Journal: IEEE Transactions on Signal Processing

Volume 50, Issue 9

2093 -- 2102John R. Barry, Anuj Batra. A multidimensional phase-locked loop for blind multiuser detection
2103 -- 2115Marius Pesavento, Alex B. Gershman, Kon Max Wong. Direction finding in partly calibrated sensor arrays composed of multiple subarrays
2116 -- 2127Huaiyu Dai, H. Vincent Poor. Iterative space-time processing for multiuser detection in multipath CDMA channels
2128 -- 2142Daniel W. Bliss, Keith W. Forsythe, Alfred O. Hero III, Ali F. Yegulalp. Environmental issues for MIMO capacity
2143 -- 2151Mohammad Ghavami. Wideband smart antenna theory using rectangular array structures
2152 -- 2159Antonio De Maio. Polarimetric adaptive detection of range-distributed targets
2160 -- 2165François Chapeau-Blondeau, Abdelilah Monir. Numerical evaluation of the Lambert W function and application to generation of generalized Gaussian noise with exponent 1/2
2166 -- 2169Howard C. Card, Dean K. McNeill. Imperfect pulse detection in neural nets with temporal codes
2170 -- 2176Cédric Richard. Time-frequency-based detection using discrete-time discrete-frequency Wigner distributions
2177 -- 2186René Martinus Maria Derkx, Gerard P. M. Egelmeers, Piet C. W. Sommen. New constraining method for partitioned block frequency-domain adaptive filters
2187 -- 2195Marcello L. R. de Campos, Stefan Werner, José Antonio Apolinário. Constrained adaptation algorithms employing Householder transformation
2196 -- 2207Olivier Grellier, Pierre Comon, Bernard Mourrain, Philippe Trebuchet. Analytical blind channel identification
2208 -- 2220Bor-Sen Chen, Bore-Kuen Lee, Sen-Chueh Peng. Maximum likelihood parameter estimation of F-ARIMA processes using the genetic algorithm in the frequency domain
2221 -- 2229Aryan Saadat Mehr, Tongwen Chen. Representations of linear periodically time-varying and multirate systems
2230 -- 2244Simon Doclo, Marc Moonen. GSVD-based optimal filtering for single and multimicrophone speech enhancement
2245 -- 2257Stephen J. Roberts, Will D. Penny. Variational Bayes for generalized autoregressive models
2258 -- 2272Jinghong Ma, Jitendra K. Tugnait. Blind detection of multirate asynchronous CDMA signals in multipath channels
2273 -- 2285Kostas Berberidis, Panos Karaivazoglou. An efficient block adaptive decision feedback equalizer implemented in the frequency domain
2286 -- 2294Daniel J. Sebald, James A. Bucklew. A binary adaptive decision-selection equalizer for channels with nonlinear intersymbol interference
2295 -- 2305Yan Wang, Philippe Ciblat, Erchin Serpedin, Philippe Loubaton. Performance analysis of a class of nondata-aided frequency offset and symbol timing estimators for flat-fading channels
2306 -- 2318Tariq Haddad, Abbas Yongaçoglu. Channel-optimized soft trellis waveform coding
2319 -- 2332Lihua Xie, Chunling Du, Cishen Zhang, Yeng Chai Soh. H∞ deconvolution filtering of 2-d digital systems
2333 -- 2346Yuriy V. Shkvarko. Estimation of wavefield power distribution in the remotely sensed environment: Bayesian maximum entropy approach
2347 -- 2354Doru-Florin Chiper, M. N. S. Swamy, M. Omair Ahmad, Thanos Stouraitis. A systolic array architecture for the discrete sine transform
2355 -- 2365Jong-Nam Kim, Sung-Cheal Byun, Yong Hoon Kim, Byung-Ha Ahn. Fast full search motion estimation algorithm using early detection of impossible candidate vectors
2366 -- 2368Xiangqian Liu, Nicholas D. Sidiropoulos. Almost sure identifiability of constant modulus multidimensional harmonic retrieval
2368 -- 2372Christopher J. Zarowski. Limitations on SNR estimator accuracy

