Journal: IEEE Transactions on Signal Processing

Volume 42, Issue 9

2217 -- 2226Michael L. Walker 0004, J. William Helton. Application of signal subspace algorithms to scattered geometric optics and edge-diffracted signals
2227 -- 2241Yeong-Taeg Kim, Gonzalo R. Arce. Permutation filter lattices: a general order-statistic filtering framework
2242 -- 2256Ram G. Shenoy, Daniel Burnside, Thomas W. Parks. Linear periodic systems and multirate filter design
2257 -- 2263Truong Q. Nguyen, Timo I. Laakso, R. David Koilpillai. Eigenfilter approach for the design of allpass filters approximating a given phase response
2264 -- 2275Mehdi Khosravi, Ronald W. Schafer. Implementation of linear digital filters based on morphological representation theory
2276 -- 2279G. C. Ray. An algorithm to separate nonstationary part of a signal using mid-prediction filter
2280 -- 2291Anatoliy A. Platonov. Optimal identification of regression-type processes under adaptively controlled observations
2292 -- 2303William M. Steedly, Ching-Hui J. Ying, Randolph L. Moses. A modified TLS-Prony method using data decimation
2304 -- 2318Mrityunjoy Chakraborty, Surendra Prasad. Multichannel ARMA modeling by least squares circular lattice filtering
2319 -- 2330Anders Eriksson, Petre Stoica, Torsten Söderström. On-line subspace algorithms for tracking moving sources
2331 -- 2343Qiang Wu, Kon Max Wong. UN-MUSIC and UN-CLE: an application of generalized correlation analysis to the estimation of the direction of arrival of signals in unknown correlated noise
2344 -- 2354Julian F. Y. Cheung, Ludwik Kurz. Asymptotically optimum finite-memory detectors in φ-mixing dependent processes
2355 -- 2369Amod V. Dandawate, Georgios B. Giannakis. Statistical tests for presence of cyclostationarity
2370 -- 2379I. Vaughan L. Clarkson, Peter J. Kootsookos, Barry G. Quinn. Analysis of the variance threshold of Kay's weighted linear predictor frequency estimator
2380 -- 2388Harry Lee, Fu Li. An eigenvector technique for detecting the number of emitters in a cluster
2389 -- 2394Victor T. Ermolaev, Alex B. Gershman. Fast algorithm for minimum-norm direction-of-arrival estimation
2395 -- 2407Cherian P. Mathews, Michael D. Zoltowski. Eigenstructure techniques for 2-D angle estimation with uniform circular arrays
2408 -- 2419Georgios B. Giannakis, Guotong Zhou. Parameter estimation of cyclostationary AM time series with application to missing observations
2420 -- 2429Mahmood R. Azimi-Sadjadi, Hongye Pan. Two-dimensional block diagonal LMS adaptive filtering
2430 -- 2438Riccardo Bernardini, Guido Maria Cortelazzo, Gian Antonio Mian. A sequential multidimensional Cooley-Tukey algorithm
2439 -- 2448Marc Moonen, Filiep J. Vanpoucke, Ed F. Deprettere. Parallel and adaptive high-resolution direction finding
2449 -- 2454Konstantinos Konstantinides, Balas K. Natarajan. An architecture for lossy compression of waveforms using piecewise-linear approximation
2455 -- 2469Emmanuel N. Frantzeskakis, Kuo J. R. Liu. A class of square root and division free algorithms and architectures for QRD-based adaptive signal processing
2470 -- 2480Zengjun Xiang, Guangguo Bi, Tho Le-Ngoc. Polynomial perceptrons and their applications to fading channel equalization and co-channel interference suppression
2481 -- 2491Arye Nehorai, Eytan Paldi. Acoustic vector-sensor array processing
2492 -- 2495Vikram M. Gadre, R. K. Patney. Some novel multirate architectures for filter realization with reduced multiplicative complexity
2495 -- 2499Soo-Chang Pei, Jong-Jy Shyu. Design of arbitrary FIR log filters by weighted least squares technique
2499 -- 2501Melbourne Barton. Performance of SVD-based fractionally spaced equalizers in data transmission systems
2501 -- 2503Zina Ben-Miled, Jerome J. Tiemann, Walter A. Helbig, José A. B. Fortes. On the design of inphase and quadrature filters for delay compensation
2504 -- 2509S. Sunder, V. Ramachandran. Design of equiripple nonrecursive digital differentiators and Hilbert transformers using a weighted least-squares technique
2509 -- 2513Venkatesh Nagesha, Steven M. Kay. On frequency estimation with the IQML algorithm
2513 -- 2520Franz Hlawatsch, Antonio H. Costa, Werner Krattenthaler. Time-frequency signal synthesis with time-frequency extrapolation and don't-care regions
2520 -- 2524Ridha Hamza, Kevin Buckley. Second-order statistical analysis of totally weighted subspace fitting methods
2524 -- 2527Chong-Yung Chi, Jian-Lin Hwang, Chyi-Feng Rau. A new cumulant based parameter estimation method for noncausal autoregressive systems
2528 -- 2530Tomás Oliveira e Silva. Optimality conditions for truncated Laguerre networks
2531 -- 2535Abhijit A. Shah, Donald W. Tufts. Determination of the dimension of a signal subspace from short data records
2535 -- 2539Cherian P. Mathews, Michael D. Zoltowski. Performance analysis of the UCA-ESPRIT algorithm for circular ring arrays

