Journal: IEEE Transactions on Signal Processing

Volume 40, Issue 9

2125 -- 2135Hirohisa Iijima, Nobuhiro Miki, Nobuo Nagai. Glottal impedance based on a finite element analysis of two-dimensional unsteady viscous flow in a static glottis
2136 -- 2143Biing-Hwang Juang, Kuldip K. Paliwal. Hidden Markov models with first-order equalization for noisy speech recognition
2144 -- 2157Arthur R. Butz. Elaborated rank order processors
2158 -- 2165Shiaw-Wu Chen, James S. Gibson. A new unwindowed lattice filter for RLS estimation
2166 -- 2173Nam Ik Cho, Sang Uk Lee. A fast 4×4 DCT algorithm for the recursive 2-D DCT
2174 -- 2193Ephraim Feig, Shmuel Winograd. Fast algorithms for the discrete cosine transform
2194 -- 2198Joel L. Schiff, Timothy J. Surendonk, Wayne J. Walker. An algorithm for computing the inverse Z transform
2199 -- 2206William A. Sethares. Adaptive algorithms with nonlinear data and error functions
2207 -- 2232Martin Vetterli, Cormac Herley. Wavelets and filter banks: theory and design
2233 -- 2242Neil M. Wigley, Graham A. Jullien. On implementing the arithmetic Fourier transform
2243 -- 2249Xiang-Gen Xia. An extrapolation for general analytic signals
2250 -- 2260Isao Yamada, Kohichi Sakaniwa. An optimal design for a homomorphic deconvolution system
2261 -- 2266Pao-Ta Yu. Some representation properties of stack filters
2267 -- 2280Yingbo Hua. Estimating two-dimensional frequencies by matrix enhancement and matrix pencil
2281 -- 2289Bayya Yegnanarayana, Hema A. Murthy. Significance of group delay functions in spectrum estimation
2290 -- 2303Thomas J. Hebert, Richard M. Leahy. Statistic-based MAP image-reconstruction from Poisson data using Gibbs priors
2304 -- 2310Abdollah Katbab, E. I. Jury. On Kharitonov-type results for complex-coefficient interval Schur polynomials
2311 -- 2317Spyros G. Tzafestas, A. Kanellakis, Nickolas J. Theodorou. Two-dimensional digital filters without overflow oscillations and instability due to finite word length
2318 -- 2320Glenn S. Zelniker, Fred J. Taylor. On the reduction in multiplicative complexity achieved by the polynomial residue number system
2321 -- 2323Evangelos Angelidis. Block 2-D interpolation, efficient matrix factorization and application to signal processing
2324 -- 2327J. Thomas Cilke, Delores M. Etter. A new adaptive algorithm to reduce weight fluctuations caused by high variance data
2327 -- 2329Lippold Haken. Computational methods for real-time Fourier synthesis
2329 -- 2334Moon Gi Kang, Aggelos K. Katsaggelos. Simultaneous iterative image restoration and evaluation of the regularization parameter
2334 -- 2338Balbir Kumar, S. C. Dutta Roy, Hitendra Shah. On the design of FIR digital differentiators which are maximally linear at the frequency π/p, p ∈ {positive integers}
2338 -- 2340Brian K. Lien. On the cascade realization of 2-D FIR filters designed by McClellan transformation
2341 -- 2346Dennis R. Morgan, Charles Sanford. A control theory approach to the stability and transient analysis of the filtered-x LMS adaptive notch filter
2346 -- 2349Soo-Chang Pei, Ing-Ing Yang. Computing pseudo-Wigner distribution by the fast Hartley transform
2349 -- 2353D. Raghuramireddy, Rolf Unbehauen. A new realization for multiprocessor implementation of 2-D denominator-separable digital filters for real-time processing
2353 -- 2358Victor C. Soon, Yih-Fang Huang. An analysis of ESPRIT under random sensor uncertainties
2358 -- 2361Virginia L. Stonick, S. Thomas Alexander. Globally optimal rational approximation using homotopy continuation methods
2361 -- 2368Z. Wang. A prime factor fast W transform algorithm
2368 -- 0Gary L. Wise, Eric B. Hall. A comment on the finite memory of stochastic processes

