Journal: IEEE Trans. Education

Volume 62, Issue 4

237 -- 245Che-Chern Lin, Zi-Cheng Liu, Chih-Lin Chang, Yu-Wen Lin. A Genetic Algorithm-Based Personalized Remedial Learning System for Learning Object-Oriented Concepts of Java
246 -- 255Farhad Shahnia, Hadi Hosseinian Yengejeh. Various Interactive and Self-Learning Focused Tutorial Activities in the Power Electronic Course
256 -- 263Brock J. LaMeres, Maxwell S. Burns, Dustin B. Thoman, Jessi L. Smith. The Role of Prosocial Goal Congruity on Student Motivation in Electrical Engineering
264 -- 269Shufan Yang, Robert Newman. Rotational Blended Learning in Computer System Engineering Courses
270 -- 277Concha Batanero, Luis de Marcos, Jaana Holvikivi, José Ramón Hilera, Salvador Otón. Effects of New Supportive Technologies for Blind and Deaf Engineering Students in Online Learning
278 -- 287Christian Giang, Alberto Piatti, Francesco Mondada. Heuristics for the Development and Evaluation of Educational Robotics Systems
288 -- 296Andrew Valentine, Iouri Belski, Margaret Hamilton, Scott Adams. Creativity in Electrical Engineering Degree Programs: Where Is the Content?
297 -- 304Arvind Singh, Sean Rocke, Akash Pooransingh, Craig J. Ramlal. Improving Student Engagement in Teaching Electric Machines Through Blended Learning
305 -- 311Samuel Cunningham-Nelson, Mahsa Baktashmotlagh, Wageeh W. Boles. Visualizing Student Opinion Through Text Analysis
312 -- 324Tarun Yellamraju, Alejandra J. Magana, Mireille Boutin. Investigating Students' Habits of Mind in a Course on Digital Signal Processing
325 -- 332Maria Cutumisu, Qi Guo. Using Topic Modeling to Extract Pre-Service Teachers' Understandings of Computational Thinking From Their Coding Reflections

Volume 62, Issue 3

157 -- 164Shannon M. Chance, Bill Williams, Tom Goldfinch, Robin S. Adams, Lorraine N. Fleming. Guest Editorial Special Issue on Using Enquiry- and Design-Based Learning to Spur Epistemological and Identity Development of Engineering Students
165 -- 172Jacqueline Rohde, Lisa Musselman, Brianna Benedict, Dina Verdin, Allison Godwin, Adam Kirn, Lisa Benson 0001, Geoff Potvin. Design Experiences, Engineering Identity, and Belongingness in Early Career Electrical and Computer Engineering Students
173 -- 180Meagan R. Kendall, Maya Denton, Nathan Hyungsok Choe, Luis M. Procter, Maura Borrego. Factors Influencing Engineering Identity Development of Latinx Students
181 -- 187Nathan Hyungsok Choe, Maura Borrego. Prediction of Engineering Identity in Engineering Graduate Students
188 -- 198Jiabin Zhu, Rongrong Liu, Qunqun Liu, Tianyi Zheng, Zhinan Zhang. Engineering Students' Epistemological Thinking in the Context of Project-Based Learning
199 -- 208Christopher Rennick, Carol C. W. Hulls, Kenneth N. McKay. Introductory Engineering Decision-Making: Guiding First-Year Students to Relativism in Software Design
209 -- 215Erica B. Walker, D. Matthew Boyer, Lisa C. Benson. Using Studio Culture to Foster Epistemic Change in an Engineering Senior Design Course
216 -- 225Jonte Bernhard, Anna-Karin Carstensen, Jacob Davidsen, Thomas Ryberg. Practical Epistemic Cognition in a Design Project - Engineering Students Developing Epistemic Fluency
226 -- 235Desen Sevi Ozkan, Lisa D. McNair, Diana Bairaktarova. Teacher Learner, Learner Teacher: Parallels and Dissonance in an Interdisciplinary Design Education Minor

