. Editorial
141 -- 153Jens H. Jahnke, Wilhelm Schäfer, Albert Zündorf. An experiment in building a lightweight process-centred environment supporting team software processes
155 -- 163John Holt. Software metrics - real world experiences
165 -- 175Tapani Kilpi. Product management challenge to software change process: preliminary results from three SMEs experiment
177 -- 188Jean-Martin Simon, Khaled El Emam, Sonia Rousseau, Eric Jacquet, Frederic Babey. The reliability of ISO/IEC PDTR 15504 assessments
189 -- 190Ana Andrés. European Software Institute
191 -- 194Isabella Wieczorek. On the establishment of successful measurement programs in industry

Volume 3, Issue 2

69 -- 0Dewayne E. Perry, Wilhelm Schäfer. Editorial
71 -- 86Even Åby Larsen, Karlheinz Kautz. Quality assurance and software process improvement in Norway
87 -- 104Ashok Dandekar, Dewayne E. Perry, Lawrence G. Votta. Studies in process simplification
105 -- 131Jim Arlow, Sergio Bandinelli, Wolfgang Emmerich, Luigi Lavazza. A fine-grained process modelling experiment at British Airways
133 -- 136Martin Verlage. Experience with software process modeling

Volume 3, Issue 1

1 -- 0Dewayne E. Perry, Wilhelm Schäfer. Editorial
3 -- 17Helen E. Thomson, Pam J. Mayhew. Approaches to software process improvement
19 -- 34Peter Sawyer, Ian Sommerville, Stephen Viller. Requirements process improvement through the phased introduction of good practice
35 -- 46V. A. Makris, K. C. Thrampoulidis. Introducing the object-oriented paradigm in a medium size software development company
47 -- 58Suzanne M. Garcia. Evolving improvement paradigms: capability maturity models and ISO/IEC 15504 (PDTR)
59 -- 61Khaled El Emam, Pierfrancesco Fusaro. Fraunhofer Institute for Experimental Software Engineering
62 -- 63Izaskun Doiz. ESI news