Journal: IEEE Transactions on Signal Processing

Volume 44, Issue 9

2141 -- 2150Haldun M. Özaktas, Orhan Arikan, M. Alper Kutay, Gozde Bozdagt. Digital computation of the fractional Fourier transform
2151 -- 2162Sam Heidari, Chrysostomos L. Nikias. Co-channel interference mitigation in the time-scale domain: the CIMTS algorithm
2163 -- 2171Nurgun Erdol, Filiz Basbug. Wavelet transform based adaptive filters: analysis and new results
2172 -- 2185Mohammed A. Hasan, Mahmood R. Azimi-Sadjadi. A modified block FTF adaptive algorithm with applications to underwater target detection
2186 -- 2194R. Sharma, William A. Sethares, James A. Bucklew. Asymptotic analysis of stochastic gradient-based adaptive filtering algorithms with general cost functions
2195 -- 2208Sungbin Im, Edward J. Powers. A Fast Method Of Discrete Third-Order Volterra Filtering
2209 -- 2221André Monin, Gérard Salut. IIR Volterra filtering with application to bilinear systems
2209 -- 0Gérard Salut, André Monin. IIR Volterra Filtering with Application to Bilinear Systems
2222 -- 2228Patrick Guillaume, Rik Pintelon. A Gauss-Newton-like optimization algorithm for "weighted" nonlinear least-squares problems
2229 -- 2244Daniel J. Rabideau. Fast, rank adaptive subspace tracking and applications
2245 -- 2259S. Umesh, Donald W. Tufts. Estimation of parameters of exponentially damped sinusoids using fast maximum likelihood estimation with application to NMR spectroscopy data
2260 -- 2272Stephen D. Casey, Brian M. Sadler. Modifications of the Euclidean algorithm for isolating periodicities from a sparse set of noisy measurements
2273 -- 2283Justin J. Smith, Yee Hong Leung, Antonio Cantoni. The partitioned eigenvector method for towed array shape estimation
2284 -- 2299Wenyuan Xu, Mostafa Kaveh. Design of two MUSIC-like estimators based on bias minimization
2300 -- 2310Pierre Carrette, Georges Bastin, Yves Y. Genin, Michel Gevers. Discarding data may help in system identification
2311 -- 2318Donald E. Lyon, Peter J. Sherman. On the identification of harmonic signal fields convergence method in an arbitrary noise field using the 1-D MV spectrum
2319 -- 2331J. Sánchez, H. Barral. Multiprocessor implementation models for adaptive algorithms
2332 -- 2335Tianshuang Qiu, Hongyu Wang. An Eckart-weighted adaptive time delay estimation method
2335 -- 2339R. H. Yang, Y. C. Lim. A dynamic frequency grid allocation scheme for the efficient design of equiripple FIR filters
2339 -- 2344Rudi Vuerinckx, Yves Rolain, Johan Schoukens, Rik Pintelon. Design of stable IIR filters in the complex domain by automatic delay selection
2344 -- 2347Thomas J. Cavicchi. Impulse invariance and multiple-order poles
2347 -- 2350Xingwei Zhou, Wanzhou Ye. A conjecture on iterated three-point median filter
2350 -- 2352Frank Y. Shih, Christopher C. Pu. Reply to "Comments on 'Analysis of the properties of soft morphological filtering using threshold decomposition' "
2350 -- 0Pertti Koivisto, Pauli Kuosmanen, Heikki Huttunen, Jaakko Astola. Comments on "Analysis of the properties of soft morphological filtering using threshold decomposition"
2352 -- 2356Moeness G. Amin. Minimum variance time-frequency distribution kernels for signals in additive noise
2356 -- 2359Raghunath S. Holambe, A. K. Ray, T. K. Basu. Phase-only blind deconvolution using bicepstrum iterative reconstruction algorithm (BIRA)
2359 -- 2364Olivier Besson, Petre Stoica. Analysis of MUSIC and ESPRIT frequency estimates for sinusoidal signals with lowpass envelopes
2365 -- 2368Michael P. Clark. Using the EM algorithm to increase the number of signals estimable by 2-D parametric techniques

Volume 44, Issue 8

1861 -- 1871Joseph Tabrikian, Hagit Messer. Source localization in a waveguide using polynomial rooting
1872 -- 1878Wei Xing Zheng, Antonio Cantoni, Kok Lay Teo. Robust design of envelope-constrained filters in the presence of input uncertainty
1879 -- 1892Ivan W. Selesnick, Markus Lang, C. Sidney Burrus. Constrained least square design of FIR filters without specified transition bands
1893 -- 1911Eric Fabre. New fast smoothers for multiscale systems
1912 -- 1922Jennifer L. H. Webb, David C. Munson Jr.. Chebyshev optimization of sparse FIR filters using linear programming with an application to beamforming
1923 -- 1931Jennifer L. H. Webb, David C. Munson Jr.. A new approach to designing computationally efficient interpolated FIR filters
1932 -- 1940Panagiotis P. Mavridis, George V. Moustakides. Simplified Newton-type adaptive estimation algorithms
1941 -- 1954G. D. T. Schuller, Mark J. T. Smith. New framework for modulated perfect reconstruction filter banks
1955 -- 1963Masoud R. K. Khansari, Eric Dubois 0002. Pade table, continued fraction expansion, and perfect reconstruction filter banks
1964 -- 1970Jean-Christophe Pesquet, Hamid Krim, Hewe Carfantan. Time-invariant orthonormal wavelet representations
1971 -- 1981Anamitra Makur. BOT's based on nonuniform filter banks
1982 -- 1989Ali H. Sayed, Markus Rupp. Error-energy bounds for adaptive gradient algorithms
1990 -- 1997José Carlos M. Bermudez, Neil J. Bershad. Transient and tracking performance analysis of the quantized LMS algorithm for time-varying system identification
1998 -- 2009Driss Aboutajdine, Abdellah Adib, Ahmed Meziane. Fast adaptive algorithms for AR parameters estimation using higher order statistics
2010 -- 2025Eric Moulines, Karim Choukri. Time-domain procedures for testing that a stationary time-series is Gaussian
2026 -- 2041Alfred O. Hero III, Jeffrey A. Fessler, Mohammad Usman. Exploring estimator bias-variance tradeoffs using the uniform CR bound
2042 -- 2054Pranob Banerjee, Sirish L. Shah. Simultaneous estimation of parameters for different orders of discrete orthonormal function models
2055 -- 2063Ofir Shalvi, Ehud Weinstein. System identification using nonstationary signals
2064 -- 2070Ewaryst Rafajlowicz. Linear systems identification from random threshold binary data
2071 -- 2073Xiaoning Nie, Rolf Unbehauen. Novel and efficient realizations of FIR digital filters
2073 -- 2077Ronald I. Becker, Norman Morrison. The errors in FFT estimation of the Fourier transform
2078 -- 2082Peter Prinz. Calculating the dual Gabor window for general sampling sets
2082 -- 2085Lian-Ying Liu, Jhing-Fa Wang, Ruey-Jen Wang, Jau-Yien Lee. On the concurrent update and generation of the dynamic Huffman code
2086 -- 2091Javier Rodríguez Fonollosa. Positive time-frequency distributions based on joint marginal constraints
2092 -- 2098M. Tahir Özden, Ahmet H. Kayran, Erdal Panayirci. Adaptive Volterra filtering with complete lattice orthogonalization
2098 -- 2102Jai Krishna Gautam, A. Kumar, R. Saxena. On the modified Bartlett-Hanning window (family)
2102 -- 2108Jitendra K. Tugnait. Detection of random signals by integrated polyspectral analysis
2108 -- 2110Chengshan Xiao, David J. Hill. Stability and absence of overflow oscillations for 2-D discrete-time systems
2110 -- 2117C. L. Janer, José Manuel Quero Reboul, Juan Garcia Ortega, Leopoldo García Franquelo. Fully parallel stochastic computation architecture
2117 -- 2121Marc Moonen. A systolic array for recursive least squares computations: mapping directionally weighted RLS on an SVD updating array
2121 -- 2126Pierre Lavoie. A high-speed CMOS implementation of the Winograd Fourier transform algorithm
2126 -- 2129Georgios Angelopoulos, Ioannis Pitas. Fast parallel DSP algorithms on barrel shifter computers

