Journal: TAPOS

Volume 1, Issue 4

243 -- 268Naoki Kobayashi, Akinori Yonezawa. Towards Foundations of Concurrent Object-Oriented Programming-Types and Language Design
269 -- 280Eduardo Casais. An Experiment in Framework Development
281 -- 300Peter C. Lockemann, Hans-Dirk Walter. Object Oriented Protocol Hierarchies for Distributed Workflow Systems

Volume 1, Issue 3

149 -- 0Jens Palsberg, Michael I. Schwartzbach. Editorial
151 -- 166Martín Abadi, Luca Cardelli. An Imperative Object Calculus (Invited Paper)
167 -- 188Urs Hölzle, Ole Agesen. Dynamic versus Static Optimization Techniques for Object-Oriented Languages
189 -- 220Kathleen Fisher, John C. Mitchell. The Development of Type Systems for Object-Oriented Languages
221 -- 242Kim B. Bruce, Luca Cardelli, Giuseppe Castagna, Jonathan Eifrig, Scott F. Smith, Valery Trifonov, Gary T. Leavens, Benjamin C. Pierce. On Binary Methods

Volume 1, Issue 2

89 -- 99Rachid Guerraoui. Modular Atomic Objects
101 -- 114Roel Wieringa, Wiebren de Jonge. Object Identifiers, Keys, and Surrogates: Object Identifiers Revisited
115 -- 131Sergio Bandinelli, Luciano Baresi, Alfonso Fuggetta, Luigi Lavazza. Experiences in the Implementation of a Process-centered Software Engineering Environment Using Object-Oriented Technology
133 -- 143Peter Wegner. A Perspective on Object-Oriented Research

Volume 1, Issue 1

1 -- 0Karl J. Lieberherr, Roberto Zicari. Editorial
3 -- 0Remo Pareschi, Mario Tokoro. Introduction to the Special Issue
5 -- 18John Lamping, Martín Abadi. Methods as Assertions
19 -- 39Elisa Bertino, Giovanna Guerrini, Danilo Montesi. Towards Deductice Object Databases
41 -- 59Weimin Chen, Volker Turau. Multiple-Dispatching Based on Automata
61 -- 83Roel Wieringa, Wiebren de Jonge, Paul Spruit. Using Dynamic Classes and Role Classes to Model Object Migration