Journal: IEEE Trans. Education

Volume 59, Issue 4

241 -- 247Justin M. Foley, Shanna Daly, Catherine Lenaway, Jamie Phillips. Investigating Student Motivation and Performance in Electrical Engineering and Its Subdisciplines
248 -- 254M. Cristina Rodriguez-Sanchez, Angel Torrado-Carvajal, Joaquin Vaquero, Susana Borromeo, Juan Antonio Hernández Tamames. An Embedded Systems Course for Engineering Students Using Open-Source Platforms in Wireless Scenarios
255 -- 262Külli Kori, Margus Pedaste, Heilo Altin, Eno Tonisson, Tauno Palts. Factors That Influence Students' Motivation to Start and to Continue Studying Information Technology in Estonia
263 -- 273Yulei Zhang, Yan Dang, Beverly Amer. A Large-Scale Blended and Flipped Class: Class Design and Investigation of Factors Influencing Students' Intention to Learn
274 -- 281Gabriela Silva-Maceda, Pedro David Arjona-Villicana, Francisco Edgar Castillo-Barrera. More Time or Better Tools? A Large-Scale Retrospective Comparison of Pedagogical Approaches to Teach Programming
282 -- 289Florian Kulmer, Christian Gun Wurzer, Bernhard C. Geiger. The Magnitude Response Learning Tool for DSP Education: A Case Study
290 -- 298Mark J. W. Lee, Sasha Nikolic, Peter James Vial, Christian Ritz, Wanqing Li, Tom Goldfinch. Enhancing Project-Based Learning Through Student and Industry Engagement in a Video-Augmented 3-D Virtual Trade Fair
299 -- 306Cristina Losada, Felipe Espinosa, Carlos Santos, Manuel Galvez, Emilio José Bueno, Marta Marrón Romera, Francisco J. Rodriguez. An Experience of CACSD for Networked Control Systems: From Mechatronic Platform Identification to Control Implementation
307 -- 318Ayman S. Abdel-Khalik, Ahmed M. Massoud, Shehab Ahmed. A Senior Project-Based Multiphase Motor Drive System Development
319 -- 326Jozsef Katona, Attila Kovari. A Brain-Computer Interface Project Applied in Computer Engineering

Volume 59, Issue 3

161 -- 168J. Ángel Velázquez-Iturbide, María Eugenia Castellanos, Raquel Hijón-Neira. Recursion Removal as an Instructional Method to Enhance the Understanding of Recursion Tracing
169 -- 174Carlos Sanchez-Azqueta, Cecilia Gimeno, Santiago Celma, Concepción Aldea. Using the Wiimote to Learn MEMS in a Physics Degree Program
175 -- 186Yu-Tzu Lin, Cheng-Chih Wu, Ting-Yun Hou, Yu-Chih Lin, Fang-Ying Yang, Chia-Hu Chang. Tracking Students' Cognitive Processes During Program Debugging - An Eye-Movement Approach
187 -- 193Angel Gomez-Sacristan, Víctor-M. Sempere-Payá, Miguel A. Rodriguez-Hernandez. Virtual Laboratory for QoS Study in Next-Generation Networks With Metro Ethernet Access
194 -- 201Huai-Yi Chen, Hwa-Ming Nieh, Ming-Feng Yang, Yu-Kung Chou, Jui-Hsu Chung, Je-Wen Liou. Implementation of a Low-Cost Automated LED Photometer for Enzymatic Reaction Detection to Teach Basic Bioelectronics Technologies in Vocational High Schools
202 -- 209Guillermo H. Rodríguez, Álvaro Soria, Marcelo Campo. Measuring the Impact of Agile Coaching on Students' Performance
210 -- 215Reena Dahle, Rafiul Rasel. 3-D Printing as an Effective Educational Tool for MEMS Design and Fabrication
216 -- 223Andrea M. Goncher, Dhammika Jayalath, Wageeh W. Boles. Insights Into Students' Conceptual Understanding Using Textual Analysis: A Case Study in Signal Processing
224 -- 232Tanja Zseby, Félix Iglesias Vázquez, Valentin Bernhardt, Davor Frkat, Robert Annessi. A Network Steganography Lab on Detecting TCP/IP Covert Channels
233 -- 239Paolo Rocchi. Guest Editorial Informatics and Electronics Education: Some Remarks

