Journal: topiCS

Volume 8, Issue 4

720 -- 721Wayne D. Gray. topiCS
722 -- 736Sarah Brown-Schmidt, Melissa C. Duff. Memory and Common Ground Processes in Language Use
737 -- 760Jennifer E. Arnold. Explicit and Emergent Mechanisms of Information Status
761 -- 779Nicholas D. Duran, Rick Dale, Alexia Galati. Toward Integrative Dynamic Models for Adaptive Perspective Taking
780 -- 795William S. Horton, Richard J. Gerrig. Revisiting the Memory-Based Processing Approach to Common Ground
796 -- 818Dominique Knutsen, Christine Ros, Ludovic Le Bigot. Generating References in Naturalistic Face-to-Face and Phone-Mediated Dialog Settings
819 -- 836Ingrid Masson-Carro, Martijn Goudbeek, Emiel Krahmer. Imposing Cognitive Constraints on Reference Production: The Interplay Between Speech and Gesture During Grounding

Volume 8, Issue 3

518 -- 519Wayne D. Gray. topiCS
520 -- 547Jeffrey N. Rouder, Richard D. Morey, Josine Verhagen, Jordan M. Province, Eric-Jan Wagenmakers. Is There a Free Lunch in Inference?
548 -- 568Robert L. Goldstone, Gary Lupyan. Discovering Psychological Principles by Mining Naturally Occurring Data Sets
569 -- 588Thomas L. Griffiths, Joshua T. Abbott, Anne S. Hsu. Exploring Human Cognition Using Large Image Databases
589 -- 609Kenneth R. Koedinger, Michael Yudelson, Philip I. Pavlik Jr.. Testing Theories of Transfer Using Error Rate Learning Curves
610 -- 624Morten H. Christiansen, Padraic Monaghan. Division of Labor in Vocabulary Structure: Insights From Corpus Analyses
625 -- 659Philippe Vincent-Lamarre, Alexandre Blondin Massé, Marcos Lopes, Mélanie Lord, Odile Marcotte, Stevan Harnad. The Latent Structure of Dictionaries
660 -- 669Devin G. Pope. Exploring Psychology in the Field: Steps and Examples From the Used-Car Market
670 -- 684Jonah Berger. Does Presentation Order Impact Choice After Delay?
685 -- 696Helen Susannah Moat, Christopher Y. Olivola, Nick Chater, Tobias Preis. Searching Choices: Quantifying Decision-Making Processes Using Search Engine Data
697 -- 714Evan Heit, Stephen P. Nicholson. Missing the Party: Political Categorization and Reasoning in the Absence of Party Label Cues

Volume 8, Issue 2

352 -- 0Wayne D. Gray. CS
353 -- 360D. Kimbrough Oller, Rick Dale, Ulrike Griebel. New Frontiers in Language Evolution and Development
361 -- 370Dan Dediu, Morten H. Christiansen. Language Evolution: Constraints and Opportunities From Modern Genetics
371 -- 381Rick Dale, Christopher T. Kello, P. Thomas Schoenemann. Seeking Synthesis: The Integrative Problem in Understanding Language and Its Evolution
382 -- 392D. Kimbrough Oller, Ulrike Griebel, Anne S. Warlaumont. Vocal Development as a Guide to Modeling the Evolution of Language
393 -- 407Bob McMurray. Language at Three Timescales: The Role of Real-Time Processes in Language Development and Evolution
408 -- 424Gary Lupyan, Benjamin Bergen. How Language Programs the Mind
425 -- 434Carlos Gussenhoven. Foundations of Intonational Meaning: Anatomical and Physiological Factors
435 -- 445Ulrike Griebel, Irene M. Pepperberg, D. Kimbrough Oller. Developmental Plasticity and Language: A Comparative Perspective
446 -- 458Gert Westermann. Experience-Dependent Brain Development as a Key to Understanding the Language System
459 -- 468Bart de Boer. Modeling Co-evolution of Speech and Biology
469 -- 480Vittorio Loreto, Pietro Gravino, Vito Domenico Pietro Servedio, Francesca Tria. On the Emergence of Syntactic Structures: Quantifying and Modeling Duality of Patterning
481 -- 491Cynthia Breazeal, Paul L. Harris, David Desteno, Jacqueline M. Kory Westlund, Leah Dickens, Sooyeon Jeong. Young Children Treat Robots as Informants
492 -- 502Pierre-Yves Oudeyer, Linda B. Smith. How Evolution May Work Through Curiosity-Driven Developmental Process
503 -- 513Bodo Winter, Andrew Wedel. The Co-evolution of Speech and the Lexicon: The Interaction of Functional Pressures, Redundancy, and Category Variation

