Journal: Software Process: Improvement and Practice

Volume 5, Issue 4

213 -- 229Miklós Biró, János Ivanyos, Richard Messnarz. Pioneering process improvement experiment in Hungary
231 -- 241Winfried Rußwurm, Ludger Meyer. Integrated evaluation procedure for software/ hardware system development processes based on the Software Capability Maturity Model (CMM)
243 -- 250J. Batista, António Dias de Figueiredo. SPI in a very small team: a case with CMM
251 -- 261Maria Heloisa (Lolo) Penedo. An active web-based virtual room for small team collaboration

Volume 5, Issue 2-3

87 -- 89David Raffo, Walt Scacchi. Editorial
91 -- 102B. W. Chatters, Meir M. Lehman, Juan F. Ramil, Paul Wernick. Modelling a software evolution process: a long-term case study
103 -- 110Alan M. Christie, Mary Jo Staley. Organizational and social simulation of a software requirements development process
111 -- 120Volker Gruhn. Software process landscaping
121 -- 131Peter Henderson, Yvonne Margaret Howard. Simulating a process strategy for large scale software development using systems dynamics
133 -- 146Raymond J. Madachy, Denton Tarbet. Case studies in software process modeling with system dynamics
147 -- 157Robert H. Martin, David Raffo. A model of the software development process using both continuous and discrete models
159 -- 168David Raffo, Warren Harrison, Joseph Vandeville. Coordinating models and metrics to manage software projects
169 -- 182Stephen T. Roehling, James S. Collofello, Brian G. Hermann, Dwight E. Smith-Daniels. System dynamics modeling applied to software outsourcing decision support
183 -- 195Walt Scacchi. Understanding software process redesign using modeling, analysis and simulation
197 -- 209Friedrich Stallinger. Software process simulation to support ISO/IEC 15504 based software process improvement

Volume 5, Issue 1

1 -- 0Dewayne E. Perry, Wilhelm Schäfer, Colin Tully. Editorial
3 -- 30Juan Ares Casal, Rafael García Vázquez, Natalia Juristo Juzgado, Marta López Fernández, Ana María Moreno. A more rigorous and comprehensive approach to software process assessment
31 -- 43Toshihiro Komiyama, Toshihiko Sunazuka, Shinji Koyama. Software process assessment and improvement in NEC - current status and future direction
45 -- 54Romana Vajde Horvat, Ivan Rozman, József Györkös. Managing the complexity of SPI in small companies
55 -- 64Christophe Debou, Annie Kuntzmann-Combelles. Linking software process improvement to business strategies: experiences from industry
65 -- 83Timo Kaltio, Atte Kinnula. Deploying the defined SW process