Volume 50, Issue 8

1809 -- 1818Biao Chen, Pramod K. Varshney. A Bayesian sampling approach to decision fusion using hierarchical models
1819 -- 1830Anisse Taleb. A generic framework for blind source separation in structured nonlinear models
1831 -- 1842Terrence J. Moore, Brian M. Sadler, Richard J. Kozick. Regularity and strict identifiability in MIMO systems
1843 -- 1854Joe C. Chen, Ralph E. Hudson, Kung Yao. Maximum-likelihood source localization and unknown sensor location estimation for wideband signals in the near-field
1855 -- 1865Daniel W. E. Schobben, Piet W. Sommen. A frequency domain blind signal separation method based on decorrelation
1866 -- 1876Zahir M. Hussain, Boualem Boashash. Adaptive instantaneous frequency estimation of multicomponent FM signals using quadratic time-frequency distributions
1877 -- 1882Zoran Dj Banjac, Branko D. Kovacevic, Milan M. Milosavljevic, Mladen D. Veinovic. Local echo canceler with optimal input for true full-duplex speech scrambling system
1883 -- 1894Richard K. Martin, William A. Sethares, Robert C. Williamson, C. Richard Johnson Jr.. Exploiting sparsity in adaptive filters
1895 -- 1907Mikael Sternad, Lars Lindborn, Anders Ahlén. Wiener design of adaptation algorithms with time-invariant gains
1908 -- 1915Ernesto Conte, Antonio De Maio, Giuseppe Ricci. Recursive estimation of the covariance matrix of a compound-Gaussian process and its application to adaptive CFAR detection
1916 -- 1924Alfonso Farina, Branko Ristic, Luca Timmoneri. Cramer-Rao bound for nonlinear filtering with Pd<1 and its application to target tracking
1925 -- 1934Maciej Niedzwiecki, Tomasz Klaput. Fast recursive basis function estimators for identification of time-varying processes
1935 -- 1941Dongning Li, Yong Ching Lim, Yong Lian, Jianjian Song. A polynomial-time algorithm for designing FIR filters with power-of-two coefficients
1942 -- 1950Lisa G. McIlrath. A robust O(N log n) algorithm for optimal decoding of first-order Σ-Δ sequences
1951 -- 1956R. Tharnvichai, T. Bose. Two's complement quantization in periodic digital filters
1957 -- 1964Andrzej K. Brodzik. Signal extrapolation in the real Zak space
1965 -- 1976Jan Kybic, Thierry Blu, Michael Unser. Generalized sampling: a variational approach .I. Theory
1977 -- 1985Jan Kybic, Thierry Blu, Michael Unser. Generalized sampling: a variational approach .II. Applications
1986 -- 1993Ronald K. Pearson. Scale-invariant nonlinear digital filters
1994 -- 2002Shan Ouyang, Zheng Bao. Fast principal component extraction by a weighted information criterion
2003 -- 2014Bryan Singer, Manuela M. Veloso. Automating the modeling and optimization of the performance of signal transforms
2015 -- 2026Zhengyuan Xu. Asymptotic performance of subspace methods for synchronous multirate CDMA systems
2027 -- 2036Göran Klang, Björn E. Ottersten. Structured semi-blind interference rejection in dispersive multichannel systems
2037 -- 2049Marc-Antoine R. Baissas, Akbar M. Sayeed. Pilot-based estimation of time-varying multipath channels for coherent CDMA receivers
2050 -- 2063Michael Weeks, Magdy A. Bayoumi. Three-dimensional discrete wavelet transform architectures
2064 -- 2079Praveen K. Murthy, Edward A. Lee. Multidimensional synchronous dataflow
2080 -- 2085Graham C. Charters, Jim Graham. Disentangling chromosome overlaps by combining trainable shape models with classification evidence

Volume 50, Issue 7

1525 -- 1532Shankar Prakriya. Eigenanalysis-based blind methods for identification, equalization, and inversion of linear time-invariant channels
1533 -- 1544Nabil R. Yousef, Ali H. Sayed. Ability of adaptive filters to track carrier offsets and channel nonstationarities
1545 -- 1553Arie Yeredor. Non-orthogonal joint diagonalization in the least-squares sense with application in blind source separation
1554 -- 1564Olivier Besson, Petre Stoica, Yukihiro Kamiya. Direction finding in the presence of an intermittent interference
1565 -- 1572Jan C. de Munck, Hilde M. Huizenga, Lourens J. Waldorp, Rob M. Heethaar. Estimating stationary dipoles from MEG/EEG data contaminated with spatially and temporally correlated background noise
1573 -- 1582Mutlu Koca, Bernard C. Levy. Broadband beamforming with power complementary filters
1583 -- 1590Fa-Long Luo, Jun Yang, Chaslav Pavlovic, Arye Nehorai. Adaptive null-forming scheme in digital hearing aids
1591 -- 1601Mohammed Nafie, Ahmed H. Tewfik, Murtaza Ali. Deterministic and iterative solutions to subset selection problems
1602 -- 1609Paul C. Wei, Jun Han, James R. Zeidler, Walter H. Ku. Comparative tracking performance of the LMS and RLS algorithms for chirped narrowband signal recovery
1610 -- 1619Er-Wei Bai, Minyue Fu. A blind approach to Hammerstein model identification
1620 -- 1630Gemma Piella, Henk J. A. M. Heijmans. Adaptive lifting schemes with perfect reconstruction
1631 -- 1639Adrian Burian, Pauli Kuosmanen. Tuning the smoothness of the recursive median filter
1640 -- 1649Ilya Shmulevich, Olli Yli-Harja, Jaakko Astola, Aleksey D. Korshunov. On the robustness of the class of stack filters
1650 -- 1660Z.-Q. T. Luo, Mei Meng, K. M. Wong, Jian-Kang Zhang. A fractionally spaced blind equalizer based on linear programming
1661 -- 1680Soo-Chang Pei, Jian-Jiun Ding. Fractional cosine, sine, and Hartley transforms
1681 -- 1684Chaouki Diab, Mohamad Oueidat, Rémy Prost. A new IDCT-DFT relationship reducing the IDCT computational cost
1685 -- 1698Huan Zhou, Lihua Xie, Cishen Zhang. 2 optimal deconvolution of periodic digital channels
1699 -- 1712Bertrand Muquet, Marc de Courville, Pierre Duhamel. Subspace-based blind and semi-blind channel estimation for OFDM systems
1713 -- 1723François Horlin, Luc Vandendorpe. A comparison between chip fractional and non-fractional sampling for a direct sequence CDMA receiver
1724 -- 1734Yufei Huang, Petar M. Djuric. Multiuser detection of synchronous code-division multiple-access signals by perfect sampling
1735 -- 1746Xiaohua Li. Blind sequence detection without channel estimation
1747 -- 1758Mohammed Nafie, Ahmed H. Tewfik. A flexible receiver for CDMA multiuser communications
1759 -- 1771Hoang Duong Tuan, Pierre Apkarian, Truong Q. Nguyen, Tatsuo Narikiyo. ∞ filtering of 2-D systems
1772 -- 1779Yuke Wang, Xiaoyu Song, El Mostapha Aboulhamid, Hong Shen. n+1)
1780 -- 1786Deniz Erdogmus, Jose C. Principe. An error-entropy minimization algorithm for supervised training of nonlinear adaptive systems
1787 -- 1799Kenji Suzuki, Isao Horiba, Noboru Sugie. Efficient approximation of neural filters for removing quantum noise from images
1800 -- 1803Fulvio Gini, Fabrizio Lombardini. Multilook APES for multibaseline SAR interferometry

