Journal: IEEE Trans. Education

Volume 66, Issue 6

522 -- 530Raad Shariat, Soonuk Seol, Artem Lenskiy. Effects of Gender and Military Leave on the Academic Performance of Undergraduate Engineering Students
531 -- 542Vânia de Oliveira Neves, Silvana Morita Melo, Davi Viana, Rodrigo Pereira dos Santos, Valdemar Vicente Graciano Neto. Challenges on the Brazilian Information Systems Education: The Professors' Perspective
543 -- 552Leovani Marcial Guimarães, Renato da Silva Lima. Structural Modeling and Measuring Impact of Active Learning Methods in Engineering Education
553 -- 562José Alfredo Díaz-León, Edurne Larraza-Mendiluze, Olatz Arbelaitz-Gallego, Ana Arruarte Arruarte. The Challenge of Introducing Informatics Topics From an Early Age in Peru During the Pandemic
563 -- 571Pooja Singh, Lalit Kumar Singh. An Effective Approach to Teach Instrumentation and Control Systems for Engineering Students
572 -- 578Zaher Kmail, Michelle Rabideau. Using Final Letter Grades to Improve Institutional Course Sequence Recommendations
579 -- 590Maximiliano Paredes-Velasco, Mónica Arnal-Palacián, Jaime Urquiza-Fuentes, Mercedes Martin-Lope. Improving Soft Skills Through an Interdisciplinary Approach in a Realistic Context Between Education and CS Students in an HCI Course
591 -- 601Dan Jiang, Bettina Dahl, Juebei Chen, Xiangyun Du. Engineering Students' Perception of Learner Agency Development in an Intercultural PBL (Problem- and Project-Based) Team Setting
602 -- 611Ismahani Binti Ismail, Muhammad Mun'im Ahmad Zabidi, Norlina Paraman, Khairiyah Binti Mohd Yusof, Nor Farahwahidah Abdul Rahman. Active and Project-Based Learning Implementation in a Constructively Aligned Digital Systems Design Course
612 -- 621Raúl Lara-Cabrera, Fernando Ortega 0001, Edgar Talavera, Daniel López-Fernández. Using 3-D Printed Badges to Improve Student Performance and Reduce Dropout Rates in STEM Higher Education
622 -- 631Arjit Seth, Stephane Redonnet, Rhea Patricia Liem. MADE: A Multidisciplinary Computational Framework for Aerospace Engineering Education
632 -- 641Eduardo Baidal-Bustamante, César Mora, Manuel S. Alvarez-Alvarado. STEAM Project-Based Learning Approach to Enhance Teaching-Learning Process in the Topic of Pascal's Principle
642 -- 653Svana Esche, Karsten Weihe. Case Study on the Terms Novice Programmers Use to Describe Code Snippets in Java
654 -- 664Christopher Rennick, Greg Litster, Carol C. W. Hulls, Ada Hurst. Curricular Hackathons for Engineering Design Learning: The Case of Engineering Design Days
665 -- 672Ai-Jou Pan, Pao-Nan Chou, Chin-Feng Lai. Effect of Real-World Problem-Posing Strategy on Engineering College Students' Cognitive and Affective Skills
673 -- 681Chu-Yang Chang, Zhengyi Du, Hsu-Chan Kuo, Chih-Ching Chang. Investigating the Impact of Design Thinking-Based STEAM PBL on Students' Creativity and Computational Thinking

Volume 66, Issue 5

404 -- 409Rea Lavi, Lykke Brogaard Bertel, Xiangyun Du. Guest Editorial Special Issue on Transforming Engineering Education
410 -- 420Heather Rachel Beem, Charity Ampomah, Jeremiah Takyi, Gordon Kwesi Adomdza. Development of an Online Project-Based Learning Design Course for African First Year Students and Its Impact on Self-Efficacy Levels
421 -- 430Juebei Chen, Xiangyun Du, Youmen Chaaban, Giajenthiran Velmurugan, Niels Erik Ruan Lyngdorf, Bente Nørgaard, Henrik Worm Routhe, Søren Hansen, Aida Guerra, Lykke Brogaard Bertel. An Exploration of Sources Fostering First-Year Engineering Students' Academic Well-Being in a PBL Environment
431 -- 441Vannessa de J. Duarte, Margareth Cleveland-Slimming, Cristian Vidal 0001, Sergio Contreras. Information System Development by Using Agile Teamwork and Service-Learning
442 -- 449Oscar I. Higuera-Martinez, Liliana Fernandez-Samacá, Andrea C. Alvarado-Fajardo. PBL Intervention for Fostering Creativity in First-Year Engineering Students
450 -- 456Unnati Koppikar, Rohit Kandakatla, Kaushik Mallibhat, Gopalkrishna Joshi. Exploration of Skills Required by Engineering Faculty to Mentor Freshmen Undergraduate Students for Interdisciplinary Design Projects
457 -- 467Robyn Mae Paul, Yani Jazayeri, Laleh Behjat, Michael Potter. Design of an Integrated Project-Based Learning Curriculum: Analysis Through Fink's Taxonomy of Significant Learning
468 -- 478Said Pertuz, Óscar Reyes, Elio San Cristóbal, Russ Meier 0001, Manuel Castro 0001. MOOC-Based Flipped Classroom for On-Campus Teaching in Undergraduate Engineering Courses
479 -- 486Radhika Amashi, Unnati Koppikar, Vijayalakshmi M 0001. Investigating the Association Between Student Engagement With Video Content and Their Learnings
487 -- 499Henrik Worm Routhe, Jette Egelund Holgaard, Anette Kolmos. Experienced Learning Outcomes for Interdisciplinary Projects in Engineering Education
500 -- 508Nitin Kumar Saxena, Bhavesh Kumar Chauhan, Sonia Gouri, Ashwani Kumar, Anmol Gupta. Knowledge-Based Recommendation for Subject Allocation Using Artificial Neural Network in Higher Education
509 -- 521Gitte van Helden, Barry T. C. Zandbergen, Marcus Specht, Eberhard K. A. Gill. Collaborative Learning in Engineering Design Education: A Systematic Literature Review

