Journal: IEEE Trans. Education

Volume 55, Issue 4

445 -- 452David Broman, Kristian Sandahl, Mohamed Abu Baker. The Company Approach to Software Engineering Project Courses
453 -- 458Jason Wells, Robert Mathie Barry, Aaron Spence. Using Video Tutorials as a Carrot-and-Stick Approach to Learning
459 -- 465David L. Foster. An Undergraduate Survey Course on Asynchronous Sequential Logic, Ladder Logic, and Fuzzy Logic
466 -- 473Jessica Y. Guevara-Cedeño, Rodrigo Palma-Behnke, Rosa Uribe. Experimental Economics for Teaching the Functioning of Electricity Markets
474 -- 479DaiYoung Kwon, Han-Sung Kim, Jae-Kwoun Shim, Won-Gyu Lee. Algorithmic Bricks: A Tangible Robot Programming Tool for Elementary School Students
480 -- 487Gamze Ozogul, Amy M. Johnson, Roxana Moreno, Martin Reisslein. Technological Literacy Learning With Cumulative and Stepwise Integration of Equations Into Electrical Circuit Diagrams
488 -- 494Ali Mehrizi-Sani. Everyday Electrical Engineering: A One-Week Summer Academy Course for High School Students
495 -- 501Nasser Hosseinzadeh, Mohammad Reza Hesamzadeh. Application of Project-Based Learning (PBL) to the Teaching of Electrical Power Systems Engineering
502 -- 507José A. Macías. Enhancing Project-Based Learning in Software Engineering Lab Teaching Through an E-Portfolio Approach
508 -- 516Manavaalan Gunasekaran, Ramprasad Potluri. Low-Cost Undergraduate Control Systems Experiments Using Microcontroller-Based Control of a DC Motor
517 -- 524Maryam Jalali, James J. Marti, Allison L. Kirchhoff, Frances Lawrenz, Stephen A. Campbell. A Low-Cost Hands-On Laboratory to Introduce Lithography Concepts
525 -- 528Raúl Rengel, María J. Martín, Beatriz G. Vasallo. Supervised Coursework as a Way of Improving Motivation in the Learning of Digital Electronics
529 -- 537Tim Dallas, Jordan M. Berg, Richard O. Gale. The 18 mm Laboratory: Teaching MEMS Development With the SUMMiT Foundry Process
538 -- 545Eniko T. Enikov, Giampiero Campa. Mechatronic Aeropendulum: Demonstration of Linear and Nonlinear Feedback Control Principles With MATLAB/Simulink Real-Time Windows Target
546 -- 551Yen-Chu Hung. Combining Self-Explaining With Computer Architecture Diagrams to Enhance the Learning of Assembly Language Programming
552 -- 558Hermes Giberti, Simone Cinquemani. Motor-Reducer Sizing Through a MATLAB-Based Graphical Technique
559 -- 565Daniel A. O'Leary, Julie Shattuck, Joel Kubby. An Online, Interactive Renewable Energy Laboratory
566 -- 572Eric Pardede, Judith Lyons. Redesigning the Assessment of an Entrepreneurship Course in an Information Technology Degree Program: Embedding Assessment for Learning Practices
573 -- 579Sandeep Anand, Rajesh Singh Farswan, B. G. Fernandes. Unique Power Electronics and Drives Experimental Bench (PEDEB) to Facilitate Learning and Research
580 -- 581Maribel García Arenas, Pedro A. Castillo, Francisco Fernández de Vega, Juan J. Merelo Guervós. Using Student Conferences to Increase Participation in the Classroom: A Case Study

