Journal: IEEE Transactions on Signal Processing

Volume 36, Issue 9

1377 -- 1384Patrick Flandrin. A time-frequency formulation of optimum detection
1385 -- 1395William A. Gardner, Chih-Kang Chen. Interference-tolerant time-difference-of-arrival estimation for modulated signals
1396 -- 1403Tarmo M. Pukkila, Paruchuri R. Krishnaiah. On the use of autoregressive order determination criteria in multivariate white noise tests
1404 -- 1411Richard A. Haddad, Ali N. Akansu. A new orthogonal transform for signal coding
1412 -- 1422Mary Jane Irwin. A digit pipelined dynamic time warp processor [word recognition]
1423 -- 1431Biingh-Wang Juang. Design and performance of trellis vector quantizers for speech signals
1432 -- 1436Arthur Nádas, David Nahamoo, Michael A. Picheny. On a model-robust training method for speech recognition
1437 -- 1444Yoshinao Shiraki, Masaaki Honda. LPC speech coding based on variable-length segment quantization
1445 -- 1453Yair Shoham, Allen Gersho. Efficient bit allocation for an arbitrary set of quantizers [speech coding]
1454 -- 1465Nicholas Kalouptsidis, Sergios Theodoridis. Efficient structurally symmetric algorithms for least squares FIR filters with linear phase
1466 -- 1479Bhaskar D. Rao, Rong Peng. Tracking characteristics of the constrained IIR adaptive notch filter
1480 -- 1495Palghat P. Vaidyanathan, Vincent C. Liu. Classical sampling theorems in the context of multirate and polyphase digital filter bank structures
1496 -- 1500Torbjörn Kronander. A new approach to recursive mirror filters with a special application in subband coding of images
1501 -- 1513Thrasyvoulos N. Pappas, Jae S. Lim. A new method for estimation of coronary artery dimensions in angiograms
1514 -- 1517Hen-Geul Yeh. Systolic implementation on Kalman filters
1518 -- 1521Boualem Boashash. Note on the use of the Wigner distribution for time-frequency signal analysis
1521 -- 1525J. Cezanne, A. Papoulis. The use of modulated splines for the reconstruction of band-limited signals
1525 -- 1529Andrew K. Chan, Charles K. Chui, K. B. Chan. Image reconstruction by bivariate quadratic splines
1529 -- 1531Elmar Krüger, Hans Werner Strube. Linear prediction on a warped frequency scale [speech processing]
1531 -- 1533Gulamabbas A. Merchant. Recursive construction of polynomial with prescribed phase on unit circle
1533 -- 1534Tim J. Nohara, Simon Haykin. Application of the Weiss-Weinstein bound to a two-dimensional antenna array
1534 -- 1536O. Rath, K. R. Rao, K. Yeung. Recursive generation of the DIF-FFT algorithm for 1-D DFT
1536 -- 1540João Marcos Travassos Romano, Maurice G. Bellanger. Fast least squares adaptive notch filtering
1536 -- 0Allan O. Steinhardt. Corrections to `Harmonic retrieval of analog signals'
1540 -- 1542Trieu-Kien Truong, D.-Y. Pei, Irving S. Reed, Yao-Fang Chu, In-Shek Hsu. An FPT algorithm with a modularized structure for computing 2-D cyclic convolutions
1542 -- 1549Manidranath Vembar, Seshadri Mohan. Tree encoding of line drawings

