Journal: IEEE Trans. Education

Volume 61, Issue 4

261 -- 264Shannon M. Chance, Laura Bottomley, Karen Panetta, Bill Williams. Guest Editorial Special Issue on Increasing the Socio-Cultural Diversity of Electrical and Computer Engineering and Related Fields
265 -- 273Mariam Ahmed Mustafa Elhussein, Dilek Düstegör, Naya Nagy, Amani K. Hamdan Alghamdi. The Impact of Digital Technology on Female Students' Learning Experience in Partition-Rooms: Conditioned by Social Context
274 -- 280Jumoke Ladeji-Osias, LaDawn E. Partlow, Edward C. Dillon. Using Mobile Application Development and 3-D Modeling to Encourage Minority Male Interest in Computing and Engineering
281 -- 288Simon L. Winberg, Christine Winberg, Penelope Engel-Hills. Persistence, Resilience and Mathematics in Engineering Transfer Capital
289 -- 297Noelia Olmedo-Torre, Fermín Sánchez Carracedo, M. Nuria Salan Ballesteros, David López 0001, Antoni Perez-Poch, Mireia Lopez-Beltran. Do Female Motives for Enrolling Vary According to STEM Profile?
298 -- 304Geoff Potvin, Catherine McGough, Lisa Benson, Hank Boone, Jacqueline Doyle, Allison Godwin, Adam Kirn, Beverly Ma, Jacqueline Rohde, Monique Ross, Dina Verdin. Gendered Interests in Electrical, Computer, and Biomedical Engineering: Intersections With Career Outcome Expectations
305 -- 311Laura Hirshfield. Equal But Not Equitable: Self-Reported Data Obscures Gendered Differences in Project Teams
312 -- 318Robin R. Fowler, Magel P. Su. Gendered Risks of Team-Based Learning: A Model of Inequitable Task Allocation in Project-Based Learning
319 -- 327Anika Gupta, Deepak Garg 0002, Parteek Kumar. Analysis of Students' Ratings of Teaching Quality to Understand the Role of Gender and Socio-Economic Diversity in Higher Education
328 -- 335Kat Young, Michael Lovedee-Turner, Jude Brereton, Helena Daffern. The Impact of Gender on Conference Authorship in Audio Engineering: Analysis Using a New Data Collection Method

Volume 61, Issue 3

165 -- 166Leen-Kiat Soh, Stephen Cooper. Guest Editorial Special Issue on Computing in Engineering
167 -- 176Renee M. Clark, Samuel J. Dickerson. A Case Study of Post-Workshop Use of Simple Active Learning in an Introductory Computing Sequence
177 -- 186Nasser Giacaman, Giuseppe De Ruvo. Bridging Theory and Practice in Programming Lectures With Active Classroom Programmer
187 -- 194Max O. Smith, Andrew Giugliano, Andrew DeOrio. Long Term Effects of Pair Programming
195 -- 203Markeya S. Peteranetz, Abraham E. Flanigan, Duane F. Shell, Leen-Kiat Soh. Helping Engineering Students Learn in Introductory Computer Science (CS1) Using Computational Creativity Exercises (CCEs)
204 -- 213Juan D. Ortega-Alvarez, William Sanchez, Alejandra J. Magana. Exploring Undergraduate Students' Computational Modeling Abilities and Conceptual Understanding of Electric Circuits
214 -- 217Jeffrey E. Froyd. Structured Abstracts for the IEEE Transactions on Education
218 -- 225F. Boray Tek, Kristin S. Benli, Ezgi Deveci. Implicit Theories and Self-Efficacy in an Introductory Programming Course
226 -- 233Susan B. Nolen, Milo D. Koretsky. Affordances of Virtual and Physical Laboratory Projects for Instructional Design: Impacts on Student Engagement
234 -- 244Maria Teresa Baldassarre, Danilo Caivano, Giovanni Dimauro, Enrica Gentile, Giuseppe Visaggio. Cloud Computing for Education: A Systematic Mapping Study
245 -- 252Chad G. Rose, Craig G. McDonald, Janelle P. Clark, Marcia K. O'Malley. Reflection on System Dynamics Principles Improves Student Performance in Haptic Paddle Labs
253 -- 260Ibrahim Albluwi. A Closer Look at the Differences Between Graders in Introductory Computer Science Exams