Volume 44, Issue 7

1613 -- 1622Benjamin Friedlander, Ariela Zeira. Detection of broadband signals in frequency and time dispersive channels
1623 -- 1633Panagiotis Tsakalides, Chrysostomos L. Nikias. The robust covariation-based MUSIC (ROC-MUSIC) algorithm for bearing estimation in impulsive noise environments
1634 -- 1641Karen Egiazarian, Pauli Kuosmanen, Jaakko Astola. Boolean derivatives, weighted Chow parameters, and selection probabilities of stack filters
1642 -- 1656Gregory S. Cunningham, William J. Williams. Vector-valued time-frequency representations
1657 -- 1668Hua Xu, Wu-Sheng Lu, Andreas Antoniou. Efficient iterative design method for cosine-modulated QMF banks
1669 -- 1680Qu Jin, Zhi-Quan Luo, Kon Max Wong. Optimum filter banks for signal decomposition and its application in adaptive echo cancellation
1681 -- 1692Gianpaolo Evangelista. The coding gain of multiplexed wavelet transforms
1693 -- 1703Jie Liang, Thomas W. Parks. Kolmogorov n-widths and wavelet representations for signal classes
1704 -- 1718Achilleas G. Stogioglou, Steve McLaughlin. MA parameter estimation and cumulant enhancement
1719 -- 1733Venkatesh Nagesha, Steven M. Kay. Spectral analysis based on the canonical autoregressive decomposition
1734 -- 1743Mati Wax, Jacob Sheinvald, Anthony J. Weiss. Detection and localization in colored noise via generalized least squares
1744 -- 1751Petar M. Djuric. A model selection rule for sinusoids in white Gaussian noise
1752 -- 1764Joseph R. Guerci, Erlan H. Feria. On a least squares predictive-transform modeling methodology
1765 -- 1778Gregory M. Kautz, Michael D. Zoltowski. Beamspace DOA estimation featuring multirate eigenvector processing
1779 -- 1793Christ D. Richmond. PDF's, confidence regions, and relevant statistics for a class of sample covariance-based array processors
1794 -- 1800Kurt S. Riedel. Adaptive smoothing of the log-spectrum with multiple tapering
1801 -- 1810Wen-Jyi Hwang, Haluk Derin. Multistage storage- and entropy-constrained tree-structured vector quantization
1811 -- 1813Jeff H. Derby. Comments on "On the design of pole-zero approximations using a logarithmic error measure"
1813 -- 1816Xiaohui Li, W. Kenneth Jenkins. The comparison of the constrained and unconstrained frequency-domain block-LMS adaptive algorithms
1817 -- 1821Jitendra K. Tugnait. On fractionally spaced blind adaptive equalization under symbol timing offsets using Godard and related equalizers
1822 -- 1825Michael J. Werter. FSK demodulation using an adaptive recursive digital filter
1825 -- 1833Joseph R. Guerci, Erlan H. Feria. Application of a least squares predictive-transform modeling methodology to space-time adaptive array processing
1833 -- 1837Stefan L. Hahn. The N-dimensional complex delta distribution
1837 -- 1841Paul A. Voois. A theorem on the asymptotic eigenvalue distribution of Toeplitz-block-Toeplitz matrices
1841 -- 1847Naresh R. Shanbhag, Gi-Hong Im. Pipelined adaptive IIR filter architectures using scattered and relaxed look-ahead transformations
1847 -- 1850Kazys Kazlauskas. Pipelining in direct form recursive digital filters with periodically time-varying coefficients