Volume 36, Issue 8

1193 -- 1199John A. Fawcett. Effect of course maneuvers on bearings-only range estimation
1200 -- 1210Evriclea Voudouri, Ludwik Kurz. A robust approach to sequential detection
1211 -- 1222Darrell Williamson, Kok Lay Teo, Phillip C. Musumeci. Optimum FIR array filters
1223 -- 1235Daniel W. Griffin, Jae S. Lim. Multiband excitation vocoder
1236 -- 1243Ian James Wassell, David J. Goodman, Raymond Steele. Embedded delta modulation
1244 -- 1254Edward J. Coyle, Jean-Hsang Lin. Stack filters and the mean absolute error criterion
1255 -- 1271Eric Viscito, Jan P. Allebach. On determining optimum multirate structures for narrow-band FIR filters
1272 -- 1281Hsien-Sen Hung, Mostafa Kaveh. Focussing matrices for coherent signal-subspace processing
1282 -- 1291Arye Nehorai, Petre Stoica. Adaptive algorithms for constrained ARMA signals in the presence of noise
1292 -- 1304Thomas T. Huang, Jorge L. C. Sanz, Wolf-Ekkehard Blanz. Image representation by one-bit Fourier phase: theory, sampling, and coherent image model
1305 -- 1312Fure-Ching Jeng, John William Woods. Inhomogeneous Gaussian image models for estimation and restoration
1313 -- 1325Rangasami L. Kashyap, Kie-Bum Eom. Robust image modeling techniques with an image restoration application
1326 -- 1337Alfredo Restrepo, Alan Conrad Bovik. Adaptive trimmed mean filters for image restoration
1338 -- 1350Li-He Zou, Bede Liu. On resolving two-dimensional sinusoids in white noise using different spectral estimates
1351 -- 1352Stanislav B. Kesler, Varaz Shahmirian. Bias and resolution of the MUSIC and the modified FBLP algorithms in the presence of coherent plane waves
1353 -- 1355Hari Krishna, Salvatore D. Morgera. Computationally efficient stepup and stepdown procedures for real predictor coefficients
1355 -- 1357Antonio M. Lepschy, Gian Antonio Mian, Umberto Viaro. A note on line spectral frequencies [speech coding]
1357 -- 1360Hemchandra M. Shertukde, Yaakov Bar-Shalom. Target parameter estimation in the near field with two sensors
1360 -- 1363A. Murat Tekalp, Howard Kaufman. On statistical identification of a class of linear space-invariant image blurs using non-minimum-phase ARMA models
1363 -- 1367Pham Dinh Tuan. Maximum likelihood estimation of the autoregressive model by relaxation on the reflection coefficients
1367 -- 1369Hong Wang, Chia-Chang Li. A channel efficient method for high-resolution active direction finding of multiple targets
1369 -- 1371R. J. Webster. Minimum worst case processing loss

