Journal: Swarm Intelligence

Volume 15, Issue 4

311 -- 313Marco Dorigo, Thomas Stützle, Maria J. Blesa, Christian Blum 0001, Heiko Hamann, Mary Katherine Heinrich. ANTS 2020 Special Issue: Editorial
315 -- 338Giulia De Masi, Judhi Prasetyo, Raina Zakir, Nikita Mankovskii, Eliseo Ferrante, Elio Tuci. Robot swarm democracy: the importance of informed individuals against zealots
339 -- 376Nicolas Coucke, Mary Katherine Heinrich, Axel Cleeremans, Marco Dorigo. HuGoS: a virtual environment for studying collective human behavior from a swarm intelligence perspective
377 -- 402Qihao Shan, Sanaz Mostaghim. Discrete collective estimation in swarm robotics with distributed Bayesian belief sharing
403 -- 425Jörg Bremer, Sebastian Lehnhoff. Ant colony optimization for feasible scheduling of step-controlled smart grid generation
427 -- 457Johannes Nauta, Yara Khaluf, Pieter Simoens. Resource ephemerality influences effectiveness of altruistic behavior in collective foraging

Volume 15, Issue 3

205 -- 235Daniel H. Stolfi, Matthias R. Brust, Grégoire Danoy, Pascal Bouvry. CONSOLE: intruder detection using a UAV swarm and security rings
237 -- 286Karina A. Roundtree, Jason R. Cody, Jennifer Leaf, H. Onan Demirel, Julie A. Adams. Human-collective visualization transparency
287 -- 310Qihao Shan, Sanaz Mostaghim. Achieving task allocation in swarm intelligence with bi-objective embodied evolution

Volume 15, Issue 1

1 -- 6Andreagiovanni Reina, Eliseo Ferrante, Gabriele Valentini. Collective decision-making in living and artificial systems: editorial
7 -- 30Joanna Chang, Scott Powell, Elva J. H. Robinson, Matina Donalson-Matasci. Nest choice in arboreal ants is an emergent consequence of network creation under spatial constraints
31 -- 46Pavlin Mavrodiev, Frank Schweitzer. Enhanced or distorted wisdom of crowds? An agent-based model of opinion formation under social influence
47 -- 82Alessio Franci, Anastasia S. Bizyaeva, Shinkyu Park, Naomi Ehrich Leonard. Analysis and control of agreement and disagreement opinion cascades
83 -- 110Palina Bartashevich, Sanaz Mostaghim. Multi-featured collective perception with Evidence Theory: tackling spatial correlations
111 -- 143Chanelle Lee, Jonathan Lawry, Alan F. T. Winfield. Negative updating applied to the best-of-n problem with noisy qualities
145 -- 170Michael Crosscombe, Jonathan Lawry. Collective preference learning in the best-of-n problem
171 -- 203Theodore P. Pavlic, Jake R. Hanson, Gabriele Valentini, Sara Imari Walker, Stephen C. Pratt. Quorum sensing without deliberation: biological inspiration for externalizing computation to physical spaces in multi-robot systems