Journal: IEEE Transactions on Signal Processing

Volume 37, Issue 9

1309 -- 1320Lin-Shan Lee, Chiu-yu Tseng, Ouh young Ming. The synthesis rules in a Chinese text-to-speech system
1321 -- 1328Yoav Medan, Eyal Yair. Pitch synchronous spectral analysis scheme for voiced speech
1329 -- 1341Rafid A. Sukkar, Joseph L. LoCicero, Joseph Picone. Decomposition of the LPC excitation using the zinc basis functions
1342 -- 1348Jean-Luc botto, George V. Moustakides. Stabilizing the fast Kalman algorithms
1349 -- 1358Gordon L. DeMuth. Algorithms for defining mixed radix FFT flow graphs
1359 -- 1379Prashant P. Gandhi, Iickho Song, Saleem A. Kassam. Nonlinear smoothing filters based on rank estimates of location
1380 -- 1396Serafim Karaboyas, Nicholas Kalouptsidis, Costas Caroubalos. Highly parallel multichannel LS algorithms and application to decision-feedback equalizers
1397 -- 1405Guozhu Long, Fuyun Ling, John G. Proakis. The LMS algorithm with delayed coefficient adaptation
1406 -- 1414Olli Vainio, Yrjö Neuvo, Steven E. Butner. A signal processor for median-based algorithms
1415 -- 1424Hong Ren Wu, Frank John Paoloni. The structure of vector radix fast Fourier transforms
1425 -- 1431Harvey F. Silverman. Programming the WFTA for two-dimensional data
1432 -- 1436John R. Deller Jr.. A `systolic array' formulation of the optimal bounding ellipsoid algorithm
1436 -- 1442H. Fan, M. Mayeri. On error surfaces of sufficient order adaptive IIR filters: proofs and counterexamples to a unimodality conjecture
1442 -- 1445Zhongjie Liang, Bernard D. Steinberg, Stanislav Kesler. An exact solution of the analytic equation of image quality from optimum quantization of microwave imaging data
1445 -- 1449Cheng-Yuan Liou, Ruey-Ming Liou. Spatial pseudorandom array processing
1449 -- 1450Allan J. MacLeod. Instability in the solution of banded Toeplitz systems
1451 -- 1454Elwood T. Olsen, Steven A. Ruzinsky. 1) AR parameter estimator when applied to stationary ARMA, MA, and higher order AR processes
1454 -- 1458Tim J. Patterson, Douglas M. Chabries, Richard W. Christiansen. Detection algorithms for image sequence analysis
1458 -- 1462Claudio Rey, Rabab Kreidieh Ward. A parametrized family of nonlinear image smoothing filters
1462 -- 1464R. N. J. Veldhuis. Interpolating autoregressive processes: a bound on the restoration error
1464 -- 1468Xiao-Hu Yu, Zhen-Ya He. A class of mixed transversal and ladder adaptive filters with pure order updates
1468 -- 1472Xingwei Zhou, Xianggen Xia. A Sanz-Huang conjecture on band-limited signal extrapolation with noise

