Journal: IEEE Trans. Education

Volume 60, Issue 4

249 -- 256Subhan Khan, Mujtaba Hussain Jaffery, Athar Hanif, Muhammad Rizwan Asif. Teaching Tool for a Control Systems Laboratory Using a Quadrotor as a Plant in MATLAB
257 -- 264Rebecca M. Reck. Common Learning Objectives for Undergraduate Control Systems Laboratories
265 -- 272Presentacion Rivera-Reyes, Oenardi Lawanto, Michael L. Pate. Students' Task Interpretation and Conceptual Understanding in an Electronics Laboratory
273 -- 280Paul Phamduy, Mary Leou, Catherine Milne, Maurizio Porfiri. An Interactive Robotic Fish Exhibit for Designed Settings in Informal Science Learning
281 -- 287Linda Price, Ingrid Svensson, Jonas Borell, John T. E. Richardson. The Role of Gender in Students' Ratings of Teaching Quality in Computer Science and Environmental Engineering
288 -- 295Ignacio Cabrera, Jorge J. Villalón, Jorge Chavez. Blending Communities and Team-Based Learning in a Programming Course
296 -- 304Joyce B. Main, Corey Schimpf. The Underrepresentation of Women in Computing Fields: A Synthesis of Literature Using a Life Course Perspective
305 -- 313Markeya S. Peteranetz, Abraham E. Flanigan, Duane F. Shell, Leen-Kiat Soh. Computational Creativity Exercises: An Avenue for Promoting Learning in Computer Science

Volume 60, Issue 3

173 -- 182Rashina Hoda, Muhammad Ali Babar, Yogeshwar Shastri, Humaa Yaqoob. Socio-Cultural Challenges in Global Software Engineering Education
183 -- 190Gina C. Adam, Danielle Boyd Harlow, Susan M. Lord, Christian H. Kautz. Micro- and Macroscale Ideas of Current Among Upper-Division Electrical Engineering Students
191 -- 197Katarina Pazur Anicic, Blazenka Divjak, Krunoslav Arbanas. Preparing ICT Graduates for Real-World Challenges: Results of a Meta-Analysis
198 -- 204Renata A. Revelo Alonso, Christopher D. Schmitz, Duyen T. Le, Michael C. Loui. Self-Efficacy as a Long-Term Outcome of a General Education Course on Digital Technologies
205 -- 211Seth T. Hamman, Kenneth M. Hopkinson, Ruth L. Markham, Andrew M. Chaplik, Gabrielle E. Metzler. Teaching Game Theory to Improve Adversarial Thinking in Cybersecurity Students
212 -- 220Meena Rambocas, Musti K. S. Sastry. Teaching Business Management to Engineers: The Impact of Interactive Lectures
221 -- 228Gregor Verbic, Chanaka Keerthisinghe, Archie C. Chapman. A Project-Based Cooperative Approach to Teaching Sustainable Energy Systems
229 -- 237Fernando Martínez, Luis Carlos Herrero, Santiago De Pablo, Alexis B. Rey. Using PBL to Improve Educational Outcomes and Student Satisfaction in the Teaching of DC/DC and DC/AC Converters
238 -- 245J. Ángel Velázquez-Iturbide, Isidoro Hernán-Losada, Maximiliano Paredes-Velasco. Evaluating the Effect of Program Visualization on Student Motivation