Volume 36, Issue 7

953 -- 964Kevin M. Buckley, Lloyd J. Griffiths. Broad-band signal-subspace spatial-spectrum (BASS-ALE) estimation
965 -- 979James A. Cadzow. A high resolution direction-of-arrival algorithm for narrow-band coherent and incoherent sources
980 -- 987Sadaoki Furui. A VQ-based preprocessor using cepstral dynamic features for speaker-independent large vocabulary word recognition
988 -- 992Wu-Ji Yang, Jyh-Chyang Lee, Yueh-Chin Chang, Hsiao-Chuan Wang. Hidden Markov model for Mandarin lexical tone recognition
993 -- 1001Messaoud Benidir, Bernard C. Picinbono. Comparison between some stability criteria of discrete-time filters
1002 -- 1007Shaul Florian, Neil J. Bershad. A weighted normalized frequency domain LMS adaptive algorithm
1008 -- 1010Vasant Kanchan, Earl Gibson. Measurement of echo path response
1011 -- 1016Dennis R. Morgan. Finite limiting effects for a band-limited Gaussian random process with applications to A/D conversion
1017 -- 1025Craig E. Morris, Mark A. Richards, Monson H. Hayes. Fast reconstruction of linearly distorted signals
1026 -- 1035Bhaskar D. Rao. Perturbation analysis of an SVD-based linear prediction method for estimating the frequencies of multiple sinusoids
1036 -- 1050Izidor Gertner. A new efficient algorithm to compute the two-dimensional discrete Fourier transform
1051 -- 1066Richard R. Hansen Jr., Rama Chellappa. Two-dimensional robust spectrum estimation
1067 -- 1075Fernando Macías-Garza, Alan C. Bovik, Kenneth R. Diller, Shanti J. Aggarwal, Jake K. Aggarwal. Digital reconstruction of three-dimensional serially sectioned optical images
1076 -- 1085Mehrdad Soumekh. Phase reconstruction/unwrapping from amplitude for diffracted waves using a perturbation solution for the wave equation
1086 -- 1087C. Sidney Burrus. Unscrambling for fast DFT algorithms
1087 -- 1089J. B. Foley, Francis M. Boland. A note on the convergence analysis of LMS adaptive filters with Gaussian data
1089 -- 1090C. S. Kumar. Comments on `Subband coding of images'
1090 -- 1091Shaohua Tan, Joos Vandewalle. Separation of 2-D nonsingular MIMO digital filters into a cascade of 1-D filters
1091 -- 1096Jin-Der Wang. Unified derivation and initial convergence of three prewindowed fast transversal recursive least squares algorithms
1096 -- 1099Harm Wiese, Konrad Georg Weil. An efficient Fourier transform algorithm for frequency domains of several decades using logarithmically spaced time samples
1109 -- 1118Bernard Widrow, Rodney G. Winter, Robert A. Baxter. Layered neural nets for pattern recognition
1119 -- 1134Richard F. Lyon, Carver A. Mead. An analog electronic cochlea
1135 -- 1140R. Paul Gorman, Terrence J. Sejnowski. Learned classification of sonar targets using a massively parallel network
1141 -- 1151Yi-Tong Zhou, Rama Chellappa, Aseem Vaid, B. Keith Jenkins. Image restoration using a neural network
1152 -- 1161Alan S. Gevins, Nelson Morgan. Applications of neural-network (NN) signal processing in brain research
1162 -- 1168David J. Burr. Experiments on neural net recognition of spoken and written text
1169 -- 1179John G. Daugman. Complete discrete 2-D Gabor transforms by neural networks for image analysis and compression
1180 -- 1190Jacques J. Vidal. Implementing neural nets with programmable logic

Volume 36, Issue 6

833 -- 843Yoram Bresler, Vellenki Umapathi Reddy, Thomas Kailath. Optimum beamforming for coherent signal and interferences
844 -- 853Magdy Tawfik Hanna. Array filters for attenuating multiple coherent interference
854 -- 861Hagit Messer. A unified approach to closed-loop time delay estimation systems
862 -- 870Kevin T. Malone, Thomas R. Fischer. Contour-gain vector quantization
871 -- 879Frank K. Soong, Aaron E. Rosenberg. On the use of instantaneous and transitional spectral information in speaker recognition
880 -- 891Gil Amit, Uri Shaked. Small roundoff noise realization of fixed-point digital filters and controllers
892 -- 899Pekka Heinonen, Yrjö Neuvo. FIR-median hybrid filters with predictive FIR substructures
900 -- 910C. Richard Johnson Jr., Soura Dasgupta, William A. Sethares. Averaging analysis of local stability of a real constant modulus algorithm adaptive filter
911 -- 919Petre Stoica, Arye Nehorai. Performance analysis of an adaptive notch filter with constrained poles and zeros
920 -- 922Gonzalo R. Arce, Sharon A. Fontana. On the midrange estimator
922 -- 924Bruno Cernuschi-Frías, John D. Rogers. On the exact maximum likelihood estimation of Gaussian autoregressive processes
924 -- 927Cheong K. Gan, Robert W. Donaldson. Adaptive silence deletion for speech storage and voice mail applications
927 -- 929Franz Hlawatsch, Leon Cohen. A note on `Wigner distribution for finite duration or band-limited signals and limiting cases [and author's reply]
929 -- 931Kyoung Il Kim. Sectioning property of long logical convolution
931 -- 933Wayne Lawton. A new polar Fourier transform for computer-aided tomography and spotlight synthetic aperture radar
933 -- 937Majid Rabbani. Bayesian filtering of Poisson noise using local statistics
937 -- 939Giovanni Ramponi, Giovanni L. Sicuranza. Quadratic digital filters for image processing
940 -- 942Petre Stoica, Arye Nehorai. On linear prediction models constrained to have unit-modulus poles and their use for sinusoidal frequency estimation
942 -- 945Michael Unser, Murray Eden. Maximum likelihood estimation of liner signal parameters for Poisson processes
945 -- 947Michael D. Zoltowski. On the performance analysis of the MVDR beamformer in the presence of correlated interference