Volume 40, Issue 8

1845 -- 1851Barry S. Fagin. Negacyclic convolution using polynomial transforms on hypercubes
1852 -- 1861Tamar Genossar, Moshe Porat. Can one evaluate the Gabor expansion using Gabor's iterative algorithm?
1862 -- 1875André Gilloire, Martin Vetterli. Adaptive filtering in subbands with critical sampling: analysis, experiments, and application to acoustic echo cancellation
1876 -- 1883Peter J. Kootsookos, Robert R. Bitmead, Michael Green. The Nehari shuffle: FIR(q) filter design with guaranteed error bounds
1884 -- 1891Farokh Marvasti, Tsung Jen Lee. Analysis and recovery of sample-and-hold and linearly interpolated signals with irregular samples
1892 -- 1900Soheil I. Sayegh. A pipeline processor for mixed-size FFTs
1901 -- 1909Kenneth Steiglitz, Thomas W. Parks, James F. Kaiser. METEOR: a constraint-based FIR filter design program
1910 -- 1914Shilin Xu, Liyun Dai, Samuel C. Lee. Autocorrelation analysis of speech signals using Fermat number transform (FNT)
1915 -- 1934Michèle Basseville, Albert Benveniste, Alan S. Willsky. Multiscale autoregressive processes. I. Schur-Levinson parametrizations
1935 -- 1954Michèle Basseville, Albert Benveniste, Alan S. Willsky. Multiscale autoregressive processes. II. Lattice structures for whitening and modeling
1955 -- 1970Anastasios N. Delopoulos, Georgios B. Giannakis. Strongly consistent identification algorithms and noise insensitive MSE criteria
1971 -- 1982Peter J. Kootsookos, Brian C. Lovell, Boualem Boashash. A unified approach to the STFT, TFDs, and instantaneous frequency
1983 -- 1986David D. Lee, Rangasami L. Kashyap. Robust maximum likelihood bearing estimation in contaminated Gaussian noise
1987 -- 1996Ram G. Shenoy, Thomas W. Parks. An optimal recovery approach to interpolation
1997 -- 2006Jason Wexler, S. Raz. Wigner-space synthesis of discrete-time periodic signals
2007 -- 2017Kon Max Wong, James P. Reilly, Qiang Wu, Sanzheng Qiao. Estimation of the directions of arrival of signals in unknown correlated noise. I. The MAP approach and its implementation
2018 -- 2028James P. Reilly, Kon Max Wong. Estimation of the directions of arrival of signals in unknown correlated noise. II. Asymptotic behavior and performance of the MAP approach
2029 -- 2039S. C. Chan, K. L. Ho. Split vector-radix fast Fourier transform
2040 -- 2060Jacques Vaisey, Allen Gersho. Image compression with variable block size segmentation
2061 -- 2064Jae-Beom Lee, Byeong Gi Lee. Transform domain filtering based on pipelining structure
2065 -- 2078Christopher J. Zarowski. A Schur algorithm and linearly connected processor array for Toeplitz-plus-Hankel matrices
2079 -- 2083Long-Wen Chang, Jin-Her Lin. A bit-level systolic array for median filter
2083 -- 2086Zoran Cvetkovic, Miodrag V. Popovic. New fast recursive algorithms for the computation of discrete cosine and sine transforms
2087 -- 2089S. K. Hui, M. H. Er. Fast iterative algorithm for real-time array processing
2090 -- 2093Mark Johnson, Tomohiko Taniguchi. Online and offline computational reduction techniques using backward filtering in CELP speech coders
2093 -- 2094Fazal Noor, Salvatore D. Morgera. Construction of a Hermitian Toeplitz matrix from an arbitrary set of eigenvalues
2095 -- 2097John Pender, David Covey. New square wave transform for digital signal processing
2097 -- 2100Leonid I. Perlovsky, Thomas L. Marzetta. Estimating a covariance matrix from incomplete realizations of a random vector
2100 -- 2105Jack W. Silverstein, Patrick L. Combettes. Signal detection via spectral theory of large dimensional random matrices
2105 -- 2108D. Mitchell Wilkes. A reverse formulation of the RISE algorithm
2109 -- 2112Jar-Ferr Yang, Churng-Jou Tsai. A further analysis of decorrelation performance of spatial smoothing technique for real multipath sources
2112 -- 2116Hao Ye, Ronald D. Degroat. A generalized sidelobe canceller with soft constraints

Volume 40, Issue 7

1621 -- 1632Philip A. Nelson, Hareo Hamada, Stephen J. Elliott. Adaptive inverse filters for stereophonic sound reproduction
1633 -- 1642Raymond H. Kwong, Edward W. Johnston. A variable step size LMS algorithm
1643 -- 1651Y. C. Lim, Bede Liu. Pipelined recursive filter with minimum order augmentation
1652 -- 1662Daniel F. Marshall, W. Kenneth Jenkins. A fast quasi-Newton adaptive filtering algorithm
1663 -- 1669Naoki Mikami, Masaki Kobayashi, Yukiko Yokoyama. A new DSP-oriented algorithm for calculation of the square root using a nonlinear digital filter
1670 -- 1681Leopold E. Pellon. A double Nyquist digital product detector for quadrature sampling
1682 -- 1686Luciano Izzo, Luigi Paura, Giovanni Poggi. An interference-tolerant algorithm for localization of cyclostationary-signal sources
1687 -- 1696Hamid Krim, Philippe Forster, John G. Proakis. Operator approach to performance analysis of root-MUSIC and root-min-norm
1697 -- 1707Arun Kumar, Daniel R. Fuhrmann, Michael Frazier, Björn D. Jawerth. A new transform for time-frequency analysis
1708 -- 1723Brian C. Lovell, Robert C. Williamson. The statistical performance of some instantaneous frequency estimators
1724 -- 1734David S. Mazel, Monson H. Hayes. Using iterated function systems to model discrete sequences
1735 -- 1745Seho Oh, Robert J. Marks II. Some properties of the generalized time frequency representation with cone-shaped kernel
1746 -- 1757Olivier Rioul, Patrick Flandrin. Time-scale energy distributions: a general class extending wavelet transforms
1758 -- 1774A. Lee Swindlehurst, Thomas Kailath. A performance analysis of subspace-based methods in the presence of model errors. I. The MUSIC algorithm
1775 -- 1786Guanghan Xu, Thomas Kailath. Direction-of-arrival estimation via exploitation of cyclostationary-a combination of temporal and spatial processing
1787 -- 1806Vito Roberto, Claudio Chiaruttini. Seismic signal understanding: a knowledge-based recognition system
1807 -- 1811Chong-Yung Chi, Diing Wang. An improved inverse filtering method for parametric spectral estimation
1811 -- 1813Michael P. Clark, Louis L. Scharf. On the complexity of IQML algorithms
1813 -- 1816S. C. Dutta Roy, Shailey Minocha. On fast evaluation of bivariate polynomials at equispaced arguments
1816 -- 1819Ki M. Kim, Young C. Park, Il Whan Cha, Dae Hee Youn. Adaptive multichannel lattice-escalator filter structure: an application to generalized sidelobe canceler
1819 -- 1825Chantal Martin, Jean-Jacques Meister, Marcel Arditi, Pierre-André Farine. A novel homomorphic processing of ultrasonic echoes for layer thickness measurement
1825 -- 1828A. Lee Swindlehurst. DOA identifiability for rotationally invariant arrays
1828 -- 1832Alle-Jan van der Veen, P. Bas Ober, Ed F. Deprettere. Azimuth and elevation computation in high resolution DOA estimation
1833 -- 1835Jeffrey P. Woodard. Modeling and classification of natural sounds by product code hidden Markov models