Volume 37, Issue 8

1157 -- 1165Jonathan S. Abel, Julius O. Smith. Source range and depth estimation from multipath range difference measurements
1166 -- 1175Alireza Moghaddamjoo, R. Lynn Kirlin. Robust adaptive Kalman filtering with unknown inputs
1176 -- 1189S. Unnikrishna Pillai, Byung Ho Kwon. Performance analysis of MUSIC-type high resolution estimators for direction finding in correlated and coherent scenes
1190 -- 1196Mati Wax, Ilan Ziskind. Detection of the number of coherent signals by the MDL principle
1197 -- 1213Luciano Fissore, Pietro Laface, Giorgio Micca, Roberto Pieraccini. Lexical access to large vocabularies for speech recognition
1214 -- 1225Lawrence R. Rabiner, Jay G. Wilpon, Frank K. Soong. High performance connected digit recognition using hidden Markov models
1226 -- 1230Kaoru Kurosawa, Shigeo Tsujii. An IIR parallel-type adaptive algorithm using the fast least squares method
1231 -- 1240Riccardo Raheli, L. E. Franks. Semisystolic incremental realization of FIR digital filters using ternary arithmetic
1241 -- 1252G. Robert Redinbo. System level reliability in convolution computations
1253 -- 1270Duncan M. Dlugos, Robert A. Scholtz. Acquisition of spread spectrum signals by an adaptive array
1271 -- 1279Karen M. Nashold, Bahaa E. A. Saleh. Synthesis of two-dimensional binary images through band-limited systems: a slicing method
1280 -- 1283Paul D. Gader. Bidiagonal factorization of Fourier matrices and systolic algorithms for computing discrete Fourier transforms
1284 -- 1286Panajotis Agathoklis. Conditions for the 2-D characteristic polynomial of a matrix to be very strict Hurwitz
1286 -- 1288Adam W. Bojanczyk, Allan O. Steinhardt. Stabilized hyperbolic Householder transformations
1288 -- 1291David M. W. Evans. A second improved digit-reversal permutation algorithm for fast transforms
1291 -- 1293Hee Joon Kim. A fast algorithm for computing the Hankel transform of order 1
1293 -- 1298Amlan Kundu, Wen-Rong Wu. Double-window Hodges-Lehman (D) filter and hybrid D-median filter for robust image smoothing
1298 -- 1300Jeffrey J. Rodriguez. An improved FFT digit-reversal algorithm
1300 -- 1302Michael C. Steckner, Dick J. Drost. Fast cepstrum analysis using the Hartley transform
1302 -- 1304Hong Ren Wu, Frank John Paoloni. On the two-dimensional vector split-radix FFT algorithm

Volume 37, Issue 7

965 -- 983Jean-Pierre Le Cadre. Parametric methods for spatial signal processing in the presence of unknown colored noise fields
984 -- 995Richard H. Roy III, Thomas Kailath. ESPRIT-estimation of signal parameters via rotational invariance techniques
996 -- 1000Mati Wax, Ilan Ziskind. On unique localization of multiple sources by passive sensor arrays
1001 -- 1008Lalit R. Bahl, Peter F. Brown, Peter V. de Souza, Robert L. Mercer. A tree-based statistical language model for natural language speech recognition
1009 -- 1019Gary M. Kuhn, Koit Ojamaa. Scores for connected recognition of words differing in distinctive quantity
1020 -- 1026Jens Jorgen Nielsen. Design of linear-phase direct-form FIR digital filters with quantized coefficients using error spectrum shaping
1027 -- 1041Lee C. Potter, K. S. Arun. Energy concentration in band-limited extrapolation
1042 -- 1056P. P. Vaidyanathan, Truong Q. Nguyen, Zinnur Doganata, Tapio Saramaki. Improved technique for design of perfect reconstruction FIR QMF banks with lossless polyphase matrices
1057 -- 1071Martin Vetterli, Didier Le Gall. Perfect reconstruction FIR filter banks: some properties and factorizations
1072 -- 1089Svante Gunnarsson, Lennart Ljung. Frequency domain tracking characteristics of adaptive algorithms
1090 -- 1098Yiannis S. Boutalis, Stefanos D. Kollias, George Carayannis. A fast multichannel approach to adaptive image estimation
1099 -- 1117Keshab K. Parhi, David G. Messerschmitt. Pipeline interleaving and parallelism in recursive digital filters. I. Pipelining using scattered look-ahead and decomposition
1118 -- 1134Keshab K. Parhi, David G. Messerschmitt. Pipeline interleaving and parallelism in recursive digital filters. II. Pipelined incremental block filtering
1135 -- 1142Qadeer A. Qureshi, Thomas R. Fischer. A hardware processor for implementing the pyramid vector quantizer
1143 -- 1144Paul J. Edwards. Comments on `A zero crossing-based spectrum analyzer' by S.M. Kay and R. Sudhaker
1144 -- 1146Surendra Prasad, Bindu Chandna. An augmented smoothed rank profile algorithm for determination of source coherency structure
1146 -- 1147Nazif Tepedelenlioglu. A note on the computational complexity of the arithmetic Fourier transform
1147 -- 1148Donald W. Tufts. Comments on, 'A note on the computational complexity of the arithmetic Fourier transform' by N. Tepedelenlioglu