Volume 55, Issue 3

309 -- 318Luigi Vanfretti, Federico Milano. Facilitating Constructive Alignment in Power Systems Engineering Education Using Free and Open-Source Software
319 -- 325Sebastian Barney, Mahvish Khurum, Kai Petersen, Michael Unterkalmsteiner, Ronald Jabangwe. Improving Students With Rubric-Based Self-Assessment and Oral Feedback
326 -- 331Arturo Sanchez, Jorge Bucio. Improving the Teaching of Discrete-Event Control Systems Using a LEGO Manufacturing Prototype
332 -- 340Franc Gider, Borut Likar, Tomaz Kern, Damijan Miklavcic. Implementation of a Multidisciplinary Professional Skills Course at an Electrical Engineering School
341 -- 348Jong Hyuk Lee, Seung Eun Lee, Heon-Chang Yu, Taeweon Suh. Pipelined CPU Design With FPGA in Teaching Computer Architecture
349 -- 356Gordana Jovanovic-Dolecek. MATLAB-Based Program for Teaching Autocorrelation Function and Noise Concepts
357 -- 364F. Javier Maseda, Itziar Martija, Irene Martija. A Training Tool and Methodology to Allow Concurrent Multidisciplinary Experimental Projects in Engineering Education
365 -- 369Hsiu-Ping Yueh, Tzy-Ling Chen, Li-An Chiu, San-Liang Lee, An-Bang Wang. Student Evaluation of Teaching Effectiveness of a Nationwide Innovative Education Program on Image Display Technology
370 -- 377Mansour Ojaghi, Jawad Faiz, Majid Kazemi, Mohsen Rezaei. Performance Analysis of Saturated Induction Motors by Virtual Tests
378 -- 383Christopher M. Kellett. A Project-Based Learning Approach to Programmable Logic Design and Computer Architecture
384 -- 393Benjamin T. Hazen, Yun Wu, Chetan S. Sankar. Factors That Influence Dissemination in Engineering Education
394 -- 405Wail A. Mousa. Experiences of a Multidisciplinary Course on Geo-Signal Processing From a DSP Perspective Offered in Electrical Engineering at King Fahd University of Petroleum and Minerals
406 -- 411Davide Patti, Andrea Spadaccini, Maurizio Palesi, Fabrizio Fazzino, Vincenzo Catania. Supporting Undergraduate Computer Architecture Students Using a Visual MIPS64 CPU Simulator
412 -- 417Santiago Bogarra Rodriguez, Montserrat Corbalan Fuertes, Antoni Font Piera, Inmaculada Plaza García, Francisco J. Arcega Solsona. Lessons Learned in the Use of WIRIS Quizzes to Upgrade Moodle to Solve Electrical Circuits
418 -- 424Zhaohui Ye, Chengying Hua. An Innovative Method of Teaching Electronic System Design With PSoC
425 -- 435Chris A. Mattmann, Nenad Medvidovic, Sam Malek, George Edwards, Somo Banerjee. A Middleware Platform for Providing Mobile and Embedded Computing Instruction to Software Engineering Students
436 -- 443Behnam Momeni, Mehdi Kharrazi. Improving a Computer Networks Course Using the Partov Simulation Engine

Volume 55, Issue 2

157 -- 163Chad E. Davis, Mark B. Yeary, James J. Sluss. Reversing the Trend of Engineering Enrollment Declines With Innovative Outreach, Recruiting, and Retention Programs
164 -- 168Jinn-Tsong Tsai, Ping-Yi Chou, Jia-Cen Fang. Learning Intelligent Genetic Algorithms Using Japanese Nonograms
169 -- 179Yair Linn. An Ultra Low Cost Wireless Communications Laboratory for Education and Research
180 -- 189Christos Ttofis, Theocharis Theocharides, Maria K. Michael. FPGA-Based Laboratory Assignments for NoC-Based Manycore Systems
190 -- 195Nissim Sabag, Yaron Doppelt. Methodology of Change Assimilation in Technology Education - A Case Study
196 -- 202Salvador Ros, Antonio Robles-Gomez, Roberto Hernández, Agustín C. Caminero, Rafael Pastor. Using Virtualization and Automatic Evaluation: Adapting Network Services Management Courses to the EHEA
203 -- 212Michele Bristow, Kaan Erkorkmaz, Jan Paul Huissoon, Soo Jeon, William S. Owen, Steven Lake Waslander, Gordon D. Stubley. A Control Systems Concept Inventory Test Design and Assessment
213 -- 217Heng Ngee Mok. Student Usage Patterns and Perceptions for Differentiated Lab Exercises in an Undergraduate Programming Course
218 -- 225Jesus Rooney Rivera-Guillen, Jose de Jesus Rangel-Magdaleno, René de Jesús Romero-Troncoso, Roque Alfredo Osornio-Rios, Ramon Gerardo Guevara-Gonzalez. An Open-Access Educational Tool for Teaching Motion Dynamics in Multi-Axis Servomotor Control
226 -- 232Manuel Pasamontes, José Domingo Álvarez, José Luis Guzmán, Manuel Berenguel. Learning Switching Control: A Tank Level-Control Exercise
233 -- 237George F. Paulik, Raymond P. Mayer. Differential Amplifier With Current-Mirror Load: Influence of Current Gain, Early Voltage, and Supply Voltage on the DC Output Voltage
238 -- 247Phillip B. Chilson, Mark B. Yeary. Hands-On Learning Modules for Interdisciplinary Environments: An Example With a Focus on Weather Radar Applications
248 -- 254Rodrigo Valle, Fábio Neves, Rubens de Andrade Jr., Richard M. Stephan. Electromagnetic Levitation of a Disc
255 -- 262Elias Todorovich, José A. Marone, Martín Vazquez. Introducing Programmable Logic to Undergraduate Engineering Students in a Digital Electronics Course
263 -- 270Sanghun Choi, Maryam Saeedifard. An Educational Laboratory for Digital Control and Rapid Prototyping of Power Electronic Circuits
271 -- 278Carme Ferran, Salvador Bosch, Artur Carnicer. Design of Optical Systems With Extended Depth of Field: An Educational Approach to Wavefront Coding Techniques
279 -- 284Soo Eun Chae, Doyoung Kim, Jae-Ho Han. Determinants of Differential Item Functioning in an Elementary Mathematics Test With Accommodations
285 -- 290Marcos Vicente Moreira, João Carlos Basilio. Fair and Square Computation of Inverse $ {\cal Z}$-Transforms of Rational Functions
305 -- 0Elias Todorovich, José A. Marone, Martín Vazquez. Correction to "Introducing Programmable Logic to Undergraduate Engineering Students in a Digital Electronics Course"

