Journal: IEEE Trans. Education

Volume 53, Issue 4

517 -- 531Syed Mahfuzul Aziz, Etienne Sicard, Sonia Ben Dhia. Effective Teaching of the Physical Design of Integrated Circuits Using Educational Tools
532 -- 541Sabih Güzelgöz, Hüseyin Arslan. A Wireless Communications Systems Laboratory Course
542 -- 546Mario Muñoz Organero, Gustavo A. Ramirez, Pedro J. Muñoz Merino, Carlos Delgado Kloos. Analyzing Convergence in e-Learning Resource Filtering Based on ACO Techniques: A Case Study With Telecommunication Engineering Students
547 -- 555Milka M. Potrebic, Dejan V. Tosic, Predrag V. Pejovic. Understanding Computation of Impulse Response in Microwave Software Tools
556 -- 561Suhash C. Dutta Roy. Some Little-Known Facts About Transmission Lines and Some New Results
562 -- 571Ashwin Mohan, Dominike Merle, Christa Jackson, John Lannin, Satish S. Nair. Professional Skills in the Engineering Curriculum
572 -- 579Stevan Stankovski, Laslo Tarjan, Dragana Skrinjar, Gordana Ostojic, Ivana Senk. Using a Didactic Manipulator in Mechatronics and Industrial Engineering Courses
580 -- 586Carlos A. Canesin, Flávio A. S. Goncalves, Leonardo Poltronieri Sampaio. Simulation Tools for Power Electronics Courses Based on Java Technologies
587 -- 594John E. Mitchell, Brian Canavan, Jan Smith. Problem-Based Learning in Communication Systems: Student Perceptions and Achievement
595 -- 607Fuensanta Medina-Domínguez, Maria Isabel Sánchez Segura, Arturo Mora-Soto, Antonio de Amescua Seco. Reverse Engineering and Software Products Reuse to Teach Collaborative Web Portals: A Case Study With Final-Year Computer Science Students
613 -- 620David Adrian Sanders, Jorge Bergasa-Suso. Inferring Learning Style From the Way Students Interact With a Computer User Interface and the WWW
621 -- 630Denise Consonni, Magno T. M. Silva. Signals in Communication Engineering History
631 -- 637Ming-Huei Chen, Ming-Chih Huang, Yi-Chuan Ting, Hao-Hui Chen, Tsung-Lung Li. High-Frequency Wireless Communications System: 2.45-GHz Front-End Circuit and System Integration
638 -- 645Uwe Meyer-Bäse, G. Alonzo Vera, Anke Meyer-Bäse, Marios S. Pattichis, Reginald J. Perry. An Undergraduate Course and Laboratory in Digital Signal Processing With Field Programmable Gate Arrays
646 -- 652David Samper, Jorge Santolaria, Jorge Juan Pastor, Juan José Aguilar. Teaching Camera Calibration by a Constructivist Methodology
653 -- 661Zaher Dawy, Ahmad Husseini, Elias Yaacoub, Lina Al-Kanj. A Wireless Communications Laboratory on Cellular Network Planning
662 -- 671John Hu, Mark Haffner, Samantha Yoder, Mark Scott, Gursharan Reehal, Mohammed Ismail. Industry-Oriented Laboratory Development for Mixed-Signal IC Test Education
672 -- 676Niklas Lavesson. Learning Machine Learning: A Case Study
677 -- 680Kathryn Elizabeth Merrick. An Empirical Evaluation of Puzzle-Based Learning as an Interest Approach for Teaching Introductory Computer Science