Volume 40, Issue 6

1285 -- 1294Leon van de Kerkhof, Wil J. W. Kitzen. Tracking of a time-varying acoustic impulse response by an adaptive filter
1295 -- 1302Miriam A. Doron, Anthony J. Weiss. On focusing matrices for wide-band array processing
1303 -- 1316Yariv Ephraim. Gain-adapted hidden Markov models for recognition of clean and noisy speech
1317 -- 1326Claude Galand, Jean E. Menez, Michele M. Rosso. Adaptive code excited predictive coding
1327 -- 1340C. Sidney Burrus, Admadji W. Soewito, Ramesh A. Gopinath. Least squared error FIR filter design with transition bands
1341 -- 1353Adam C. Erickson, Barry S. Fagin. Calculating the FHT in hardware
1354 -- 1374George-Othon Glentis, Nicholas Kalouptsidis. Efficient order recursive algorithms for multichannel least squares filtering
1375 -- 1382K. C. Ho, Pak-Chung Ching. Performance analysis of a split-path LMS adaptive filter for AR modeling
1383 -- 1398Neil K. Jablon. Joint blind equalization, carrier recovery and timing recovery for high-order QAM signal constellations
1399 -- 1411Daniel Pak-Kong Lun, Wan-Chi Siu. On prime factor mapping for the discrete Hartley transform
1412 -- 1429Kambiz Nayebi, Thomas P. Barnwell III, Mark J. T. Smith. Time-domain filter bank analysis: a new design theory
1430 -- 1437N. Rama Murthy, M. N. S. Swamy. On the computation of running discrete cosine and sine transform
1438 -- 1442Irwin W. Sanderg. Uniform approximation with doubly finite Volterra series
1443 -- 1451William A. Sethares, James A. Bucklew. Excursions of adaptive algorithms via the Poisson clumping heuristic
1452 -- 1459Jicun Zhong, Zhenxiang Han, Weixue Lu. Design of windows with steerable sidelobe dips
1460 -- 1468Paul M. Baggenstoss, Steven M. Kay. An adaptive detector for deterministic signals in noise of unknown spectra using the Rao test
1469 -- 1479A. Tanju Erdem, A. Murat Tekalp. Linear bispectrum of signals and identification of nonminimum phase FIR systems driven by colored input
1480 -- 1489Wen-Hsien Fang, Andrew E. Yagle. Discrete fast algorithms for two-dimensional linear prediction on a polar raster
1490 -- 1498Wen-Hsien Fang, Andrew E. Yagle. Two methods for Toeplitz-plus-Hankel approximation to a data covariance matrix
1499 -- 1507Magdy T. Hanna, Arash Kia, John P. Robinson. Digital filters for attenuating interference arriving from a wide range of angles
1507 -- 1517Harry B. Lee. The Cramer-Rao bound on frequency estimates of signals closely spaced in frequency
1518 -- 1527Joseph M. Pimbley. Recursive autoregressive spectral estimation by minimization of the free energy
1528 -- 1534David Starer, Arye Nehorai. Newton algorithms for conditional and unconditional maximum likelihood estimation of the parameters of exponential signals in noise
1535 -- 1541G. W. Stewart. An updating algorithm for subspace tracking
1542 -- 1547Mati Wax. On unique localization of constrained-signals sources
1548 -- 1562Stefano Alliney. Digital filters as absolute norm regularizers
1563 -- 1565Serge Dégerine. On local maxima of the likelihood function for Toeplitz matrix estimation
1566 -- 1570Scott C. Douglas, Teresa H. Y. Meng. The optimum scalar data nonlinearity in LMS adaptation for arbitrary IID inputs
1570 -- 1575Wen-Hsien Fang, Andrew E. Yagle. Fast algorithms for linear least squares smoothing problems in one and two dimensions using generalized discrete Bellman-Siegert-Krein resolvent identities
1575 -- 0Aníbal R. Figueiras-Vidal. Correction to `Comments on `A curiosum concerning discrete time convolution', ' plus a remark
1576 -- 1579Raymond Fitzgerald, Wendell Anderson. Spectral distortion in sampling rate conversion by zero-order polynomial interpolation
1579 -- 1581Xiheng Hu, Hansen Yee. 1|=1 and 2-D filter stability test
1582 -- 1584J. W. Kim, C. K. Un. An adaptive array robust to beam pointing error
1584 -- 1587Owen Kimball, Mari Ostendorf, Ibrahim Bechwati. Context modeling with the stochastic segment model
1587 -- 1590Isabel M. G. Lourtie, G. Clifford Carter. Signal detection in a multiple time delay environment
1590 -- 1595David J. Pepper, Mark A. Clements. Phonemic recognition using a large hidden Markov model
1595 -- 1599Narayan Srinivasa, Musa Jouaneh. A neural network model for invariant pattern recognition
1599 -- 1601Michael J. Werter. Suppression of limit cycles in the first-order two-dimensional direct form digital filter with a controlled rounding arithmetic
1601 -- 1604Langford B. White. Cartesian hidden Markov models with applications
1605 -- 1610Ping Wah Wong. Fully sigma-delta modulation encoded FIR filters
1610 -- 1612Ja-Ling Wu, Shyh-Huei Hsu, Wei-Jou Duh. A novel two-stage algorithm for DCT and IDCT

