Journal: TAPOS

Volume 3, Issue 4

233 -- 234Eduardo Casais, Antero Taivalsaari. Object-Oriented Software Evolution and Reengineering - Editorial
235 -- 251Hernán Astudillo. Maximizing Object Reuse with a Biological Metaphor
253 -- 263Don Roberts, John Brant, Ralph E. Johnson. A Refactoring Tool for Smalltalk
265 -- 283Kai-Uwe Mätzel, Walter R. Bischofberger. Building Reliable Distributed Systems with CORBA
285 -- 301Fabrizio Angiulli, Luigi Palopoli, Riccardo Torlone. THE GPR System: An Architecture for Integrating Active and Deductive Rules on Complex Database Objects

Volume 3, Issue 3

157 -- 183Giovanna Guerrini, Elisa Bertino, Barbara Catania, Jesús García Molina. A Formal View of Object-Oriented Database Systems
185 -- 212Paul L. Bergstein. Maintainance of Object-Oriented Systems During Structural Schema Evolution
213 -- 231Wolfgang Emmerich, Jim Arlow, Joëlle Madec, Mark Phoenix. Tool Construction for the British Airways SEE with the O::2:: ODBMS

Volume 3, Issue 2

75 -- 85Jens Palsberg. Class-Graph Inference for Adaptive Programs
87 -- 101Naftaly H. Minsky, Partha Pratim Pal. Law-Governed Regularities in Object Systems, Part 2: A Concrete Implementation
103 -- 125Elisa Bertino, Elena Ferrari, Giovanna Guerrini. T_Chimera: A Temporal Object-Oriented Data Model
127 -- 155Ole Agesen. Design and Implementation of Pep, A Java Just-in-Time Translator

Volume 3, Issue 1

1 -- 2Richard Mark Soley. Research Directions: The Future of CORBA - Editorial
3 -- 13Robert H. Deng, Shailendra K. Bhonsle, Weiguo Wang, Aurel A. Lazar. Integrating Security in the CORBA Architecture
15 -- 29Mirion Bearman, Keith Duddy, Kerry Raymond, Andreas Vogel. Trader Down Under: Upside Down and Inside Out
31 -- 43Sean Landis, Silvano Maffeis. Building Reliable Distributed Systems with CORBA
45 -- 54Pedro de las Heras Quirós, José M. Ohno Millán. Inheritance Anomaly in CORBA Multithreaded Environments
55 -- 73John A. Zinky, David E. Bakken, Richard E. Schantz. Architectural Support for Quality of Service for CORBA Objects