Volume 50, Issue 6

1257 -- 1260Yuehua Wu, Kwok-Wai Tam, Fu Li. Determination of number of sources with multiple arrays in correlated noise fields
1261 -- 1276Daryl Reynolds, Xiaodong Wang, H. Vincent Poor. Blind adaptive space-time multiuser detection with multiple transmitter and receiver antennas
1277 -- 1288Constantin Papaodysseus, Thanasis Panagopoulos, Mihalis Exarhos, Constantin Triantafillou, Dimitrios K. Fragoulis, Christos Doumas. Contour-shape based reconstruction of fragmented, 1600 BC wall paintings
1289 -- 1297Feng Zhang, Guoan Bi, Yan Qiu Chen. Tomography time-frequency transform
1298 -- 1306Qinye Yin, Shie Qian, Aigang Feng. A fast refinement for adaptive Gaussian chirplet decomposition
1307 -- 1314Peter J. Green, Desmond P. Taylor. Dynamic signal enumeration algorithm for smart antennas
1315 -- 1326Shin'ichi Koike. A class of adaptive step-size control algorithms for adaptive filters
1327 -- 1342Márcio Holsbach Costa, José Carlos M. Bermudez, Neil J. Bershad. Stochastic analysis of the filtered-X LMS algorithm in systems with nonlinear secondary paths
1343 -- 1354Erik G. Larsson, Petre Stoica, Jian Li. Amplitude spectrum estimation for two-dimensional gapped data
1355 -- 1367Phillip L. Ainsleigh, Nasser Kehtarnavaz, Roy L. Streit. Hidden Gauss-Markov models for signal classification
1368 -- 1381Chong-Yung Chi, Chii-Horng Chen, Ching-Yung Chen. Blind MAI and ISI suppression for DS/CDMA systems using HOS-based inverse filter criteria
1382 -- 1397Vikram Krishnamurthy. Algorithms for optimal scheduling and management of hidden Markov model sensors
1398 -- 1408Alfred Mertins, Tanja Karp. Modulated, perfect reconstruction filterbanks with integer coefficients
1409 -- 1416Yong Ching Lim, Y. Sun, Ya Jun Yu. Design of discrete-coefficient FIR filters on loosely connected parallel machines
1417 -- 1428Martin Vetterli, Pina Marziliano, Thierry Blu. Sampling signals with finite rate of innovation
1429 -- 1437Chien-Hsun Tseng, Kok Lay Teo, Antonio Cantoni. Mean square convergence of adaptive envelope-constrained filtering
1438 -- 1448Artyom M. Grigoryan. Efficient algorithms for computing the 2-D hexagonal Fourier transforms
1449 -- 1458Houcem Gazzah, Phillip A. Regalia, Jean Pierre Delmas, Karim Abed-Meraim. A blind multichannel identification algorithm robust to order overestimation
1459 -- 1469Jugurta R. Montalvão Filho, Bernadette Dorizzi, João Cesar M. Mota. Channel estimation by symmetrical clustering
1470 -- 1482Ron Dabora, Jason Goldberg, Hagit Messer. Inherent limitations in data-aided time synchronization of continuous phase-modulation signals over time-selective fading channels
1483 -- 1495Sumeetpal Singh, Vikram Krishnamurthy, H. Vincent Poor. Integrated voice/data call admission control for wireless DS-CDMA systems
1496 -- 1507Ekaterina Rundblad, Valeri G. Labunets, Jaakko Astola, Karen O. Egiazarian. Fast algorithms of multidimensional discrete nonseparable -wave transforms
1508 -- 1517Mohamed Ibnkahla. Statistical analysis of neural network modeling and identification of nonlinear systems with memory