Volume 40, Issue 5

1029 -- 1040Yong Soo Cho, Sung Bae Kim, Elmer L. Hixson, Edward J. Powers. A digital technique to estimate second-order distortion using higher order coherence spectra
1041 -- 1052Stephen J. Elliott, Christopher C. Boucher, Philip A. Nelson. The behavior of a multiple channel active control system
1053 -- 1061Jean-Jacques Fuchs. Estimation of the number of signals in the presence of unknown correlated sensor noise
1062 -- 1067X. D. Huang. Phoneme classification using semicontinuous hidden Markov models
1068 -- 1078Peter H. Bauer, Michael A. Sartori, Timothy M. Bryden. An IIR median hybrid filter
1079 -- 1090Tony F. Chan, Per Christian Hansen. A look-ahead Levinson algorithm for general Toeplitz systems
1091 -- 1095Jechang Jeong, William J. Williams. A unified fast recursive algorithm for data shuffling in various orders
1096 -- 1107Timo I. Laakso, Iiro Hartimo. Noise reduction in recursive digital filters using high-order error feedback
1108 -- 1121Ravi P. Ramachandran, Peter Kabal. Bandwidth efficient transmultiplexers. II. Subband complements and performance aspects
1122 -- 1133Irving S. Reed, Ming-Tang Shih, Trieu-Kien Truong, E. Hendon, Donald W. Tufts. A VLSI architecture for simplified arithmetic Fourier transform algorithm
1134 -- 1142George Scheets, Donald R. Hummels. An adaptive bit time estimator
1143 -- 1150Donald L. Snyder, Timothy J. Schulz, Joseph A. O'Sullivan. Deblurring subject to nonnegativity constraints
1151 -- 1167Bin Yang, Johann F. Böhme. Rotation-based RLS algorithms: unified derivations, numerical properties, and parallel implementations
1168 -- 1184William A. Gardner, Chih-Kang Chen. Signal-selective time-difference-of-arrival estimation for passive location of man-made signal sources in highly corruptive environments. I. Theory and method
1185 -- 1197Chih-Kang Chen, William A. Gardner. Signal-selective time-difference of arrival estimation for passive location of man-made signal sources in highly corruptive environments. II. Algorithms and performance
1198 -- 1205Hiroshi Kanai, Noriyoshi Chubachi, Ken'iti Kido, Yoshiro Koiwa, Takehiko Takagi, Junichi Kikuchi, Tamotsu Takishima. A new approach to time dependent AR modeling of signals and its application to analysis of the fourth heart sound
1206 -- 1215Dimitris N. Politis, Joseph P. Romano, Tze Leung Lai. Bootstrap confidence bands for spectra and cross-spectra
1216 -- 1225Joost H. de Vlieger, Robert H. J. Gmelig Meyling. Maximum likelihood estimation for long-range target tracking using passive sonar measurements
1226 -- 1230Sze-Fong Yau, Yoram Bresler. A compact Cramer-Rao bound expression for parametric estimation of superimposed signals
1231 -- 1240Shaw-Yin Lin, Zen Chen. A flexible parallel architecture for relaxation labeling algorithms
1241 -- 1252N. Rama Murthy, M. N. S. Swamy. On the VLSI implementation of real-time order statistic filters
1253 -- 1258John Bombardieri. Systolic pipeline architectures for symmetric convolutions
1258 -- 1261Daniel Boudreau, Peter Kabal. Asymptotic receiver structures for joint maximum likelihood time delay estimation and channel identification using Gaussian signals
1262 -- 1263Hans G. Feichtinger. Parseval's relationship for nonuniform samples of signals with several variables
1263 -- 1266Andre Ferrari, Gérard Alengrin, Thierry Pitarque. Improvements of a state-space iterative noise reduction algorithm for harmonic retrieval
1266 -- 1271Sridhar Lakshmanan, Haluk Derin. Necessary and sufficient conditions on the parameters of 1-D Gaussian Markov processes
1271 -- 1273Xinghai Li, Guohui Qian. Block size considerations for multidimensional convolution and correlation
1273 -- 1276Christian Roche. A split-radix partial input/output fast Fourier transform algorithm

Volume 40, Issue 4

725 -- 735Yariv Ephraim. A Bayesian estimation approach for speech enhancement using hidden Markov models
736 -- 743Jacques Behar, Moshe Porat, Yehoshua Y. Zeevi. Image reconstruction from localized phase
744 -- 757Okan K. Ersoy, Neng-Chung Hu. Fast algorithms for the discrete Fourier preprocessing transforms
758 -- 769Amrane Houacine. Regularized fast recursive least squares algorithms for finite memory filtering
770 -- 783R. David Koilpillai, P. P. Vaidyanathan. Cosine-modulated FIR filter banks satisfying perfect reconstruction
784 -- 802Dirk T. M. Slock, Luigi Chisci, Hanoch Lev-Ari, Thomas Kailath. Modular and numerically stable fast transversal filters for multichannel and multiexperiment RLS
803 -- 813Victor Solo. The error variance of LMS with time-varying weights
814 -- 822Robert J. Valenza. A representation-theoretic approach to the DFT with noncommutative generalizations
823 -- 833A. Tanju Erdem, A. Murat Tekalp, Michael M. Chang. Modeling arbitrary polynomial bispectra in one and two dimensions
834 -- 844Yu Hen Hu. The quantization effects of the CORDIC algorithm
845 -- 856P. Srinivasa Rao, Don Herrick Johnson, D. D. Becker. Generation and analysis of non-Gaussian Markov time series
857 -- 866Ralph O. Schmidt. Multilinear array manifold interpolation
867 -- 881A. Lee Swindlehurst, Björn E. Ottersten, Richard H. Roy III, Thomas Kailath. Multiple invariance ESPRIT
882 -- 893Roberto H. Bamberger, Mark J. T. Smith. A filter bank for the directional decomposition of images: theory and design
894 -- 900Peter H. Bauer. Finite word-length effects in m-D digital filters with singularities on the stability boundary
901 -- 914Thrasyvoulos N. Pappas. An adaptive clustering algorithm for image segmentation
915 -- 926Wen-Rong Wu, Amlan Kundu. Image estimation using fast modified reduced update Kalman filter
927 -- 945Michael E. Zervakis, Anastasios N. Venetsanopoulos. Iterative least squares estimators in nonlinear image restoration
946 -- 958K. J. Ray Liu, Shih Fu Hsieh, Kung Yao. Systolic block Householder transformation for RLS algorithm with two-level pipelined implementation
959 -- 966Youji Iiguni, Hideaki Sakai, Hidekatsu Tokumaru. A real-time learning algorithm for a multilayered neural network based on the extended Kalman filter
967 -- 969Nevio Benvenuto, Francesco Piazza. On the complex backpropagation algorithm
969 -- 973Brett Borden. Maximum entropy regularization in inverse synthetic aperture radar imagery
973 -- 975Alan C. Bovik. Integral inequality bounding the weighted absolute deviation of an n-dimensional function
975 -- 977Shiufun Cheung, Jae S. Lim. Combined multiresolution (wide-band/narrow-band) spectrogram
977 -- 981Meng Hwa Er. Array pattern synthesis with a controlled mean-square sidelobe level
981 -- 985Roger M. Goodall. A practical method for determining coefficient word length in digital filters
985 -- 989Wlodzimierz Greblicki, Miroslaw Pawlak. Nonparametric identification of a particular nonlinear time series system
989 -- 990S. L. Hahn. A comment on 'Decomposition of the LPC excitation using the zinc basic functions' [by R.A. Sukkar, et al.]
990 -- 993Yu Hen Hu, H. E. Liao. CALF: a CORDIC adaptive lattice filter
993 -- 996Abdollah Katbab, E. I. Jury. Robust stability of two-dimensional digital filters under coefficient perturbation
996 -- 999Joël Le Roux, Jean Menez. A cost minimization approach for optimal window design in spectral analysis of sampled signals
999 -- 1004C. S. Lee, R. J. Evans. A new eigenvector weighting method for stable high resolution array processing
1004 -- 1008Michael T. Orchard. b)
1008 -- 1011Ahmed H. Tewfik, W. Hong. On the application of uniform linear array bearing estimation techniques to uniform circular arrays
1011 -- 1015Jitendra K. Tugnait, Georgios B. Giannakis, Ananthram Swami. Counterexamples to `On estimating noncausal nonminimum phase ARMA models of non-Gaussian processes' [and reply]
1015 -- 1017Xin Wang. Adaptive multistage median filter