Volume 36, Issue 5

617 -- 630José M. F. Moura, Arthur B. Baggeroer. Phase unwrapping of signals propagated under the Arctic ice crust: a statistical approach
631 -- 641Surendra Prasad, Ronald T. Williams, Arijit K. Mahalanabis, Leon H. Sibul. A transform-based covariance differencing approach for some classes of parameter estimation problems
642 -- 650Chin-Hui Lee. On robust linear prediction of speech
651 -- 660Enrique Vidal, Hector M. Rulot, Francisco Casacuberta, José-Miguel Benedí. On the use of a metric-space search algorithm (AESA) for fast DTW-based recognition of isolated words
661 -- 673Jane Critchley, Peter J. W. Rayner. Design methods for periodically time varying digital filters
674 -- 685Frederick L. Kitson, Lloyd J. Griffiths. Design and analysis of recursive periodically time-varying digital filters with highly quantized coefficients
686 -- 692Hideo Murakami. Multiple FIR filters on a finite ring
693 -- 706Truong Q. Nguyen, Palghat P. Vaidyanathan. Maximally decimated perfect-reconstruction FIR filter banks with pairwise mirror-image analysis (and synthesis) frequency responses
707 -- 713Steven R. Peterson, Yong-Hoon Lee, Saleem A. Kassam. Some statistical properties of alpha-trimmed mean and standard type M filters
714 -- 729Markku Renfors, Evangelos Zigouris. Signal processor implementation of digital all-pass filters
730 -- 738Martin Vetterli. Running FIR and IIR filtering using multirate filter banks
739 -- 750Moeness G. Amin. Mixed time-based spectrum estimators
751 -- 756Ralph T. Hoctor, Saleem A. Kassam. A comparison of two methods of estimating the intensity of a noisy complex process
757 -- 763Konstantinos Konstantinides, Kung Yao. Statistical analysis of effective singular values in matrix rank determination
764 -- 774Tarmo M. Pukkila, Paruchuri R. Krishnaiah. On the use of autoregressive order determination criteria in univariate white noise tests
775 -- 786Peter L. Chu. Optimal projection for multidimensional signal detection
787 -- 796Ioannis Pitas, Anastasios N. Venetsanopoulos. Bayesian estimation of medium properties in wavefield downward extrapolation problems
797 -- 812Ahmed H. Tewfik, Bernard C. Levy, Alan S. Willsky. An efficient maximum entropy technique for 2-D isotropic random fields
813 -- 825Cheng-Wen Wu, Peter R. Cappello. Application-specific CAD of VLSI second-order sections
826 -- 827Ari Nieminen, Yrjö Neuvo. Comments on `Theoretical analysis of the max/median filter' by G.R. Arce and M. P. McLaughlin

