Journal: IEEE Trans. Education

Volume 51, Issue 4

417 -- 422Eshaa M. Alkhalifa. Sequential Programming Instruction and Gender Differences
423 -- 431Carina Savander-Ranne, Olli-Pekka Lundén, Samuli Kolari. An Alternative Teaching Method for Electrical Engineering Courses
432 -- 438Archana Mantri, Sunil Dutt, J. P. Gupta, Madhu Chitkara. Design and Evaluation of a PBL-Based Course in Analog Electronics
439 -- 447Dipti Srinivasan, Lily Rachmawati. Efficient Fuzzy Evolutionary Algorithm-Based Approach for Solving the Student Project Allocation Problem
448 -- 455Ercüment Karakas, Satilmis Tekindal. The Effects of Computer-Assisted Learning in Teaching Permanent Magnet Synchronous Motors
456 -- 460Rafael Magdalena, Antonio J. Serrano, José David Martín-Guerrero, Alfredo Rosado, Marcelino Martinez. A Teaching Laboratory in Analog Electronics: Changes to Address the Bologna Requirements
461 -- 467Yung-Pin Cheng, Janet Mei-Chuen Lin. Awk-Linux: A Lightweight Operating Systems Courseware
468 -- 475Gustavo Vejarano, Fabio G. Guerrero. A Constructivist Simulation-Based Methodology for Teaching Mobile Communications
476 -- 483George Nagy, Biplab Sikdar. Classification and Evaluation of Examples for Teaching Probability to Electrical Engineering Students

Volume 51, Issue 3

305 -- 0Tina A. Hudson. Guest Editorial/Microelectronic Systems Education
306 -- 311Patrick Schaumont. A Senior-Level Course in Hardware-Software Codesign
312 -- 318Rod Blaine Foist, Cristian Grecu, André Ivanov, Robin Turner. An FPGA Design Project: Creating a PowerPC Subsystem Plus User Logic
319 -- 324Christopher M. Twigg, Paul E. Hasler. Incorporating Large-Scale FPAAs Into Analog Design and Test Courses
325 -- 330John D. Lynch. Teaching Digital System Timing: A Comprehensive Approach
331 -- 335David Wahlgren Parent, Lourdes Del Rio-Parent. Introducing TCAD Tools in a Graduate Level Device Physics Course
336 -- 341Ricardo Quislant, Ezequiel Herruzo, Oscar G. Plata, José Ignacio Benavides, Emilio L. Zapata. Teaching the Cache Memory System Using a Reconfigurable Approach
342 -- 348John A. Nestor. Experience With the CADAPPLETS Project
349 -- 355Saket Srivastava, Sanjukta Bhanja. Integrating a Nanologic Knowledge Module Into an Undergraduate Logic Design Course
356 -- 363James O. Hamblen. Using a Low-Cost SoC Computer and a Commercial RTOS in an Embedded Systems Design Course
364 -- 369Glen Gibb, John W. Lockwood, Jad Naous, Paul Hartke, Nick McKeown. NetFPGA - An Open Platform for Teaching How to Build Gigabit-Rate Network Switches and Routers
370 -- 377Tina A. Hudson, Matthew Goldman, Shannon M. Sexton. Using Behavioral Analysis to Improve Student Confidence With Analog Circuits
378 -- 384Jean-Samuel Chenard, Zeljko Zilic, Milos Prokic. A Laboratory Setup and Teaching Methodology for Wireless and Mobile Embedded Systems
385 -- 393Mihaela Elena Radu, Shannon M. Sexton. Integrating Extensive Functional Verification Into Digital Design Education
394 -- 399Samara L. Firebaugh, Jenelle A. Piepmeier. The RoboCup Nanogram League: An Opportunity for Problem-Based Undergraduate Education in Microsystems
400 -- 412Diane T. Rover, Ramon Mercado, Zhao Zhang, Mack C. Shelley, Daniel S. Helvick. Reflections on Teaching and Learning in an Advanced Undergraduate Course in Embedded Systems