Volume 44, Issue 6

1325 -- 1333Xi Zhang, Hiroshi Iwakura. Design of IIR digital filters based on eigenvalue problem
1334 -- 1345Behrouz Farhang-Boroujeny, Teng Tiow Tay. Transfer function identification with filtering techniques
1346 -- 1354Stefano Alliney. Recursive median filters of increasing order: a variational approach
1355 -- 1364Joel M. Morris, Dongsheng Wu. On alias-free formulations of discrete-time Cohen's class of distributions
1365 -- 1377Akbar M. Sayeed, Douglas L. Jones. Integral transforms covariant to unitary operators and their implications for joint signal representations
1378 -- 1391Joel M. Morris, Youhong Lu. 2 (Z) via biorthogonal-like sequences
1392 -- 1405Antonius A. C. M. Kalker, Imran A. Shah. A group theoretic approach to multidimensional filter banks: theory and applications
1406 -- 1417Michael G. Strintzis. Optimal biorthogonal wavelet bases for signal decomposition
1418 -- 1427Geoffrey A. Williamson, Sergio Zimmermann. Globally convergent adaptive IIR filters based on fixed pole locations
1428 -- 1439Markus Rupp, Ali H. Sayed. A time-domain feedback analysis of filtered-error adaptive gradient algorithms
1440 -- 1453Edwin A. Heredia, Gonzalo R. Arce. Piecewise linear system modeling based on a continuous threshold decomposition
1454 -- 1468Wen-Rong Wu, Amlan Kundu. Recursive filtering with non-Gaussian noises
1469 -- 1484Jian Li, Petre Stoica. An adaptive filtering approach to spectral estimation and SAR imaging
1485 -- 1491L. Srinivas, K. V. S. Hari. FIR system identification based on subspaces of a higher order cumulant matrix
1492 -- 1503George A. Tsihrintzis, Chrysostomos L. Nikias. Fast estimation of the parameters of alpha-stable impulsive interference
1504 -- 1511Makoto Tabei, Bruce R. Musicus. A simple estimator for frequency and decay rate
1512 -- 1522Sofiène Affes, Saeed Gazor, Yves Grenier. An algorithm for multisource beamforming and multitarget tracking
1523 -- 1533S. Bose, A. O. Steinhardt. Invariant tests for spatial stationarity using covariance structure
1534 -- 1546Roberto Manduchi. Some properties of generalized factorable 2-D FIR filters
1547 -- 1548Alexander M. Taratorin, Samuel Sideman. Constrained regularized image restoration using projection on a set of regularized solutions
1549 -- 1553Branko Ristic, Boualem Boashash. Instantaneous frequency estimation of quadratic and cubic FM signals using the cross polynomial Wigner-Ville distribution
1553 -- 1557Sunder S. Kidambi. Weighted least-squares design of recursive allpass filters
1557 -- 1563LJubisa Stankovic. Auto-term representation by the reduced interference distributions: a procedure for kernel design
1564 -- 1568Vitor Silva, Luis de Sa. Analytical optimization of CQF filter banks
1568 -- 1573Sam Heidari, George A. Tsihrintzis, Chrysostomos L. Nikias, Edmond A. Jonckheere. Self-similar set identification in the time-scale domain
1573 -- 1579Aleksandar Kavcic, Bin Yang. Adaptive rank estimation for spherical subspace trackers
1579 -- 1584Dominic Grenier, Éloi Bossé. Decorrelation performance of DEESE and spatial smoothing techniques for direction-of-arrival problems
1585 -- 1589Jürgen Götze, Alle-Jan van der Veen. On-line subspace estimation using a Schur-type method
1589 -- 1593Saeed Gazor, Sofiène Affes, Yves Grenier. Robust adaptive beamforming via target tracking
1593 -- 1596Hanks H. Zeng, Lang Tong. Connections between the least-squares and the subspace approaches to blind channel estimation
1596 -- 1601Donald M. Monro, D. M. Simpson. Alignment blur in coherently averaged images

Volume 44, Issue 5

1063 -- 1071Michael J. Grimble. Robust filter design for uncertain systems defined by both hard and soft bounds
1072 -- 1079James V. Krogmeier, Kaxlamangla S. Arun. On the recursive computation of interpolators with nonrectangular masks
1080 -- 1090Leon Cohen. A general approach for obtaining joint representations in signal analysis. I. Characteristic function operator method
1091 -- 1098Leon Cohen. A general approach for obtaining joint representations in signal analysis. II. General class, mean and local values, and bandwidth
1099 -- 1110John R. O'Hair, Bruce W. Suter. The Zak transform and decimated time-frequency distributions
1111 -- 1123Moeness G. Amin, Gopal T. Venkatesan, James F. Carroll. A constrained weighted least squares approach for time-frequency distribution kernel design
1124 -- 1135W. Etter. Restoration of a discrete-time signal segment by interpolation based on the left-sided and right-sided autoregressive parameters
1136 -- 1155Alle-Jan van der Veen, Arogyaswami Paulraj. An analytical constant modulus algorithm
1156 -- 1167Milos I. Doroslovacki, Howard Fan. Wavelet-based linear system modeling and adaptive filtering
1168 -- 1174Leonardo S. Resende, João M. T. Romano, Maurice G. Bellanger. A fast least-squares algorithm for linearly constrained adaptive filtering
1175 -- 1183José Carlos M. Bermudez, Neil J. Bershad. A nonlinear analytical model for the quantized LMS algorithm-the arbitrary step size case
1184 -- 1197Shilpa Talwar, Mats Viberg, Arogyaswami Paulraj. Blind separation of synchronous co-channel digital signals using an antenna array. I. Algorithms
1198 -- 1213Lee M. Garth, Yoram Bresler. A comparison of optimized higher order spectral detection techniques for non-Gaussian signals
1214 -- 1223Grace K. Yeung, William A. Gardner. Search-efficient methods of detection of cyclostationary signals
1224 -- 1233Wlodzimierz Greblicki. Nonlinearity estimation in Hammerstein systems based on ordered observations
1234 -- 1241Markus Lang, Ivan W. Selesnick, C. Sidney Burrus. Constrained least squares design of 2-D FIR filters
1242 -- 1255Joseph M. Francos, Anand Narasimhan, John W. Woods. Maximum-likelihood parameter estimation of discrete homogeneous random fields with mixed spectral distributions
1256 -- 1261Jenq-Tay Yuan. Asymmetric interpolation lattice
1262 -- 1267Fabrizio Argenti, Vito Cappellini, Andrea Sciorpes, Anastasios N. Venetsanopoulos. Design of IIR linear-phase QMF banks based on complex allpass sections
1268 -- 1270Tom Wallace, Fred Taylor. Error detection for fast Toeplitz eigensolvers
1270 -- 1275E. P. Serrano, M. A. Fabio. Application of the wavelet transform to acoustic emission signals processing
1276 -- 1279Igor Djokovic, P. P. Vaidyanathan. On optimal analysis/synthesis filters for coding gain maximization
1279 -- 1284Phillip L. Ainsleigh, Charles K. Chui. A B-wavelet-based noise-reduction algorithm
1285 -- 1288Xian-Da Zhang, Yu Song, Yanda Li. Adaptive identification of nonminimum phase ARMA models using higher order cumulants alone
1288 -- 1292Naofal Al-Dhahir, John M. Ciofa. Efficient computation of the delay-optimized finite length MMSE-DFE
1292 -- 1297Chii-Horng Chen, Chong-Yung Chi, Wu-Ton Chen. New cumulant-based inverse filter criteria for deconvolution of nonminimum phase systems
1292 -- 0Ljubisa A. Stankovic, Srdjan Stankovic. Corrections to "An Analysis of Instantaneous Frequency Representation Using Time-Frequency Distributions-Generalized Wigaer Distribution
1297 -- 1300Paul W. Fieguth, Alan S. Willsky. Fractal estimation using models on multiscale trees
1300 -- 1303Qiang Li, Howard Fan, Erlandur Karlsson. A delta MYWE algorithm for parameter estimation of noisy AR processes
1300 -- 0Richard T. Behrens, Louis L. Scharf. Corrections to "Signal Processing Applications of Oblique Projection Operators" [Correspondence]
1304 -- 1307Lee M. Garth, Yoram Bresler. On the use of asymptotics in detection and estimation
1307 -- 1310Luc Knockaert. A generalized Mobius transform, arithmetic Fourier transforms, and primitive roots
1310 -- 1314Berkant Tacer, Patrick J. Loughlin. Time-scale energy density functions
1314 -- 1315C. C. Lin, C. J. Kuo. A note on "On the VLSI implementation of real-time order statistic filters"
1315 -- 1319Neil J. Bershad, Nicolas Cubaud, John J. Shynk. Stochastic convergence analysis of the single-layer backpropagation algorithm for noisy input data