Volume 42, Issue 8

1905 -- 1915Y. T. Chan, K. C. Ho. A simple and efficient estimator for hyperbolic location
1916 -- 1938Nicholas A. Glaros, George Carayannis. Exact and first-order error analysis of the Schur and split Schur algorithms: theory and practice
1939 -- 1951Kay-Cheung Chew, Tarun Soni, James R. Zeidler, Walter H. Ku. Tracking model of an adaptive lattice filter for a linear chirp FM signal in noise
1952 -- 1960Sridhar Vembu, Sergio Verdú, Rodney A. Kennedy, William A. Sethares. Convex cost functions in blind equalization
1961 -- 1972K. Zhao, Fuyun Ling, Hanoch Lev-Ari, John G. Proakis. Sliding window order-recursive least-squares algorithms
1973 -- 1982Bruce W. Suter, Mark E. Oxley. On variable overlapped windows and weighted orthonormal bases
1983 -- 1995KyungHi Chang, William G. Bliss. Finite word-length effects of pipelined recursive digital filters
1996 -- 2005PeiZong Lee, Fang-Yu Huang. An efficient prime-factor algorithm for the discrete cosine transform and its hardware implementations
2006 -- 2021Tsuhan Chen, P. P. Vaidyanathan. Vector space framework for unification of one- and multidimensional filter bank theory
2022 -- 2036Ki-Dong Lee, Yong-Hoon Lee. Threshold Boolean filters
2037 -- 2044Magdy T. Hanna. Windows with rapidly decaying sidelobes and steerable sidelobe dips
2045 -- 2054Robert W. Hawley, Neal C. Gallagher Jr.. On Edgeworth's method for minimum absolute error linear regression
2055 -- 2067Tim Olson, Joe DeStefano. Wavelet localization of the Radon transform
2068 -- 2077Mohammed Ketel, Ludwik Kurz. Array processing using robust partition statistics
2078 -- 2093Michael J. Grimble. 2 inferential filtering, prediction, and smoothing with application to rolling mill gauge estimation
2094 -- 2104John C. Wood, Daniel T. Barry. Tomographic time-frequency analysis and its application toward time-varying filtering and adaptive kernel design for multicomponent linear-FM signals
2105 -- 2111John C. Wood, Daniel T. Barry. Linear signal synthesis using the Radon-Wigner transform
2112 -- 2123Nikolaos Antoniadis, Alfred O. Hero. Time-delay estimation for filtered Poisson processes using an EM-type algorithm
2124 -- 2135Robert D. Nowak, Barry D. Van Veen. Random and pseudorandom inputs for Volterra filter identification
2136 -- 2145Darel A. Linebarger, Ronald D. Degroat, Eric M. Dowling. Efficient direction-finding methods employing forward/backward averaging
2146 -- 2157Louis L. Scharf, Benjamin Friedlander. Matched subspace detectors
2158 -- 2168Daniel Yellin, Ehud Weinstein. Criteria for multichannel signal separation
2169 -- 2175Chin-Liang Wang. Bit-serial VLSI implementation of delayed LMS adaptive FIR filters
2176 -- 2178Riccardo Bernardini, Guido M. Cortelazzo, Gian Antonio Mian. A new technique for twiddle-factor elimination in multidimensional FFT's
2178 -- 2182Miodrag Popovic, Dragutin Sevic. A new look at the comparison of the fast Hartley and Fourier transforms
2183 -- 2185Michael J. Lindenfeld. Frequency-banded deconvolution by out-of-band penalty function
2183 -- 0Y. S. Zhu, S. W. Leung. Comment on "Parseval relationship of nonuniform samples of one- and two-dimensional signals"
2186 -- 2189Edward B. Moody. Stability conditions for discrete orthogonal polynomial deconvolution
2190 -- 2191Ming-Chwen Yang, Ja-Ling Wu. A new interpretation of "polynomial residue number system"
2191 -- 2197Xiang-Gen Xia, C. C. Jay Kuo, Zhen Zhang. Wavelet coefficient computation with optimal prefiltering
2197 -- 2200Hong Chen, Tao Chen, Tianping Chen. Efficient closed-form estimation of multivariate moving-average processes using higher order statistics
2201 -- 2203Guy Mélard, André Klein. On a fast algorithm for the exact information matrix of a Gaussian ARMA time series
2203 -- 2204Yingbo Hua. The most efficient implementation of the IQML algorithm
2205 -- 2208Flavio Lorenzelli, Per Christian Hansen, Tony F. Chan, Kung Yao. A systolic implementation of the Chan/Foster RRQR algorithm

Volume 42, Issue 7

1585 -- 1593James C. Preisig. Robust maximum energy adaptive matched field processing
1594 -- 1599S. W. Lechleider. Pulse templates for transmission over an ensemble of channels
1600 -- 1609PeiZong Lee, Fang-Yu Huang. Restructured recursive DCT and DST algorithms
1610 -- 1628Lin Yin, Yrjö Neuvo. Fast adaptation and performance characteristics of FIR-WOS hybrid filters
1629 -- 1639Hong Fan, Xiaqi Liu. Delta Levinson and Schur-type RLS algorithms for adaptive signal processing
1640 -- 1652Robert W. Dijkerman, Ravi R. Mazumdar. Wavelet representations of stochastic processes and multiresolution stochastic models
1653 -- 1661Seho Oh, Robert J. Marks II, Les E. Atlas. Kernel synthesis for generalized time-frequency distributions using the method of alternating projections onto convex sets
1662 -- 1668Hamid Krim, John H. Cozzens. A data-based enumeration technique for fully correlated signals
1669 -- 1684Hiroshi Kanai, Toyohiko Hori, Noriyoshi Chubachi, Takahiko Ono. Delayed block transfer function in the frequency domain
1685 -- 1699Petar M. Djuric, Steven M. Kay. Model selection based on Bayesian predictive densities and multiple data records
1700 -- 1707Zhenyu Guo, Louis-Gilles Durand, Howard C. Lee. The time-frequency distributions of nonstationary signals based on a Bessel kernel
1708 -- 1718Giovanni Jacovitti, Gaetano Scarano. Hybrid nonlinear moments in array processing and spectrum analysis
1719 -- 1727Benjamin Friedlander, Anthony J. Weiss. The resolution threshold of a direction-finding algorithm for diversely polarized arrays
1728 -- 1736Jitendra K. Tugnait. Linear model validation and order selection using higher order statistics
1737 -- 1745Jun Zhang, Gilbert Waiter. A wavelet-based KL-like expansion for wide-sense stationary random processes
1746 -- 1765Sang-Won Nam, Edward J. Powers. Application of higher order spectral analysis to cubically nonlinear system identification
1766 -- 1785Isao Yamada, Kohichi Sakaniwa, Shigeo Tsujii. A multidimensional isomorphic operator and its properties-a proposal of finite-extent multidimensional cepstrum
1786 -- 1794Riccardo Bernardini, Guido Maria Cortelazzo, Gian Antonio Mian. A general scrambling rule for multidimensional FFT algorithms
1795 -- 1802C. Radhakrishna Rao, Lincheng Zhao, Bin Zhou. Maximum likelihood estimation of 2-D superimposed exponential signals
1803 -- 1811George Mathew, Vellenki U. Reddy. Orthogonal eigensubspace estimation using neural networks
1812 -- 1816Xiao-Liang Yu, Kevin M. Buckley. Bias and variance of direction-of-arrival estimates from MUSIC, MIN-NORM, and FINE
1816 -- 1820Hing-Cheung So, Pak-Chung Ching, Y. T. Chan. A new algorithm for explicit adaptation of time delay
1820 -- 1825Sokratis K. Katsikas, Assimakis K. Leros, Demetrios G. Lainiotis. Passive tracking of a maneuvering target: an adaptive approach
1826 -- 1829Meng Hwa Er, B. C. Ng. A new approach to robust beamforming in the presence of steering vector errors
1829 -- 1833Kevin M. Perry, Stanley J. Reeves. A practical stopping rule for iterative signal restoration
1833 -- 1837Athanassios N. Skodras. Fast discrete cosine transform pruning
1837 -- 1841Ken Yamazaki, Rodney A. Kennedy. Reformulation of linearly constrained adaptation and its application to blind equalization
1841 -- 1845Mariane R. Petraglia, John J. Shynk, Sanjit K. Mitra. Stability bounds and steady-state coefficient variance for a second-order adaptive IIR notch filter
1845 -- 1848Jian Lu, Dennis M. Healy Jr., John B. Weaver. Signal recovery and wavelet reproducing kernels
1849 -- 1851Carmen Sanchez-Avila. An adaptive regularized method for deconvolution of signals with edges by convex projections
1852 -- 1855Rodney Lynn Kirlin, H. Brugel, Cui Ying, Dale Groutage. Maximum likelihood real part of coherence between two noisy sensor outputs with zero-delay signal inputs
1855 -- 1859Zhenghao Shi, Frederick W. Fairman. A cumulant-based Hankel approach to direction-of-arrival estimation
1859 -- 1863Mordechai Frisch, Hagit Messer. Detection of a known transient signal of unknown scaling and arrival time
1863 -- 1867LJubisa Stankovic, Srdjan Stankovic. On the Wigner distribution of discrete-time noisy signals with application to the study of quantization effects
1867 -- 1870Yongqing Zhang, Martin T. Hagan. A reduced parameter bilinear time series model
1871 -- 1873Junghsi Lee, V. John Mathews. A stability condition for certain bilinear systems
1873 -- 1875Karolos M. Grigoriadis, Arthur E. Frazho, Robert E. Skelton. Application of alternating convex projection methods for computation of positive Toeplitz matrices
1876 -- 1877Louis M. Fourdan. Author's response to "Comments on `About the enumeration of best biphase codes'"
1876 -- 0Wai Ho Mow. Comments on "About the enumeration of best biphase codes"
1877 -- 1881Kevin Erler, Ed Jernigan. Adaptive image restoration using recursive image filters
1881 -- 1884Ali Zilouchian, Ziqiang Huang. On highly modular systolic structures for separable-in-denominator 2-D digital filters
1884 -- 1887William A. Porter, S. Ligade. Training the higher order moment neural array
1887 -- 1891Yoshihiro Takada, Xinhua Zhuang, Hisashi Wakita. A geometric algorithm finding set of linear decision boundaries