Volume 36, Issue 4

425 -- 432Ronald T. Williams, Surendra Prasad, Arijit K. Mahalanabis, Leon H. Sibul. An improved spatial smoothing technique for bearing estimation in a multipath environment
433 -- 439Yeunung Chen. Cepstral domain talker stress compensation for robust speech recognition
440 -- 452Neil J. Bershad. On error-saturation nonlinearities in LMS adaptation
453 -- 460Darrell Williamson. Delay replacement in direct form structures
461 -- 470Christopher J. Zarowski, Maurice Yunik, G. O. Martens. DFT spectrum filtering
471 -- 476Amir Dembo, Ofer Zeitouni. Maximum a posteriori estimation of time-varying ARMA processes from noisy observations
477 -- 489Meir Feder, Ehud Weinstein. Parameter estimation of superimposed signals using the EM algorithm
490 -- 501Donald F. Gingras, Elias Masry. Autoregressive spectral estimation in additive noise
502 -- 512Shiping Li, Bradley W. Dickinson. Application of the lattice filter to robust estimation of AR and ARMA models
513 -- 524Chrysostomos L. Nikias. ARMA bispectrum approach to nonminimum phase system identification
525 -- 531Bernard Picinbono, Jean-Marc Kerilis. Some properties of prediction and interpolation errors
532 -- 544Boaz Porat, Benjamin Friedlander. Analysis of the asymptotic relative efficiency of the MUSIC algorithm
545 -- 559Allan O. Steinhardt. Correlation matching by finite length sequences
560 -- 580Peter Strobach. Recursive covariance ladder algorithms for ARMA system identification
581 -- 588Mati Wax. Order selection for AR models by predictive least squares
589 -- 598Ju-Hong Lee, Yih-Min Chen. A new method for the design of two-dimensional recursive digital filters
599 -- 602Pak-Chung Ching, Yiu-Tong Chan. Adaptive time delay estimation with constraints
602 -- 603George Gabor, Zoltán Györfi. On the higher order distributions of speech signals
603 -- 606Prabhat Kumar Gupta, Ramdas Kumaresan. Binary multiplication with PN sequences
606 -- 608Yingbo Hua, Tapan K. Sarkar. Design of optimum discrete finite duration orthogonal Nyquist signals
608 -- 610Shiping Li, Bradley W. Dickinson. Performance contours of autoregressive estimates
610 -- 612Hamza Ouibrahim, Donald D. Weiner, Tapan K. Sarkar. A generalized approach to direction finding

Volume 36, Issue 3

305 -- 319John C. Stapleton, Steven Craig Bass. Synthesis of musical tones based on the Karhunen-Loeve transform
320 -- 327John P. Ianniello. High-resolution multipath time delay estimation for broad-band random signals
328 -- 341Amir Dembo, David Malah. Statistical design of analysis/synthesis systems with quantization
342 -- 348Ondria J. Wasem, David J. Goodman, Charles A. Dvorak, Howard G. Page. The effect of waveform substitution on the quality of PCM packet communications
349 -- 358Sasan H. Ardalan, L. James Faber. A fast ARMA transversal RLS filter algorithm
359 -- 364Louis Auslander, Richard Tolimieri. Computing decimated finite cross-ambiguity functions
365 -- 371John M. Cioffi. An unwindowed RLS adaptive lattice algorithm
372 -- 380Petri Jarske, Tapio Saramäki, Sanjit K. Mitra, Yrjö Neuvo. On properties and design of nonuniformly spaced linear arrays [antennas]
381 -- 391Palghat P. Vaidyanathan, Sanjit K. Mitra. Polyphase networks, block digital filtering, LPTV systems, and alias-free QMF banks: a unified approach based on pseudocirculants
392 -- 399Xiao-Hu Yu, Zhen-Ya He. Efficient block implementation of exact sequential least-squares problems
400 -- 405Peter J. Sherman. Frequency domain analysis of a family of minimax signal estimators
406 -- 407David Martin Howard, Geoffrey Lindsey. Conditioned variability in voicing offsets
407 -- 411Brigitte Jaumard, Michel Minoux, Pierre Siohan. Finite precision design of FIR digital filters using a convexity property
411 -- 412Wasfy B. Mikhael, Peter D. Hill. Performance evaluation of a real-time TMS32010-based adaptive noise canceller (ANC)
412 -- 414Soo-Chang Pei, Chien-Chung Yeh, Sun-Chien Chiu. Modified spatial smoothing for coherent jammer suppression without signal cancellation
414 -- 417P. Karivaratha Rajan, Harnatha C. Reddy. Formulation of 2-D normal equations using 2-D to 1-D form preserving transformations
417 -- 420Langford B. White, Boualem Boashash. On estimating the instantaneous frequency of a Gaussian random signal by use of the Wigner-Ville distribution