Volume 40, Issue 3

497 -- 510Thomas F. Quatieri, Robert J. McAulay. Shape invariant time-scale and pitch modification of speech
511 -- 517Ioannis S. Dedes, Dhadesugoor R. Vaman, Cadathur V. Chakravarthy. Variable bit rate adaptive predictive coder
518 -- 531V. Ramasubramanian, Kuldip K. Paliwal. Fast K-dimensional tree algorithms for nearest neighbor search with application to vector quantization encoding
532 -- 542Bartlomiej Beliczynski, Izzet Kale, Gerald D. Cain. Approximation of FIR by IIR digital filters: an algorithm based on balanced model reduction
543 -- 550Edward S. Chornoboy. Initialization for improved IIR filter performance
551 -- 558Yong Ching Lim, Ju-Hong Lee, C. K. Chen, Rong-Huan Yang. A weighted least squares algorithm for quasi-equiripple FIR and IIR digital filter design
559 -- 570Duncan J. Wingham. The reconstruction of a band-limited function and its Fourier transform from a finite number of samples at arbitrary locations by singular value decomposition
571 -- 577Ronald D. Degroat. Noniterative subspace tracking
578 -- 589Tsung-Ching Liu, Barry D. Van Veen. Multiple window based minimum variance spectrum estimation for multidimensional random fields
590 -- 600Björn E. Ottersten, Mats Viberg, Thomas Kailath. Analysis of subspace fitting and ML techniques for parameter estimation from sensor array data
601 -- 610Athina P. Petropulu, Chrysostomos L. Nikias. Signal reconstruction from the phase of the bispectrum
611 -- 623Gregory W. Wornell, Alan V. Oppenheim. Estimation of fractal signals from noisy measurements using wavelets
624 -- 632Fernand S. Cohen. Modeling of ultrasound speckle with application in flaw detection in metals
633 -- 644James W. Modestino, Yong-Han Kim. Adaptive entropy-coded predictive vector quantization of images
645 -- 659Adewole O. Osinubi, Robert A. King. One-dimensional Hadamard naturalness-preserving transform reconstruction of signals degraded by nonstationary noise processes
660 -- 675Mark J. Paulik, Manohar Das, N. K. Loh. Nonstationary autoregressive modeling of object contours
676 -- 0V. K. Ananthashayana. Comments on 'Fourier analysis and signal processing by use of the Mobius inversion formula' [by I.S. Reed] et al
676 -- 679Chong-Yung Chi. Minimum-variance deconvolution and maximum-likelihood deconvolution for nonwhite Bernoulli-Gaussian processes with a Joseph spectrum
679 -- 682Svante Gunnarsson. On the quality of recursively identified FIR models
682 -- 686Ashok K. Krishnamurthy. Glottal source estimation using a sum-of-exponentials model
686 -- 690Fu Li, Richard J. Vaccaro. Performance degradation of DOA estimators due to unknown noise fields
690 -- 691J. C. Liu, T.-P. Lin. A note on `Notch Fourier transform' [by Y. Tadokodo and K. Abe]
692 -- 694Alireza Moghaddamjoo, Tzu-Chieh Chang. Analysis of the spatial filtering approach to the decorrelation of coherent sources
694 -- 700Soo-Chang Pei, Jong-Jy Shyu. Relationships among digital one/half band filters, low/high order differentiators, and discrete/differentiating Hilbert transformers
700 -- 703Rafik Bruce Wallace, Rafik A. Goubran. Improved tracking adaptive noise canceler for nonstationary environments
703 -- 707D. Mitchell Wilkes. The RISE algorithm for recursive eigenspace decomposition
707 -- 711Douglas B. Williams, Don H. Johnson. On resolving 2M-1 narrow-band signals with an M sensor uniform linear array
711 -- 713Hung-Chun Yau, Michael T. Manry. Automatic determination of reject thresholds in classifiers employing discriminant functions