Volume 37, Issue 6

785 -- 794Debasis Sengupta, Steven M. Kay. Efficient estimation of parameters for non-Gaussian autoregressive processes
795 -- 804David Mansour, Biing-Hwang Juang. The short-time modified coherence representation and noisy speech recognition
805 -- 819Marina V. Dragosevic, Srdjan S. Stankovic. A generalized least squares method for frequency estimation
820 -- 831Michael J. Villalba, Bruce K. Walker. Spectrum manipulation for improved resolution
832 -- 861Michael D. Zoltowski, Demosthenis Stavrinides. Sensor array signal processing via a procrustes rotations based eigenanalysis of the ESPRIT data pencil
862 -- 871Hyung-Ill Choi, William J. Williams. Improved time-frequency representation of multicomponent signals using exponential kernels
872 -- 881Mohamed-Yahia Dabbagh, Winser E. Alexander. Multiprocessor implementation of 2-D denominator-separable digital filters for real-time processing
882 -- 891Mehrdad Soumekh. Reconstruction and sampling constraints for spiral data [image processing]
892 -- 899A. Murat Tekalp, Howard Kaufman, John W. Woods. Edge-adaptive Kalman filtering for image restoration with ringing suppression
900 -- 912William G. Bliss, Louis L. Scharf. Algorithms and architectures for dynamic programming on Markov chains
913 -- 928Evangelos E. Milios, Hamid Nawab. Signal abstractions in signal processing software
929 -- 937M. A. P. Shenoy, R. Kumaresan. A fast and accurate RNS scaling technique for high speed signal processing
938 -- 939Francis T. Connolly, Andrew E. Yagle. Fast algorithms for complex matrix multiplication using surrogates
939 -- 942George S. Kang, Larry J. Fransen. Quality improvement of LPC-processed noisy speech by using spectral subtraction
943 -- 946Soon-Young Park, Yong-Hoon Lee. Double smoothing of images using median and Wiener filters
946 -- 949K. M. M. Prabhu, K. Bhoopathy Bagan. Variable parameter window families for digital spectral analysis
949 -- 952Maria-João D. Rendas, José M. F. Moura. Alternate bounds on the resolvability constraints of spatial smoothing
952 -- 955Petre Stoica. Asymptotic second-order properties of sample partial correlations
955 -- 957Dale E. Veeneman, Baruch Mazor. A fully adaptive comb filter for enhancing block-coded speech
957 -- 959Andrew E. Yagle. Fast algorithms for estimation and signal processing: an inverse scattering framework

Volume 37, Issue 5

621 -- 626Michel Bouvet, Stuart C. Schwartz. Comparison of adaptive and robust receivers for signal detection in ambient underwater noise
627 -- 633Steven M. Kay. Asymptotically optimal detection in incompletely characterized non-Gaussian noise
634 -- 641J. Eric Salt, Arthur G. Wacker. Optimistic and pessimistic approximations to variance of time delay estimators
642 -- 650Peter Kabal, Ravi P. Ramachandran. Joint optimization of linear predictors in speech
651 -- 654Chun Sum Ng, Paul H. Milenkovic. Unstable covariance LPC solutions from nonstationary speech waveforms
655 -- 664James A. Cadzow, T.-C. Chen. Algebraic approach to two-dimensional recursive digital filter synthesis
665 -- 675Donald Fraser. Interpolation by the FFT revisited-an experimental investigation
676 -- 690Truong Q. Nguyen, P. P. Vaidyanathan. Two-channel perfect-reconstruction FIR QMF structures which yield linear-phase analysis and synthesis filters
691 -- 701Francesco Palmieri, Charles G. Boncelet Jr.. Ll-filters-a new class of order statistic filters
702 -- 712Klaus Preuss. On the design of FIR filters by complex Chebyshev approximation
713 -- 719Alvin Todd Moser, Daniel Graupe. Identification of nonstationary models with application to myoelectric signals for controlling electrical stimulation of paraplegics
720 -- 741Petre Stoica, Arye Nehorai. MUSIC, maximum likelihood, and Cramer-Rao bound
742 -- 748Ali H. Abdallah, Y. H. Hu. Parallel VLSI computing array implementation for signal subspace updating algorithm
749 -- 754Roberto Roncella, Roberto Saletti. A VLSI systolic adder for digital filtering of delta-modulated signals
755 -- 757Elvira Baydal, Gabriela Andreu, Enrique Vidal. Estimating the intrinsic dimensionality of discrete utterances
757 -- 759Roberto Cusani. Performance of fast time delay estimators
759 -- 760Yung-Dar Huang, Chi-Tsong Chen. A derivation of the normal equation in FIR Wiener filters
760 -- 763Henry Leung, Simon Haykin. Stability of recursive QRD-LS algorithms using finite-precision systolic array implementation
763 -- 765Jorge S. Marques, Luis B. Almeida. Frequency-varying sinusoidal modeling of speech
765 -- 768Basil G. Mertzios, Giovanni L. Sicuranza, Anastasios N. Venetsanopoulos. Efficient realizations of two-dimensional quadratic digital filters
769 -- 772Pham Dinh Tuan. Cramer-Rao bounds for AR parameter and reflection coefficient estimators
772 -- 775R. Viswanathan, Valentine Aalo. On counting rules in distributed detection
775 -- 778R. Viswanathan, Arif Ansari. Distributed detection of a signal in generalized Gaussian noise
778 -- 780G. Zeng, N. Ahmed. A block coding technique for encoding sparse binary patterns