Volume 42, Issue 6

1305 -- 1316James C. Preisig. A minmax approach to adaptive matched field processing in an uncertain propagation environment
1317 -- 1322Peter T. Gough. A fast spectral estimation algorithm based on the FFT
1323 -- 1334Victor A. N. Barroso, José M. F. Moura. 1 beamformers: recursive implementation and performance analysis
1335 -- 1351Scott C. Douglas, Teresa H. Y. Meng. Stochastic gradient adaptation under general error criteria
1352 -- 1365Scott C. Douglas, Teresa H. Y. Meng. Normalized data nonlinearities for LMS adaptation
1366 -- 1375Ben James, Brian D. O. Anderson, Robert C. Williamson. Conditional mean and maximum likelihood approaches to multiharmonic frequency estimation
1376 -- 1387Ta-Sung Lee. Efficient wideband source localization using beamforming invariance technique
1388 -- 1396Liang Wang, Gaetan Libert. Combining pattern recognition techniques with Akaike's information criteria for identifying ARMA models
1397 -- 1412Phillip A. Regalia. An unbiased equation error identifier and reduced-order approximations
1413 -- 1424Richard T. Behrens, Louis L. Scharf. Signal processing applications of oblique projection operators
1425 -- 1442Gregory S. Cunningham, William J. Williams. Kernel decomposition of time-frequency distributions
1443 -- 1452Michael P. Clark, Louis L. Scharf. Two-dimensional modal analysis based on maximum likelihood
1453 -- 1461Guanghan Xu, Young Man Cho, Thomas Kailath. Application of fast subspace decomposition to signal processing and communication problems
1462 -- 1470Jean-Jacques Fuchs, Herve Chuberre. A deconvolution approach to source localization
1471 -- 1477Özer Ciftcioglu, J. Eduard Hoogenboom, Hugo van Dam. A consistent estimator for the model order of an autoregressive process
1478 -- 1485Anthony J. Weiss, Benjamin Friedlander. Preprocessing for direction finding with minimal variance degradation
1486 -- 1495U. Theodor, Uri Shaked, Carlos E. de Souza. ∞-estimation
1496 -- 1508Gregory S. Cunningham, William J. Williams. Fast implementations of generalized discrete time-frequency distributions
1509 -- 1518Jin-Jen Hsue, Andrew E. Yagle. Blind deconvolution of symmetric noncausal impulse responses using two-sided linear prediction
1519 -- 1526Anthony J. Weiss, Benjamin Friedlander. Effects of modeling errors on the resolution threshold of the MUSIC algorithm
1527 -- 1536A. Salim Kayhan, Amro El-Jaroudi, Luis F. Chaparro. Evolutionary periodogram for nonstationary signals
1537 -- 1539Q. T. Zhang. Asymptotic performance analysis of information-theoretic criteria for determining the number of signals in spatially correlated noise
1540 -- 1543David N. Swingler. An approximate expression for the Cramer-Rao bound on DOA estimates of closely spaced sources in broadband line-array beamforming
1543 -- 1547Won Sik Youn, Chong Kwan Un. Robust adaptive beamforming based on the eigenstructure method
1548 -- 1550Alfredo Restrepo Palacios, Alan C. Bovik. On the statistical optimality of locally monotonic regression
1551 -- 1552C. Chakrabarti. A comment on `on prime factor mapping for the discrete Hartley transform'
1553 -- 1555Alfredo Restrepo Palacios, Liliana Chacon. A smoothing property of the median filter
1556 -- 1559Alan J. Coulson, Rodney G. Vaughan, Mark A. Poletti. Frequency-shifting using bandpass sampling
1559 -- 1563Stephen D. Voran, Louis L. Scharf. Polar coordinate quantizers that minimize mean-squared error
1563 -- 1564Jean Laroche. A recurrence relation for the product of the nonzero eigenvalues of singular symmetric Toeplitz matrices
1565 -- 1569Vladimir Friedman. A zero crossing algorithm for the estimation of the frequency of a single sinusoid in white noise
1569 -- 1572H. B. Lee. The Cramer-Rao bound on frequency estimates of signals closely spaced in frequency (unconditional case)
1572 -- 1576Adam J. Efron, H. Jeen. Detection in impulsive noise based on robust whitening