Volume 40, Issue 2

265 -- 271Li Deng, Patrick Kenny, Matthew Lennig, Paul Mermelstein. Modeling acoustic transitions in speech by state-interpolation hidden Markov models
272 -- 281Hermann Ney, Dieter Mergel, Andreas Noll, Annedore Paeseler. Data driven search organization for continuous speech recognition
282 -- 293Thippur V. Sreenivas, Russel J. Niederjohn. Zero-crossing based spectral analysis and SVD spectral analysis for formant frequency estimation in noise
294 -- 309Eyal Yair, Kenneth Zeger, Allen Gersho. Competitive learning and soft competition for vector quantizer design
310 -- 322Kenneth Zeger, Jacques Vaisey, Allen Gersho. Globally optimal vector quantizer design by stochastic relaxation
323 -- 332Nevio Benvenuto, Michele Marchesi, Aurelio Uncini. Applications of simulated annealing for the design of special digital filters
333 -- 342Norbert J. Fliege, Jörg Wintermantel. Complex digital oscillators and FSK modulators
343 -- 351Kevin J. Gartz. Generation of uniform amplitude complex code sets with low correlation sidelobes
352 -- 363Franz Hlawatsch, Werner Krattenthaler. Bilinear signal synthesis
364 -- 374Bor-Rong Horng, Alan N. Willson Jr.. Lagrange multiplier approaches to the design of two-channel perfect-reconstruction linear-phase FIR filter banks
375 -- 388Phillip A. Regalia. Stable and efficient lattice algorithms for adaptive IIR filtering
389 -- 394Venkatappa Sreeram, Panos Agathoklis. Design of linear-phase IIR filters via impulse-response gramians
395 -- 401Peter J. Voltz, Frank Kozin. Almost-sure convergence of the continuous-time LMS algorithm
402 -- 412Jechang Jeong, William J. Williams. Kernel design for reduced interference distributions
413 -- 420Douglas L. Jones, Thomas W. Parks. A resolution comparison of several time-frequency representations
421 -- 428Peter H. Westerink, Jan Biemond, Dick E. Boekee. Scalar quantization error analysis for image subband coding using QMFs
429 -- 438Iskender Agi, Paul J. Hurst, Anil K. Jain. A VLSI processor for parallel contour tracing
439 -- 443Ali N. Akansu, Frank E. Wadas. On lapped orthogonal transforms [signal coding applications]
443 -- 446Guillermo E. Atkin, Chung-Chung Tam. Variable-bit-rate speech transmission using punctured convolutional codes
446 -- 450Mahmood R. Azimi-Sadjadi, Ren-Jean Liou. Fast learning process of multilayer neural networks using recursive least squares method
450 -- 455Daniel T. Barry. Fast calculation of the Choi-Williams time-frequency distribution
455 -- 456Robert L. Bottemiller. Comments on `A new vector quantization clustering algorithm'
456 -- 460S. C. Chan, K. L. Ho. A new algorithm for arbitrary transformation of polynomial and rational functions
460 -- 464John A. Fawcett, Brian H. Maranda. Localization by maximizing long-time integrated spectral power [sonar]
464 -- 466Donald T. Gavel. Solution to the problem of instability in banded Toeplitz solvers
466 -- 469Kalahasthi C. Indukumar, Vellenki U. Reddy. A note on redundancy averaging
469 -- 470Leonard M. Napolitano Jr., G. Robert Redinbo. On the efficiency of `A new efficient algorithm to compute the two-dimensional discrete Fourier transform'
470 -- 473Maciej Niedzwiecki. Multiple-model approach to finite memory adaptive filtering
474 -- 478Sven Nordholm, Ingvar Claesson, Per Eriksson. The broad-band Wiener solution for Griffiths-Jim beamformers
478 -- 482D. Raghuramireddy, Rolf Unbehauen. Error analysis of a systolic realization of 2-D filters
482 -- 484Xin Wang. On the gradient inverse weighted filter [image processing]
484 -- 487Ilan Ziskind, Yeheskel Bar-Ness. Localization by narrow-band autoregressive sources by passive sensor arrays

Volume 40, Issue 12

2885 -- 2896Vassilios Digalakis, Mari Ostendorf, Jan Robin Rohlicek. Fast algorithms for phone classification and recognition using segment-based models
2897 -- 2903Farokh A. Marvasti, Peter M. Clarkson, Miroslav V. Dokic, Ut Goenchanart, Chuanda Liu. Reconstruction of speech signals with lost samples
2904 -- 2920Jacob Benesty, Pierre Duhamel. A fast exact least mean square adaptive algorithm
2921 -- 2930John Granata, Michael Conner, Richard Tolimieri. Recursive fast algorithm and the role of the tensor product
2931 -- 2940Neng-Chung Hu, Hong-I. Chang, Okan K. Ersoy. Generalized discrete Hartley transforms
2941 -- 2946Thomas P. Bronez. On the performance advantage of multitaper spectral analysis
2947 -- 2960Björn Jelonnek, Karl-Dirk Kammeyer. Improved methods for the blind system identification using higher order statistics
2961 -- 2972Juha Karhunen, Jyrki Joutsensalo. Sinusoidal frequency estimation by signal subspace approximation
2973 -- 2986Sze-Fong Yau, Yoram Bresler. Worst case Cramer-Rao bounds for parametric estimation of superimposed signals with applications
2987 -- 3000Hui-Min Zhang, Pierre Duhamel. On the methods for solving Yule-Walker equations
3001 -- 3011Uri Shaked, Yahali Theodor. ∞-minimum error state estimation and deconvolution
3012 -- 3021S. Sitharama Iyengar, Mohan B. Sharma, Rangasami L. Kashyap. Information routing and reliability issues in distributed sensor networks
3022 -- 3031Tsu-Shuan Chang, Khaled A. S. Abdel-Ghaffar. A universal neural net with guaranteed convergence to zero system error
3032 -- 3042Li-Min Du, Zi-Qiang Hou, Qi-Hu Li. Optimum block-adaptive learning algorithm for error back-propagation networks
3043 -- 3054Biing-Hwang Juang, Shigeru Katagiri. Discriminative learning for minimum error classification [pattern recognition]
3055 -- 3058Markus E. Ali, Franz Schreib. Adaptive single snapshot beamforming: a new concept for the rejection of nonstationary and coherent interferers
3059 -- 3062Lars A. Anderson, Hung-Chun Yau, Michael T. Manry. Recursive approximation of the energy spectral density
3062 -- 3066Long-Wen Chang, Shang-Shung Yu. A new implementation of generalized order statistic filter by threshold decomposition
3066 -- 3069Patrick L. Combettes, H. Joel Trussell. Best stable and invertible approximations for ARMA systems
3069 -- 3074Dawei Huang. Symmetric solutions and eigenvalue problems of Toeplitz systems
3074 -- 3078Jean-Louis Lacoume, P. Ruiz. Separation of independent sources from correlated inputs
3078 -- 3081Jian Li. Improved angular resolution for spatial smoothing techniques
3081 -- 3085Ashok K. Rao, Yih-Fang Huang. Analysis of finite precision effects on a recursive set membership parameter estimation algorithm
3085 -- 3088Shulin Yang, Youan Ke. On the three-coefficient window family