Volume 37, Issue 4

461 -- 466Benjamin Friedlander, Boaz Porat. Performance analysis of a null-steering algorithm based on direction-of-arrival estimation
467 -- 478Ravi P. Ramachandran, Peter Kabal. Pitch prediction filters in speech coding
479 -- 484Mark A. Clements, Jerrold W. Pease. On causal linear phase IIR digital filters
485 -- 495Benjamin Friedlander, Boaz Porat. Adaptive IIR algorithms based on high-order statistics
496 -- 504Yujiro Inouye. Generation of a time series having a specified power spectrum with minimum roundoff noise
505 -- 511Soo-Chang Pei, Jong-Jy Shyu. Eigenfilter design of higher-order digital differentiators
512 -- 518L. R. Rajagopal, Suhash C. Dutta Roy. Optimal design of maximally flat FIR filters with arbitrary magnitude specifications
519 -- 533John J. Shynk. Adaptive IIR filtering using parallel-form realizations
534 -- 544Kazuo Toraichi, Masaru Kamada, Ryoichi Mori. A quadratic spline function generator
545 -- 552Cédric Demeure, Clifford T. Mullis. The Euclid algorithm and the fast computation of cross-covariance and autocovariance sequences
553 -- 559Henrique S. Malvar, David H. Staelin. The LOT: transform coding without blocking effects
560 -- 565Maher A. Sid-Ahmed. A systolic realization for 2-D digital filters
566 -- 571K. S. Arun. Principal components algorithms for ARMA spectrum estimation
572 -- 574Jaakko Astola, T. George Campbell. On computation of the running median
574 -- 577Jerome R. Bellegarda, David C. Farden. A general linear prediction approach to the complex split inversion algorithm
577 -- 580Oscar Buneman. In-situ bit-reversed ordering for Hartley transforms
580 -- 585P. Lie Chin Cheong, Salvatore D. Morgera. Iterative methods for restoring noisy images
585 -- 589Nam Ik Cho, Chong-Ho Choi, Sang Uk Lee. Adaptive line enhancement by using an IIR lattice notch filter
589 -- 592Ling Guan, Rabak K. Ward. Restoration of randomly blurred images by the Wiener filter
592 -- 595E. Mark Haacke, Zhi-Pei Liang, Steven H. Izen. Superresolution reconstruction through object modeling and parameter estimation
595 -- 597Shlomo Karni, Gengsheng Zeng. The analysis of the continuous-time LMS algorithm
597 -- 600Steven A. Ruzinsky, Elwood T. Olsen. 1) estimator of parameters of stationary autoregressive processes with zero mean
600 -- 604Barry van Veen. Systolic preprocessors for linearly constrained beamforming
604 -- 611Santosh S. Venkatesh, Demetri Psaltis. Binary filters for pattern classification

