Journal: IEEE Trans. Education

Volume 49, Issue 4

417 -- 419Phillip A. Laplante. An Agile, Graduate, Software Studio Course
420 -- 431Jason A. Day, James D. Foley. Evaluating a Web Lecture Intervention in a Human-Computer Interaction Course
432 -- 442Saffet Ayasun, Chika O. Nwankpa, Harry G. Kwatny. Voltage Stability Toolbox for Power System Education and Research
443 -- 450Imran A. Zualkernan, James D. Allert, Ghassan Z. Qadah. Learning Styles of Computer Programming Students: A Middle Eastern and American Comparison
451 -- 463Daniel Rodríguez, Miguel-Ángel Sicilia, Juan Jose Cuadrado-Gallego, Dietmar Pfahl. e-Learning in Project Management Using Simulation Models: A Case Study Based on the Replication of an Experiment
464 -- 473Félix Buendía, Juan-Carlos Cano. OS: A Generative and Web-Based Learning Architecture to Teach Operating Systems in Undergraduate Courses
474 -- 0Sergio L. Toral Marín, Federico José Barrero-García, M. Rocío Martínez-Torres, Sergio Gallardo Vázquez, Antonio Javier Lillo Moreno. Authors' Reply
474 -- 0Ezzat G. Bakhoum. Comment on "Implementation of a Web-Based Educational Tool for Digital Signal Processing Teaching Using the Technological Acceptance Model"

Volume 49, Issue 3

321 -- 331Rafael Ubal, Juan-Carlos Cano, Salvador Petit, Julio Sahuquillo. RACFP: a training tool to work with floating-point representation, algorithms, and circuits in undergraduate courses
332 -- 345Kenneth G. Ricks, David Jeff Jackson. A case for the VMEbus architecture in embedded systems education
346 -- 354Dong Jin Lim. A laboratory course in real-time software for the control of dynamic systems
355 -- 359Joaquín Cerdá-Boluda, Marcos Martínez Peiró, Miguel A. Larrea Torres, Rafael Gadea Gironés, Ricardo José Colom-Palero. An active methodology for teaching electronic systems design
360 -- 369Costas S. Tzafestas, Nektaria Palaiologou, Manthos Alifragis. Virtual and remote robotic laboratory: comparative experimental evaluation
370 -- 382Vilma A. Oliveira, Eduardo S. Tognetti, Daniel Siqueira. Robust controllers enhanced with design and implementation processes
383 -- 388Seyed Ali Shirsavar, Benjamin A. Potter, Isabel M. L. Ridge. Three-phase machines and drives-equipment for a laboratory-based course
389 -- 397Javier Macías Guarasa, Juan Manuel Montero, Rubén San Segundo, Álvaro Araujo, Octavio Nieto-Taladriz. A project-based learning approach to design electronic systems curricula
398 -- 403Keng Siau, Hong Sheng, Fiona Fui-Hoon Nah. Use of a classroom response system to enhance classroom interactivity
404 -- 414Hsiung-Cheng Lin. An Internet-based graphical programming tool for teaching power system harmonic measurement
415 -- 416Orit Hazzan, Ayellet Tal, Idit Keidar. Can a one-day conference change female high school students' perception of electrical engineering?

Volume 49, Issue 2

181 -- 0Keng Siau, Fiona Fui-Hoon Nah. Guest Editorial Mobile Technology in Education
183 -- 192Anne P. Massey, Venkataraman Ramesh, Vijay Khatri. Design, development, and assessment of mobile applications: the case for problem-based learning
193 -- 198J. Michael Tarn, Kuanchin Chen. Mobile technology as a learning object and an exploration tool in an IS curriculum: an innovative instruction of wireless network security
199 -- 207Kok Kiong Tan, Han Leong Goh. Development of a mobile spreadsheet-based PID control simulation system
208 -- 215Evangelos Sakkopoulos, Miltiadis D. Lytras, Athanasios K. Tsakalidis. Adaptive mobile web services facilitate communication and learning Internet technologies
216 -- 223Brian P. Butz, Michael Duarte, Susan M. Miller. An intelligent tutoring system for circuit analysis
224 -- 235José Felipe Haffner, Luís Fernando Alves Pereira, Daniel Ferreira Coutinho. Computer-assisted evaluation of undergraduate courses in frequency-domain techniques for system control
236 -- 246Erkan Mese. Project-oriented adjustable speed motor drive course for undergraduate curricula
247 -- 253Michael L. Jacobson, Ra'a A. Said, Habib-ur Rehman. Introducing design skills at the freshman level: structured design experience
254 -- 262Saeid Nooshabadi, Jim D. Garside. Modernization of teaching in embedded systems design - an international collaborative project
263 -- 270Zoe Doulgeri, Tilemachos Matiakis. A web telerobotic system to teach industrial robot path planning and control
271 -- 277Jeffrey V. Nickerson. Teaching the integration of information systems technologies
278 -- 284Oriol Gomis-Bellmunt, Daniel Montesinos-Miracle, Samuel Galceran-Arellano, Andreas Sumper, Antoni Sudriá-Andreu. A distance PLC programming course employing a remote laboratory based on a flexible manufacturing cell
285 -- 291Nurul I. Sarkar. Teaching computer networking fundamentals using practical laboratory exercises
292 -- 301Nikola Guid, Simon Kolmanic, Damjan Strnad. SURFMOD: teaching tool for parametric curve and surface methods in CAGD based on comparison and analysis
302 -- 308Pilar Martínez Jiménez, Marta Varo Martínez, Gerardo Pedrós Pérez, Maria Carmen Garcia Martinez, María de la Salud Climent Bellido, María Jesús Aguilera Ureña, Jesús Fernández-Sánchez. Tutorial and simulation electrooptic and acoustooptic software as innovative methodology to improve the quality of electronic and computer engineering formation
309 -- 313Joseph L. A. Hughes. 2005 IEEE Education Society Awards and Frontiers in Education Conference Awards
314 -- 319Bruce A. Eisenstein. 2005 IEEE Educational Activities Board Awards