Volume 53, Issue 3

349 -- 357Scott C. Smith, Waleed Al-Assadi, Jia Di. Integrating Asynchronous Digital Design Into the Computer Engineering Curriculum
358 -- 364Dolores Cuadra, Ana Iglesias, Elena Castro, Paloma Martínez Fernández. Educational Experiences Detecting, Using, and Representing Ternary Relationships in Database Design
365 -- 371L. Satish, Santosh C. Vora. Amplitude Frequency Response Measurement: A Simple Technique
372 -- 383Kam K. Leang, Qingze Zou, Gina Pannozzo. Teaching Modules on Modeling and Control of Piezoactuators for System Dynamics, Controls, and Mechatronics Courses
384 -- 389Anastasios Drosopoulos, Marios Hatziprokopiou. Planning and Development of Lab Training Activities for Powerline Communications
390 -- 396Sue Fitzgerald, Renée McCauley, Brian Hanks, Laurie Murphy, Beth Simon, Carol Zander. Debugging From the Student Perspective
397 -- 404Malcolm John Joyce. The Fender Stratocaster Electric Guitar: A Case Study for Both Nontransferable and Transferable Skills Learning in a Generalist Electronic Engineering Cohort
405 -- 412José García, Ángela Hernández. Active Methodologies in a Queueing Systems Course for Telecommunication Engineering Studies
413 -- 418Jirka Roubal, Petr Husek, Jan Stecha. Linearization: Students Forget the Operating Point
419 -- 429Mikaya L. D. Lumori, Ernest M. Kim. Engaging Students in Applied Electromagnetics at the University of San Diego
430 -- 436Yung-Pin Cheng, Janet Mei-Chuen Lin. A Constrained and Guided Approach for Managing Software Engineering Course Projects
437 -- 444Savas Sahin, Mehmet Olmez, Yalcin Isler. Microcontroller-Based Experimental Setup and Experiments for SCADA Education
445 -- 454Ricky T. Castles, Tasha Zephirin, Vinod K. Lohani, Pushkin Kachroo. Design and Implementation of a Mechatronics Learning Module in a Large First-Semester Engineering Course
455 -- 462Peter M. Jansson, Ravi P. Ramachandran, John L. Schmalzel, Shreekanth Mandayam. Creating an Agile ECE Learning Environment Through Engineering Clinics
463 -- 470Mario Muñoz Organero, Pedro J. Muñoz Merino, Carlos Delgado Kloos. Student Behavior and Interaction Patterns With an LMS as Motivation Predictors in E-Learning Settings
471 -- 483Camilo Quintáns, Antonio Colmenar, Manuel Castro, María José Moure, Enrique Mandado. A Methodology to Teach Advanced A/D Converters, Combining Digital Signal Processing and Microelectronics Perspectives
484 -- 489Biswendu Chatterjee, Debangshu Dey, Sivaji Chakravorti. Implementation of an Integrated, Portable Transformer Condition Monitoring Instrument in the Classroom and On-Site
490 -- 496Andrés Julián Saavedra Montes, Héctor Antonio Botero Castro, Jesús-Antonio Hernández-Riveros. How to Motivate Students to Work in the Laboratory: A New Approach for an Electrical Machines Laboratory
497 -- 503Tomás Martínez-Marín. State-Space Formulation for Circuit Analysis
504 -- 515Mark B. Yeary, Tian-You Yu, Robert D. Palmer, Hector Monroy, Isabelle Ruin, Guifu Zhang, Phillip B. Chilson, Michael Irwin Biggerstaff, Christopher Weiss, Kelly Ann Mitchell, L. Dee Fink. Working Together for Better Student Learning: A Multi-University, Multi-Federal Partner Program for Asynchronous Learning Module Development for Radar-Based Remote Sensing Systems

Volume 53, Issue 2

173 -- 181Chyi-Shyong Lee, Juing-Huei Su, Kuo-En Lin, Jia-Hao Chang, Gu-Hong Lin. A Project-Based Laboratory for Learning Embedded System Design With Industry Support
182 -- 193Vahid Garousi. Applying Peer Reviews in Software Engineering Education: An Experiment and Lessons Learned
194 -- 201Shuvra Das, Sandra A. Yost, Mohan Krishnan. A 10-Year Mechatronics Curriculum Development Initiative: Relevance, Content, and Results - Part I
202 -- 208Mohan Krishnan, Shuvra Das, Sandra A. Yost. A 10-Year Mechatronics Curriculum Development Initiative: Relevance, Content, and Results - Part II
209 -- 215James P. Becker. Using Antenna Arrays to Motivate the Study of Sinusoids
216 -- 222Tilman Wolf. Assessing Student Learning in a Virtual Laboratory Environment
223 -- 233Francesco Colace, Massimo De Santo. Ontology for E-Learning: A Bayesian Approach
234 -- 242Antoine Nonclercq, Alexis Vander Biest, Kevin De Cuyper, Erwan Leroy, David Lopez Martinez, Frédéric Robert. Problem-Based Learning in Instrumentation: Synergism of Real and Virtual Modular Acquisition Chains
243 -- 247David Braun. Teaching Sustainability Analysis in Electrical Engineering Lab Courses
248 -- 256Jordi-Roger Riba Ruiz, Antonio Garcia Espinosa, Luis Romeral. A Computer Model for Teaching the Dynamic Behavior of AC Contactors
257 -- 264Arthur James Swart. Evaluation of Final Examination Papers in Engineering: A Case Study Using Bloom's Taxonomy
265 -- 271Nourdine Aliane. A Matlab/Simulink-Based Interactive Module for Servo Systems Learning
272 -- 281Linda E. M. Brackenbury, Luis A. Plana, Jeffrey Pepper. System-on-Chip Design and Implementation
282 -- 287Wei-Liang Lin, Wang-Chuan Cheng, Chen-Hao Wu, Hai-Ming Wu, Chang-yu Wu, Kuan-Hsuan Ho, Chueh-An Chan. A Novel Analog Integrated Circuit Design Course Covering Design, Layout, and Resulting Chip Measurement
288 -- 296Martin Höst, Robert Feldt, Frank Lüders. Support for Different Roles in Software Engineering Master s Thesis Projects
297 -- 305Peter R. Wilson, Reuben Wilcock, Iain McNally, Matthew Swabey. Innovative Teaching of IC Design and Manufacture Using the Superchip Platform
306 -- 317Alexander Behrens, Linus Atorf, Robert Schwann, Bernd Neumann, Rainer Schnitzler, Johannes Balle, Thomas Herold, Aulis Telle, Tobias G. Noll, Kay Hameyer, Til Aach. MATLAB Meets LEGO Mindstorms - A Freshman Introduction Course Into Practical Engineering
318 -- 327KeunWoo Han, EunKyoung Lee, YoungJun Lee. The Impact of a Peer-Learning Agent Based on Pair Programming in a Programming Course
328 -- 334Colin N. Jones, Jorge Gonçalves. A Cost-Effective Atomic Force Microscope for Undergraduate Control Laboratories
347 -- 0Charles B. Fleddermann, Martín Llamas Nistal, Manuel Castro. Revista Iberoamericana de Tecnologías del/da Aprendizaje/Aprendizagem (IEEE-RITA) A Latin-American Learning Technologies Journal

