Journal: ACM Trans. Comput. Syst.

Volume 8, Issue 4

255 -- 283Reinhard Gotzhein, Gregor von Bochmann. Deriving Protocol Specifications from Service Specifications Including Parameters
284 -- 304Keith Marzullo. Tolerating Failures of Continuous-Valued Sensors
305 -- 310Leslie Lamport. Concurrent Reading and Writing of Clocks
311 -- 336Germán S. Goldszmidt, Shaula Yemini, Shmuel Katz. High-Level Language Debugging for Concurrent Programs

Volume 8, Issue 3

183 -- 213Glenn S. Benson, Ian F. Akyildiz, William F. Appelbe. A Formal Protection Model of Security in Centralized, Parallel, and Distributed Systems
214 -- 229Richard P. King. Disk Arm Movement in Anticipation of Future Requests
230 -- 250Chad L. Mitchell, Michael J. Flynn. The Effects of Processor Architecture on Instruction Memory Traffic

Volume 8, Issue 2

85 -- 110Stephen E. Deering, David R. Cheriton. Multicast Routing in Datagram Internetworks and Extended LANs
111 -- 157Karsten Schwan, Win Bo. Topologies - Distributed Objects on Multicomputers
158 -- 181K. K. Ramakrishnan, Raj Jain. A Binary Feedback Scheme for Congestion Avoidance in Computer Networks

Volume 8, Issue 1

1 -- 17Michael D. Schroeder, Michael Burrows. Performance of Firefly RPC
18 -- 36Michael Burrows, Martín Abadi, Roger M. Needham. A Logic of Authentication
37 -- 55Brian N. Bershad, Thomas E. Anderson, Edward D. Lazowska, Henry M. Levy. Lightweight Remote Procedure Call
56 -- 82David P. Anderson, Ron Kuivila. A System for Computer Music Performance