Volume 51, Issue 2

149 -- 151Okyay Kaynak, Robin Braun, Ian Kennedy. Guest Editorial Plagiarism
152 -- 156Richard H. McCuen. The Plagiarism Decision Process: The Role of Pressure and Rationalization
157 -- 165Hua-Li Jian, Frode Eika Sandnes, Yo-Ping Huang, Li Cai, Kris M. Y. Law. On Students Strategy-Preferences for Managing Difficult Course Work
166 -- 173James A. McCart, Jay Jarman. A Technological Tool to Detect Plagiarized Projects in Microsoft Access
174 -- 183Francisco Rosales, Antonio García Dopico, Santiago Rodríguez, José Luis Pedraza, Rafael Méndez, Manuel Nieto. Detection of Plagiarism in Programming Assignments
184 -- 188Cem Kaner, Rebecca L. Fiedler. A Cautionary Note on Checking Software Engineering Papers for Plagiarism
189 -- 194Fintan Culwin. A Longitudinal Study of Nonoriginal Content in Final-Year Computing Undergraduate Projects
195 -- 200Georgina Cosma, Mike Joy. Towards a Definition of Source-Code Plagiarism
201 -- 205Nico Beute, Elizabeth S. van Aswegen, Christine Winberg. Avoiding Plagiarism in Contexts of Development and Change
212 -- 219Olaf Hallan Graven, Lachlan M. MacKinnon. A Consideration of the Use of Plagiarism Tools for Automated Student Assessment
220 -- 233Gao-Wei Chang, Zong-Mu Yeh, Shih-Yao Pan, Chia-Cheng Liao, Hsiu-Ming Chang. A Progressive Design Approach to Enhance Project-Based Learning in Applied Electronics Through an Optoelectronic Sensing Project
234 -- 241Timothy S. Sullivan, Mark S. Geiger, James S. Keller, J. Terrence Klopcic, Frank C. Peiris, Benjamin W. Schumacher, Jeremy S. Spater, Paula C. Turner. Innovations in Nanoscience Education at Kenyon College
242 -- 250Beatriz Barros, Timothy Read, M. Felisa Verdejo. Virtual Collaborative Experimentation: An Approach Combining Remote and Local Labs
251 -- 255Monica Farrow, Peter J. B. King. Experiences With Online Programming Examinations
256 -- 261Lynette Kvasny, Fay Cobb Payton, Victor Wacham A. Mbarika, Atieno Amadi, Peter Meso. Gendered Perspectives on the Digital Divide, IT Education, and Workforce Participation in Kenya
262 -- 270Kenneth G. Ricks, David Jeff Jackson, William A. Stapleton. An Embedded Systems Curriculum Based on the IEEE/ACM Model Curriculum
271 -- 281Perfecto Reguera-Acevedo, Juan José Fuertes Martinez, Manuel Domínguez-González, Roberto Garcia Valencia. Case-Based Reasoning and System Identification for Control Engineering Learning
282 -- 287Philippe M. Beaudoin, Yves Audet, Abdelhalim Bendali. Characterizing a Thermoelectric Module as Part of a Semiconductor Course Laboratory
288 -- 289Zishu He, Wei Xia, Huiyong Li. Potential for Incorrect Solutions of Continuous-Time LTI System Problems When Using Eigenfunctions
300 -- 0Wei-Fan Chen, Wen-Hsiung Wu, Te-Jen Su. Correction to Assessing Virtual Laboratories in a Digital-Filter Design Course: An Experimental Study

Volume 51, Issue 1

1 -- 0Rob Reilly. Guest Editorial Virtual Laboratories: Enhancing Deep Learning in Model-Based Knowledge Domains
2 -- 9Michael Duarte, Brian P. Butz, Susan M. Miller, Annapoorna Mahalingam. An Intelligent Universal Virtual Laboratory (UVL)
10 -- 16Wei-Fan Chen, Wen-Hsiung Wu, Te-Jen Su. Assessing Virtual Laboratories in a Digital-Filter Design Course: An Experimental Study
17 -- 23Federico Milano, Luigi Vanfretti, Juan Carlos Morataya. An Open Source Power System Virtual Laboratory: The PSAT Case and Experience
24 -- 34Alher Mauricio Hernandez, Miguel Angel Manãnas, Ramon Costa-Castelló. Learning Respiratory System Function in BME Studies by Means of a Virtual Laboratory: RespiLab
35 -- 44Raquel Dormido, Héctor Vargas, Natividad Duro, José Sánchez, Sebastian Dormido Canto, Gonzalo Farias, Francisco Esquembre, Sebastián Dormido. Development of a Web-Based Control Laboratory for Automation Technicians: The Three-Tank System
45 -- 52Todd D. Murphey. Teaching Rigid Body Mechanics Using Student-Created Virtual Environments
53 -- 60Deniz Gurkan, Alan Mickelson, Driss Benhaddou. Remote Laboratories for Optical Circuits
61 -- 68Jia-Sheng Heh, Jyh-Cheng Chang, Shao-Chun Li, Maiga Chang. Providing Students Hints and Detecting Mistakes Made by Students in a Virtual Experiment Environment
69 -- 75Suzana Uran, Karel Jezernik. Virtual Laboratory for Creative Control Design Experiments
76 -- 85Milo D. Koretsky, Danielle Amatore, Connelly Barnes, Sho Kimura. Enhancement of Student Learning in Experimental Design Using a Virtual Laboratory
86 -- 92Pedro Pablo Garrido Abenza, Angel Grediaga Olivo, Bernardo Ledesma Latorre. VisualJVM: A Visual Tool for Teaching Java Technology
93 -- 99Chia-Jeng Tseng. Digital System Design Using Microarchitectural Modeling
100 -- 107Catalin Buiu. Hybrid Educational Strategy for a Laboratory Course on Cognitive Robotics
108 -- 113Rui Hong Chu, Dylan Dah-Chuan Lu, Swamidos Sathiakumar. Project-Based Lab Teaching for Power Electronics and Drives
114 -- 122Geir Hovland. Evaluation of an Online Inverted Pendulum Control Experiment
123 -- 130Peter O Shea, Vladimir Bigdan. The Biggest Loser Competition
131 -- 137Yen-Chu Hung. The Effect of Problem-Solving Instruction on Computer Engineering Majors Performance in Verilog Programming
138 -- 144Suzanne W. Dietrich, Susan Darling Urban, Susan Haag. Developing Advanced Courses for Undergraduates: A Case Study in Databases