Volume 49, Issue 1

1 -- 3Karl A. Smith. Guest editorial: Continuing to build engineering education research capabilities
4 -- 0David A. Conner. The Transactions' Editorship
5 -- 10Nigel Linge, David Parsons. Problem-based learning as an effective tool for teaching computer network design
11 -- 15Rob Faux. Impact of preprogramming course curriculum on learning in the first programming course
16 -- 28Shuhui Li, Rajab Challoo. Restructuring an electric Machinery course with an integrative approach and computer-assisted teaching methodology
29 -- 38Morten H. Knudsen. Experimental modeling of dynamic systems: an educational approach
39 -- 48Tina A. Hudson, Edward R. Doering, Gwen Lee-Thomas. Teaching mixed-signal integrated circuit design to undergraduates
49 -- 57Wayne T. Padgett, Bruce A. Black, Bruce A. Ferguson. Low-frequency wireless communications System-infrared laboratory experiments
58 -- 60Chetan S. Mandayam Nayaka. High-frequency transistor amplifier analysis
61 -- 66Jan C. Olivier, Waldo Kleynhans, Simeon Miteff. Teaching the theory of estimation and detection via a GSM radio interface Simulation
67 -- 73Robert M. Nelson, A. N. M. Shariful Islam. MES - a web-based design tool for microwave engineering
74 -- 79Marcos B. R. Vallim, Jean-Marie Farines, José E. R. Cury. Practicing engineering in a freshman introductory course
80 -- 81Costin Miron, Emilia Sipos. The CMOS differential stage with active load intuitively demonstrates the unequal split of the differential input Voltage
82 -- 87Randal T. Abler, Didier Contis, Julian B. Grizzard, Henry L. Owen. Georgia tech information security center hands-on network security laboratory
88 -- 97Gwo-Jen Hwang, Peng-Yeng Yin, Shu-Heng Yeh. A tabu search approach to generating test sheets for multiple assessment criteria
98 -- 104Nurul I. Sarkar, Trevor M. Craig. Teaching wireless communication and networking fundamentals using Wi-Fi projects
105 -- 112Jeff Frolik, Mike Fortney. A low-cost wireless platform for first-year interdisciplinary projects
113 -- 121Hongshen Ma, Alexander H. Slocum. A flexible-input, desired-output motor controller for engineering design classes
122 -- 131Woon-Seng Gan, Sen M. Kuo. Teaching DSP software development: from design to fixed-point implementations
132 -- 140Frank A. Cassara. Wireless communications laboratory
141 -- 146Chih-Kuan Lee, Tsung-Tsong Wu, Pei-Ling Liu, Shihkuan Hsu. Establishing a K-12 nanotechnology program for teacher professional development
147 -- 156Maria Grigoriadou, Evangelos Kanidis, Agoritsa Gogoulou. A web-based educational environment for teaching the computer cache memory
157 -- 165Jeff Lang, Gwen Nugent, Ashok Samal, Leen-Kiat Soh. Implementing CS1 with embedded instructional research design in laboratories
166 -- 175Gao-Wei Chang, Zong-Mu Yeh, Yu-Hsuan Lin, Hsiu-Ming Chang. A grating-based spectral filtering project in photonics instrumentation
176 -- 178Sami Barmada. Comments on "Deficiencies in the way scattering parameters are Taught"