Volume 36, Issue 2

145 -- 152Masato Miyoshi, Yutaka Kaneda. Inverse filtering of room acoustics
153 -- 167Alireza Moghaddamjoo. Eigenstructure variability of the multiple-source multiple-sensor covariance matrix with contaminated Gaussian data
168 -- 181Amir Dembo, David Malah. Signal synthesis from modified discrete short-time transform
182 -- 185Francis Grenez. Chebyshev design of filters for subband coders
186 -- 205Renlong Pan, Chrysostomos L. Nikias. The complex cepstrum of higher order cumulants and nonminimum phase system identification
206 -- 227Blake Toplis, Subbarayan Pasupathy. Tracking improvements in fast RLS algorithms using a variable forgetting factor
228 -- 240Yingbo Hua, Tapan K. Sarkar. Perturbation analysis of TK method for harmonic retrieval problems
241 -- 251Jar-Ferr Yang, Mostafa Kave. Adaptive eigensubspace algorithms for direction or frequency estimation and tracking
252 -- 264Ioannis Pitas, Anastasios N. Venetsanopoulos. Bayesian estimation in seismic migration
265 -- 284Francky Catthoor, Jan M. Rabaey, Gert Goossens, Jef L. van Meerbergen, Rajeev Jain, Hugo J. De Man, Joos Vandewalle. Architectural strategies for an application-specific synchronous multiprocessor environment
285 -- 286Pierre Duhamel, B. Piron, Jacqueline M. Etcheto. On computing the inverse DFT
286 -- 287Shlomo Karni, Gengsheng Lawrence Zeng. An adaptive IIR algorithm with unimodal performance surfaces
287 -- 289Henrique S. Malvar, David H. Staelin. Optimal pre- and postfilters for multichannel signal processing
290 -- 292Kenji Nakayama. An improved fast Fourier transform algorithm using mixed frequency and time decimations
292 -- 294Kuldip K. Paliwal. Estimation of noise variance from the noisy AR signal and its application in speech enhancement
294 -- 296Nailong Wu. An iterative algorithm for power spectrum estimation in the maximum entropy method

Volume 36, Issue 12

1801 -- 1811Jeffrey L. Krolik, Moshe Eizenman, Subbarayan Pasupathy. Time delay estimation of signals with uncertain spectra
1812 -- 1818Jerry N. Larar, Juergen Schroeter, Man Mohan Sondhi. Vector quantization of the articulatory space
1819 -- 1834Hong Fan, W. Kenneth Jenkins. An investigation of an adaptive IIR echo canceller: advantages and problems
1835 -- 1845Benjamin Friedlander. A signal subspace method for adaptive interference cancellation
1846 -- 1853Jean-Jacques Fuchs. Estimating the number of sinusoids in additive white noise
1854 -- 1861Maureen P. Quirk, Michael F. Garyantes, Helmut C. Wilck, Michael J. Grimm. A wide-band high-resolution spectrum analyzer
1862 -- 1873Thomas P. Bronez. Spectral estimation of irregularly sampled multidimensional processes by generalized prolate spheroidal sequences
1874 -- 1888Reginald L. Lagendijk, Jan Biemond, Dick E. Boekee. Regularized iterative image restoration with ringing reduction
1889 -- 1898Zhongjie Liang, Bernard D. Steinberg. Optimum data quantization in microwave imagery and its effect upon image quality
1899 -- 1905Kuniharu Uchimura, Toshio Hayashi, Tadakatsu Kimura, Atsushi Iwata. Oversampling A-to-D and D-to-A converters with multistage noise shaping modulators
1906 -- 1908Edward R. Dowski, Clifford A. Whitmore, Susan K. Avery. Estimation of randomly sampled sinusoids in additive noise
1909 -- 1911A. Luthra. Extension of Parseval's relation to nonuniform sampling
1911 -- 1913Chrysostomos L. Nikias, Hsing-Hsing Chiang. Higher-order spectrum estimation via noncausal autoregressive modeling and deconvolution
1914 -- 1917L. R. Rajagopal, Suhash Chandra Dutta Roy. A matrix approach for the coefficients of maximally flat FIR filter transfer functions
1917 -- 1923Stanley M. Yuen, Kenneth Abend, Raymond S. Berkowitz. A recursive least-squares algorithm with multiple inputs and outputs, and a cylindrical systolic implementation