Volume 37, Issue 3

317 -- 327Sharad Singhal, Bishnu S. Atal. Amplitude optimization and pitch prediction in multipulse coders
328 -- 339Alexander H. Waibel, Toshiyuki Hanazawa, Geoffrey E. Hinton, Kiyohiro Shikano, Kevin J. Lang. Phoneme recognition using time-delay neural networks
340 -- 345Chun-Chau Lin, Michael T. Manry. A new signal averaging algorithm for discrete signals
346 -- 359Dirk T. M. Slock, Thomas Kailath. Fast transversal filters with data sequence weighting
360 -- 377Georgios B. Giannakis, Jerry M. Mendel. Identification of nonminimum phase systems using higher order statistics
378 -- 392Petre Stoica, Randolph L. Moses, Benjamin Friedlander, Torsten Söderström. Maximum likelihood estimation of the parameters of multiple sinusoids from noisy measurements
393 -- 401Patrick L. Combettes, Henry J. Trussell. Methods for digital restoration of signals degraded by a stochastic impulse response
402 -- 414Kevin D. Donohue, Jafar Saniie. A scanning and sampling scheme for computationally efficient algorithms of computer tomography
415 -- 421Nikolas P. Galatsanos, Roland T. Chin. Digital restoration of multichannel images
422 -- 428Brian K. Lien, Gregory Y. Tang. Implementation of the Chebyshev structure with minimum storage
429 -- 431John R. Deller Jr., G. P. Picache. Advantages of a Givens rotation approach to temporally recursive linear prediction analysis of speech
431 -- 433David R. Farrier, Anthony R. Prior-Wandesforde. A comparison of bias reduced methods for the estimation of rational transfer functions
433 -- 436Darcy P. McGinn, Don H. Johnson. Estimation of all-pole model parameters from noise-corrupted sequences
436 -- 439Salvatore D. Morgera. On biorthogonality of Hermitian and skew-Hermitian Szego/Levinson polynomials
439 -- 440V. Nagesha. Comments on `Fast computation of the discrete cosine transform and the discrete Hartley transform' by H.S. Malvar
440 -- 442V. Ramachandran. Determination of discrete transfer function from its real (or imaginary) part on the unit circle
442 -- 444Henry Samueli. A low-complexity multiplierless half-band recursive digital filter design
445 -- 447Mark C. Sullivan. Efficient autocorrelation estimation using relative magnitudes
447 -- 450Mats Viberg. Sensor array processing using gated signals
450 -- 451Pen-Shu Yeh. Data compression properties of the Hartley transform

Volume 37, Issue 2

169 -- 180Benjamin Friedlander, Boaz Porat. Detection of transient signals by the Gabor representation
181 -- 191Sungkwon Park, Lester A. Gerhardt. A robust spectral estimation by modeling an estimated autocovariance with an ARMA model
192 -- 203Barry D. Van Veen. An analysis of several partially adaptive beamformer designs
204 -- 216Meir Feder, Alan V. Oppenheim, Ehud Weinstein. Maximum likelihood noise cancellation using the EM algorithm
217 -- 226Anders Ahlén, Mikael Sternad. Optimal deconvolution based on polynomial methods
227 -- 236Craig R. Elevitch, William A. Sethares, Gonzalo J. Rey, C. R. Johnston Jr.. Quiver diagrams and signed adaptive filters
237 -- 244Byeong Gi Lee. Input and output index mappings for a prime-factor-decomposed computation of discrete cosine transform
245 -- 253Steven A. Ruzinsky, Elwood T. Olsen. ∞ minimization via a variant of Karmarkar's algorithm
254 -- 264Yung-fu Cheng, Delores M. Etter. Analysis of an adaptive technique for modeling sparse systems
265 -- 274Kai Hsu, Thomas L. Marzetta. Velocity filtering of acoustic well logging waveforms
275 -- 287Harold G. Longbotham, Alan C. Bovik. Theory of order statistic filters and their relationship to linear FIR filters
288 -- 297Henri Maître, Yifeng Wu. A dynamic programming algorithm for elastic registration of distorted pictures based on autoregressive model
298 -- 301Yeong-Ho Ha, John A. Pearce. A new window and comparison to standard windows
301 -- 303H. Henkel. Improved addition for the logarithmic number system
303 -- 306Yong-Hoon Lee, Sung Jea Ko, Adly T. Fam. Efficient impulsive noise suppression via nonlinear recursive filtering
306 -- 308Robert K. Otnes. Frequency difference of arrival accuracy