Volume 42, Issue 5

1001 -- 1007Ariela Zeira, Peter M. Schultheiss. Realizable lower bounds for time delay estimation. 2. Threshold phenomena
1008 -- 1017Sachin P. Ghanekar, Sawasd Tantaratana, Lewis E. Franks. Multiplier-free IIR filter realization using periodically time-varying state-space structure. I. Structure and design
1018 -- 1027Sachin P. Ghanekar, Sawasd Tantaratana, Lewis E. Franks. Multiplier-free IIR filter realization using periodically time-varying state-space structure. II. VLSI architectures
1028 -- 1037Eric J. Diethorn. The generalized exponential time-frequency distribution
1038 -- 1051Stephen A. Martucci. Symmetric convolution and the discrete sine and cosine transforms
1052 -- 1062Ali H. Sayed, Hanoch Lev-Ari, Thomas Kailath. Time-variant displacement structure and triangular arrays
1063 -- 1073Bor-Sen Chen, Jeng-Ming Chen, Shen-Ching Shern. p norm estimation algorithm
1074 -- 1086Michael J. Turmon, Michael I. Miller. Maximum-likelihood estimation of complex sinusoids and Toeplitz covariances
1087 -- 1096Yves Grenier. Wideband source location through frequency-dependent modeling
1097 -- 1108Constantin Papaodysseus, Elias Koukoutsis, C. Vasilatos. Error propagation and methods of error correction in LS FIR filtering and l-step ahead linear prediction
1109 -- 1119Zhenghao Shi, Frederick W. Fairman. Harmonic retrieval via state space and fourth-order cumulants
1120 -- 1132Ta-Hsin Li, Benjamin Kedem. Iterative filtering for multiple frequency estimation
1133 -- 1144C. R. Rao, Chellury R. Sastry, B. Zhou. Tracking the direction of arrival of multiple moving targets
1145 -- 1155Sanyogita Shamsunder, Georgios B. Giannakis. Detection and parameter estimation of multiple nonGaussian sources via higher order statistics
1156 -- 1165Moeness G. Amin. Spectral decomposition of time-frequency distribution kernels
1166 -- 1171Sridhar Lakshmanan. The robustness properties of univariate and multivariate reciprocal polynomials
1172 -- 1177Tarnal Bose. Asymptotic stability of two-dimensional digital filters under quantization
1178 -- 1189Lori E. Lucke, Keshab K. Parhi. Parallel processing architectures for rank order and stack filters
1190 -- 1201Shuvra S. Bhattacharyya, Edward A. Lee. Memory management for dataflow programming of multirate signal processing algorithms
1202 -- 1217Sun-Yuan Kung, Konstantinos I. Diamantaras, Jin-Shiuh Taur. Adaptive Principal component EXtraction (APEX) and applications
1218 -- 1221Feng Qian, Barry D. Van Veen. Partially adaptive beamformer design subject to worst-case performance constraints
1221 -- 1226Carlos E. Davila. An algorithm for efficient, unbiased, equation-error infinite impulse response adaptive filtering
1227 -- 1230Søren Hein, Avideh Zakhor. Theoretical and numerical aspects of an SVD-based method for band-limiting finite-extent sequences
1230 -- 1233Peter Strobach. Two-fold normalized square-root Schur RLS adaptive filter
1234 -- 1238Leland B. Jackson. An improved Martinet/Parks algorithm for IIR design with unequal numbers of poles and zeros
1239 -- 1242Simon Haykin, Liang Li. Modified Kalman filtering
1242 -- 1246Jenq-Tay Yuan, John A. Stuller. Order-recursive FIR smoothers
1247 -- 1251Isaac Engel, Neil J. Bershad. A transient learning comparison of Rosenblatt, backpropagation, and LMS algorithms for a single-layer perceptron for system identification
1251 -- 1256George Henry Niezgoda, Jeffrey L. Krolik. A multiple time scale modularized adaptive beamformer
1256 -- 1259Chau-Yun Hsu, Jui Chi Yao. Comparative performance of fast cosine transform with fixed-point roundoff error analysis
1260 -- 1264Zhi Ding, Y. Li. On channel identification based on second-order cyclic spectra
1264 -- 1268Barry G. Quinn. Estimating frequency by interpolation using Fourier coefficients
1268 -- 1271Yong Soo Cho, Edward J. Powers. Quadratic system identification using higher order spectra of i.i.d. signals
1272 -- 1275Julian F. Y. Cheung, Ludwik Kurz. A class of memoryless robust detectors in dependent noise
1275 -- 1278Amab K. Shaw. A decoupled approach for optimal estimation of transfer function parameters from input-output data
1279 -- 1281Mark Raifel, Felix A. Flomen. Split Burg and covariance lattice algorithms
1281 -- 1284Mingyong Zhou, Zhongkan Liu, Hiromitsu Hama. A resolution-controllable harmonical retrieval approach on the Chrestenson discrete space
1284 -- 1287Yang-Ming Zhu, Zhi-Zhong Wang, Yu Wei. A convex projections approach to spectral analysis
1288 -- 1292Duen-Jeng Wang, Yu Hen Hu. Fully static multiprocessor array realizability criteria for real-time recurrent DSP applications
1288 -- 0Yingbo Hua, Farhan A. Baqai. Correction to "Estimating two-dimensional frequencies by matrix enhancement and matrix pencil"

Volume 42, Issue 4

721 -- 742Kai X. Miao, Howard Fan, Milos Doroslovacki. Cascade lattice IIR adaptive filters
743 -- 750Ryszard Stasinski. Radix-K FFT's using K-point convolutions
751 -- 761Jin-Gyun Chung, Keshab K. Parhi. Pipelining of lattice IIR digital filters
762 -- 771Brian L. Evans, Roberto H. Bamberger, James H. McClellan. Rules for multidimensional multirate structures
772 -- 781Jean-Hsang Lin, Yeong-Taeg Kim. Fast algorithms for training stack filters
782 -- 798Kenneth E. Barner, Gonzalo R. Arce. Permutation filters: a class of nonlinear filters based on set permutations
799 -- 811Sciren Hein, Avideh Zakhor. Reconstruction of oversampled band-limited signals from ΣΔ encoded binary sequences
812 -- 824Ramesh A. Gopinath, C. Sidney Burrus. On upsampling, downsampling, and rational sampling rate filter banks
825 -- 834Kambiz Nayebi, Thomas P. Barnwell III, Mark J. T. Smith. On the design of FIR analysis-synthesis filter banks with high computational efficiency
835 -- 845Lale Akarun, Richard A. Haddad. Decimated rank-order filtering
846 -- 859Ehud Weinstein, Alan V. Oppenheim, Meir Feder, John R. Buck. Iterative and sequential algorithms for multisensor signal enhancement
860 -- 866Ioannis Pitas. Optimization and adaptation of discrete-valued digital filter parameters by simulated annealing
867 -- 876David D. Feldman, Lloyd J. Griffiths. A projection approach for robust adaptive beamforming
877 -- 886André Monin, Gérard Salut. Exact ARMA lattice predictors from autocorrelation functions
887 -- 897Rolf Johansson. Identification of continuous-time models
898 -- 913Ananthram Swami, Georgios B. Giannakis, Sanyogita Shamsunder. Multichannel ARMA processes
914 -- 926Eric M. Dowling, Larry P. Ammann, Ronald D. Degroat. A TQR-iteration based adaptive SVD for real time angle and frequency tracking
927 -- 935Leehter Yao, William A. Sethares. Nonlinear parameter estimation via the genetic algorithm
936 -- 941Gregory J. Adams, Robin J. Evans. Neural networks for frequency line tracking
942 -- 945Meir Zibulski, Yehoshua Y. Zeevi. Frame analysis of the discrete Gabor-scheme
946 -- 950Soura Dasgupta, Jeffery S. Garnett, C. Richard Johnson Jr.. Convergence of an adaptive filter with signed filtered error
950 -- 953Scott D. Snyder, Colin H. Hansen. The effect of transfer function estimation errors on the filtered-x LMS algorithm
953 -- 956Albertus C. den Brinker. Laguerre-domain adaptive filters
956 -- 961S. Sunder, Ravi P. Ramachandran. Least-squares design of higher order nonrecursive differentiators
962 -- 966Soo-Chang Pei, Jong-Jy Shyu. Design of 1-D and 2-D IIR eigenfilters
966 -- 968Soo-Chang Pei, Jong-Jy Shyu. Eigenfilter design of 1-D and 2-D IIR digital all-pass filters
969 -- 970Don Coppersmith, Ephraim Feig, Elliot N. Linzer. Hadamard transforms on multiply/add architectures
970 -- 973Brian L. Evans, Thomas R. Gardos, James H. McClellan. Imposing structure on Smith-form decompositions of rational resampling matrices
973 -- 976Victor C. Soon, Lang Tong, Yih-Fang Huang, Ruey-Wen Liu. A subspace method for estimating sensor gains and phases
977 -- 980Jian Li. On polarization estimation using a crossed-dipole array
980 -- 983Qiang Wu, Kon Max Wong, James P. Reilly. Maximum likelihood direction-finding in unknown noise environments
983 -- 985Ali Zilouchian, Ziqiang Huang. A note on evaluation of the quantization error in denominator-separable 2-D recursive filters
985 -- 988Syed Afzal Hussain, Sumana Gupta. Design of simple systolic arrays using geometric projections
988 -- 991N. Rama Murthy, M. N. S. Swamy. On the real-time computation of DFT and DCT through systolic architectures
991 -- 993M. Reza Hakami, Peter J. Warter, Charles G. Boncelet Jr.. A new VLSI architecture suitable for multidimensional order statistic filtering