Volume 50, Issue 5

997 -- 1006Yuanqing Li, Jun Wang 0002. Sequential blind extraction of instantaneously mixed sources
1007 -- 1016Heinz Mathis, Scott C. Douglas. On the existence of universal nonlinearities for blind source separation
1017 -- 1026Lalitha Venkataramanan, Yi-Qiao Song, Martin D. Hurlimann. Solving Fredholm integrals of the first kind with tensor product structure in 2 and 2.5 dimensions
1027 -- 1036Eran Fishler, Michael Grosman, Hagit Messer. Detection of signals by information theoretic criteria: general asymptotic performance analysis
1037 -- 1050Brian C. Banister, James R. Zeidler. Tracking performance of the RLS algorithm applied to an antenna array in a realistic fading environment
1051 -- 1064Anna Scaglione, Petre Stoica, Sergio Barbarossa, Georgios B. Giannakis, Hemanth Sampath. Optimal designs for space-time linear precoders and decoders
1065 -- 1076Christos Komninakis, Christina Fragouli, Ali H. Sayed, Richard D. Wesel. Multi-input multi-output fading channel tracking and equalization using Kalman estimation
1077 -- 1090Byeong-Gwan Iem, Antonia Papandreou-Suppappola, Gloria Faye Boudreaux-Bartels. Wideband Weyl symbols for dispersive time-varying processing of systems and random signals
1091 -- 1101Isao Yamada, Konstantinos Slavakis, Kenyu Yamada. An efficient robust adaptive filtering algorithm based on parallel subgradient projection techniques
1102 -- 1112Salvador Olmos, Leif Sörnmo, Pablo Laguna. Block adaptive filters with deterministic reference inputs for event-related signals: BLMS and BRLS
1113 -- 1123Petar M. Djuric, Joon Hwa Chun. An MCMC sampling approach to estimation of nonstationary hidden Markov models
1124 -- 1132Louis Shue, Subhrakanti Dey. Complexity reduction in fixed-lag smoothing for hidden Markov models
1133 -- 1143Konstantinos I. Diamantaras. Blind channel identification based on the geometry of the received signal constellation
1144 -- 1152Ivan W. Selesnick. The design of approximate Hilbert transform pairs of wavelet bases
1153 -- 1159Mathews Jacob, Thierry Blu, Michael Unser. Sampling of periodic signals: a quantitative error analysis
1160 -- 1169Jianmin Jiang, Guocan Feng. The spatial relationship of DCT coefficients between a block and its sub-blocks
1170 -- 1183Pierre Siohan, Cyrille Siclet, Nicolas Lacaille. Analysis and design of OFDM/OQAM systems based on filterbank theory
1184 -- 1192Ignacio Santamaría, Deniz Erdogmus, José Carlos Príncipe. Entropy minimization for supervised digital communications channel equalization
1193 -- 1204Hongbin Li, Xuguang Lu, Georgios B. Giannakis. Capon multiuser receiver for CDMA systems with space-time coding
1205 -- 1214Langford B. White, Robert J. Elliott. A mixed MAP/MLSE receiver for convolutional coded signals transmitted over a fading channel
1215 -- 1228Shengli Zhou, Bertrand Muquet, Georgios B. Giannakis. Subspace-based (semi-) blind channel estimation for block precoded space-time OFDM
1229 -- 1236Sheng Chen. Importance sampling simulation for evaluating lower-bound symbol error rate of the Bayesian DFE with multilevel signaling schemes
1237 -- 1247Enzo Baccarelli, Antonio Fasano, Mauro Biagi. Novel efficient bit-loading algorithms for peak-energy-limited ADSL-type multicarrier systems
1248 -- 1249Rae-Hong Park. Comments on "Canonical coordinates and the geometry of inference, rate, and capacity"

