Journal: topiCS

Volume 14, Issue 4

650 -- 651Andrea Bender. Introduction to topiCS Volume 14, Issue 4
652 -- 664Daniel N. Cassenti, Vladislav Daniel Veksler, Frank E. Ritter. Editor's Review and Introduction: Cognition-Inspired Artificial Intelligence
665 -- 686Thuy Ngoc Nguyen 0001, Cleotilde Gonzalez. Theory of Mind From Observation in Cognitive Models and Humans
687 -- 701Sébastien Hélie, Zygmunt Pizlo. When is Psychology Research Useful in Artificial Intelligence? A Case for Reducing Computational Complexity in Problem Solving
702 -- 717Vladislav Daniel Veksler, Blaine Hoffman, Norbou Buchler. Symbolic Deep Networks: A Psychologically Inspired Lightweight and Efficient Approach to Deep Learning
718 -- 738Sebastian Blum, Oliver W. Klaproth, Nele Russwinkel. Cognitive Modeling of Anticipation: Unsupervised Learning and Symbolic Modeling of Pilots' Mental Representations
739 -- 755Florian Sense, Ryan Wood, Michael G. Collins, Joshua Fiechter, Aihua Wood, Michael Krusmark, Tiffany S. Jastrzembski, Christopher W. Myers. Cognition-Enhanced Machine Learning for Better Predictions with Limited Data
756 -- 779Konstantinos Mitsopoulos, Sterling Somers, Joel Schooler, Christian Lebiere, Peter Pirolli, Robert Thomson 0001. Toward a Psychology of Deep Reinforcement Learning Agents Using a Cognitive Architecture
780 -- 799Goonmeet Bajaj, Sean Current, Daniel Schmidt, Bortik Bandyopadhyay, Christopher W. Myers, Srinivasan Parthasarathy 0001. Knowledge Gaps: A Challenge for Agent-Based Automatic Task Completion
800 -- 824Shashank Uttrani, Neha Sharma, Varun Dutt. Life and Death Decisions and COVID-19: Investigating and Modeling the Effect of Framing, Experience, and Context on Preference Reversals in the Asian Disease Problem
825 -- 827Terrence C. Stewart, Joost de Jong. Editors' Introduction: Best Papers from the 19th International Conference on Cognitive Modeling
828 -- 844Daniel Brand, Nicolas Riesterer, Marco Ragni. Model-Based Explanation of Feedback Effects in Syllogistic Reasoning
845 -- 859Holly Sue Hake, Catherine Sibert, Andrea Stocco 0002. Inferring a Cognitive Architecture from Multitask Neuroimaging Data: A Data-Driven Test of the Common Model of Cognition Using Granger Causality
860 -- 872Tim Halverson, Christopher W. Myers, Jeffery Gearhart, Matthew W. Linakis, Glenn Gunzelmann. Physiocognitive Modeling: Explaining the Effects of Caffeine on Fatigue
873 -- 888Laura M. Hiatt, Connor Brooks, J. Gregory Trafton. Validating and Refining Cognitive Process Models Using Probabilistic Graphical Models
889 -- 903Maarten van der Velde, Florian Sense, Jelmer P. Borst, Leendert van Maanen, Hedderik van Rijn. Capturing Dynamic Performance in a Cognitive Model: Estimating ACT-R Memory Parameters With the Linear Ballistic Accumulator

Volume 14, Issue 3

430 -- 431Andrea Bender. Introduction to topiCS Volume 14, Issue 3
432 -- 450Ashley L. Ruba, Seth D. Pollak, Jenny R. Saffran. Acquiring Complex Communicative Systems: Statistical Learning of Language and Emotion
451 -- 466Emmanuel M. Pothos, Timothy J. Pleskac. Rethinking Rationality
467 -- 491Ralph Hertwig, Christina Leuker, Thorsten Pachur, Leonidas Spiliopoulos, Timothy J. Pleskac. Studies in Ecological Rationality
492 -- 507Zheng Wang 0003, Jerome R. Busemeyer, Brahm deBuys. Beliefs, Actions, and Rationality in Strategical Decisions
508 -- 527Bartosz W. Wojciechowski, Bernadetta Izydorczyk, Pawel Blasiak, James M. Yearsley, Lee C. White, Emmanuel M. Pothos. Constructive Biases in Clinical Judgment
528 -- 549Ben Prystawski, Florian Mohnert, Mateo Tosic, Falk Lieder. Resource-rational Models of Human Goal Pursuit
550 -- 573Mathew D. Hardy, Peaks M. Krafft, Bill Thompson 0001, Thomas L. Griffiths 0001. Overcoming Individual Limitations Through Distributed Computation: Rational Information Accumulation in Multigenerational Populations
574 -- 601Michael Henry Tessler, Joshua B. Tenenbaum, Noah D. Goodman. Logic, Probability, and Pragmatics in Syllogistic Reasoning
602 -- 620Ulrike Hahn. Collectives and Epistemic Rationality
621 -- 633Richard M. Shiffrin. Is it Reasonable to Study Decision-Making Quantitatively?
634 -- 645Pablo Contreras Kallens, Rick Dale, Morten H. Christiansen. Quantifying Interdisciplinarity in Cognitive Science and Beyond