Volume 62, Issue 2

77 -- 90Rodrigo Pessoa Medeiros, Geber Lisboa Ramalho, Taciana Pontual Falcao. A Systematic Literature Review on Teaching and Learning Introductory Programming in Higher Education
91 -- 98Aaron W. Johnson, Max W. Blackburn, Magel P. Su, Cynthia J. Finelli. How a Flexible Classroom Affords Active Learning in Electrical Engineering
99 -- 107Damian A. Tamburri, Giuliano Casale. Cognitive Distance and Research Output in Computing Education: A Case-Study
108 -- 118Jiabin Zhu, Juebei Chen, Nathan McNeill, Tianyi Zheng, Qunqun Liu, Bing Chen, Jun Cai. Mapping Engineering Students' Learning Outcomes From International Experiences: Designing an Instrument to Measure Attainment of Knowledge, Skills, and Attitudes
119 -- 126Javier Gamo. Assessing a Virtual Laboratory in Optics as a Complement to On-Site Teaching
127 -- 133Theodosios Sapounidis, Dimitrios Stamovlasis, Stavros N. Demetriadis. Latent Class Modeling of Children's Preference Profiles on Tangible and Graphical Robot Programming
134 -- 140Laura C. Amo, Ruochen Liao, Emma Frank, H. Raghav Rao, Shambhu J. Upadhyaya. Cybersecurity Interventions for Teens: Two Time-Based Approaches
141 -- 148Renee M. Clark, Samuel J. Dickerson. Assessing the Impact of Reflective Activities in Digital and Analog Electronics Courses
149 -- 156Lasantha Gunaruwan Meegahapola, Chathura Thilakarathne. Dynamic Learner-Assisted Interactive Learning Tools for Power Systems Engineering Courses

Volume 62, Issue 1

1 -- 0John E. Mitchell 0002. A Message From the New Editor-in-Chief
2 -- 10Shenghui Song 0001, Marco Antonelli, Tony W. K. Fung, Brandon D. Armstrong, Amy Chong, Albert Lo, Bertram E. Shi. Developing and Assessing MATLAB Exercises for Active Concept Learning
11 -- 18Rakesh Garg, Ramesh Kumar, Sandhya Garg. MADM-Based Parametric Selection and Ranking of E-Learning Websites Using Fuzzy COPRAS
19 -- 26Jose Manuel Redondo. Improving Student Assessment of a Server Administration Course Promoting Flexibility and Competitiveness
27 -- 33Reena Dahle, Sean Hart, Kevin Hart. Using a 3-D Printed Mechatronics Project to Simulate MEMS Design and Fabrication
34 -- 39Aaron St. Leger. A Multidisciplinary Undergraduate Alternative Energy Engineering Course
40 -- 47Huai-Yi Chen, Chien-Ming Wu, Chiung-Hui Lai. A Cost-Effective Modified Bright-Mode Automatic Prism Coupler for Planar Optical Waveguide Characterization
48 -- 56Benjamin Latimer, David A. Bergin, Vinay Guntu, David J. Schulz, Satish S. Nair. Integrating Model-Based Approaches Into a Neuroscience Curriculum - An Interdisciplinary Neuroscience Course in Engineering
57 -- 63James J. Sluss, Susan M. Lord, Sarah Kate Wilson, Mark Allen Weiss, James R. Rowland, Robert C. N. Pilawa-Podgurski, Diane T. Rover, Presentacion Rivera-Reyes, Oenardi Lawanto, Michael L. Pate, Manuel Caeiro Rodríguez, Martin Reisslein, Predrag Pale, Kavyashree Prakashan, Beverly Ma, Jacqueline Doyle, Jacqueline Rohde, Hank Boone, Allison Godwin, Geoff Potvin, Lisa Benson, Adam Kirn, Sarah E. Zappe, Stephanie Cutler, Thomas A. Litzinger, Deacon Steve Frezza. 2018 IEEE Education Society Awards, 2018 Frontiers in Education Conference Awards, and Selected IEEE Awards
64 -- 69Lorena Garcia, Ward Jewell, Mau-Chung Frank Chang, Stephen M. Goodnick, Mohd. Toaha Umar, Hunter DesRoches, Jorge L. Contreras, Richard Cliver, Franc E. Noel, Augusto J. Herrera, Aravindhan Anbazhagan, Boris I. Gramatikov, Tariq S. Durrani, Leon Ong Chua, Ikhlaq Sidhu. 2018 IEEE Educational Activities Board Awards