Journal: Swarm Intelligence

Volume 8, Issue 4

247 -- 273Juan Rada-Vilela, Mark Johnston, Mengjie Zhang. Deception, blindness and disorientation in particle swarm optimization applied to noisy problems
275 -- 302Katherine Malan, Andries Petrus Engelbrecht. Characterising the searchability of continuous optimisation problems for PSO
303 -- 327Sean Wilson, Theodore P. Pavlic, Ganesh P. Kumar, Aurélie Buffin, Stephen C. Pratt, Spring Berman. Design of ant-inspired stochastic control policies for collective transport by robotic swarms
329 -- 351Guillaume Sartoretti, Max-Olivier Hongler, Marcelo Elias de Oliveira, Francesco Mondada. Decentralized self-selection of swarm trajectories: from dynamical systems theory to robotic implementation

Volume 8, Issue 3

159 -- 198Mohammad Reza Bonyadi, Zbigniew Michalewicz. A locally convergent rotationally invariant particle swarm optimization algorithm
199 -- 225Ali Abdul Khaliq, Maurizio Di Rocco, Alessandro Saffiotti. Stigmergic algorithms for multiple minimalistic robots on an RFID floor
227 -- 246Ryusuke Fujisawa, Shigeto Dobata, Ken Sugawara, Fumitoshi Matsuno. Designing pheromone communication in swarm robotics: Group foraging behavior mediated by chemical substance

Volume 8, Issue 2

89 -- 112Gianpiero Francesca, Manuele Brambilla, Arne Brutschy, Vito Trianni, Mauro Birattari. AutoMoDe: A novel approach to the automatic design of control software for robot swarms
113 -- 138Olivier Simonin, François Charpillet, Eric Thierry. Revisiting wavefront construction with collective agents: an approach to foraging
139 -- 157Christopher L. Simons, Jim Smith, Paul White. Interactive ant colony optimization (iACO) for early lifecycle software design

Volume 8, Issue 1

1 -- 33Frederick Ducatelle, Gianni A. Di Caro, Alexander Förster, Michael Bonani, Marco Dorigo, Stéphane Magnenat, Francesco Mondada, Rehan O'Grady, Carlo Pinciroli, Philippe Rétornaz, Vito Trianni, Luca Maria Gambardella. Cooperative navigation in robotic swarms
35 -- 59Christopher Wesley Cleghorn, Andries Petrus Engelbrecht. A generalized theoretical deterministic particle swarm model
61 -- 87Andrew Vardy, Gregory Vorobyev, Wolfgang Banzhaf. Cache consensus: rapid object sorting by a robotic swarm