Volume 55, Issue 1

1 -- 8Khawar Abbas, Zayd C. Leseman. A Laboratory Project on the Theory, Fabrication, and Characterization of a Silicon-On-Insulator Micro-Comb Drive Actuator With Fixed-Fixed Beams
9 -- 15Edward J. Rothwell, Michael J. Cloud. Automatic Error Analysis Using Intervals
16 -- 21Oenardi Lawanto. The Use of Enhanced Guided Notes in an Electric Circuit Class: An Exploratory Study
22 -- 28Daniela Chudá, Pavol Návrat, Bianka Kovácová, Pavel Humay. The Issue of (Software) Plagiarism: A Student View
29 -- 35Chris R. Smaill, Gerard B. Rowe, Elizabeth Godfrey, Rod O. Paton. An Investigation Into the Understanding and Skills of First-Year Electrical Engineering Students
36 -- 47Wei-Hsin Liao, Shun-Chung Wang, Yi-Hua Liu. Generalized Simulation Model for a Switched-Mode Power Supply Design Course Using MATLAB/SIMULINK
48 -- 57Daniel Carmona Morales, Jorge E. Jimenez-Hornero, Francisco Vázquez, Fernando Morilla. Educational Tool for Optimal Controller Tuning Using Evolutionary Strategies
58 -- 68Qing Cao, Mark B. Yeary, Guifu Zhang. Efficient Ways to Learn Weather Radar Polarimetry
69 -- 77Diego G. Lamar, Pablo F. Miaja, Manuel Arias Pérez de Azpeitia, Alberto Rodriguez, Miguel Rodriguez, Aitor Vazquez, Marta M. Hernando, Javier Sebastian. Experiences in the Application of Project-Based Learning in a Switching-Mode Power Supplies Course
78 -- 82Michael W. Varney, Abed Janoudi, Dean M. Aslam, Diane Graham. Building Young Engineers: TASEM for Third Graders in Woodcreek Magnet Elementary School
83 -- 87Mario Muñoz Organero, Pedro J. Muñoz Merino, Carlos Delgado Kloos. Sending Learning Pills to Mobile Devices in Class to Enhance Student Performance and Motivation in Network Services Configuration Courses
88 -- 98Geoffrey L. Herman, Craig B. Zilles, Michael C. Loui. Flip-Flops in Students' Conceptions of State
99 -- 106Viljan Mahnic. A Capstone Course on Agile Software Development Using Scrum
107 -- 117Juan Ignacio Godino-Llorente, Rubén Fraile, Juan Carlos Gonzalez de Sande, Víctor Osma-Ruiz, Nicolás Sáenz-Lechón. "Design for All in the Context of the Information Society": Integration of a Specialist Course in a Generalist M.Sc. Program in Electrical and Electronics Engineering
118 -- 125Jorge Francés, Manuel Pérez-Molina, Sergio Bleda, Elena Fernandez, Cristian Neipp, Augusto Beléndez. Educational Software for Interference and Optical Diffraction Analysis in Fresnel and Fraunhofer Regions Based on MATLAB GUIs and the FDTD Method
126 -- 134David Santos-Martin, Jaime Alonso-Martinez, Joaquin Eloy-Garcia Carrasco, Santiago Arnaltes. Problem-Based Learning in Wind Energy Using Virtual and Real Setups
135 -- 144Miguel Pinto, Antonio Paulo Moreira, Aníbal Matos. Localization of Mobile Robots Using an Extended Kalman Filter in a LEGO NXT
145 -- 153Jungkuk Kim. An Ill-Structured PBL-Based Microprocessor Course Without Formal Laboratory