Journal: Software Process: Improvement and Practice

Volume 7, Issue 3-4

91 -- 93Walt Scacchi, David Raffo. Editorial: Special issue on software process simulation and modeling
95 -- 112Juan F. Ramil, Neil Smith. Qualitative simulation of models of software evolution
113 -- 126Paul Wernick, Tracy Hall. Simulating global software evolution processes by combining simple models: an initial study
127 -- 139Frank Padberg. A discrete simulation model for assessing software project scheduling policies
141 -- 159Eliza Chiang, Tim Menzies. Simulations for very early lifecycle quality evaluations
161 -- 172Márcio de Oliveira Barros, Cláudia Maria Lima Werner, Guilherme Horta Travassos. A system dynamics metamodel for software process modeling
173 -- 188I. P. Antoniades, Ioannis Stamelos, Lefteris Angelis, Georgios L. Bleris. A novel simulation model for the development process of open source software projects
189 -- 210Dietmar Pfahl, Günther Ruhe. IMMoS: a methodology for integrated measurement, modelling and simulation

Volume 7, Issue 2

45 -- 0Dewayne E. Perry, Wilhelm Schäfer, Colin Tully. Editorial
47 -- 55Bridget Meehan, Ita Richardson. Identification of Software Process Knowledge Management
57 -- 70G. A. Bell, M. A. Cooper, Sajda Qureshi. The Holon Framework and Software Process Improvement: A Radiotherapy Project Case Study
71 -- 89Darren Dalcher, Colin Tully. Learning from Failures

Volume 7, Issue 1

1 -- 0Dewayne E. Perry, Wilhelm Schäfer, Colin Tully. Editorial
3 -- 15Tracy Hall, Austen Rainer, Nathan Baddoo. Implementing software process improvement: an empirical study
17 -- 31Nathan Baddoo, Tracy Hall. Practitioner roles in software process improvement: an analysis using grid technique
33 -- 44Jarmo J. Ahonen, Marko Forsell, Sanna-Kaisa Taskinen. A modest but practical software process modeling technique for software process improvement