Journal: Scientific Programming

Volume 4, Issue 4

219 -- 227Mark Papiani, Anthony J. G. Hey, Roger W. Hockney. The Graphical Benchmark Information Service
229 -- 250Lars Viklund, Peter Fritzson. ObjectMath - An Object-Oriented Language and Environment for Symbolic and Numerical Processing in Scientific Computing
251 -- 273Kapil K. Mathur, S. Lennart Johnsson. All-to-All Communication on the Connection Machine CM-200
275 -- 289Bharat Kumar, Chua-Huang Huang, P. Sadayappan, Rodney W. Johnson. A Tensor Product Formulation of Strassen s Matrix Multiplication Algorithm with Memory Reduction
291 -- 305Damien Gautier de Lahaut, Cécile Germain. A Static Approach for Compiling Communications in Paranel Scientific Programs

Volume 4, Issue 3

123 -- 125David F. Snelling. Applications Analysis: Guest Editor s Introduction
127 -- 139Gregg Skinner, Rudolf Eigenmann. Parallel Performance of a Combustion Chemistry Simulation
141 -- 153Lex Wolters, Gerard Cats, Nils Gustafsson. Data-Parallel Numerical Weather Forecasting
155 -- 169C. Falcó Korn, J. Mark Bull, Graham D. Riley, P. K. Stansby. Parallelization of a Three-Dimensional Shallow-Water Estuary Model on the KSR-1
171 -- 183Charles W. Anderson, Saikumar V. Devulapalli, Erik A. Stolz. Determining Mental State from EEG Signals Using Parallel Implementations of Neural Networks
185 -- 192Eli Glikman, Ludmila Ioffe, Itzhak Kelson, Shlomit S. Pinter. Parallel Algorithms for Molecular Dynamics Simulation of Irradiation Effects in Crystals
193 -- 201Dan Williams, Luc Bauwens. Simulation of Compressible Flow on a Massively Parallel Architecture
203 -- 217Rupert W. Ford, D. I. A. Poll. A Parallel Processing Approach to Transition Prediction for Laminar Flow Control System Design

Volume 4, Issue 2

53 -- 58David H. Bailey. Unfavorable Strides in Cache Memory Systems (RNR Technical Report RNR-92-015)
59 -- 85P. Crooks, Ronald H. Perrott. Language Constructs for Data Partitioning and Distribution
87 -- 113John H. Merlin, Anthony J. G. Hey. An Introduction to High Performance Fortran

Volume 4, Issue 1

1 -- 21Matthew T. O Keefe, Terence John Parr, Kevin Edgar, Steve Anderson, Paul Woodward, Hank Dietz. The Fortran-P Translator: Towards Automatic Translation of Fortran 77 Programs for Massively Parallel Processors
23 -- 34Harvey J. Wasserman. Benchmark Tests on the New IBM RISC System/6000 590 Workstation
35 -- 43Matthew Rosing, Joel H. Saltz. Low Latency Messages on Distributed Memory Multiprocessors