Volume 42, Issue 3

509 -- 518Thieny Petillon, André Gilloire, Sergios Theodoridis. The fast Newton transversal filter: an efficient scheme for acoustic echo cancellation in mobile radio
519 -- 531Nguyen T. Thao, Martin Vetterli. Deterministic analysis of oversampled A/D conversion and decoding improvement based on consistent estimates
532 -- 538Behrouz Farhang-Boroujeny, Saeed Gazor. Generalized sliding FFT and its application to implementation of block LMS adaptive filters
539 -- 551Guanghan Xu, Thomas Kailath. Fast subspace decomposition
552 -- 562Peter Gruber, Jiirg Todtli. Estimation of quasiperiodic signal parameters by means of dynamic signal models
563 -- 571Jar-Ferr Yang, Hui-Ju Lin. Adaptive high-resolution algorithms for tracking nonstationary sources without the estimation of source number
572 -- 585Ahmed H. Tewfik, M. Kim. Fast positive definite linear system solvers
586 -- 594Anders Eriksson, Petre Stoica, Torsten Söderström. Markov-based eigenanalysis method for frequency estimation
595 -- 603Michael J. Genossar, Hanoch Lev-Ari, Thomas Kailath. Consistent estimation of the cyclic autocorrelation
604 -- 610Fu Li, Hui Liu. Statistical analysis of beam-space estimation for direction-of-arrivals
611 -- 617Shlomit Farkash, Shlomit Raz. Linear systems in Gabor time-frequency space
618 -- 627Stefano Alliney, S. A. Ruzinsky. 2 norms with application to Bayesian estimation
628 -- 641Wen-Hsien Fang, Andrew E. Yagle. Two-dimensional linear prediction and spectral estimation on a polar raster
642 -- 648Jerome M. Shapiro. Adaptive McClellan transformations for quincunx filter banks
649 -- 662Bryce A. Curtis, Vijay K. Madisetti. Rapid prototyping on the Georgia Tech digital signal multiprocessor
663 -- 667George Mathew, Vellenki U. Reddy. Development and analysis of a neural network approach to Pisarenko's harmonic retrieval method
668 -- 672Markus Rupp, Rudi Frenzel. Analysis of LMS and NLMS algorithms with delayed coefficient update under the presence of spherically invariant processes
672 -- 673Eweda Eweda. Comments on "A comparison of two quantized state adaptive algorithms"
673 -- 676Mohan Vishwanath. The recursive pyramid algorithm for the discrete wavelet transform
673 -- 0William A. Sethares, C. Richard Johnson Jr.. Reply to "Comments on `A comparison of two quantized state adaptive algorithms' "
677 -- 680David Starer, Arye Nehorai. Passive localization of near-field sources by path following
680 -- 683Ming Zhang, Shi-Da Wu, Lohming Li. Improving resolution for array processing by new array geometry and spatial filter
684 -- 688André Klein, Guy Mélard. Computation of the Fisher information matrix for SISO models
688 -- 691Ridha Hamza, Kevin Buckley. Resolution enhanced ESPRIT
691 -- 693Petre Stoica, Torsten Söderström. On Di's and subspace fitting approaches to direction estimation
694 -- 697Shie Qian, Dapang Chen. Optimal biorthogonal analysis window function for discrete Gabor transform
698 -- 702Douglas K. Cooper, Joseph M. Pimbley. A minimum free-energy hybrid algorithm for 2-D spectral estimation
702 -- 707Zhi-Jian Mou. Efficient 2-D and multi-D symmetric FIR filter structures
707 -- 712C. Chakrabarti. High sample rate array architectures for median filters

Volume 42, Issue 2

249 -- 258Humor Hwang, Richard A. Haddad. Multilevel nonlinear filters for edge detection and noise suppression
259 -- 267Emmanuel Angelidis, John E. Diamessis. A novel method for designing FIR digital filters with nonuniform frequency samples
268 -- 280Carlos E. Davila. An efficient recursive total least squares algorithm for FIR adaptive filtering
281 -- 291Peter Händel, Arye Nehorai. Tracking analysis of an adaptive notch filter with constrained poles and zeros
292 -- 303Gianpaolo Evangelista. Comb and multiplexed wavelet transforms and their applications to signal processing
304 -- 317John H. Cozzens, Michael J. Sousa. Source enumeration in a correlated signal environment
318 -- 331Ram G. Shenoy, Thomas W. Parks. The Weyl correspondence and time-frequency analysis
332 -- 348David Lee Sherman, Michael D. Zoltowski. Matrix-based higher order spectral analysis for three-wave coupling processes
349 -- 356Guanghan Xu, Seth D. Silverstein, Richard H. Roy III, Thomas Kailath. Beamspace ESPRIT
357 -- 366Franz Hlawatsch, Rüdiger L. Urbanke. Bilinear time-frequency representations of signals: the shift-scale invariant class
367 -- 375James H. Michels, Pramod K. Varshney, Donald Weiner. Synthesis of correlated multichannel random processes
376 -- 398Arye Nehorai, Eytan Paldi. Vector-sensor array processing for electromagnetic source localization
399 -- 408Alf J. Isaksson. Frequency domain accuracy of identified 2-D causal AR-models
409 -- 411F. Ayhan Sakarya, Monson H. Hayes III. A subspace rotation-based technique for estimating 2-D arrival angles using nonlinear array configurations
412 -- 413John E. Piper. Constrained likelihood function for a uniform array
413 -- 415Kalahasthi C. Indukumar, Vellenki U. Reddy. Comments on "A further analysis of decorrelation performance of spatial smoothing technique for real multipath sources"
415 -- 419Carlos E. Davila. An algorithm for efficient, unbiased, equation-error infinite impulse response adaptive filtering
419 -- 422Lin Yin, Jaakko Astola, Yrjö Neuvo. Adaptive multistage weighted order statistic filters based on the backpropagation algorithm
423 -- 426Steven G. Mason, Gary E. Birch, Mabo R. Ito. Improved single-trial signal extraction of low SNR events
426 -- 429Kok Lay Teo, Antonio Cantoni, X. G. Lin. A new approach to the optimization of envelope-constrained filters with uncertain input
429 -- 433Hideaki Sakai. Recursive least-squares algorithms of modified Gram-Schmidt type for parallel weight extraction
434 -- 437George Mathew, Soura Dasgupta, Vellenki U. Reddy. Improved Newton-type algorithm for adaptive implementation of Pisarenko's harmonic retrieval method and its convergence analysis
437 -- 440M. F. Fahmy, Y. M. Yassin, G. Abdel-Raheem, N. El-Gayed. Design of linear-phase IIR filters from FIR specifications
441 -- 443Chi-hsin Wu, Andrew E. Yagle. The gradient adaptive split lattice algorithm
444 -- 445Paulo Jorge S. G. Ferreira. A group of permutations that commute with the discrete Fourier transform
445 -- 448Jeffrey L. Krolik, David N. Swingler. On the mean-square error performance of adaptive minimum variance beamformers based on the sample covariance matrix
448 -- 451Rajesh Sharma, Barry D. Van Veen. Large modular structures for adaptive beamforming and the Gram-Schmidt preprocessor
451 -- 456Ludo M. G. M. Tolhuizen, Imran A. Shah, Antonius A. C. M. Kalker. On constructing regular filter banks from domain bounded polynomials
456 -- 459José Manuel Páez-Borrallo, Santiago Zazo-Bello. On the joint statistical characterization of the input and output of an order statistic filter
459 -- 462Calyampudi Radhakrishna Rao, Lu Zhang, L. C. Zhao. Multitarget angle tracking an algorithm for data association
462 -- 466Jinho Choi 0001, Iickho Song, Sangyoub Kim, Yoon Kyoo Jhee. A generalized null-spectrum for direction of arrival estimation
466 -- 469Mrityunjoy Chakraborty, Surendra Prasad. Computation of a useful Cramer-Rao bound for multichannel ARMA parameter estimation
469 -- 471Alan C. Bovik, Petros Maragos. Conditions for positivity of an energy operator
471 -- 474Eric K. L. Hung. A critical study of a self-calibrating direction-finding method for arrays
474 -- 479Harry Lee, Robert Stovall. Maximum likelihood methods for determining the direction of arrival for a single electromagnetic source with unknown polarization
479 -- 482Andrew T. Walden, Emma J. McCoy, Donald B. Percival. The variance of multitaper spectrum estimates for real Gaussian processes
483 -- 485Yuanije Chen, Chrysostomos L. Nikias. Identifiability of a band-limited system from its cyclostationary output autocorrelation
485 -- 489Wen-Hsien Fang, Andrew E. Yagle. A systolic architecture for new split algorithms for arbitrary Toeplitz-plus-Hankel matrices
489 -- 491Xinhua Zhuang, Yan Huang, Frank A. Yu, Peng Zhang. A neural net algorithm for multidimensional minimum relative-entropy spectral analysis
492 -- 495Xinhua Zhuang, Yan Huang, Frank A. Yu. Design of Hopfield content-addressable memories
496 -- 498Biing-Hwang Juang, S. H. Lo. On the bias of the Turing-Good estimate of probabilities