Volume 60, Issue 2

97 -- 104Sandeep Purao, Maung Sein, Hallgeir Nilsen, Even Åby Larsen. Setting the Pace: Experiments With Keller's PSI
105 -- 111Luís Bica Oliveira, Nuno Paulino, João P. Oliveira, Rui Santos-Tavares, Nuno Pereira, João Goes. Undergraduate Electronics Projects Based on the Design of an Optical Wireless Audio Transmission System
112 -- 119Sathiamoorthy Manoharan. Personalized Assessment as a Means to Mitigate Plagiarism
120 -- 126Simone C. dos Santos. PBL-SEE: An Authentic Assessment Model for PBL-Based Software Engineering Education
127 -- 133Amelie Chevalier, Cosmin Copot, Clara M. Ionescu, Robin De Keyser. A Three-Year Feedback Study of a Remote Laboratory Used in Control Engineering Studies
134 -- 142Jose Luis Martin Nunez, Edmundo Tovar Caro, Jose Ramon Hilera Gonzalez. From Higher Education to Open Education: Challenges in the Transformation of an Online Traditional Course
143 -- 148Octavio Ortiz, Juan Angel Pastor, Pedro María Alcover, Ruth Herrero. Innovative Mobile Robot Method: Improving the Learning of Programming Languages in Engineering Degrees
149 -- 156Javier García Zubía, Jordi Cuadros, Susana Romero, Unai Hernández-Jayo, Pablo Orduña, Mariluz Guenaga, Lucinio González-Sabaté, Ingvar Gustavsson. Empirical Analysis of the Use of the VISIR Remote Lab in Teaching Analog Electronics
157 -- 163Abdulhadi Shoufan. Toward Modeling the Intrinsic Complexity of Test Problems
164 -- 172Jae-Kwoun Shim, DaiYoung Kwon, Won-Gyu Lee. The Effects of a Robot Game Environment on Computer Programming Education for Elementary School Students

Volume 60, Issue 1

1 -- 7Prateek Shekhar, Maura Borrego. After the Workshop: A Case Study of Post-Workshop Implementation of Active Learning in an Electrical Engineering Course
8 -- 15Diego Marcos-Jorquera, Maria Luisa Pertegal-Felices, Antonio Jimeno-Morenilla, Raquel Gilar-Corbi. An Interdisciplinary Practical for Multimedia Engineering Students
16 -- 21Asier Marzo, Oscar Ardaiz, María Teresa Sanz de Acedo Baquedano, María Luisa Sanz de Acedo Lizarraga. Personalizing Sample Databases With Facebook Information to Increase Intrinsic Motivation
22 -- 28Jorge E. Pérez, Carmen Vizcarro Guarch, Javier Garcia, Aurelio Bermúdez Marín, Ruth Cobos Pérez. Development of Procedures to Assess Problem-Solving Competence in Computing Engineering
29 -- 37Subrata Karmakar. Virtual-Instrument-Based Online Monitoring System for Hands-On Laboratory Experiment of Partial Discharges
38 -- 39Mark J. W. Lee. Guest Editorial Special Issue on Maker Learning in Computer Science and Engineering Education
40 -- 49Fulvio Corno, Luigi De Russis. Training Engineers for the Ambient Intelligence Challenge
50 -- 58Jake Rowan Byrne, Katriona O'Sullivan, Kevin Sullivan. An IoT and Wearable Technology Hackathon for Promoting Careers in Computer Science
59 -- 66Corey E. Brady, Kai Orton, David Weintrop, Gabriella Anton, Sebastian Rodriguez, Uri Wilensky. All Roads Lead to Computing: Making, Participatory Simulations, and Social Computing as Pathways to Computer Science
67 -- 77Edwin C. Jones, Kathleen E. Wage, Sanjit A. Seshia, Susan M. Lord, Michael E. Auer, Lance C. Perez, Katherine Shu-Min Li, S. L. Krishna Priya, Sasha Nikolic, Francisco Arcega, Richard A. Layton, Matthew W. Ohland, Kayode Peter Ayodele, Isaac A. Inyang, Lawrence O. Kehinde, Jana Reisslein, Amy M. Johnson, Martin Reisslein, James L. Huff, Joachim Walther, Brent K. Jesiek, Carla B. Zoltowski, William C. Oakes, Natasha Nesiba, Enrico Pontelli, Timothy Staley, Melany M. Ciampi, John Heywood, Diane T. Rover, Raman M. Unnikrishnan, Agnieszka Miguel. 2016 IEEE Education Society Awards, 2016 Frontiers in Education Conference Awards, and Selected IEEE Awards
78 -- 86Karen A. Panetta, R. Joe Stanley, Salvatore Campione, David L. Soldan, Shi Bu, David Michael Ritter, Matthew W. Ohland, Nafeesa Mazhar, Walter W. Buchanan, Scottie Austin Wilson, Tushar Sharma, Bozenna Pasik-Duncan, Moshe Kam, George A. Bekey. 2016 IEEE Educational Activities Board Awards