Volume 36, Issue 11

1697 -- 1705Dan Chazan, Yoav Medan, Uzi Shvadron. Noise cancellation for hearing aids
1706 -- 1714Chrysostomos L. Nikias, Renlong Pan. Time delay estimation in unknown Gaussian spatially correlated noise
1715 -- 1734Demetrios G. Lainiotis, Sokratis K. Katsikas, Spiros D. Likothanassis. Adaptive deconvolution of seismic signals-performance, computational analysis, parallelism
1735 -- 1739Yong Ching Lim, Bede Liu. Design of cascade form FIR filters with discrete valued coefficients
1740 -- 1748Christophe P. Rialan, Louis L. Scharf. Fast algorithms for computing QR and Cholesky factors of Toeplitz operators
1749 -- 1757Y. Yoganandam, Vellenki Umapathi Reddy, Thomas Kailath. Performance analysis of the adaptive line enhancer for sinusoidal signals in broad-band noise
1758 -- 1769Kyoung Il Kim, Edward J. Powers. A digital method of modeling quadratically nonlinear systems with a general random input
1770 -- 1780Peter H. Bauer, Eliahu Ibrahim Jury. Stability analysis of multidimensional (m-D) direct realization digital filters under the influence of nonlinearities
1781 -- 1783Sasan Ardalan. On the sensitivity of transversal RLS algorithms to random perturbations in the filter coefficients
1783 -- 1784James S. Byrnes. A notch filter employing coefficients of equal magnitude
1784 -- 1786Mark A. Clements, Steven H. Isabelle. Reconstruction of a positive definite Toeplitz matrix from its sequence of minimum eigenvalues
1786 -- 1787Okan K. Ersoy. On Walsh-domain versus RDFT filtering
1787 -- 1790David G. Long. Exact computation of the unwrapped phase of finite-length time series
1790 -- 1791Sabri A. Mahmoud, Mostafa S. Afifi, Roger J. Green. Recognition and velocity computation of large moving objects in images
1791 -- 1795Khalid Sayood, Stanley M. Schekall. Use of ARMA predictors in the differential encoding of images
1795 -- 1797Steven Van Lerberghe. Parallelism in all-pole lattice filters