Volume 50, Issue 4

769 -- 778Wolfgang Utschick. Tracking of signal subspace projectors
779 -- 790Edith Grall-Maës, Pierre Beauseroy. Mutual information-based feature extraction on the time-frequency plane
791 -- 802Björn Völker, Peter Händel. Frequency estimation from proper sets of correlations
803 -- 813Fan Wang, Venkataramanan Balakrishnan. Robust Kalman filters for linear time-varying systems with stochastic parametric uncertainties
814 -- 823Bhavani M. R. Shankar, Anamitra Makur. Allpass delay chain-based IIR PR filterbank and its application to multiple description subband coding
824 -- 833Xiqi Gao, Truong Q. Nguyen, Gilbert Strang. A study of two-channel complex-valued filterbanks and wavelets with orthogonality and symmetry properties
834 -- 841Masaaki Ikehara, Trac D. Tran, Truong Q. Nguyen. A family of lapped regular transforms with integer coefficients
842 -- 853Yuan-Pei Lin, See-May Phoong. Minimum redundancy for ISI free FIR filterbank transceivers
854 -- 865Andrew I. Russell, Paul E. Beckmann. Efficient arbitrary sampling rate conversion with recursive calculation of coefficients
866 -- 877Chien-Cheng Tseng. Eigenvalues and eigenvectors of generalized DFT, generalized DHT, DCT-IV and DST-IV matrices
878 -- 888Yegui Xiao, Yoshihiro Takeshita, Katsunori Shida. Tracking properties of a gradient-based second-order adaptive IIR notch filter with constrained poles and zeros
889 -- 901Xiangqian Liu, Nicholas D. Sidiropoulos, Ananthram Swami. Blind high-resolution localization and tracking of multiple frequency hopped signals
902 -- 911Gianfranco Cariolaro, Tomaso Erseghe, Peter Kraniauskas. The fractional discrete cosine transform
912 -- 922Wing-Kin Ma, Timothy N. Davidson, Kon Max Wong, Zhi-Quan Luo, Pak-Chung Ching. Quasi-maximum-likelihood multiuser detection using semi-definite relaxation with application to synchronous CDMA
923 -- 936Florence Alberge, Pierre Duhamel, Mila Nikolova. Adaptive solution for blind identification/equalization using deterministic maximum likelihood
937 -- 944Erik G. Larsson, Petre Stoica, Jian Li. On maximum-likelihood detection and decoding for space-time coding systems
945 -- 955Chii-Horng Chen, Chong-Yung Chi, Ching-Yung Chen. Two-dimensional Fourier series-based model for nonminimum-phase linear shift-invariant systems and texture image classification
956 -- 965Ashutosh Sabharwal, Lee C. Potter. Wald statistic for model order selection in superposition models
966 -- 977Kishore Andra, Chaitali Chakrabarti, Tinku Acharya. A VLSI architecture for lifting-based forward and inverse wavelet transform
978 -- 981Jan Purczynski, Cezary Pawelczak. Maximally linear FIR digital differentiators in frequencies of π/p-simplified formulas of weighting coefficients
981 -- 984David D. Sworder, John E. Boyd. Enhanced recognition in hybrid systems
984 -- 989Aleksandar Dogandzic, Arye Nehorai. Finite-length MIMO equalization using canonical correlation analysis
990 -- 0Steven Reece. Correction to "nonlinear kalman filtering with semi-parametric biscay distributions"
990 -- 0Pascal Chevalier, Anne Ferréol. Correction to "On the behavior of current second and higher order blind source separation methods for cyclostationary sources"

Volume 50, Issue 3

457 -- 474Aleksandar Dogandzic, Arye Nehorai. Space-time fading channel estimation and symbol detection in unknown spatially correlated noise
475 -- 486LJubisa Stankovic. Time-frequency distributions with complex argument
487 -- 500Amir Averbuch, Valery A. Zheludev. Lifting scheme for biorthogonal multiwavelets originated from Hermite splines
501 -- 508Zahir M. Hussain, Boualem Boashash. Hilbert transformer and time delay: statistical comparison in the presence of Gaussian noise
509 -- 519Mark Allan Coffey, Delores M. Etter. Multiresolution analysis on bounded domains for the design of biorthogonal wavelet bases
520 -- 527Ding-Xuan Zhou. Interpolatory orthogonal multiwavelets and refinable functions
528 -- 542Bojan Vrcelj, P. P. Vaidyanathan. MIMO biorthogonal partners and applications
543 -- 553Thierry Blu, Michael Unser. Wavelets, fractals, and radial basis functions
554 -- 559Yen-Ching Chang, Shyang Chang. A fast estimation algorithm on the Hurst parameter of discrete-time fractional Brownian motion
560 -- 567Zidong Wang, Hong Qiao. Robust filtering for bilinear uncertain stochastic discrete-time systems
568 -- 577Ching-Hsiang Tseng. Bandpass sampling criteria for nonlinear systems
578 -- 589Mark R. Morelande, Abdelhak M. Zoubir. Model selection of random amplitude polynomial phase signals
590 -- 606Mark R. Morelande, Abdelhak M. Zoubir. On the performance of cyclic moments-based parameter estimators of amplitude modulated polynomial phase signals
607 -- 618Soontorn Oraintara, Ying-Jui Chen, Truong Q. Nguyen. Integer fast Fourier transform
619 -- 627Ahmed I. Zayed. A class of fractional integral transforms: a generalization of the fractional Fourier transform
628 -- 634Wei Wang, Don H. Johnson. Computing linear transforms of symbolic signals
635 -- 650Jonathan H. Manton. Optimization algorithms exploiting unitary constraints
651 -- 661Walid Hachem, François Desbouvries, Philippe Loubaton. MIMO channel blind identification in the presence of spatially correlated noise
662 -- 672Giacinto Gelli, Francesco Verde. Two-stage interference-resistant adaptive periodically time-varying CMA blind equalization
673 -- 683Michael Tüchler, Andrew C. Singer, Ralf Koetter. Minimum mean squared error equalization using a priori information
684 -- 695Sergio Barbarossa, Anna Scaglione, Georgios B. Giannakis. Performance analysis of a deterministic channel estimator for block transmission systems with null guard intervals
696 -- 709Xavier Mestre, Javier Rodríguez Fonollosa. ML approaches to channel estimation for pilot-aided multirate DS/CDMA systems
710 -- 724Joseph M. Francos. Cramer-Rao bound on the estimation accuracy of complex-valued homogeneous Gaussian random fields
725 -- 735Keith Copsey, Neil J. Gordon, Alan Marrs. Bayesian analysis of generalized frequency-modulated signals
736 -- 746Dan Crisan, Arnaud Doucet. A survey of convergence results on particle filtering methods for practitioners
747 -- 758Elena Punskaya, Christophe Andrieu, Arnaud Doucet, William J. Fitzgerald. Bayesian curve fitting using MCMC with applications to signal segmentation
759 -- 763Adnan Al-Smadi, D. Mitchell Wilkes. Robust and accurate ARX and ARMA model order estimation of non-Gaussian processes

