Journal: Software Process: Improvement and Practice

Volume 4, Issue 4

185 -- 0. Introduction to Special Issue on Organizational Change in Software Process Improvement
187 -- 198Claude Y. Laporte, Sylvie Trudel. Addressing the people issues of process improvement activities at Oerlikon Aerospace
199 -- 207Deependra Moitra. Managing change for software process improvement initiatives: a practical experience-based approach
209 -- 226Karlheinz Kautz. Software process improvement in very small enterprises: does it pay off?
227 -- 250Dirk Stelzer, Werner Mellis. Success factors of organizational change in software process improvement

Volume 4, Issue 3

99 -- 0Dewayne E. Perry, Wilhelm Schäfer. Editorial
101 -- 123Gianpaolo Cugola, Carlo Ghezzi. Software processes: a retrospective and a path to the future
125 -- 171Gregory Alan Bolcer, Richard N. Taylor. Advanced workflow management technologies
173 -- 182Antony Powell, Duncan Brown. A practical strategy for industrial reuse improvement

Volume 4, Issue 2

53 -- 0Dewayne E. Perry, Wilhelm Schäfer. Editorial
55 -- 71Frank Niessink, Hans van Vliet. Towards mature IT services
73 -- 88Tim C. Kasse, Patricia A. McQuaid. Entry strategies into the process improvement initiative
89 -- 93Frank Bomarius, Klaus-Dieter Althoff, Wolfgang Müller. Knowledge management for learning software organizations

Volume 4, Issue 1

1 -- 0Dewayne E. Perry, Wilhelm Schäfer. Editorial
3 -- 10Mikael Lindvall. Monitoring and measuring the change-prediction process at different granularity levels: an empirical study
11 -- 18K. Thorwart. The AMETIST process improvement experiment: towards efficient team development in small companies
19 -- 20Reiner R. Dumke. Guest Editor Introduction: Software Measurement in Theory and Practice
21 -- 31Christof Ebert. The quest for technical controlling
33 -- 42Erik Foltin, Reiner R. Dumke. Aspects of software metrics database design
43 -- 48Harry M. Sneed. Measuring reusability of legacy software systems