Volume 36, Issue 10

1553 -- 1560Ilan Ziskind, Mati Wax. Maximum likelihood localization of multiple sources by alternating projection
1561 -- 1574Zinnur Doganata, Palghat P. Vaidyanathan, Truong Q. Nguyen. General synthesis procedures for FIR lossless transfer matrices, for perfect-reconstruction multirate filter bank applications
1575 -- 1581Mark A. Richards. On hardware implementation of the split-radix FFT
1582 -- 1591Hong Wang, Jian-Xiong Zhu. On performance improvement of tone frequency estimation
1592 -- 1601Umesh K. Bhargava, Rangasami L. Kashyap. Robust parametric approach for impulse response estimation
1602 -- 1612Yves Grenier, Marie-Christine Omnes-Chevalier. Autoregressive models with time-dependent log area ratios
1613 -- 1617Anthony J. Weiss, Alan S. Willsky, Bernard C. Levy. Eigenstructure approach for array processing with unknown intensity coefficients
1618 -- 1627Alan C. Bovik. On detecting edges in speckle imagery
1628 -- 1641Patrick A. Kelly, Haluk Derin, Keith D. Hartt. Adaptive segmentation of speckled images using a hierarchical random field model
1642 -- 1650Zhi-Jian Mou, Pierre Duhamel. In-place butterfly-style FFT of 2-D real sequences
1651 -- 1664Grant A. Davidson, Peter R. Cappello, Allen Gersho. Systolic architectures for vector quantization
1665 -- 1666Long-Wen Chan, Ming-Young Chen. A new systolic array for discrete Fourier transform
1667 -- 1668Steve Elgar, Robert T. Guza. Statistics of bicoherence
1669 -- 1671Eweda Eweda. Almost sure convergence of a decreasing gain sign algorithm for adaptive filtering
1671 -- 1675Youji Iiguni, Hideaki Sakai, Hidekatsu Tokumaru. Block implementation of a recursive least squares estimation algorithm
1675 -- 1679P. A. Janakiraman, Kaluri V. Rangarao. Identification of linear modulated FM signal via a new recursive modified response error method (REM)
1680 -- 1681Israel Koltracht, Thomas Kailath. Linear complexity parallel algorithm for discrete-time Wiener filters with optimum lag
1681 -- 1684Soo-Chang Pei, Tswei-Ying Wang. The Wigner distribution of linear time-variant systems
1684 -- 1687L. Y. Wei, J. P. Lee, C. C. Lee. Recognition of Chinese diphones
1687 -- 0Ja-Ling Wu, Chau-Yun Hsu. Comments on `A two-stage representation of DFT and its applications' by O.K. Ersoy

Volume 36, Issue 1

3 -- 9Mark R. Allen, Louis A. King. An adaptive two stage Kalman structure for passive undersea tracking
10 -- 19Henry Cox, Robert M. Zeskind, Mark M. Owen. Effects of amplitude and phase errors on linear predictive array processors
20 -- 28R. Peters, F. Blischke, H. Meyr. Transit-time estimation in turbulent flows
29 -- 40Régine André-Obrecht. A new statistical approach for the automatic segmentation of continuous speech signals
41 -- 48Frank K. Soong, Man Mohan Sondhi. A frequency-weighted Itakura spectral distortion measure and its application to speech recognition in noise
49 -- 62James A. Cadzow. Signal enhancement-a composite property mapping algorithm
63 -- 76Edward John Coyle. Rank order operators and the mean absolute error criterion
77 -- 80James A. Heinen, Bari M. A. Siddique. A simple algorithm for arbitrary polynomial transformation
81 -- 94Palghat P. Vaidyanathan, P.-Q. Hoang. Lattice structures for optimal design and robust implementation of two-channel perfect-reconstruction QMF banks
95 -- 101Steven M. Kay, Arnab K. Shaw. Frequency estimation by principal component AR spectral estimation method without eigendecomposition
102 -- 105Rashid Zia Khan, Lars A. Anderson, Michael T. Manry. Taylor series approximation of the energy spectral density
106 -- 109Martin Ohsmann. An iterative method for the identification of MA systems
110 -- 122Mehrdad Soumekh. Band-limited interpolation from unevenly spaced sampled data
123 -- 124Rashid Ashid Ansari. Satisfying the Haar condition in halfband FIR filter design
125 -- 128Nirmal Kumar Bose, Yun-Qing Shi. 2-D Wilson spectral factorization
128 -- 130Richard J. Kenefic. Maximum likelihood estimation of the parameters of a plane wave tone at an equispaced linear array
130 -- 132Gerald L. Mohnkern. Maximum likelihood estimation of magnitude-squared coherence
132 -- 134Carlos H. Muravchik, Hugo Esteban Löffler. Estimation of the power distribution function
134 -- 136Allan O. Steinhardt. Harmonic retrieval of analog signals
136 -- 139Petre Stoica, Arye Nehorai. On the asymptotic distribution of exponentially weighted prediction error estimators
139 -- 140James L. Wayman, Dennis L. Wilson. Some improvements on the synchronized-overlap-add method of time scale modification for use in real-time speech compression and noise filtering