Volume 8, Issue 1

5 -- 6Wayne D. Gray. CS
7 -- 18Stephan Lewandowsky. Future Global Change and Cognition
19 -- 48Lawrence Torcello. The Ethics of Belief, Cognition, and Climate Change Pseudoskepticism: Implications for Public Discourse
49 -- 75Michael Andrew Ranney, Dav Clark. Climate Change Conceptual Change: Scientific Information Can Transform Attitudes
76 -- 97Aaron M. McCright, Meghan Charters, Katherine Dentzman, Thomas Dietz. Examining the Effectiveness of Climate Change Frames in the Face of a Climate Change Denial Counter-Frame
98 -- 117Gordon D. A. Brown, Corey L. Fincher, Lukasz Walasek. Personality, Parasites, Political Attitudes, and Cooperation: A Model of How Infection Prevalence Influences Openness and Social Group Formation
118 -- 137Andrew Shtulman, Kelsey Harrington. Tensions Between Science and Intuition Across the Lifespan
138 -- 159Ben R. Newell, Arthur Kary, Chris P. Moore, Cleotilde Gonzalez. 2 Accumulation Problem
160 -- 179John Cook, Stephan Lewandowsky. Rational Irrationality: Modeling Climate Change Belief Polarization Using Bayesian Networks
180 -- 195Ulrike Hahn, Adam J. L. Harris, Adam Corner. Public Reception of Climate Science: Coherence, Reliability, and Independence
196 -- 221Joseph Sweetman, Lorraine Whitmarsh. Climate Justice: High-Status Ingroup Social Models Increase Pro-Environmental Action Through Making Actions Seem More Moral
222 -- 241Susan L. Joslyn, Jared E. LeClerc. Climate Projections and Uncertainty Communication
242 -- 258Mirta Galesic, Astrid Kause, Wolfgang Gaissmaier. A Sampling Framework for Uncertainty in Individual Environmental Decisions
259 -- 263Niels A. Taatgen, Marieke K. van Vugt, Jelmer P. Borst, Katja Mehlhorn. Cognitive Modeling at ICCM: State of the Art and Future Directions
264 -- 278Violette Hoareau, Benoît Lemaire, Sophie Portrat, Gaën Plancher. Reconciling Two Computational Models of Working Memory in Aging
279 -- 290Leendert van Maanen. Is There Evidence for a Mixture of Processes in Speed-Accuracy Trade-Off Behavior?
291 -- 304David E. Kieras, Gregory H. Wakefield, Eric R. Thompson, Nandini Iyer, Brian D. Simpson. Modeling Two-Channel Speech Processing With the EPIC Cognitive Architecture
305 -- 321Florian Sense, Friederike Behrens, Rob R. Meijer, Hedderik van Rijn. An Individual's Rate of Forgetting Is Stable Over Time but Differs Across Materials
322 -- 334Christopher A. Stevens, Niels A. Taatgen, Fokie Cnossen. Instance-Based Models of Metacognition in the Prisoner's Dilemma
335 -- 348Nisheeth Srivastava, Ed Vul. Attention Modulates Spatial Precision in Multiple-Object Tracking