Volume 42, Issue 12

3309 -- 3320Jiqin Pan, William S. Levine. A Levinson-type algorithm for a class of non-Toeplitz systems with applications to multichannel IIR filtering
3321 -- 3334Franz Hlawatsch, Werner Kozek. Time-frequency projection filters and time-frequency signal expansions
3335 -- 3352Conor Heneghan, Shyam M. Khanna, Ake Flock, Mats Ulfendahl, Lou Brundin, Malvin C. Teich. Investigating the nonlinear dynamics of cellular motion in the inner ear using the short-time Fourier and continuous wavelet transforms
3353 -- 3365Michael S. O'Brien, Anthony N. Sinclair, Stuart M. Kramer. 1 norm deconvolution
3366 -- 3376Henry Leung, Simon Haykin. Detection and estimation using an adaptive rational function filter
3377 -- 3386Roger W. Brockett, Petros Maragos. Evolution equations for continuous-scale morphological filtering
3387 -- 3408William A. Gardner, Chad M. Spooner. The cumulant theory of cyclostationary time-series. I. Foundation
3409 -- 3429Chad M. Spooner, William A. Gardner. The cumulant theory of cyclostationary time-series. II. Development and applications
3430 -- 3440Vinod Chandran, Steve Elgar, Barry Vanhoff. Statistics of tricoherence
3441 -- 3448K. J. Ray Liu, Dianne P. O'Leary, G. W. Stewart, Y.-J. J. Wu. URV ESPRIT for tracking time-varying signals
3449 -- 3459Marilynn P. Wylie, Sumit Roy 0001, Hagit Messer. Joint DOA estimation and phase calibration of linear equispaced (LES) arrays
3460 -- 3472Georgios B. Giannakis, Michail K. Tsatsanis. Time-domain tests for Gaussianity and time-reversibility
3473 -- 3482Bernard C. Picinbono. On circularity
3483 -- 3494Ye Li, Zhi Ding. ARMA system identification based on second-order cyclostationarity
3495 -- 3507Mats Viberg, A. Lee Swindlehurst. A Bayesian approach to auto-calibration for parametric array signal processing
3508 -- 3512Ming-Haw Yaou, Wen-Thong Chang. M-ary wavelet transform and formulation for perfect reconstruction in M-band filter bank
3513 -- 3515Karl-Ejner Christensen, Erik Sorensen. A fast algorithm for polyphase quadrature filters
3515 -- 3518Bing Zeng. Convergence properties of median and weighted median filters
3519 -- 3523Michael Unser, Akram Aldroubi, Steven J. Schiff. Fast implementation of the continuous wavelet transform with integer scales
3523 -- 3525Bin Yang. A note on the error propagation analysis of recursive least squares algorithms
3526 -- 3530Lance M. Kaplan, C. C. Jay Kuo. Extending self-similarity for fractional Brownian motion
3530 -- 3535Douglas L. Jones, Richard G. Baraniuk. A simple scheme for adapting time-frequency representations
3535 -- 3539Iain B. Collings, Vikram Krishnamurthy, John B. Moore. On-line identification of hidden Markov models via recursive prediction error techniques
3539 -- 3543Xian-Da Zhang, Yanda Li. Harmonic retrieval in mixed Gaussian and non-Gaussian ARMA noises
3543 -- 3547Yuan-Hwang Chen, Ching-Tai Chiang. Kalman-based estimator for DOA estimations
3547 -- 3549Shahrokh Valaee, Peter Kabal. Alternative proofs for "On unique localization of constrained-signal sources"
3549 -- 3552Kin H. Yu, Yu Hen Hu. Efficient scheduling and instruction selection for programmable digital signal processors