Volume 61, Issue 2

101 -- 108Laio Oriel Seman, Romeu Hausmann, Eduardo Augusto Bezerra. Agent-Based Simulation of Learning Dissemination in a Project-Based Learning Context Considering the Human Aspects
109 -- 118Renee M. Clark, Arash Mahboobin. Scaffolding to Support Problem-Solving Performance in a Bioengineering Lab - A Case Study
119 -- 126Carmen Lacave, Ana I. Molina, Miguel A. Redondo. A Preliminary Instrument for Measuring Students' Subjective Perceptions of Difficulties in Learning Recursion
127 -- 135Songxin Tan, Zixing Shen. Hybrid Problem-Based Learning in Digital Image Processing: A Case Study
136 -- 142Yeon Kim, Changsun Ahn. Effect of Combined Use of Flipped Learning and Inquiry-Based Learning on a System Modeling and Control Course
143 -- 150Rafael Queiroz Gonçalves, Christiane Gresse von Wangenheim, Jean C. R. Hauck, Andreia Zanella. An Instructional Feedback Technique for Teaching Project Management Tools Aligned With PMBOK
151 -- 157Mladen Bozanic, Saurabh Sinha. A Survey of Current Trends in Master's Programs in Microelectronics

Volume 61, Issue 1

1 -- 10Baiyun Chen, Ronald F. DeMara, Soheil Salehi, Richard Hartshorne. Elevating Learner Achievement Using Formative Electronic Lab Assessments in the Engineering Laboratory: A Viable Alternative to Weekly Lab Reports
11 -- 20Geet Parekh, David DeLatte, Geoffrey L. Herman, Linda Oliva, Dhananjay Phatak, Travis Scheponik, Alan T. Sharman. Identifying Core Concepts of Cybersecurity: Results of Two Delphi Processes
21 -- 28Isidro Calvo, Itziar Cabanes, Jeronimo Quesada, Oscar Barambones. A Multidisciplinary PBL Approach for Teaching Industrial Informatics and Robotics in Engineering
29 -- 37Aditya Anupam, Ridhima Gupta, Azad Naeemi, Nassim Jafarinaimi. Particle in a Box: An Experiential Environment for Learning Introductory Quantum Mechanics
38 -- 45Piotr Debiec. Effective Learner-Centered Approach for Teaching an Introductory Digital Systems Course
46 -- 54Alejandra J. Magana, Camilo Vieira, Mireille Boutin. Characterizing Engineering Learners' Preferences for Active and Passive Learning Methods
55 -- 62Mariano Garduño-Aparicio, Juvenal Rodríguez-Reséndiz, Gonzalo Macias-Bobadilla, Suresh Thenozhi. A Multidisciplinary Industrial Robot Approach for Teaching Mechatronics-Related Courses
63 -- 73Maira Marques, Sergio F. Ochoa, María Cecilia Bastarrica, Francisco J. Gutierrez. Enhancing the Student Learning Experience in Software Engineering Project Courses
74 -- 83James J. Sluss, Bonnie H. Ferri, Terri S. Fiez, Joseph L. A. Hughes, Rob Reilly, Ali Mehrizi-Sani, Jeffrey E. Froyd, Justin M. Foley, Shanna Daly, Catherine Lenaway, Jamie Phillips, Yu-Tzu Lin, Cheng-Chih Wu, Ting-Yun Hou, Yu-Chih Lin, Fang-Ying Yang, Chia-Hu Chang, Hitoshi Sasaki, Takako Akakura, Gabriel Diaz, Ramon Carrasco, Beth Rieken, Mark Schar, Sheri Sheppard, Stephanie Cutler, Thomas A. Litzinger, Sarah E. Zappe, Michael Alley, Edwin C. Jones. 2017 IEEE Education Society Awards, 2017 Frontiers in Education Conference Awards, and Selected IEEE Awards
84 -- 90Lorena Garcia, Sid Suryanarayanan, Jamal Madni, Asad M. Madni, Ryan Fraser, Shi Bu, Adam Foster Moreau, Hemchandra M. Shertukde, Gil Sik Lee, Sarah A. Rajala, Martin A. Reed, Ezaldeen Jamel Abd Alhalem Najjar, Cristina Olaverri-Monreal, John A. Orr, Sanjit K. Mitra. 2017 IEEE Educational Activities Board Awards