Volume 44, Issue 4

773 -- 782Shan Lu, Peter C. Doerschuk. Nonlinear modeling and processing of speech based on sums of AM-FM formant models
783 -- 790Kari Kalliojärvi, Jaakko Astola. Roundoff errors in block-floating-point systems
791 -- 797David Vakman. On the analytic signal, the Teager-Kaiser energy algorithm, and other methods for defining amplitude and frequency
798 -- 807Mark J. Shensa. Discrete inverses for nonorthogonal wavelet transforms
808 -- 817Nguyen T. Thao. Vector quantization analysis of ΣΔ modulation
818 -- 826Geoffrey Ye Li, Zhi Ding. Global convergence of fractionally spaced Godard (CMA) adaptive equalizers
827 -- 833Todd K. Moon. Similarity methods in signal processing
834 -- 847Peter Strobach. Fast recursive low-rank linear prediction frequency estimation algorithms
848 -- 861Guotong Zhou, Georgios B. Giannakis, Ananthram Swami. On polynomial phase signals with time-varying amplitudes
862 -- 873Francois P. S. Chin, Chi Chung Ko. Broadband source tracking using adaptive directional filter with maximally flat responses at null directions
874 -- 879Kai M. Hock. Narrowband weak signal detection by higher order spectrum
880 -- 887Kah-Chye Tan, Say Song Goh, Eng-Chye Tan. A study of the rank-ambiguity issues in direction-of-arrival estimation
888 -- 899Petre Stoica, Mats Viberg, Kon Max Wong, Qiang Wu. Maximum-likelihood bearing estimation with partly calibrated arrays in spatially correlated noise fields
900 -- 911Miriam A. Doron, Eyal Doron. Reduced rank processing for oversampled arrays
912 -- 927Keith A. Burgess, Barry D. Van Veen. Subspace-based adaptive generalized likelihood ratio detection
928 -- 937Mati Wax, Yosef Anu. Performance analysis of the minimum variance beamformer
938 -- 947Mati Wax, Yosef Anu. Performance analysis of the minimum variance beamformer in the presence of steering vector errors
948 -- 962John J. Shynk, Arvind V. Keerthi, Amit Mathur. Steady-state analysis of the multistage constant modulus array
963 -- 978Ahmet H. Kayran. Two-dimensional orthogonal lattice structures for autoregressive modeling of random fields
979 -- 983Wei-Ping Zhu, Shogo Nakamura. An efficient approach for the synthesis of 2-D recursive fan filters using 1-D prototypes
983 -- 984Tolga Çiloglu, Zafer Ünver. Comments on "Applications of simulated annealing for the design of special digital filters"
984 -- 987Ramesh A. Gopinath. Thoughts on least squared-error optimal windows
988 -- 992Fredrik Gustafsson. Determining the initial states in forward-backward filtering
992 -- 993J. L. Sullivan, J. W. Adams. An algorithm for solving the Toeplitz systems of equations in FIR digital filter design problems
994 -- 998Balu Santhanam, James H. McClellan. The discrete rotational Fourier transform
998 -- 1001Robert Glenn Stockwell, Lalu Mansinha, R. P. Lowe. Localization of the complex spectrum: the S transform
1001 -- 1006Yiu-Tong Chan, K. C. Ho. Multiresolution analysis, its link to the discrete parameter wavelet transform, and its initialization
1006 -- 1010Stephen M. Kogon, Stephen G. Manolakis. Signal modeling with self-similar α-stable processes: the fractional Levy stable motion model
1010 -- 1014Chu-Song Chen, Ja-Ling Wu, Yi-Ping Hung. Statistical analysis of space-varying morphological openings with flat structuring elements
1015 -- 1018Seokwon Han, Jinyoung Kim, Koengmo Sung. Extended generalized total least squares method for the identification of bilinear systems
1018 -- 1021Boaz Porat, Arye Nehorai. Localizing vapor-emitting sources by moving sensors
1021 -- 1024John M. M. Anderson, Georgios B. Giannakis. Noisy input/output system identification using cumulants and the Steiglitz-McBride algorithm
1024 -- 1027Anthony J. Weiss, Benjamin Friedlander. "Almost blind" steering vector estimation using second-order moments
1028 -- 1029Kah-Chye Tan, Eng-Chye Tan, Say Song Goh. Counterexamples to a conjecture for characterizing higher rank ambiguities
1030 -- 1032Petre Stoica, Kon Max Wong, Qiang Wu. On a nonparametric detection method for array signal processing in correlated noise fields
1033 -- 1036Justin J. Smith, Yee Hong Leung, Antonio Cantoni. The Cramer-Rao lower bound for towed array shape estimation with a single source
1036 -- 1039Kah-Chye Tan, Kwok-Chiang Ho, Arye Nehorai. Uniqueness study of measurements obtainable with arrays of electromagnetic vector sensors
1040 -- 1046John S. Thompson, Peter M. Grant, Bernard Mulgrew. Performance of spatial smoothing algorithms for correlated sources
1046 -- 1048Howard Hua Yang, Yingbo Hua. On rank of block Hankel matrix for 2-D frequency detection and estimation
1048 -- 1055Xiaojian Liu, Leonard T. Bruton. High-speed systolic ladder structures for multidimensional recursive digital filters