Volume 50, Issue 2

173 -- 0Petar M. Djuric, Simon J. Godsill. Guest editorial special issue on monte carlo methods for statistical signal processing
174 -- 188M. Sanjeev Arulampalam, Simon Maskell, Neil J. Gordon, Tim Clapp. A tutorial on particle filters for online nonlinear/non-Gaussian Bayesian tracking
189 -- 205Anil C. Kokaram, Simon J. Godsill. MCMC for joint noise reduction and missing data treatment in degraded video
206 -- 215Ramon F. Brcich, Abdelhak M. Zoubir, Per Pelin. Detection of sources using bootstrap techniques
216 -- 223Matthew Orton, William Fitzgerald. A Bayesian approach to tracking multiple targets using sensor arrays and particle filters
224 -- 230Supratim Saha, Steven M. Kay. Maximum likelihood parameter estimation of superimposed chirps using Monte Carlo importance sampling
231 -- 240Jean-René Larocque, James P. Reilly. Reversible jump MCMC for joint detection and estimation of sources in colored noise
241 -- 254Xiaodong Wang, Rong Chen, Dong Guo 0003. Delayed-pilot sampling for mixture Kalman filter with application in fading channels
255 -- 270Rong Chen, Jun S. Liu, Xiaodong Wang. Convergence analyses and comparisons of Markov chain Monte Carlo algorithms in digital communications
271 -- 280Zigang Yang, Xiaodong Wang. A sequential Monte Carlo blind receiver for OFDM systems in frequency-selective fading channels
281 -- 289Geir Storvik. Particle filters for state-space models with the presence of unknown static parameters
290 -- 298Andriyan Bayu Suksmono, Akira Hirose. Interferometric SAR image restoration using Monte Carlo metropolis method
299 -- 308Anuj Srivastava, Eric Klassen. Monte Carlo extrinsic estimators of manifold-valued parameters
309 -- 325Carine Hue, Jean-Pierre Le Cadre, Patrick Pérez. Sequential Monte Carlo methods for multiple target tracking and data fusion
326 -- 336Dominic S. Lee, Nicholas K. K. Chia. A particle algorithm for sequential Bayesian parameter estimation and model selection
337 -- 344Chris Holmes, David G. T. Denison. Perfect sampling for the wavelet reconstruction of signals
345 -- 356Petar M. Djuric, Yufei Huang, Tadesse Ghirmai. Perfect sampling: a review and applications to signal processing
357 -- 365Dina E. Melas, Simon P. Wilson. Double Markov random fields and Bayesian image segmentation
366 -- 376Mark Coates, Robert D. Nowak. Sequential Monte Carlo inference of internal delays in nonstationary data networks
377 -- 388Manuel Davy, Christian Doncarli, Jean-Yves Tourneret. Classification of chirp signals using hierarchical Bayesian learning and MCMC methods
389 -- 399Dave Higdon, Herbert Lee, Zhuoxin Bi. A Bayesian approach to characterizing uncertainty in inverse problems using coarse and fine-scale information
400 -- 410Olivier Cappé. A Bayesian approach for simultaneous segmentation and classification of count data
411 -- 424M. Sanjeev Arulampalam, Rob J. Evans, Khaled Ben Letaief. Importance sampling for error event analysis of HMM frequency line trackers
425 -- 437Fredrik Gustafsson, Fredrik Gunnarsson, Niclas Bergman, Urban Forssell, Jonas Jansson, Rickard Karlsson, Per-Johan Nordlund. Particle filters for positioning, navigation, and tracking
438 -- 449William Fong, Simon J. Godsill, Arnaud Doucet, Mike West. Monte Carlo smoothing with application to audio signal enhancement

