Journal: topiCS

Volume 13, Issue 4

538 -- 539Andrea Bender. Introduction to topiCS Volume 13, Issue 4
540 -- 547Wayne D. Gray, François Osiurak, Richard Heersmink. Editors' Introduction to Tasks, Tools, and Techniques
548 -- 572Jennifer A. D. Colbourne, Alice M. I. Auersperg, Megan L. Lambert, Ludwig Huber, Christoph J. Völter. Extending the Reach of Tooling Theory: A Neurocognitive and Phylogenetic Perspective
573 -- 596Richard Heersmink. Varieties of Artifacts: Embodied, Perceptual, Cognitive, and Affective
597 -- 609Veronica U. Weser, Dennis R. Proffitt. Expertise in Tool Use Promotes Tool Embodiment
610 -- 665Wayne D. Gray, Sounak Banerjee. Constructing Expertise: Surmounting Performance Plateaus by Tasks, by Tools, and by Techniques
666 -- 683Jessica K. Witt. Tool Use Affects Spatial Perception
684 -- 707François Osiurak, Caroline Crétel, Natalie Uomini, Chloé Bryche, Mathieu Lesourd, Emanuelle Reynaud. On the Neurocognitive Co-Evolution of Tool Behavior and Language: Insights from the Massive Redeployment Framework
708 -- 727Nichole Morris, Curtis Craig, Jessica Hafetz Mirman. Tools for Transport: Driven to Learn With Connected Vehicles
728 -- 749Kim Sterelny. Foragers and Their Tools: Risk, Technology and Complexity
750 -- 776Barbara Tversky, Azadeh Jamalian. Thinking Tools: Gestures Change Thought About Time
777 -- 799David A. Rosenbaum. The Ultimate Tool: The Body, Planning of Physical Actions, and the Role of Mental Imagery in Choosing Motor Acts

Volume 13, Issue 3

436 -- 437Andrea Bender. Introduction to topiCS Volume 13, Issue 3
438 -- 440Wayne D. Gray. Introduction to Michelene Chi's Rumelhart Paper
441 -- 463Michelene T. H. Chi. Translating a Theory of Active Learning: An Attempt to Close the Research-Practice Gap in Education
464 -- 466Terrence C. Stewart, Christopher W. Myers. Editors' Introduction: Best Papers from the 18th International Conference on Cognitive Modeling
467 -- 487Adrian Brasoveanu 0001, Jakub Dotlacil. Reinforcement Learning for Production-Based Cognitive Models
488 -- 498Dario D. Salvucci. Interactive Grounding and Inference in Learning by Instruction
499 -- 514Briana M. Smith, Madison Thomasson, Yuxue Cher Yang, Catherine Sibert, Andrea Stocco 0002. When Fear Shrinks the Brain: A Computational Model of the Effects of Posttraumatic Stress on Hippocampal Volume
515 -- 533Andreas Stöckel, Terrence C. Stewart, Chris Eliasmith. Connecting Biological Detail With Neural Computation: Application to the Cerebellar Granule-Golgi Microcircuit

Volume 13, Issue 2

302 -- 303Andrea Bender. Introduction to topiCS Volume 13, Issue 2
304 -- 308John C. Trueswell. In Honor of Michael K. Tanenhaus for Receiving the 2018 Rumelhart Prize
309 -- 328Dana H. Ballard, Ruohan Zhang. The Hierarchical Evolution in Human Vision Modeling
329 -- 350Herbert H. Clark. Anchoring Utterances
351 -- 398Meredith Brown, Michael K. Tanenhaus, Laura Dilley. Syllable Inference as a Mechanism for Spoken Language Understanding
399 -- 413Isabella Destefano, Lauren Oey, Erik Brockbank, Edward Vul. Integration by Parts: Collaboration and Topic Structure in the CogSci Community
414 -- 432Sarah A. Wu, Rose E. Wang, James A. Evans, Joshua B. Tenenbaum, David C. Parkes, Max Kleiman-Weiner. Too Many Cooks: Bayesian Inference for Coordinating Multi-Agent Collaboration

Volume 13, Issue 1

4 -- 5Andrea Bender. Introduction to Volume 13, Issue 1 of topiCS
6 -- 9Andrea Bender. A Scientific Marketplace
10 -- 24Martin V. Butz, Asya Achimova, David K. Bilkey, Alistair Knott. Event-Predictive Cognition: A Root for Conceptual Human Thought
25 -- 44Michael G. Paulin, Joseph Cahill-Lane. Events in Early Nervous System Evolution
45 -- 62Birgit Elsner, Maurits Adam. Infants' Goal Prediction for Simple Action Events: The Role of Experience and Agency Cues
63 -- 78Richard P. Cooper. Action Production and Event Perception as Routine Sequential Behaviors
79 -- 105Dare A. Baldwin, Jessica E. Kosie. How Does the Mind Render Streaming Experience as Events?
106 -- 127Yeon Soon Shin, Sarah Dubrow. Structuring Memory Through Inference-Based Event Segmentation
128 -- 141David K. Bilkey, Charlotte Jensen. Neural Markers of Event Boundaries
142 -- 163Helena Storchak, Ann-Christine Ehlis, Andreas J. Fallgatter. Action-Monitoring Alterations as Indicators of Predictive Deficits in Schizophrenia
164 -- 186David Stawarczyk, Matthew A. Bezdek, Jeffrey M. Zacks. Event Representations and Predictive Processing: The Role of the Midline Default Network Core
187 -- 205Alistair Knott, Martin Takác. Roles for Event Representations in Sensorimotor Experience, Memory Formation, and Language Processing
206 -- 223Ken McRae, Kevin S. Brown, Jeffrey L. Elman. Prediction-Based Learning and Processing of Event Knowledge
224 -- 242Ercenur Ünal, Yue Ji, Anna Papafragou. From Event Representation to Linguistic Meaning
243 -- 247Augustus Hebblewhite, Jakob Hohwy, Tom Drummond. Events and Machine Learning
248 -- 251Tessa C. Warren, Haley C. Dresang. Event-Predictive Cognition: Underspecification and Interaction With Language
252 -- 255Jakob Hohwy, Augustus Hebblewhite, Tom Drummond. Events, Event Prediction, and Predictive Processing
256 -- 298Gina R. Kuperberg. Tea With Milk? A Hierarchical Generative Framework of Sequential Event Comprehension