Volume 44, Issue 3

457 -- 472Grigore Braileanu. Extended-window interpolation applied to digital filter design
473 -- 483Truong Q. Nguyen, R. David Koilpillai. The theory and design of arbitrary-length cosine-modulated filter banks and wavelets, satisfying perfect reconstruction
484 -- 496Xiang-Gen Xia, Bruce W. Suter. Multirate filter banks with block sampling
497 -- 507Ricardo L. de Queiroz, Truong Q. Nguyen, K. R. Rao. The GenLOT: generalized linear-phase lapped orthogonal transform
508 -- 518Xiang-Gen Xia, Bruce W. Suter. Vector-valued wavelets and vector filter banks
519 -- 527Michael Unser. Approximation power of biorthogonal wavelet expansions
528 -- 537Maciej Niedzwiecki, Krzysztof Cisowski. Adaptive scheme for elimination of broadband noise and impulsive disturbances from AR and ARMA signals
538 -- 545Miroslaw Pawlak, Ewaryst Rafajlowicz, Adam Krzyzak. Exponential weighting algorithms for reconstruction of bandlimited signals
546 -- 561Satya Dharanipragada, K. S. Arun. Resolution limits in signal recovery
562 -- 571Xi-Ren Cao, Ruey-Wen Liu. General approach to blind source separation
572 -- 576Farrokh Marvasti. Nonuniform sampling theorems for bandpass signals at or below the Nyquist density
577 -- 585K. C. Ho. A minimum misadjustment adaptive FIR filter
586 -- 598Nicholas D. Sidiropoulos. The Viterbi optimal runlength-constrained approximation nonlinear filter
599 -- 610Robert M. Cramblitt, Mark R. Bell. Surface characterization using frequency diverse scattering measurements and regularity models
611 -- 619William B. Bishop, Petar M. Djuric. Model order selection of damped sinusoids in noise by predictive densities
620 -- 628David Hirshberg, Neri Merhav. Robust methods for model order estimation
629 -- 639Vikram Krishnamurthy, Andrew Logothetis. Iterative and recursive estimators for hidden Markov errors-in-variables models
640 -- 651Boaz Porat, Benjamin Friedlander. Estimation of frequency in the presence of nonrandom interference
652 -- 660John J. Shynk, Richard P. Gooch. The constant modulus array for cochannel signal copy and direction finding
661 -- 672Yingbo Hua. Fast maximum likelihood for blind identification of multiple FIR channels
673 -- 684Amod V. Dandawate, Georgios B. Giannakis. Modeling (almost) periodic moving average processes using cyclic statistics
685 -- 697Shen-Fu Hsiao, Jean-Marc Delosme. Parallel singular value decomposition of complex matrices using multidimensional CORDIC algorithms
698 -- 701Soo-Chang Pei, Jong-Jy Shyu. Analytic closed-form matrix for designing higher order digital differentiators using eigen-approach
701 -- 705Timo I. Laakso, Seppo J. Ovaska. Prefiltering approach for optimal polynomial prediction
705 -- 709Richard J. Vaccaro, Brian F. Harrison. Optimal matrix-filter design
710 -- 713Sunder S. Kidambi, Ravi P. Ramachandran. Complex coefficient nonrecursive digital filter design using a least-squares method
714 -- 717Kwok-Tung Lo, Wai-kuen Cham. Analysis of pruning in fast cosine transform
717 -- 719James C. Schatzman. Index mappings for the fast Fourier transform
720 -- 723Xiang-Gen Xia, Bruce W. Suter. FIR paraunitary filter banks given several analysis filters: factorizations and constructions
723 -- 728Xiang-Gen Xia, Bruce W. Suter, Mark E. Oxley. Malvar wavelets with asymmetrically overlapped windows
728 -- 732Jean-Christophe Pesquet, Patrick L. Combettes. Wavelet synthesis by alternating projections
732 -- 738Rangasami L. Kashyap, Shankar Moni. Using the residual area criterion for signal reconstruction from noiseless and noisy samples
739 -- 742Barbara F. La Scala, Robert R. Bitmead. Design of an extended Kalman filter frequency tracker
742 -- 746Dong Hee Kang, Jongkwan Song, Yong-Hoon Lee. Analysis and optimization of subset averaged median filters
746 -- 748A. Mansour, C. Jutten. A direct solution for blind separation of sources
748 -- 752Piet M. T. Broersen, H. Einar Wensink. On the penalty factor for autoregressive order selection in finite samples
752 -- 756Shahrokh Valaee, Peter Kabal. The optimal focusing subspace for coherent signal subspace processing
756 -- 759Yingbo Hua, Mati Wax. Strict identifiability of multiple FIR channels driven by an unknown arbitrary sequence
759 -- 764Roberto Cusani, Enzo Baccarelli. Identification of 2-D noncausal Gauss-Markov random fields