Volume 42, Issue 11

2901 -- 2905William A. Sethares, James A. Bucklew. Local stability of the median LMS filter
2906 -- 2914Marco C. Campi. Exponentially weighted least squares identification of time-varying systems with white disturbances
2915 -- 2925Michael Unser, Akram Aldroubi. A general sampling theory for nonideal acquisition devices
2926 -- 2936C. Sidney Burrus, J. A. Barreto, Ivan W. Selesnick. Iterative reweighted least-squares design of FIR filters
2937 -- 2944Eweda Eweda. Comparison of RLS, LMS, and sign algorithms for tracking randomly time-varying channels
2945 -- 2954Yifeng Fu, Geoffrey A. Williamson, Peter M. Clarkson. Adaptive algorithms for non-Gaussian noise environments: the order statistic least mean square algorithms
2955 -- 2966Patrick L. Combettes. Inconsistent signal feasibility problems: least-squares solutions in a product space
2967 -- 2971Luc Knockaert. A generalized Mobius transform and arithmetic Fourier transforms
2972 -- 2982Bor-Sen Chen, Chin-Wei Lin. Multiscale Wiener filter for the restoration of fractal signals: wavelet filter bank approach
2983 -- 2996Iraj Sodagar, Kambiz Nayebi, Thomas P. Barnwell III. Time-varying filter banks and wavelets
2997 -- 3005Hyunduk Ahn, Andrew E. Yagle. Relaxation procedure for phase retrieval of nonnegative signals
3006 -- 3015Ruth Onn, Allan O. Steinhardt. A multiwindow method for spectrum estimation and sinusoid detection in an array environment
3016 -- 3025Ying-Xian Yao, Sudhakar M. Pandit. Variance of least squares estimators for a damped sinusoidal process
3026 -- 3042Dimitrios Hatzinakos. Nonminimum phase channel deconvolution using the complex cepstrum of the cyclic autocorrelation
3043 -- 3050Stephan V. Schell. Performance analysis of the cyclic MUSIC method of direction estimation for cyclostationary signals
3051 -- 3060Chao-Ming Cho, Petar M. Djuric. Detection and estimation of DOA's of signals via Bayesian predictive densities
3061 -- 3072Dinh-Tuan Pham, Dinh Quy Tong. Maximum likelihood estimation for a multivariate autoregressive model
3073 -- 3083Mats Viberg, A. Lee Swindlehurst. Analysis of the combined effects of finite samples and model errors on array processing performance
3084 -- 3091Luis B. Almeida. The fractional Fourier transform and time-frequency representations
3092 -- 3103John B. Moore, Vikram Krishnamurthy. Deinterleaving pulse trains using discrete-time stochastic dynamic-linear models
3104 -- 3113Bart De Moor. Total least squares for affinely structured matrices and the noisy realization problem
3114 -- 3125Jian Li, Petre Stoica. Efficient parameter estimation of partially polarized electromagnetic waves
3126 -- 3136Pierre Moulin. Wavelet thresholding techniques for power spectrum estimation
3137 -- 3149Jitendra K. Tugnait. Detection of non-Gaussian signals using integrated polyspectrum
3150 -- 3165Qi Cheng, Yingbo Hua. Performance analysis of the MUSIC and Pencil-MUSIC algorithms for diversely polarized array
3166 -- 3177John C. Wood, Daniel T. Barry. Radon transformation of time-frequency distributions for analysis of multicomponent signals
3178 -- 3187Guoxiang Gu, Jorge L. Aravena. Weighted least mean square design of 2-D FIR digital filters
3188 -- 3208Vijay K. Madisetti, Bryce A. Curtis. A quantitative methodology for rapid prototyping and high-level synthesis of signal processing algorithms
3209 -- 3217Shaomin Mo, Bahram Shafai. Blind equalization using higher order cumulants and neural network
3218 -- 3223Konstantinos I. Diamantaras, Sun-Yuan Kung. Cross-correlation neural network models
3224 -- 3229Pablo Laguna, Raimon Jané, Pere Caminal. A time delay estimator based on the signal integral: theoretical performance and testing on ECG signals
3229 -- 3233Thulasinath G. Manickam, Richard J. Vaccaro, Donald W. Tufts. A least-squares algorithm for multipath time-delay estimation
3234 -- 3237Richard J. Vaccaro, Yinong Ding. A new state-space approach for direction finding
3237 -- 3240Martin D. Meyer, Dharma P. Agrawal. Vectorization of the DLMS transversal adaptive filter
3241 -- 3245Andrew Reilly, Gordon Frazer, Boualem Boashash. Analytic signal generation-tips and traps
3245 -- 3248Michael A. Blommer, Gregory H. Wakefield. On the design of pole-zero approximations using a logarithmic error measure
3249 -- 3254P. R. Uniyal. Transforming real-valued sequences: fast Fourier versus fast Hartley transform algorithms
3254 -- 3255Jui Chi Yao, Chau-Yun Hsu. Further results on "New fast recursive algorithms for the discrete cosine and sine transforms"
3255 -- 3258Pauli Kuosmanen, Jaakko Astola, Sos S. Agaian. On rank selection probabilities
3258 -- 3260Dulal C. Kar, V. V. Bapeswara Rao. On the prime factor decomposition algorithm for the discrete sine transform
3260 -- 3261Dragutin Sevic, Miodrag Popovic. Improved implementation of the Princen-Bradley filter bank
3262 -- 3263Zhongde Wang, Graham A. Jullien, William C. Miller. Comments on "On asymmetrical performance of discrete cosine transform"
3263 -- 3264Kurt J. Hebel. Structural properties of a class of state-space digital filters that are free of overflow oscillations
3264 -- 3269Byeongjang Jeong, Yong-Hoon Lee. Design of weighted order statistic filters using the perceptron algorithm
3269 -- 3271David S. Mazel. Representation of discrete sequences with three-dimensional iterated function systems
3272 -- 3273M. Terre, M. Bellanger. A fast least squares QRD-based algorithm for complex data
3274 -- 3276Richard O. Nielsen. Estimation of azimuth and elevation angles for a plane wave sine wave with a 3-D array
3276 -- 3278Don M. Gruenbacher, Donald R. Hummels. A simple algorithm for generating discrete prolate spheroidal sequences
3278 -- 3282Paulo Jorge S. G. Ferreira. Noniterative and fast iterative methods for interpolation and extrapolation
3282 -- 3284Douglas B. Williams. Counting the degrees of freedom when using AIC and MDL to detect signals
3285 -- 3287Jean-François Cardoso, Eric Moulines. A robustness property of DOA estimators based on covariance
3287 -- 3291Yuan-Hwang Chen, Yih-Sheng Lin. A modified cumulant matrix for DOA estimation
3291 -- 3294Barry G. Quinn, Peter J. Kootsookos. Threshold behavior of the maximum likelihood estimator of frequency
3294 -- 3298Luciano Izzo, Antonio Napolitano, Luigi Paura. Modified cyclic methods for signal selective TDOA estimation