Volume 37, Issue 12

1805 -- 1815Yan Ming Cheng, Douglas D. O'Shaughnessy. Automatic and reliable estimation of glottal closure instant and period
1816 -- 1828Jan Decaluwe, Jan M. Rabaey, Jef L. van Meerbergen, Hugo J. De Man. Interprocessor communication in synchronous multiprocessor digital signal processing chips
1829 -- 1845Yousif A. El-Imam. An unrestricted vocabulary Arabic speech synthesis system
1846 -- 1856Yariv Ephraim, David Malah, Biing-Hwung Juang. On the application of hidden Markov models for enhancing noisy speech
1857 -- 1869Mari Ostendorf, Salim Roukos. A stochastic segment model for phoneme-based continuous speech recognition
1870 -- 1887Neal B. Pinto, Donald G. Childers, Ajit L. Lalwani. Formant speech synthesis: improving production quality
1888 -- 1898Alex Waibel, Hidefumi Sawai, Kiyohiro Shikano. Modularity and scaling in large phonemic neural networks
1899 -- 1908Weidong Kou, Jon W. Mark. A new look at DCT-type transforms
1909 -- 1922Victor Solo. The limiting behavior of LMS
1923 -- 1930Saduoki Furui. Unsupervised speaker adaptation based on hierarchical spectral clustering
1931 -- 1938M. Rao Raghuveer, Sohail A. Dianat. On the existence of autoregressive models for third-order cumulant matching
1939 -- 1949Bhaskar D. Rao, K. V. S. Hari. Performance analysis of Root-Music
1950 -- 1957Christophe P. Rialan, Louis L. Scharf. Fixed-point error analysis of the lattice and the Schur algorithms for the autocorrelation method of linear prediction
1958 -- 1966Anthony J. Weiss, Benjamin Friedlander. Array shape calibration using sources in unknown locations-a maximum likelihood approach
1967 -- 1979Jenq-Neng Hwang, John A. Vlontzos, Sun-Yuan Kung. A systolic neural network architecture for hidden Markov models
1980 -- 1982Gil Amit, Uri Shaked. Minimization of roundoff errors in digital realizations of Kalman filters
1982 -- 1985G. Bi, E. V. Jones. A pipelined FFT processor for word-sequential data
1985 -- 1987Teruyuki Izumi. Simple method for generation of multiple normal random signals
1987 -- 1990Steven Kay. A fast and accurate single frequency estimator
1990 -- 1995Bhaskar D. Rao, K. V. S. Hari. Performance analysis of ESPRIT and TAM in determining the direction of arrival of plane waves in noise
1995 -- 1998Barry D. Van Veen, Richard G. Baraniuk. Matrix based computation of floating-point roundoff noise
2008 -- 2023Robert Forchheimer, Torbjörn Kronander. Image coding-from waveforms in animation
2024 -- 2036Guy Demoment. Image reconstruction and restoration: overview of common estimation structures and problems
2037 -- 2066Edward J. Coyle, Jean-H. Lin, Moncef Gabbouj. Optimal stack filtering and the estimation and structural approaches to image processing
2067 -- 2090Robert M. Haralick, Xinhua Zhuang, Charlotte Lin, James S. J. Lee. The digital morphological sampling theorem
2091 -- 2110Stéphane Mallat. Multifrequency channel decompositions of images and wavelet models
2111 -- 2130Robert Hummel, R. Moniot. Reconstructions from zero crossings in scale space
2131 -- 2147David C. Munson Jr., Robert L. Visentin. A signal processing view of strip-mapping synthetic aperture radar
2148 -- 2157Hiroshi Sakou, Takafumi Miyatake, Seiji Kashioka, Masakazu Ejiri. A position recognition algorithm for semiconductor alignment based on structural pattern matching
2158 -- 2174Robert Cypher, Jorge L. C. Sanz. SIMD architectures and algorithms for image processing and computer vision