Volume 44, Issue 2

169 -- 180Venkatesh Nagesha, Steven M. Kay. Maximum likelihood estimation for array processing in colored noise
181 -- 189Yahali Theodor, Uri Shaked. Robust discrete-time minimum-variance filtering
190 -- 200Nicholas J. Redding, Garry N. Newsam. Efficient calculation of finite Gabor transforms
201 -- 211Shidong Li, Dennis M. Healy Jr.. A parametric class of discrete Gabor expansions
212 -- 224Anastasios Delopoulos, Stefanos D. Kollias. Optimal filter banks for signal reconstruction from noisy subband components
225 -- 232Jie Liang, Thomas W. Parks. A translation-invariant wavelet representation algorithm with applications
233 -- 238Gilbert Strang. Eigenvalues of (↓2)H and convergence of the cascade algorithm
239 -- 247Farook Sattar, Göran Salomonsson. Nonparametric waveform estimation using filter banks
248 -- 266Satya Dharanipragada, K. S. Arun. A quadratically convergent algorithm for convex-set constrained signal recovery
267 -- 280Babak Hassibi, Ali H. Sayed, Thomas Kailath. ∞ optimality of the LMS algorithm
281 -- 295Jian Li, Petre Stoica. Efficient mixed-spectrum estimation with applications to target feature extraction
296 -- 304Kjell Gustafsson, Frank McCarthy, Arogyaswami Paulraj. Mitigation of wing flexure induced errors for airborne direction-finding applications
305 -- 315Christ D. Richmond. Derived PDF of maximum likelihood signal estimator which employs an estimated noise covariance
316 -- 328Michael D. Zoltowski, Martin Haardt, Cherian P. Mathews. Closed-form 2-D angle estimation with rectangular arrays in element space or beamspace via unitary ESPRIT
329 -- 338Sean A. Ramprashad, Thomas W. Parks, Ramachandra G. Shenoy. Signal modeling and detection using cone classes
339 -- 350Ariela Zeira, Benjamin Friedlander. Direction of arrival estimation using parametric signal models
351 -- 359Kah-Chye Tan, Zenton Goh. A detailed derivation of arrays free of higher rank ambiguities
360 -- 370André Monin, Gérard Salut. ARMA lattice identification: a new hereditary algorithm
371 -- 378Y. Yamashita, H. Ogawa. Relative Karhunen-Loeve transform
379 -- 386Sören Anderson, Arye Nehorai. Analysis of a polarized seismic wave model
387 -- 396Ching-Huang Wei, Chang-Fuu Chen. m discrete cosine and sine transforms via the permuted difference coefficient
397 -- 408Greet Bilsen, Marc Engels, Rudy Lauwereins, J. A. Peperstraete. Cycle-static dataflow
409 -- 420Malek Adjouadi, Frank M. Candocia, John Riley. Exploiting Walsh-based attributes to stereo vision
421 -- 423Eng Chong Tan. Algorithm for mapping all-pole system parameters to wave-digital filter multiplier coefficients
424 -- 427Ki Yong Lee. Complex fuzzy adaptive filter with LMS algorithm
427 -- 430François Desbouvries. Spherical trigonometry, Yule's PARCOR identity, and FRLS fully normalized lattice
431 -- 434Barbara F. La Scala, Robert R. Bitmead, Barry G. Quinn. An extended Kalman filter frequency tracker for high-noise environments
434 -- 438Naofal Al-Dhahir, John M. Cioffi. On the uniform ADC bit precision and clip level computation for a Gaussian signal
438 -- 441Charles N. Adkins, John J. Tutora. A broadband beam former with pole-zero unconstrained jammer rejection in linear arrays
441 -- 444Dulal C. Kar, V. V. Bapeswara Rao. A CORDIC-based unified systolic architecture for sliding window applications of discrete transforms
445 -- 448Yu Tai Ma. A VLSI-oriented parallel FFT algorithm

Volume 44, Issue 12

2925 -- 2931Giridhar Mandyam, Nasir Ahmed. The discrete Laguerre transform: derivation and applications
2932 -- 2947Peter Strobach. Low-rank adaptive filters
2948 -- 2958A. Salim Kayhan. Difference equation representation of chirp signals and instantaneous frequency/amplitude estimation
2959 -- 2970Akbar M. Sayeed, Douglas L. Jones. Equivalence of generalized joint signal representations of arbitrary variables
2971 -- 2987See-May Phoong, P. P. Vaidyanathan. Time-varying filters and filter banks: some basic principles
2988 -- 2998Frédéric Champagnat, Yves Goussard, Jérôme Idier. Unsupervised deconvolution of sparse spike trains using stochastic approximation
2999 -- 3007Benjamin Friedlander, Joseph M. Francos. Model based phase unwrapping of 2-D signals
3008 -- 3016Sang-Sik Ahn, Peter J. Voltz. Convergence of the delayed normalized LMS algorithm with decreasing step size
3017 -- 3030Jean-François Cardoso, Beate H. Laheld. Equivariant adaptive source separation
3031 -- 3043Akbar M. Sayeed, Douglas L. Jones. Optimal quadratic detection and estimation using generalized joint signal representations
3044 -- 3055Michail K. Tsatsanis, Georgios B. Giannakis. Optimal decorrelating receivers for DS-CDMA systems: a signal processing framework
3056 -- 3068Olivier Besson, Frédéric Galtier. Estimating particles velocity from laser measurements: maximum likelihood and Cramer-Rao bounds
3069 -- 3078Petre Stoica, Mats Viberg. Maximum likelihood parameter and rank estimation in reduced-rank multivariate linear regressions
3079 -- 3084Don H. Johnson. Optimal linear detectors for additive noise channels
3085 -- 3098Charles Chambers, Tim C. Tozer, Ken C. Sharman, Tariq S. Durrani. Temporal and spatial sampling influence on the estimates of superimposed narrowband signals: when less can mean more
3099 -- 3107Kah-Chye Tan, Kwok-Chiang Ho, Arye Nehorai. Linear independence of steering vectors of an electromagnetic vector sensor
3108 -- 3122David J. Miller, Ajit V. Rao, Kenneth Rose, Allen Gersho. A global optimization technique for statistical classifier design
3123 -- 3129Gerard P. M. Egelmeers, Piet C. W. Sommen. A new method for efficient convolution in frequency domain by nonuniform partitioning for adaptive filtering
3129 -- 3135Richard G. Baraniuk, Douglas L. Jones. Wigner-based formulation of the chirplet transform
3135 -- 3138Xiang Wei, Martyn J. Shaw, Martin R. Varley. Efficient implementation of Koilpillai-Vaidyanathan pseudo quadrature mirror filter (PQMF) banks
3139 -- 3142Ricardo L. de Queiroz, K. R. Rao. Variable-block-size lapped transforms
3142 -- 3146Soo-Chang Pei, Chien-Cheng Tseng. Transform domain adaptive linear phase filter
3147 -- 3149Faryar Jabbari. Circular implementation of vector-channel lattices
3150 -- 3153Rajesh Rajagopalan, Michael T. Orchard, Kannan Ramchandran. Optimal supports for linear predictive models
3154 -- 3156J. B. Gomez del Moral, Ezio Biglieri. Blind identification of digital communication channels with correlated noise
3157 -- 3161Soo-Chang Pei, Jong-Jy Shyu. Fast design of 2-D linear-phase complex FIR digital filters by analytical least squares method
3162 -- 3166Kai-Bor Yu. Adaptive beamforming for satellite communication with selective earth coverage and jammer nulling capability
3167 -- 3169D. Kundu, Z. D. Bai, A. Mitra. A theorem in probability and its applications in multidimensional signal processing
3169 -- 3174Ingrid Verbauwhede, Chris J. Scheers, Jan M. Rabaey. Analysis of multidimensional DSP specifications