Volume 59, Issue 2

81 -- 90Farhad Shahnia, Moayed Moghbel, Hadi Hosseinian Yengejeh. Motivating Power System Protection Course Students by Practical and Computer-Based Activities
91 -- 97Nancy D. Griffeth, Naralys Batista, Terri Applewhite-Grosso, Gianluca Arianna, Ravnit Bhatia, Faiza Boukerche, Nicholas Crispi, Neno Fuller, Piotr Gauza, Lyle Kingsbury, Kamil Krynski, Alina Levine, Rui Yan Ma, Jennifer Nam, Eitan Pearl, Alessandro Rosa, Stephanie Salarbux, Dylan Sun. An Undergraduate Research Experience Studying Ras and Ras Mutants
98 -- 104Arthur James Swart. Distance Learning Engineering Students Languish Under Project-Based Learning, But Thrive in Case Studies and Practical Workshops
105 -- 118José Luis Fernández Alemán, Juan Manuel Carrillo-de-Gea, Joaquín Vidal Meca, Joaquín Nicolás Ros, Ambrosio Toval, Ali Idri. Effects of Using Requirements Catalogs on Effectiveness and Productivity of Requirements Specification in a Software Project Management Course
119 -- 128Carlos Faria, Carolina Vale, Toni Machado, Wolfram Erlhagen, Manuel Rito, Sergio Monteiro, Estela Bicho. Experiential Learning of Robotics Fundamentals Based on a Case Study of Robot-Assisted Stereotactic Neurosurgery
129 -- 136M. Alper Selver. Design and Configuration of a Medical Imaging Systems Computer Laboratory Syllabus
137 -- 146Bruno Warin, Omar Talbi, Christophe Kolski, Frédéric Hoogstoel. Multi-Role Project (MRP): A New Project-Based Learning Method for STEM
147 -- 153Ping-Han Cheng, Ya-Ting Carolyn Yang, Shih-Hui Gilbert Chang, Fan-Ray Revon Kuo. 5E Mobile Inquiry Learning Approach for Enhancing Learning Motivation and Scientific Inquiry Ability of University Students

Volume 59, Issue 1

1 -- 7Tanja Zseby, Félix Iglesias Vazquez, Alistair King, Kimberly C. Claffy. Teaching Network Security With IP Darkspace Data
8 -- 16Shin-Shing Shin. Concept Maps as Instructional Tools for Improving Learning of Phase Transitions in Object-Oriented Analysis and Design
17 -- 23Jose-Luis Poza-Luján, Carlos T. Calafate, Juan-Luis Posadas-Yagüe, Juan-Carlos Cano. Assessing the Impact of Continuous Evaluation Strategies: Tradeoff Between Student Performance and Instructor Effort
24 -- 31Despina Tsompanoudi, Maya Satratzemi, Stelios Xinogalos. Evaluating the Effects of Scripted Distributed Pair Programming on Student Performance and Participation
32 -- 38Zhe Zhang, Claus Thorp Hansen, Michael A. E. Andersen. Teaching Power Electronics With a Design-Oriented, Project-Based Learning Method at the Technical University of Denmark
39 -- 44Natasa Hoic-Bozic, Martina Holenko Dlab, Vedran Mornar. Recommender System and Web 2.0 Tools to Enhance a Blended Learning Model
45 -- 51Juan José Olarte Larrea, César Domínguez, Arturo Jaime Elizondo, Francisco José García Izquierdo. Student and Staff Perceptions of Key Aspects of Computer Science Engineering Capstone Projects
52 -- 58Aaron M. Kyle, David C. Jangraw, Matthew B. Bouchard, Matthew E. Downs. Bioinstrumentation: A Project-Based Engineering Course