Volume 53, Issue 1

1 -- 2Kok Kiong Tan, Lawrence J. Genalo, Igor M. Verner. Guest Editorial: Special Issue on Outreach to Prospective Electrical, Electronics, and Computer Engineering Students
3 -- 11Kok Kiong Tan, Kok-Zuea Tang, Vincent Ng, Arthur Tay, Shih-Cheng Yen, Tong Heng Lee. Bridging Physics to Electronics - An Outreach Effort
12 -- 17Chris R. Smaill. The Implementation and Evaluation of a University-Based Outreach Laboratory Program in Electrical Engineering
18 -- 25Peter LoPresti, Theodore W. Manikas, Jeff Kohlbeck. An Electrical Engineering Summer Academy for Middle School and High School Students
26 -- 31Judith Wilson, Arthur M. Krakowsky, Charles J. Herget. Starting Early: Increasing Elementary (K-8) Student Science Achievement With Retired Scientists and Engineers
32 -- 37Wen-Jye Shyr. Integrating Laboratory Activity Into a Junior High School Classroom
38 -- 45Javier Ruiz-del-Solar. Robotics-Centered Outreach Activities: An Integrated Approach
46 -- 52Antonio J. López-Martín. Attracting Prospective Engineering Students in the Emerging European Space for Higher Education
53 -- 60Brendan Tangney, Elizabeth Oldham, Claire Conneely, Stephen Barrett, John Lawlor. Pedagogy and Processes for a Computer Programming Outreach Workshop - The Bridge to College Model
61 -- 70Pilar Molina-Gaudo, Sandra Baldassarri, Maria Villarroya-Gaudo, Eva Cerezo. Perception and Intention in Relation to Engineering: A Gendered Study Based on a One-Day Outreach Activity
71 -- 79Julie A. Rursch, Andy Luse, Doug Jacobson. IT-Adventures: A Program to Spark IT Interest in High School Students Using Inquiry-Based Learning With Cyber Defense, Game Design, and Robotics
80 -- 87Tanja Karp, Richard Gale, Laura A. Lowe, Vickie Medina, Eric Beutlich. Generation NXT: Building Young Engineers With LEGOs
88 -- 95Edith Milena Jimenez Jojoa, Eduardo Caicedo Bravo, Eval Bladimir Bacca Cortes. Tool for Experimenting With Concepts of Mobile Robotics as Applied to Children s Education
96 -- 104Pilar Martínez Jiménez, Lorenzo Salas-Morera, Gerardo Pedrós Pérez, Antonio J. Cubero-Atienza, Marta Varo Martínez. OPEE: An Outreach Project for Engineering Education
105 -- 113Richard J. Mitchell, Kevin Warwick, Will N. Browne, Mark Gasson, Jim Wyatt. Engaging Robots: Innovative Outreach for Attracting Cybernetics Students
114 -- 119Jane Magill, Scott Roy. Chips for Everyone: A Multifaceted Approach in Electrical Engineering Outreach
120 -- 127George MacBride, E. Louise Hayward, Gordon Hayward, Ernest Spencer, Elsa Ekevall, Jane Magill, Ann Catrina Bryce, Bria Stimpson. Engineering the Future: Embedding Engineering Permanently Across the School-University Interface
128 -- 135Diego Fernández Slezak, Pablo G. Turjanski, Damián Montaldo, Esteban E. Mocskos. Hands-On Experience in HPC With Secondary School Students
136 -- 143Riadh W. Y. Habash, Christine Suurtamm. Engaging High School and Engineering Students: A Multifaceted Outreach Program Based on a Mechatronics Platform
144 -- 151Muhittin Yilmaz, Jianhong Ren, Sheryl Custer, Joyce Coleman. Hands-On Summer Camp to Attract K-12 Students to Engineering Fields
152 -- 157Mustafa Murat Inceoglu. Establishing a K-12 Circuit Design Program
158 -- 171Yuen-Yan Chan, Diane Hui, Anthony R. Dickinson, Dennis Chu, David Ki-Wai Cheng, Edward Cheung, Wing-Hung Ki, Wing Hong Lau, Jasper Wong, Edward W. C. Lo, Kwai-Man Luk. Engineering Outreach: A Successful Initiative With Gifted Students in Science and Technology in Hong Kong