Volume 44, Issue 11

2669 -- 2687Xinyu Ma, Chrysostomos L. Nikias. Joint estimation of time delay and frequency delay in impulsive noise using fractional lower order statistics
2688 -- 2706Yuan-Pei Lin, Palghat P. Vaidyanathan. Theory and design of two-parallelogram filter banks
2707 -- 2717Yuan-Pei Lin, Palghat P. Vaidyanathan. On the study of four-parallelogram filter banks
2718 -- 2725Shuichi Ohno, Hideaki Sakai. Optimization of filter banks using cyclostationary spectral analysis
2726 -- 2735Geoffrey Ye Li, K. J. Ray Liu, Zhi Ding. Length- and cost-dependent local minima of unconstrained blind channel equalizers
2736 -- 2745Geoffrey Ye Li, K. J. Ray Liu. Static and dynamic convergence behavior of adaptive blind equalizers
2746 -- 2756Helmut Lucke. Which stochastic models allow Baum-Welch training?
2757 -- 2767Qiang Wu, Kon Max Wong. Blind adaptive beamforming for cyclostationary signals
2768 -- 2779Dinh-Tuan Pham. Blind separation of instantaneous mixture of sources via an independent component analysis
2780 -- 2792Jerome A. Gansman, Michael D. Zoltowski, James V. Krogmeier. Multidimensional multirate DOA estimation in beamspace
2793 -- 2800Brian M. Sadler. Detection in correlated impulsive noise using fourth-order cumulants
2801 -- 2809S. Bose, A. O. Steinhardt. Adaptive array detection of uncertain rank one waveforms
2810 -- 2824Kristine L. Bell, Yariv Ephraim, Harry L. van Trees. Explicit Ziv-Zakai lower bound for bearing estimation
2825 -- 2836Sze-Fong Yau, Yoram Bresler. On the robustness of parameter estimation of superimposed signals by dynamic programming
2837 -- 2846Ronald K. Pearson, Babatunde A. Ogunnaike, Francis J. Doyle III. Identification of structurally constrained second-order Volterra models
2847 -- 2852Steve S. Niu, Lennart Ljung, Åke Björck. Decomposition methods for solving least-squares parameter estimation
2853 -- 2864Riccardo Bernardini, Guido M. Cortelazzo, Gian Antonio Mian. A new multidimensional fast convolution algorithm
2865 -- 2868Behrouz Farhang-Boroujeny. Analysis and efficient implementation of partitioned block LMS adaptive filters
2868 -- 2871Behrouz Farhang-Boroujeny, Saeed Gazor. Performance of LMS-based adaptive filters in tracking a time-varying plant
2872 -- 2877Scott C. Douglas. Running max/min calculation using a pruned ordered list
2877 -- 2881C. S. Detka, A. El-Jaroudi. The generalized evolutionary spectrum
2882 -- 2886Xiang-Gen Xia, Yuri Owechko, Bernard H. Soffer, Roy M. Matic. On generalized-marginal time-frequency distributions
2887 -- 2891Rémy Prost, Chaouki Diab. Downsampling versus folding in the DCT domain
2891 -- 2895Vikram M. Gadre, R. K. Patney. Using multirate architectures in realizing quadratic Volterra kernels
2895 -- 2900Neil J. Bershad, José Carlos M. Bermudez. A nonlinear analytical model for the quantized LMS algorithm-the power-of-two step size case
2900 -- 2903Chaung-Bai Xiao, Xian-Da Zhang, Yanda Li. A new method for AR order determination of an ARMA process
2904 -- 2907Buddy H. Marshall Jr., John R. Glover Jr.. A weight vector solution of the feedback adaptive line enhancer
2908 -- 2911Philippe Lemmerling, Bart De Moor, Sabine Van Huffel. On the equivalence of constrained total least squares and structured total least squares
2911 -- 2916Olivier Besson, Petre Stoica. Estimation of the parameters of a random amplitude sinusoid by correlation fitting