Volume 40, Issue 11

2641 -- 2650James Ting-Ho Lo, Stanley L. Marple Jr.. Observability conditions for multiple signal direction finding and array sensor localization
2651 -- 2657Zezhen Kuang, Anthony Kuh. A combined self-organizing feature map and multilayer perceptron for isolated word recognition
2658 -- 2668Moeness G. Amin. Concurrent nulling and locations of multiple interferences in adaptive antenna arrays
2669 -- 2682Gonzalo R. Arce. Microstatistics in signal decomposition and the optimal filtering problem
2683 -- 2691K. C. Ho, Pak-Chung Ching, Y. T. Chan. A new configuration for convergence speedup in adaptive time-delay estimation
2692 -- 2702Anil Khare, Toshinori Yoshikawa. Moment of cepstrum and its applications
2703 -- 2714Henrique S. Malvar. Extended lapped transforms: properties, applications, and fast algorithms
2715 -- 2725James S. Prater, Charles M. Loeffler. Analysis and design of periodically time-varying IIR filters, with applications to transmultiplexing
2726 -- 2736Kalavai J. Raghunath, V. Umapathi Reddy. Finite data performance analysis of MVDR beamformer with and without spatial smoothing
2737 -- 2746Ching-Yih Tseng, Lloyd J. Griffiths. A simple algorithm to achieve desired patterns for arbitrary arrays
2747 -- 2756Maria M. Barbieri, Piero Barone. A two-dimensional Prony's method for spectral estimation
2757 -- 2765Jechang Jeong, William J. Williams. Alias-free generalized discrete-time time-frequency distributions
2766 -- 2774Surendra Prasad, Shiv Dutt Joshi. A new recursive pseudo least squares algorithm for ARMA filtering and modeling. I
2775 -- 2783Surendra Prasad, Shiv Dutt Joshi. A new recursive pseudo least squares algorithm for ARMA filtering and modeling. II
2784 -- 2788Q. T. Zhang. Performance analysis of complex lattice processors for signal detection
2789 -- 2798Christakis Charalambous, Adib Y. Nashashibi. A computational method for the LU decomposition of rectangular matrices and its implications to the realization of 2-D digital filters
2799 -- 2803Hanan Herzberg, Raziel Haimi-Cohen. A systolic array realization of an LMS adaptive filter and the effects of delayed adaptation
2804 -- 2813Akhilesh Tyagi, Magdy A. Bayoumi. Image segmentation on a 2D array by a directed split and merge procedure
2814 -- 2816Lalit R. Bahl, Peter V. de Souza, P. S. Gopalakrishnan, Dimitri Kanevsky, David Nahamoo. Constructing candidate word lists using acoustically similar word groups
2816 -- 2819Aharon Berkovitz, Ilan Rusnak. FFT processing of randomly sampled harmonic signals
2819 -- 2822A. A. (Louis) Beex, Victor E. DeBrunner. The effect of identifier structure on parameter convergence
2823 -- 2825B. Caccin, C. Roberti, P. Russo, L. A. Smaldone. The Backus-Gilbert inversion method and the processing of sampled data
2825 -- 2829Paulo S. R. Diniz, Luiz W. P. Biscainho. Optimal variable step size for the LMS/Newton algorithm with application to subband adaptive filtering
2829 -- 2833Petar M. Djuric, Steven M. Kay. Order selection of autoregressive models
2833 -- 2836Ismail I. Jouny, Randolph L. Moses. The bispectrum of complex signals: definitions and properties
2837 -- 2841Bennett Levitan, Gershon Buchsbaum. Conversions between parallel and hierarchic architecture analysis multirate filter banks
2841 -- 2848Chi-Min Liu, Chein-Wei Jen. A parallel adaptive algorithm for moving target detection and its VLSI array realization
2848 -- 2854Seong Keun Oh, Chong Kwan Un. Simple computational methods of the AP algorithm for maximum likelihood localization of multiple radiating sources
2854 -- 2857Roberto Rinaldo, Guido M. Cortelazzo, Gian Antonio Mian. Techniques for the efficient evaluation of two-dimensional autocorrelation functions
2857 -- 2863George F. Schils. A statistical algorithm for efficient computation of correlations
2863 -- 2866Langford B. White. Spectrum estimation by iterative minimization of the I-divergence measure
2866 -- 2870Dov Wulich, Eugene I. Plotkin, M. N. S. Swamy, Wen Tong. PLL synchronized time-varying constrained notch filter for retrieving a weak multiple sine signal jammed by FM interference
2870 -- 2873Xian-Da Zhang, Yanli Zhou. A novel recursive approach to estimating MA parameters of causal ARMA models from cumulants