Volume 50, Issue 12

2905 -- 2914Jean-François Giovannelli, Jérôme Idier, Redha Boubertakh, Alain Herment. Unsupervised frequency tracking beyond the Nyquist frequency using Markov chains
2915 -- 2925Cyril Hory, Nadine Martin, Alain Chéhikian. Spectrogram segmentation by means of statistical features for non-stationary signal interpretation
2926 -- 2937Jean-René Larocque, James P. Reilly, William Ng. Particle filters for tracking an unknown number of sources
2938 -- 2946Louis L. Scharf, Michael L. McCloud. Blind adaptation of zero forcing projections and oblique pseudo-inverses for subspace detection and estimation when interference dominates noise
2947 -- 2961Luciano Izzo, Antonio Napolitano. Linear time-variant transformations of generalized almost-cyclostationary signals .I. Theory and method
2962 -- 2975Luciano Izzo, Antonio Napolitano. Linear time-variant transformations of generalized almost-cyclostationary signals.II. Development and applications
2976 -- 2986Alberto Contreras-Cristán, Andrew T. Walden. Multitaper power spectrum estimation and thresholding: wavelet packets versus wavelets
2987 -- 2997Stefan L. Hahn, Kajetana M. Snopek. Double-dimensional distributions: another approach to "quartic" distributions
2998 -- 3007Shengyuan Xu, Tongwen Chen. ∞ filtering for stochastic systems
3008 -- 3017Akihiko Sugiyama, S. Ikeda, Akihiro Hirano. A fast convergence algorithm for sparse-tap adaptive FIR filters identifying an unknown number of dispersive regions
3018 -- 3027James E. Fowler, Li Hua. Wavelet transforms for vector fields using omnidirectionally balanced multiwavelets
3028 -- 3035Seungjoon Yang, Truong Q. Nguyen. Interpolated Mth-band filters for image size conversion
3036 -- 3042Petre Stoica, Girish Ganesan. Maximum-SNR spatial-temporal formatting designs for MIMO channels
3043 -- 3054So Ryoung Park, Iickho Song, Hyoungmoon Kwon. DS/CDMA signature sequences based on PR-QMF banks
3055 -- 3069Min Dong, Lang Tong. Optimal design and placement of pilot symbols for channel estimation
3070 -- 3082Jitendra K. Tugnait, Weilin Luo. Linear prediction error method for blind identification of periodically time-varying channels
3083 -- 3097Alle-Jan van der Veen. Statistical performance analysis of the algebraic constant modulus algorithm
3098 -- 3106Jinho Choi 0001, Seong Rag Kim. Adaptive MMSE receiver for multirate CDMA systems
3107 -- 3114Takao Hinamoto, Yuji Sugie. 2-sensitivity analysis and minimization of 2-D separable-denominator state-space digital filters
3115 -- 3116Xin Guo, Hongbo Sun, Sheng-Li Wang, Guo-Sui Liu. Comments on discrete chirp-Fourier transform and its application to chirp rate estimation [and reply]

Volume 50, Issue 11

2617 -- 2631Jonathan Friedmann, Eran Fishler, Hagit Messer. General asymptotic analysis of the generalized likelihood ratio test for a Gaussian point source under statistical or spatial mismodeling
2632 -- 2643Richard H. Anderson, Jeffrey L. Krolik. Track association for over-the-horizon radar with a statistical ionospheric model
2644 -- 2655Xiao-Jiao Tao, Ingvar Claesson, Nedelko Grbic. Narrowband acoustic Doppler volume backscattering signal .I. Evolutionary spectral analysis
2656 -- 2660Xiao-Jiao Tao, Ingvar Claesson, Nedelko Grbic. Narrowband acoustic Doppler volume backscattering signal .II. Spectral centroid estimation
2661 -- 2670Sofia C. Olhede, Andrew T. Walden. Generalized Morse wavelets
2671 -- 2682Tyler Brown, Michael Mao Wang. An iterative algorithm for single-frequency estimation
2683 -- 2694Mihalis Samonas, Maria Petrou. A peak preserving algorithm for the removal of colored noise from signals
2695 -- 2701See-May Phoong, Yuan-Pei Lin. Lapped unimodular transform and its factorization
2702 -- 2715Timothy N. Davidson, Zhi-Quan Luo, Jos F. Sturm. Linear matrix inequality formulation of spectral mask constraints with applications to FIR filter design
2716 -- 2729Constantine Kotropoulos, Michael Pappas, Ioannis Pitas. p mean comparators for signal processing applications
2730 -- 2743James P. Reilly, Matthew R. Wilbur, Michael Seibert, Nima Ahmadvand. The complex subband decomposition and its application to the decimation of large adaptive filtering problems
2744 -- 2756Levent Sendur, Ivan W. Selesnick. Bivariate shrinkage functions for wavelet-based denoising exploiting interscale dependency
2757 -- 2767Håkan Johansson, Per Löwenborg. Reconstruction of nonuniformly sampled bandlimited signals by means of digital fractional delay filters
2768 -- 2776Gonzalo R. Arce, Yinbo Li. Median power and median correlation theory
2777 -- 2788Hideo Murakami. Prime-length real-valued polynomial residue division algorithms
2789 -- 2797Jaime Seguel. A unified treatment of compact symmetric FFT code generation
2798 -- 2805Ian T. Young, Lucas J. van Vliet, Michael van Ginkel. Recursive Gabor filtering
2806 -- 2819Ngai-Fong Law, Wan-Chi Siu. An efficient computational scheme for the two-dimensional overcomplete wavelet transform
2820 -- 2830Zhengyuan Xu. Perturbation analysis for subspace decomposition with applications in subspace-based algorithms
2831 -- 2842Michael D. Adams 0002, Faouzi Kossentini, Rabab K. Ward. Generalized S transform
2843 -- 2854Yao Wang, Amy R. Reibman, Michael T. Orchard, Hamid Jafarkhani. An improvement to multiple description transform coding
2855 -- 2865Zhiyong Xu, Boon Poh Ng. Deterministic linear prediction methods for blind channel estimation based on dual concept of zero-forcing equalization
2866 -- 2874Athanasios P. Liavas. On the robustness of the finite-length MMSE-DFE with respect to channel and second-order statistics estimation errors
2875 -- 2888Ching-An Lin, Jwo-Yuh Wu. Blind identification with periodic modulation: a time-domain approach
2889 -- 2899Konstantinos Masselos, Spyros Theoharis, Panagiotis Merakos, Thanos Stouraitis, Costas E. Goutis. Memory accesses reordering for interconnect power reduction in sum-of-products computations
2900 -- 2901Yang-Ho Choi. On conditions for the rank restoration in forward/backward spatial smoothing