Volume 44, Issue 10

2377 -- 2383Jean-Jacques Fuchs. Rectangular Pisarenko method applied to source localization
2384 -- 2390Thomas J. Barnard, Donald D. Weiner. Non-Gaussian clutter modeling with generalized spherically invariant random vectors
2391 -- 2395B. Kumar, D. Roy Choudhury, A. Kumar. On the design of linear phase, FIR integrators for midband frequencies
2396 -- 2404Stephen Holford, Pan Agathoklis. The use of model reduction techniques for designing IIR filters with linear phase in the passband
2405 -- 2412Kamal Premaratne, E. C. Kulasekere, Peter H. Bauer, Louis-Jérôme Leclerc. An exhaustive search algorithm for checking limit cycle behavior of digital filters
2413 -- 2422George Mathew, Vellenki U. Reddy. A quasi-Newton adaptive algorithm for generalized symmetric eigenvalue problem
2423 -- 2438Carl Taswell. Satisficing search algorithms for selecting near-best bases in adaptive tree-structured wavelet transforms
2439 -- 2455Eleftherios Kofidis, Sergios Theodoridis, Nicholas Kalouptsidis. On the perfect reconstruction problem in N-band multirate maximally decimated FIR filter banks
2456 -- 2463Henry Leung, Xinping Huang. Parameter estimation in chaotic noise
2464 -- 2474Sabine Van Huffel, Haesun Park, J. Ben Rosen. Formulation and solution of structured total least norm problems for parameter estimation
2475 -- 2482Jacob Sheinvald, Mati Wax, Anthony J. Weiss. On maximum-likelihood localization of coherent signals
2483 -- 2497Ramakrishna Kakarala, James A. Cadzow. Estimation of phase for noisy linear phase signals
2498 -- 2507Jebu J. Rajan, Peter J. W. Rayner. Generalized feature extraction for time-varying autoregressive models
2508 -- 2520Stella N. Batalama, Dimitri Kazakos. On the robust estimation of the autocorrelation coefficients of stationary sequences
2521 -- 2536Won-Cheol Lee, S. Unnikrishna Pillai. Multichannel stable systems that extend the partial impulse response matrices
2537 -- 2550Norman Yuen, Benjamin Friedlander. Asymptotic performance analysis of ESPRIT, higher order ESPRIT, and virtual ESPRIT algorithms
2551 -- 2556Ali M. Reza, Mahmood Doroodchi. Cramer-Rao lower bound on locations of sudden changes in a steplike signal
2557 -- 2567Xiang Liu, Mohamed Najim. A two-dimensional fast lattice recursive least squares algorithm
2568 -- 2578Jorge L. Aravena, Guoxiang Gu. Weighted least mean square design of 2-D FIR digital filters: the general case
2579 -- 2590David Stanhill, Yehoshua Y. Zeevi. Two-dimensional orthogonal wavelets with vanishing moments
2591 -- 2604Kalavai J. Raghunath, Keshab K. Parhi. Pipelined RLS adaptive filtering using scaled tangent rotations (STAR)
2605 -- 2611Jeffrey L. Krolik. The performance of matched-field beamformers with Mediterranean vertical array data
2611 -- 2615Zhi-Jian Mou. Symmetry exploitation in digital interpolators/decimators
2616 -- 2619A. Kanellakis, Panajotis Agathoklis, A. Tawfik. A note on the orthogonal realization of allpass digital filters and their finite wordlength performance
2619 -- 2623Ljiljana D. Milic, Miroslav D. Lutovac. Reducing the number of multipliers in the parallel realization of half-band elliptic IIR filters
2623 -- 2625Neil J. Bershad, José Carlos M. Bermudez. New insights on the transient and steady-state behavior of the quantized LMS algorithm
2626 -- 2631Josep Vidal, José A. Rodriguez-Fonollosa. Impulse response recovery of linear systems through weighted cumulant slices
2631 -- 2634Pascal Chevalier, Bernard C. Picinbono. Complex linear-quadratic systems for detection and array processing
2634 -- 2637Hamid Krim, Philippe Forster. Projections on unstructured subspaces
2637 -- 2640Bernard C. Picinbono. Second-order complex random vectors and normal distributions
2640 -- 2644Massimiliano Martone. Non-Gaussian multivariate adaptive AR estimation using the super exponential algorithm
2644 -- 2646Victoria E. Sánchez, Antonio M. Peinado, José C. Segura, Pedro García Teodoro, Antonio J. Rubio. Generating matrices for the discrete sine transforms
2647 -- 2651Nikos E. Mastorakis. Recursive algorithms for two-dimensional filters' spectral transformations
2651 -- 2657Tai-Chiu Hsung, Daniel Pak-Kong Lun, Wan-Chi Siu. The discrete periodic Radon transform

Volume 44, Issue 1

1 -- 13Joseph Tabrikian, Hagit Messer. Three-dimensional source localization in a waveguide
14 -- 24Ivan W. Selesnick, C. Sidney Burrus. Automatic generation of prime length FFT programs
25 -- 35Xiang-Gen Xia, Jeffrey S. Geronimo, Douglas P. Hardin, Bruce W. Suter. Design of prefilters for discrete multiwavelet transforms
36 -- 50Robert D. Nowak, Barry D. Van Veen. Tensor product basis approximations for Volterra filters
51 -- 61Gerald L. Fudge, Darel A. Linebarger. Spatial blocking filter derivative constraints for the generalized sidelobe canceller and MUSIC
62 -- 73Vikram Krishnamurthy, H. Vincent Poor. Asymptotic analysis of an algorithm for parameter estimation and identification of 1-b quantized AR time series
74 -- 82G. C. Brown, J. H. McClellan, E. J. Holder. Performance bound analysis of a hybrid array
83 -- 95Bertrand M. Hochwald, Arye Nehorai. Identifiability in array processing models with vector-sensor applications
96 -- 105Petre Stoica, Björn E. Ottersten, Mats Viberg, Randolph L. Moses. Maximum likelihood array processing for stochastic coherent sources
106 -- 118Daniel Yellin, Ehud Weinstein. Multichannel signal separation: methods and analysis
119 -- 122Vittorio Murino, Andrea Trucco, Carlo S. Regazzoni. Synthesis of unequally spaced arrays by simulated annealing
123 -- 126Joon Tae Kim, Woo-Jin Oh, Yong-Hoon Lee. Design of nonuniformly spaced linear-phase FIR filters using mixed integer linear programming
126 -- 129Hwang-Cheng Chiang, Jie-Cherng Liu. Fast algorithm for FIR filtering in the transform domain
129 -- 133Xiao-Ping Zhang, Li-Sheng Tian, Ying-Ning Peng. From the wavelet series to the discrete wavelet transform-the initialization
133 -- 136Xiang-Gen Xia. On characterization of the optimal biorthogonal window functions for Gabor transform
136 -- 138Andrew E. Yagle. Analytical formulae for reconstruction of certain discrete signals from phase level and line crossings
139 -- 142Craig S. MacInnes. Filtering and frequency estimation using perturbation formulas
142 -- 147Joseph A. Rea, Harold G. Longbotham, Hemal N. Kothari. Fuzzy logic and mathematical morphology: implementation by stack filters
147 -- 150Roger J. Webster. An efficient source of random numbers for modeling symmetrically distributed noise
150 -- 155Nelson L. Passos, Edwin Hsing-Mean Sha, Steven C. Bass. Optimizing DSP flow graphs via schedule-based multidimensional retiming