Volume 42, Issue 10

2549 -- 2559Miriam A. Doron, Eyal Doron. Wavefield modeling and array processing .I. Spatial sampling
2560 -- 2570Miriam A. Doron, Eyal Doron. Wavefield modeling and array processing. II. Algorithms
2571 -- 2580Miriam A. Doron, Eyal Doron. Wavefield modeling and array processing. III. Resolution capacity
2581 -- 2595Constantine Kotropoulos, Ioannis Pitas. Multichannel L filters based on marginal data ordering
2596 -- 2606Paulo Jorge S. G. Ferreira. Interpolation and the discrete Papoulis-Gerchberg algorithm
2607 -- 2615Mamadou Mboup, Madeleine Bonnet, Neil J. Bershad. LMS coupled adaptive prediction and system identification: a statistical model and transient mean analysis
2616 -- 2627James A. Bucklew, William A. Sethares. The covering problem and μ-dependent adaptive algorithms
2628 -- 2643Mohit K. Prasad, Yong-Hoon Lee. Stack filters and selection probabilities
2644 -- 2649Kurt S. Riedel. Kernel estimation of the instantaneous frequency
2650 -- 2663Cormac Herley, Martin Vetterli. Orthogonal time-varying filter banks and wavelet packets
2664 -- 2677Jeffrey A. Fessler, Alfred O. Hero. Space-alternating generalized expectation-maximization algorithm
2678 -- 2691Pao-Ta Yu, Wei-Hsiang Liao. Weighted order statistics filters-their classification, some properties, and conversion algorithm
2692 -- 2696Yuehua Wu, Kwok-Wai Tam. Randomized penalty in detection of the number of signals
2697 -- 2705Patrick J. Loughlin, James W. Pitton, Les E. Atlas. Construction of positive time-frequency distributions
2706 -- 2714Ilan Sharfer, Hagit Messer. The bispectrum of sampled data. II. Monte-Carlo simulations of detection and estimation of the sampling jitter
2715 -- 2728Dae C. Shin, Chrysostomos L. Nikias. Adaptive interference canceler for narrowband and wideband interferences using higher order statistics
2729 -- 2741Brian M. Sadler, Georgios B. Giannakis, Keh-Shin Lii. Estimation and detection in non-Gaussian noise using higher order statistics
2742 -- 2748Jitendra K. Tugnait. Testing for linearity of noisy stationary signals
2749 -- 2757Mehmet Karan, Robert C. Williamson, Brian D. O. Anderson. Performance of the maximum likelihood constant frequency estimator for frequency tracking
2758 -- 2770Benoît Champagne. Adaptive eigendecomposition of data covariance matrices based on first-order perturbations
2771 -- 2780Dae C. Shin, Chrysostomos L. Nikias. Estimation of frequency-delay of arrival (FDOA) using fourth-order statistics in unknown correlated Gaussian noise sources
2781 -- 2794Michael D. Zoltowski, Cherian P. Mathews. Real-time frequency and 2-D angle estimation with sub-Nyquist spatio-temporal sampling
2795 -- 2810Jenq-Neng Hwang, Shyh-Rong Lay, Alan Lippman. Nonparametric multivariate density estimation: a comparative study
2811 -- 2822Erlan H. Feria. Decomposed predictive transform estimation
2823 -- 2831Chin-Chi Hsu, Irving S. Reed, Trieu-Kien Truong. Inverse Z-transform by Mobius inversion and the error bounds of aliasing in sampling
2832 -- 2834C. C. Ko, C. P. Li. An adaptive IIR structure for the separation, enhancement, and tracking of multiple sinusoids
2835 -- 2836Zhongshan Qian, Chao Lu, Myoung An, Richard Tolimieri. Self-sorting in-place FFT algorithm with minimum working space
2836 -- 2842Shie Qian, Dapang Chen. Decomposition of the Wigner-Ville distribution and time-frequency distribution series
2842 -- 2848Alan N. Willson Jr., Henry John Orchard. An improvement to the Powell and Chau linear phase IIR filters
2848 -- 2851S. Radhakrishnan Pillai, Gregory H. Allen. Higher order complementary filters
2851 -- 2853Elias Masry. On the truncation error of the sampling expansion for stationary bandlimited processes
2854 -- 2858Xian-Da Zhang, Yuan-Sheng Zhang. FIR system identification using higher order statistics alone
2859 -- 0Adriaan van den Bos. A Cramer-Rao lower bound for complex parameters
2860 -- 2864Sanyogita Shamsunder, Georgios B. Giannakis. Signal selective localization of nonGaussian cyclostationary sources
2864 -- 2867Harry B. Lee. Compact Cramer-Rao bound expressions on directional covariance for DF of sources with unknown constant polarizations
2868 -- 2870Harry B. Lee, Jack Jachner. Compact Cramer-Rao bound expression for an extended signal model
2871 -- 2875Gerald L. Fudge, Darel A. Linebarger. A calibrated generalized sidelobe canceller for wideband beamforming
2876 -- 2880Chong-Yung Chi, Wen-Jie Chang, Chih-Chun Feng. A new algorithm for the design of linear prediction error filters using cumulant-based MSE criteria
2881 -- 2883Marvin L. Vis, Louis L. Scharf. A note on recursive maximum likelihood for autoregressive modeling
2884 -- 2886Jong-Jy Shyu, Soo-Chang Pei. Lagrange multiplier approach to the design of two-dimensional FIR digital filters for sampling structure conversion
2886 -- 2890Soo-Chang Pei, Jong-Jy Shyu. A unified approach to the design of quadrantally symmetric linear-phase two-dimensional FIR digital filters by eigenfilter approach

Volume 42, Issue 1

1 -- 10Christopher Vaz, Xuan Kong, Nitish V. Thakor. An adaptive estimation of periodic signals using a Fourier linear combiner
11 -- 23Louis B. Fertig, James H. McClellan. Dual forms for constrained adaptive filtering
24 -- 31Kambiz Nayebi, Thomas P. Barnwell III, Mark J. T. Smith. Low delay FIR filter banks: design and evaluation
32 -- 45You-Li Chen, Bor-Sen Chen. Minimax robust deconvolution filters under stochastic parametric and noise uncertainties
46 -- 53Louis-Jérôme Leclerc, Peter H. Bauer. New criteria for asymptotic stability of one- and multidimensional state-space digital filters in fixed-point arithmetic
54 -- 64Bilin Zhang, Shunsuke Sato. A time-frequency distribution of Cohen's class with a compound kernel and its application to speech signal processing
65 -- 76Truong Q. Nguyen. Near-perfect-reconstruction pseudo-QMF banks
77 -- 87Daniel R. Fuhrmann. Estimation of sensor gain and phase
88 -- 101Steven M. Kay, Venkatesh Nagesha. Maximum likelihood estimation of signals in autoregressive noise
102 -- 112Guanghan Xu, Richard H. Roy III, Thomas Kailath. Detection of number of sources via exploitation of centro-symmetry property
113 -- 120Arnab K. Shaw. Optimal identification of discrete-time systems from impulse response data
121 -- 133Petre Stoica, Mats Viberg, Björn E. Ottersten. Instrumental variable approach to array processing in spatially correlated noise fields
134 -- 146Richard G. Baraniuk, Douglas L. Jones. A signal-dependent time-frequency representation: fast algorithm for optimal kernel design
147 -- 155Benjamin Friedlander, Anthony J. Weiss. Effects of model errors on waveform estimation using the MUSIC algorithm
156 -- 163Charles L. Matson. Fourier spectrum extrapolation and enhancement using support constraints
164 -- 174Veeramuthu Rajaravivarma, P. Karivaratha Rajan, Hari C. Reddy. Design of multidimensional FIR digital filters using the symmetrical decomposition technique
175 -- 188Neil J. Bershad, John J. Shynk. Performance analysis of a converged single-layer perceptron for nonseparable data models with bias terms
189 -- 193Peter Allen Stubberud, Cornelius T. Leondes. A frequency sampling filter design method which accounts for finite word length effects
194 -- 196A. Enis Çetin, Rashid Ansari. Signal recovery from wavelet transform maxima
196 -- 200Ching-An Lin, Chwan-Wen King. Inverting periodic filters
200 -- 203Nguyen T. Thao, Martin Vetterli. 2)
203 -- 206Majid Nayeri. A mildly weaker sufficient condition in IIR adaptive filtering
206 -- 208Chau-Yun Hsu. Novel fixed-point roundoff analysis of the decimation-in-time FHT
209 -- 211Klaus Bolding Rasmussen. Maximum likelihood estimation of the parameters of nonminimum phase and noncausal ARMA models
211 -- 216M. M. Gabr, T. Subba Rao. On the estimation of bispectral density function in the case of randomly missing observations
216 -- 220Boualem Boashash, Peter O'Shea. Polynomial Wigner-Ville distributions and their relationship to time-varying higher order spectra
220 -- 222Klaus Bolding Rasmussen. Maximum likelihood estimation of the attenuated ultrasound pulse
222 -- 225Harish Parthasarathy, Surendra Prasad, Shiv Dutt Joshi. Conditions for third-order stationarity and ergodicity of a harmonic random process
225 -- 229LJubisa Stankovic. A method for time-frequency analysis
229 -- 233Vinod Chandran, Steve Elgar. A general procedure for the derivation of principal domains of higher-order spectra
233 -- 236Bill M. Radich, Kevin M. Buckley. The effect of source number underestimation on MUSIC location estimates
236 -- 239Carlos E. Davila, Masoud Asmoodeh. Efficient estimation of the signal subspace without eigendecomposition