Journal: TAPOS

Volume 2, Issue 4

227 -- 246Giuseppe Boccignone, Massimo De Santo, Angelo Chianese, Antonio Picariello. A Processing Model for Two-Dimensional Images Based on the Object-Oriented Paradigm
247 -- 268Kevin Lano. Enhancing Object-Oriented Methods with Formal Notations
269 -- 281Shaul Simhi, Vered Gafni, Amiram Yehudai. Combining Reflection and Finite State Diagrams for Design Enforcement
283 -- 301Naftaly H. Minsky. Law-Governed Regularities in Object Systems. Part 1: An Abstract Model

Volume 2, Issue 3

141 -- 142William H. Harrison, Harold Ossher. Editorial
143 -- 160Bent Bruun Kristensen, Kasper Østerbye. Roles: Conceptual Abstraction Theory and Practical Language Issues
161 -- 178Randall B. Smith, David Ungar. A Simple and Unifying Approach to Subjective Objects
179 -- 202Harold Ossher, Matthew Kaplan, Alexander Katz, William H. Harrison, Vincent J. Kruskal. Specifying Subject-Oriented Composition
202 -- 225Harumi A. Kuno, Elke A. Rundensteiner. The MultiView OODB View System: Design and Implementation

Volume 2, Issue 2

75 -- 76Gail Mitchell. Editorial
77 -- 94Jean-Marc Andreoli, Steve Freeman, Remo Pareschi. The Coordination Language Facility: Coordination of Distributed Objects
95 -- 117Frank Eliassen, John R. Nicol. Supporting Interoperation of Continuous Media Objects
119 -- 140Alexandre Valente Sousa. Implementing Object Access Control a posteriori

Volume 2, Issue 1

1 -- 2Steve Berczuk. Editorial
3 -- 13Dirk Riehle, Heinz Züllighoven. Understanding and Using Patterns in Software Development
15 -- 30Douglas C. Schmidt. A Family of Design Patterns for Applications-Level Gateways
31 -- 41Jonathan Helfman. Dotplot Patterns: A Literal Look at Pattern Languages
43 -- 52Dirk Riehle. The Event Notification Pattern - Integrating Implicit Invocation with Object-Orientation
53 -- 60Wolfgang Strunk, Frank Fröse. Using Design Patterns to Restructure the User Interface Part of an Application Framework
61 -- 74Jung J. Kim, Kevin Benner. An Experience Using Design Patterns: Lessons Learned and Tool Support