Journal: Scientific Programming

Volume 8, Issue 1

5 -- 12John Michalakes. The same-source parallel MM5
13 -- 22Ulrich Schättler, Günther Doms, Jürgen Steppele. Requirements and problems in parallel model development at DWD
23 -- 30Michel Desgagné, Stephen J. Thomas, Michel Valin. Performance of MC2 and the ECMWF IFS forecast model on the Fujitsu VPP700 and NEC SX-4M
31 -- 38Thomas E. Rosmond. A scalable version of the Navy Operational Global Atmospheric Prediction System spectral forecast model
39 -- 47Richard S. Hemler. Key elements of the user-friendly, GFDL SKYHI general circulation model
49 -- 57Daniel S. Schaffer, Max J. Suárez. Design and performance analysis of a massively parallel atmospheric general circulation model