Volume 66, Issue 4

299 -- 0John E. Mitchell 0002, Ann E. Kelley Sobel. Handover of the Role of Editor-in-Chief
300 -- 310Niloufar Shirazi, Mehrak Rahimi. Effects of a Multimedia-Enhanced GE Course on Undergraduate Computer Engineering Students' Development of Reading Skills and Growth Mindset
311 -- 317Hiram Herrera-Rivas, Ramón Ventura Roque Hernández, Jorge-Arturo Hernandez-Almazan, Alberto Mora Vazquez. Attainment Factors of Information Technology Students From Polytechnic University in Mexico
318 -- 329Wenge Rong, Tianfan Xu, Zhiwei Sun, Zian Sun, Yuanxin Ouyang, Zhang Xiong 0001. An Object Tuple Model for Understanding Pointer and Array in C Language
330 -- 338Saira Anwar, Muhsin Menekse. First-Year Engineering Students' Experiences and Motivation Amid Emergency Remote Instruction
339 -- 349Ramiro Serra, Cecilia Martinez, Cornelis Vertegaal, Prem Sundaramoorthy, Mark J. Bentum. Using Student-Led Tutorials to Improve Student Performance in Challenging Courses
350 -- 359Emma Riese, Stefan Stenbom. Engineering Students' Experiences of Assessment in Introductory Computer Science Courses
360 -- 368Daniel López-Fernández, Aldo Gordillo, Jennifer Pérez, Edmundo Tovar. Learning and Motivational Impact of Game-Based Learning: Comparing Face-to-Face and Online Formats on Computer Science Education
369 -- 378Victor Takashi Hayashi, J. Dutra, Felipe Valencia de Almeida, Reginaldo Arakaki, Edson T. Midorikawa, Sérgio de Mello Canovas, Paulo Sérgio Cugnasca, Wilson Vicente Ruggiero. Implementation of PjBL With Remote Lab Enhances the Professional Skills of Engineering Students
379 -- 385Juan Vicente Capella, Angel Perles, Juan-Miguel Martínez 0001, Houcine Hassan. Ubiquitous Learning Based on Mobile Devices and Industrial Prototypes
386 -- 392Diego Cordero, Silvana Astudillo, Diego Cisneros. Attributes and Entrepreneurial Intention in University Students of Electrical Engineering and Computing Sciences
393 -- 403Juebei Chen, Mahmood Ahmed Hasan, Xiangyun Du, Anette Kolmos. Exploring Students' Perception of the Influence of PBL Elements on the Development of Engineering Identity

Volume 66, Issue 3

203 -- 210Ming-An Chung, Yu-Sin Gao. Online or In-Person Course? Meaningful Discussion of Learning Effectiveness and Satisfaction of Microwave Filter Design Course in Graduate Students
211 -- 217Pablo Fernández-Arias, Álvaro Antón-Sancho, Amelia Barrientos-Fernández, Diego Vergara-Rodríguez. Soft Skills of Latin American Engineering Professors: Gender Gap
218 -- 225Sergio Iserte, Vicente R. Tomás, Miguel Perez, Maribel Castillo, Pablo Boronat, Luís A. García. Complete Integration of Team Project-Based Learning Into a Database Syllabus
226 -- 233Koby Mike, Orit Hazzan. What Is Common to Transportation and Health in Machine Learning Education? The Domain Neglect Bias
234 -- 243Roberto Verdecchia, Patricia Lago. Tales of Hybrid Teaching in Software Engineering: Lessons Learned and Guidelines
244 -- 253Ali Raza, Maheen Hasib. Digital Transformation of Education Toward Successful Internships: A Methodology Developed Over Seven Years and Tested During COVID-19
254 -- 262Ahmed Ibrahim, Deeksha Seth. Self-Efficacy for Engineering Design (SEED): Instrument Development and Validation
263 -- 273Ebru Kilic-Bebek, Kostas Nizamis, Mark Vlutters, Ozkan Bebek, Zeynep G. Karapars, Ramazan Unal, Deniz Yilmaz, Barkan Ugurlu. Transdisciplinarity as a Learning Challenge: Student Experiences and Outcomes in an Innovative Course on Wearable and Collaborative Robotics
274 -- 286Rahime Belen Saglam, Vincent Miller, Virginia N. L. Franqueira. A Systematic Literature Review on Cyber Security Education for Children
287 -- 298Cecilia Veronica Sanz, Teresa Coma-Rosello, Antonio Aguelo, Pedro Álvarez 0001, Sandra Baldassarri. Model and Methodology for Developing Empathy: An Experience in Computer Science Engineering