Volume 40, Issue 10

2377 -- 2391Lisa A. Sievers, Andreas H. von Flotow. Comparison and extensions of control methods for narrow-band disturbance rejection
2392 -- 2405Phillip A. Regalia, Philippe Loubaton. Rational subspace estimation using adaptive lossless filters
2406 -- 2413Dennis W. Ricker. The Doppler sensitivity of large TW phase modulated waveforms
2414 -- 2424Teruhiko Ukita, Etsuo Saito, Tsuneo Nitta, Sadakazu Watanabe. A speaker-independent connected digit recognition system concatenating statistically discriminated words
2425 -- 2432Zhi Ding, C. Richard Johnson Jr., Rodney A. Kennedy. On the (non)existence of undesirable equilibria of Godard blind equalizers
2433 -- 2458George-Othon Glentis, Nicholas Kalouptsidis. Fast adaptive algorithms for multichannel filtering and system identification
2459 -- 2463Ziad S. Haddad, Bowen E. Parkins. Designing Doppler signals to overcome transmission nonlinearities
2464 -- 2482Mark J. Shensa. The discrete wavelet transform: wedding the a trous and Mallat algorithms
2483 -- 2497Pao-Ta Yu, Edward J. Coyle. The classification and associative memory capability of stack filters
2498 -- 2517Shubha Kadambe, Gloria Faye Boudreaux-Bartels. A comparison of the existence of `cross terms' in the Wigner distribution and the squared magnitude of the wavelet transform and the short-time Fourier transform
2518 -- 2535Harry B. Lee. Eigenvalues and eigenvectors of covariance matrices for signals closely spaced in frequency
2536 -- 2546Boaz Porat, Benjamin Friedlander. Performance analysis of a class of transient detection algorithms-a unified framework
2547 -- 2558Lang Tong, Yujiro Inouye, Ruey-Wen Liu. A finite-step global convergence algorithm for the parameter estimation of multichannel MA processes
2559 -- 2569Xiao-Liang Xu, Kevin M. Buckley. Bias analysis of the MUSIC location estimator
2570 -- 2583Jun Zhang. The mean field theory in EM procedures for Markov random fields
2584 -- 2588Hosni B. Belaifa, Howard M. Schwartz. Robust modeling for image restoration using a modified reduced update Kalman filter
2589 -- 2592Tarnal Bose, David A. Trautman. Two's complement quantization in two-dimensional state-space digital filters
2592 -- 2594John C. Burgess. Optimum approximations to Dolph-Chebyshev data windows
2594 -- 2598Y. T. Chan, J. J. Towers. Passive localization from Doppler-shifted frequency measurements
2599 -- 2602Eric M. Dowling, Ronald D. Degroat. Adaptation dynamics of the spherical subspace tracker
2602 -- 2606Weixiu Du, R. Lynn Kirlin. Enhancement of covariance matrix for array processing
2606 -- 2608William A. Gardner, Chad M. Spooner. Comparison of autocorrelation and cross-correlation methods for signal-selective TDOA estimation
2608 -- 2613Jechang Jeong, William J. Williams. Mechanism of the cross-terms in spectrograms
2613 -- 2616Chung-Ping Kwong. Robust design of the LMS algorithm
2616 -- 2619Dong-Lai Liu, Masao Saito. Restoring a δ-pulse train by spectral fitting
2620 -- 2622Ricardo L. de Queiroz, Henrique S. Malvar. On the asymptotic performance of hierarchical transforms
2622 -- 2626Geoffrey A. Williamson, Peter M. Clarkson. On signal recovery with adaptive order statistic filters

Volume 40, Issue 1

1 -- 12Miriam Hamilton, Peter M. Schultheiss. Passive ranging in multipath dominant environments. I. Known multipath parameters
13 -- 23Stephen A. Zahorian, Amir Jalali Jagharghi. Minimum mean-square error transformations of categorical data to target positions
24 -- 31Tamal Bose, Mei-Qin Chen. Stability of digital filters implemented with two's complement truncation quantization
32 -- 43Arthur R. Butz. Root signals of rank order processors
44 -- 53Tarek I. Haweel, Peter M. Clarkson. A class of order statistic LMS algorithms
54 -- 61Michael T. Heideman. Computation of an odd-length DCT from a real-valued DFT of the same length
62 -- 69Ji-Nan Lin, Rolf Unbehauen. Bias-remedy least mean square equation error algorithm for IIR parameter recursive estimation
70 -- 84Ravi P. Ramachandran, Peter Kabal. Bandwidth efficient transmultiplexers. I. Synthesis
85 -- 95Bhaskar D. Rao. Floating point arithmetic and digital filters
96 -- 105Christian H. Bischof, Gautam M. Shroff. On updating signal subspaces
106 -- 113Melvin J. Hinich, Gary R. Wilson. Time delay estimation using the cross bispectrum
114 -- 128Giovanni Jacovitti, Roberto Cusani. Performance of normalized correlation estimators for complex processes
129 -- 141Ta-Kang Ku, C. C. Jay Kuo. Design and analysis of Toeplitz preconditioners
142 -- 158S. Unnikrishna Pillai, Theodore I. Shim, M. Hafed Benteftifa. A new spectrum extension method that maximizes the multistep minimum prediction error-generalization of the maximum entropy concept
159 -- 168Shyh-shiaw Kuo, Richard J. Mammone. 1 norm
169 -- 180Avideh Zakhor, Gary Alvstad. Two-dimensional polynomial interpolation from nonuniform samples
181 -- 189Kamyar Dezhgosha, Mohsin M. Jamali, Subhash C. Kwatra. A VLSI architecture for real-time image coding using a vector quantization based algorithm
190 -- 201K. J. Ray Liu, K. Yao. Multiphase systolic algorithms for spectral decomposition
202 -- 210Robert S. Scalero, Nazif Tepedelenlioglu. A fast new algorithm for training feedforward neural networks
211 -- 213V. Aalo, Ramanarayanan Viswanathan. Asymptotic performance of a distributed detection system in correlated Gaussian noise
213 -- 218Zoran Banjanin, J. R. Cruz, Dusan Zrnic. A unified approach to three eigendecomposition methods for frequency estimation
218 -- 221Bengt Carlsson, Mikael Sternad, Anders Ahlén. Digital differentiation of noisy data measured through a dynamic system
221 -- 225Ruey-Feng Chang, Wen-Tsuen Chen, Jia-Shung Wang. A fast finite-state algorithm for vector quantizer design
225 -- 227Paulo Jorge S. G. Ferreira. Incomplete sampling series and the recovery of missing samples from oversampled band-limited signals
227 -- 230Alberto Laurenti, Gaetano Scarano. Improved polarity coincidence spectral-centroid estimator
230 -- 232Guozhu Long, Fuyun Ling, John G. Proakis. Corrections to `The LMS algorithm with delayed coefficient adaptation'
232 -- 236Majid Rabbani, Paul W. Melnychuck. Conditioning contexts for the arithmetic coding of bit planes
236 -- 241Khalid Sayood, Karen Anderson. A differential lossless image compression scheme
241 -- 244Nagaraja Srinivasa, Kalpathi R. Ramakrishnan, K. Rajgopal. On two-dimensional maximum entropy spectral estimation
245 -- 249Mati Wax. Detection and localization of multiple sources in noise with unknown covariance
249 -- 252Chi-hsin Wu, Andrew E. Yagle. Numerical performances of autoregressive spectrum estimators based on three-term recurrences
252 -- 254Xiang-Gen Xia, Zhen Zhang. On a conjecture on time-warped band-limited signals