Volume 37, Issue 11

1641 -- 1648Kai-Fu Lee, Hsiao-Wuen Hon. Speaker-independent phone recognition using hidden Markov models
1649 -- 1658Chin-Hui Lee, Lawrence R. Rabiner. A frame-synchronous network search algorithm for connected word recognition
1659 -- 1671David Mansour, Biing-Hwang Juang. A family of distortion measures based upon projection operation for robust speech recognition
1672 -- 1679Ahron Satt, David Malah. Design of uniform DFT filter banks optimized for subband coding of speech
1680 -- 1686Milton José Porsani, Tad J. Ulrych. Discrete convolution by means of forward and backward modeling
1687 -- 1692Michael Vulis. The weighted redundancy transform
1693 -- 1702Hamid Al-Nashi. Phase unwrapping of digital signals
1703 -- 1720H. Clergeot, Sara Tressens, A. Ouamri. Performance of high resolution frequencies estimation methods compared to the Cramer-Rao bounds
1721 -- 1734Petre Stoica, Torsten Söderström, Fu-Nan Ti. Asymptotic properties of the high-order Yule-Walker estimates of sinusoidal frequencies
1735 -- 1742Mingui Sun, Ching-Chung Li, Laligam N. Sekhar, Robert J. Sclabassi. Efficient computation of the discrete pseudo-Wigner distribution
1743 -- 1750King Ngi Ngan, K. S. Leong, H. Singh. Adaptive cosine transform coding of images in perceptual domain
1751 -- 1762Edward A. Lee, W. H. Ho, E. Goei, Jeffery C. Bier, S. Bhattacharyya. Gabriel: a design environment for DSP
1763 -- 1765Ernest G. Baxa Jr.. On implementation of the discrete Fourier transform-the STUSE algorithm for spectral estimation
1765 -- 1768A. A. (Louis) Beex, Monique P. Fargues. Highly parallel recursive/iterative Toeplitz eigenspace decomposition [array processing]
1768 -- 1771Messaoud Benidir, Bernard C. Picinbono. Wide sense stability of discrete- and continuous-time linear systems in the complex case
1771 -- 1774Donald G. Childers, M. Hahn, J. N. Larar. Silent and voiced/unvoiced/mixed excitation (four-way) classification of speech
1774 -- 1776Eweda Eweda. A tight upper bound of the average absolute error in a constant step-size sign algorithm
1776 -- 1780Shaul Florian, Neil J. Bershad. Error saturation effects in the LMS adaptive line enhancer-transient response
1780 -- 1782Nicholas Kalouptsidis, Sergios Theodoridis. Concurrent algorithms for a class of 1-D and 2-D Wiener FIR filters with symmetrical impulse response
1782 -- 1786Kenneth W. Martin. Power normalized update algorithm for adaptive filters-without divisions
1786 -- 1789Jaime H. Moreno, Tomás Lang. -1'
1789 -- 1794Bhaskar D. Rao. Sensitivity considerations in state-space model-based harmonic retrieval methods
1794 -- 1795Ananthram Swami, Jerry M. Mendel. Closed-form recursive estimation of MA coefficients using autocorrelations and third-order cumulants
1795 -- 1798Charles W. Therrien, Hamdy Taha El-Shaer. A direct algorithm for computing 2-D AR power spectrum estimates
1798 -- 1800Charles W. Therrien, Hamdy Taha El-Shaer. Multichannel 2-D AR spectrum estimation