Volume 66, Issue 2

104 -- 112Xiaohua Sun, Haochen Liu, Peng Liang 0019. A Design of Automatic Magnetic Properties Measurement System for Under/Postgraduate Open Experimental Project: Effective, Low Cost, and Scalable
113 -- 122Caroline Crockett, Harry C. Powell, Cynthia J. Finelli. Conceptual Understanding of Signals and Systems in Senior Undergraduate Students
123 -- 129Chelsea Gordon, Roman Lysecky, Frank Vahid. Less Is More: Students Skim Lengthy Online Textbooks
130 -- 138Corbin Petersheim, Joanna Lahey, Josh Cherian, Angel Pina, Gerianne Alexander, Tracy Hammond. Comparing Student and Recruiter Evaluations of Computer Science Resumes
139 -- 145Amin Farjudian. Bridging Mathematics and Computer Science Through Threshold Concepts
146 -- 155Danijel Dankovic, Milos Marjanovic, Nikola Mitrovic, Emilija Zivanovic, Milan Dankovic, Aneta Prijic, Zoran Prijic. The Importance of Students' Practical Work in High Schools for Higher Education in Electronic Engineering
156 -- 162Leonardo Silva, António José Mendes, Anabela Gomes, Gabriel Fortes. Investigating Programming Students Problem Comprehension Ability and its Association With Learning Performance
163 -- 173Lorenza Da Re, Roberta Bonelli, Andrea Gerosa. Formative Tutoring: A Program for the Empowerment of Engineering Students
174 -- 187Frederick C. Berry, Wanju Huang, Marisa E. Exter. Improving Accuracy of Self-and-Peer Assessment in Engineering Technology Capstone
188 -- 196Prateek Shekhar. Engineering Entrepreneurship Program Participation: Differences Across Men and Women
197 -- 199Russ Meier 0001. 2022 IEEE Education Society Awards

Volume 66, Issue 1

1 -- 0John E. Mitchell 0002. Editorial Review of 2022 and Changes to IEEE Transactions on Education for 2023
2 -- 3John E. Mitchell 0002, Lisa Benson 0001. In Memoriam Prof. Jeffrey E. Froyd
4 -- 11Ijeoma J. F. Ezika, Ijeoma Ndu, Tochukwu Clinton Chukwueke, Ogechukwu N. Iloanusi. Assessing Opportunities for Self-Study and Out-of-Class Activities in a Prescriptive High Contact-Hour Engineering Curriculum
12 -- 19Karla R. Hamlen, Pong P. Chu. Effects of a Spiral Curriculum With Application-Based Project and Lab Components on Motivation and Achievement of Engineering Students in an Urban University
20 -- 29Mehran Eskandari Torbaghan, Manu Sasidharan, Ian Jefferson, Jonathan Watkins. Preparing Students for a Digitized Future
30 -- 37Manar Mohaisen, David Mohaisen. Improving the Social Connectivity in Engineering Educational Networks and Implications
38 -- 44Farshid Marbouti, Kelsey Joy Rodgers, Angela K. Thompson, Matthew Verleger, Nicholas A. Hawkins. Student Awareness of Models in First-Year Engineering Courses
45 -- 54Pedro Augusto C. Santos, Giovani Bernardes Vitor, Rodrigo Aparecido da Silva Braga, Ana Carolina Oliveira Santos. Engineering Student Profile Related to the Market of Operation: Competence Perspective
55 -- 61R. Domínguez-Reyes, Lourdes Moreno 0001, A. Muñoz-Sánchez, Belén Ruíz-Mezcua, B. Savoini. Modular 3-D-Printed Education Tool for Blind and Visually Impaired Students Oriented to Net Structures
62 -- 72Fang-Li Lin, Horng-Horng Lin, Shing-Lin Chang. Programming E-Books: Culture, English, and Scratch for Schoolchildren of Rural Taiwan
73 -- 82Hua Fan 0001, Huajiang Xie, Quanyuan Feng, Edoardo Bonizzoni, Hadi Heidari, Michael P. McEwan, Rami Ghannam. Interdisciplinary Project-Based Learning: Experiences and Reflections From Teaching Electronic Engineering in China
83 -- 93Alfred Festus Davidson, Janakiraman Viraraghavan. Layout-Based Digital IC Course Projects in Large Classes: Implementation, Evaluation, and Plagiarism Detection