Volume 14, Issue 2

212 -- 213Andrea Bender. Introduction to topiCS Volume 14, Issue 2
214 -- 222Holger Schultheis, Richard P. Cooper 0002. Everyday Activities
223 -- 240Danesh Shahnazian, Mehdi Senoussi, Ruth M. Krebs, Tom Verguts, Clay B. Holroyd. Neural Representations of Task Context and Temporal Order During Action Sequence Execution
241 -- 257Kaichi Yanaoka, Satoru Saito. The Development of Learning, Performing, and Controlling Repeated Sequential Actions in Young Children
258 -- 281Björn Meder, Ralf Mayrhofer, Azzurra Ruggeri. Developmental Trajectories in the Understanding of Everyday Uncertainty Terms
282 -- 294Myrto I. Mylopoulos. Oops! I Did it Again: The Psychology of Everyday Action Slips
295 -- 310Rachel Mis, Tania Giovannetti. Similarities between Cognitive Models of Language Production and Everyday Functioning: Implications for Development of Interventions for Functional Difficulties
311 -- 326Roy De Kleijn, Deniz Sen, George Kachergis. A Critical Period for Robust Curriculum-Based Deep Reinforcement Learning of Sequential Action in a Robot Arm
327 -- 343Riccardo Caccavale, Alberto Finzi. A Robotic Cognitive Control Framework for Collaborative Task Execution and Learning
344 -- 362David Vernon, Josefine Albert, Michael Beetz, Shiau-Chuen Chiou, Helge J. Ritter, Werner X. Schneider. Action Selection and Execution in Everyday Activities: A Cognitive Robotics and Situation Model Perspective
363 -- 387Richard Menary, Alexander Gillett. The Tools of Enculturation
388 -- 399Claire Bergey, Zoe Marshall, Simon Dedeo, Daniel Yurovsky. Learning Communicative Acts in Children's Conversations: A Hidden Topic Markov Model Analysis of the CHILDES Corpora
400 -- 413Eeshan Hasan, Quentin Eichbaum, Adam C. Seegmiller, Charles Stratton, Jennifer S. Trueblood. Improving Medical Image Decision-Making by Leveraging Metacognitive Processes and Representational Similarity
414 -- 425V. N. Vimal Rao, Jeffrey K. Bye, Sashank Varma. Categorical Perception of p-Values

Volume 14, Issue 1

4 -- 5Andrea Bender. Introduction to topiCS Volume 14, Issue 1
6 -- 13Andrea Bender. Toward Greater Integration: Fellows Perspectives on Cognitive Science
14 -- 30Cleotilde Gonzalez. Learning and Dynamic Decision Making
31 -- 44Steven A. Sloman. How Do We Believe?
45 -- 53Yoed N. Kenett, Thomas T. Hills. Editors' Introduction to Networks of the Mind: How Can Network Science Elucidate Our Understanding of Cognition?
54 -- 77Abhilasha Ashok Kumar, Mark Steyvers, David A. Balota. A Critical Review of Network-Based and Distributional Approaches to Semantic Memory Structure and Processes
78 -- 92Elisabeth A. Karuza. The Value of Statistical Learning to Cognitive Network Science
93 -- 110Dirk U. Wulff, Simon De Deyne, Samuel Aeschbach, Rui Mata. Using Network Science to Understand the Aging Lexicon: Linking Individuals' Experience, Semantic Networks, and Cognitive Performance
111 -- 126Nichol Castro. Methodological Considerations for Incorporating Clinical Data Into a Network Model of Retrieval Failures
127 -- 142Michael S. Vitevitch. What Can Network Science Tell Us About Phonology and Language Processing?
143 -- 162Massimo Stella. Cognitive Network Science for Understanding Online Social Cognitions: A Brief Review
163 -- 188Liane Gabora, Nicole M. Beckage, Mike A. Steel. An Autocatalytic Network Model of Conceptual Change
189 -- 208Thomas T. Hills, Yoed N. Kenett. Is the Mind a Network? Maps, Vehicles, and Skyhooks in Cognitive Network Science