Volume 37, Issue 10

1481 -- 1494Jeffrey L. Krolik, David N. Swingler. Multiple broad-band source location using steered covariance matrices
1495 -- 1503Arthur Nádas, David Nahamoo, Michael A. Picheny. Speech recognition using noise-adaptive prototypes
1504 -- 1512Neil J. Bershad. Nonlinear quantization effects in the LMS and block LMS adaptive algorithms-a comparison
1513 -- 1517Pierre Comon, Dinh-Tuan Pham. An error bound for a noise canceller
1518 -- 1531Miroslav Vlcek, Rolf Unbehauen. Analytical solutions for design of IIR equiripple filters
1532 -- 1536Robert D. Palmer, J. R. Cruz. An ARMA spectral analysis technique based on a fast Euclidean algorithm
1537 -- 1549A. Murat Tekalp, A. Tanju Erdem. Higher-order spectrum factorization in one and two dimensions with applications in signal modeling and nonminimum phase system identification
1550 -- 1556Xiaopu Yang, Tapan K. Sarkar, Ercument Arvas. A survey of conjugate gradient algorithms for solution of extreme eigen-problems of a symmetric matrix
1557 -- 1567Qitu Zhang, Kon Max Wong, Patrick C. Yip, James P. Reilly. Statistical analysis of the performance of information theoretic criteria in the detection of the number of signals in array processing
1568 -- 1575William Equitz. A new vector quantization clustering algorithm
1576 -- 1580Xing-Wei Zhou, Xiang-Gen Xia. The extrapolation of high-dimensional band-limited functions
1581 -- 1589Shalhav Zohar. The role of the ±1 number system in multibit hardware correlators
1590 -- 1592Nihat M. Bilgutay, Uthai Bencharit, Jafar Saniie. Enhanced ultrasonic imaging with split-spectrum processing and polarity thresholding
1593 -- 1597Peter L. Chu. Fast Gaussian noise generator
1597 -- 1600Luiz A. DaSilva, David W. Petr, Victor S. Frost. A class-oriented replacement technique for lost speech
1601 -- 1603Cédric Demeure. Bowtie factors of Toeplitz matrices by means of split algorithms
1603 -- 1606R. W. Gerchberg. Superresolution through error function extrapolation
1606 -- 1608Leland B. Jackson. Noncausal ARMA modeling of voiced speech
1608 -- 1612Leland B. Jackson, Jianguo Huang, K. P. Richards, Haiguang Chen. AR, ARMA, and AR-in-noise modeling by fitting windowed correlation data
1612 -- 1614H. Krishna. An FFT algorithm based fast algorithm for arbitrary polynomial transformation
1614 -- 1617J. Li, A. K. Krishnamurthy. A modified frequency-weighted Itakura spectral distortion measure
1617 -- 1621Farokh A. Marvasti. An iterative method to compensate for the interpolation distortion
1621 -- 1623Dennis R. Morgan. Modified finite limiter for a band-limited Gaussian random process with applications to A/D conversion
1623 -- 1626Xiaoning Nie, Rolf Unbehauen. Efficient evaluation of 1-D and 2-D polynomials at equispaced points
1623 -- 0L. P. Mulcahy. On fixed-point roundoff error analysis
1626 -- 1627B. Seo, C. T. Chen. A relationship between the z-transform and the Fourier transform
1627 -- 1631Songqing Shi, Michael T. Manry. Phase improvement in IIR digital filters
1631 -- 1634Yue-Min Zhu, Françoise Peyrin, Robert Goutte. Equivalence between two-dimensional analytic and real signal Wigner distributions

Volume 37, Issue 1

1 -- 7Charles H. Knap. Signal detectors for deformable hydrophone arrays
8 -- 15S. Unnikrishna Pillai, Byung Ho Kwon. Forward/backward spatial smoothing techniques for coherent signal identification
16 -- 30David N. Swingler, Robert S. Walker. Line-array beamforming using linear prediction for aperture interpolation and extrapolation
31 -- 42Philip A. Chou, Tom D. Lookabaugh, Robert M. Gray. Entropy-constrained vector quantization
43 -- 56Neil J. Bershad, Lian Zuo Qu. On the probability density function of the LMS adaptive filter weights
57 -- 64Martin Vetterli, Pierre Duhamel. m DFT's
65 -- 72Amir Dembo. Signal reconstruction from noisy partial information of its transform
73 -- 82Trung T. Pham, Rui J. P. deFigueiredo. p deconvolution
83 -- 98Gonzalo R. Arce, Russel E. Foster. Detail-preserving ranked-order based filters for image processing
99 -- 105Jeffrey B. Burl. Estimating the basis functions of the Karhunen-Loeve transform
106 -- 117Bruce F. McGuffin, Bede Liu. An efficient algorithm for two-dimensional autoregressive spectrum estimation
118 -- 120P. Karivaratha Rajan, Hari C. Reddy. A test procedure for 2-D discrete scattering Hurwitz polynomials
121 -- 125M. S. Ahmed. Comparison of noisy speech enhancement algorithms in terms of LPC perturbation
125 -- 128Paul Cohen, Chon-Tam LeDinh, Vincent Lacasse. Classification of natural textures by means of two-dimensional orthogonal masks
128 -- 133V. John Mathews. An efficient FIR adaptive filter using DPCM and the sign algorithm
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