Volume 50, Issue 10

2381 -- 2384Naofal Al-Dhahir, Georgios B. Giannakis, Bertrand M. Hochwald, Brian L. Hughes, Thomas L. Marzetta. Guest editorial
2385 -- 2395Avi Steiner, Michael Peleg, Shlomo Shamai. Iterative decoding of space-time differentially coded unitary matrix modulation
2396 -- 2407Nicholas D. Sidiropoulos, Ramakrishna S. Budampati. Khatri-Rao space-time codes
2408 -- 2416Siwaruk Siwamogsatham, Michael P. Fitz. Robust space-time codes for correlated Rayleigh fading channels
2417 -- 2428Hesham El Gamal. On the robustness of space-time coding
2429 -- 2441Robert W. Heath Jr., Arogyaswami Paulraj. Linear dispersion codes for MIMO systems based on frame theory
2442 -- 2450Stefan H. Müller-Weinfurtner. Coding approaches for multiple antenna transmission in fast fading and OFDM
2451 -- 2464Anastasios Stamoulis, Suhas N. Diggavi, Naofal Al-Dhahir. Intercarrier interference in MIMO OFDM
2465 -- 2476Zhiqiang Liu, Yan Xin 0001, Georgios B. Giannakis. Space-time-frequency coded OFDM over frequency-selective fading channels
2477 -- 2488Naofal Al-Dhahir. Overview and comparison of equalization schemes for space-time-coded signals with application to EDGE
2489 -- 2498A. Lee Swindlehurst, Geert Leus. Blind and semi-blind equalization for generalized space-time block codes
2499 -- 2514Sun-Yuan Kung, Yunnan Wu, Xinying Zhang. Bezout space-time precoders and equalizers for MIMO channels
2515 -- 2528Cristian Budianu, Lang Tong. Channel estimation for space-time orthogonal block codes
2529 -- 2537Hongbin Li, Jian Li. Differential and coherent decorrelating multiuser receivers for space-time-coded CDMA systems
2538 -- 2546Mathini Sellathurai, Simon Haykin. Turbo-BLAST for wireless communications: theory and experiments
2547 -- 2552Ezio Biglieri, Giorgio Taricco, Antonia Maria Tulino. Decoding space-time codes with BLAST architectures
2553 -- 2562Rohit U. Nabar, Helmut Bölcskei, Vinko Erceg, David Gesbert, Arogyaswami Paulraj. Performance of multiantenna signaling techniques in the presence of polarization diversity
2563 -- 2579Akbar M. Sayeed. Deconstructing multiantenna fading channels
2580 -- 2588Dhananjay Gore, Arogyaswami Paulraj. MIMO antenna subset selection with space-time coding
2589 -- 2598Xiaoxia Zhang, Michael P. Fitz. Soft-output demodulator in space-time-coded continuous phase modulation
2599 -- 2613Shengli Zhou, Georgios B. Giannakis. Optimal transmitter eigen-beamforming and space-time block coding based on channel mean feedback

Volume 50, Issue 1

1 -- 10Shutao Zhang, Ian Li-Jin Thng. Robust presteering derivative constraints for broadband antenna arrays
11 -- 26Soo-Chang Pei, Jian-Jiun Ding. Eigenfunctions of linear canonical transform
27 -- 40Steven M. Kay, Joseph R. Gabriel. Optimal invariant detection of a sinusoid with unknown parameters
41 -- 48Laurent Mevel, Albert Benveniste, Michèle Basseville, Maurice Goursat. Blind subspace-based eigenstructure identification under nonstationary excitation using moving sensors
49 -- 57Jean Pierre Delmas. Asymptotic performance of second-order algorithms
58 -- 68Yukihiko Yamashita. Optimum sampling vectors for Wiener filter noise reduction
69 -- 77Masashi Ohata, Kiyotoshi Matsuoka. Stability analyses of information-theoretic blind separation algorithms in the case where the sources are nonlinear processes
78 -- 86Julio Enrique Castrillon-Candas, Kevin Amaratunga. Fast estimation of continuous Karhunen-Loeve eigenfunctions using wavelets
87 -- 95Xian-Da Zhang, Wei Wei. Blind adaptive multiuser detection based on Kalman filtering
96 -- 109Helmut Bölcskei, Robert W. Heath Jr., Arogyaswami Paulraj. Blind channel identification and equalization in OFDM-based multiantenna systems
110 -- 118Ju-Hong Lee, Chia-Hsin Tung. Estimating the bearings of near-field cyclostationary signals
119 -- 129Anastasios Stamoulis, Zhiqiang Liu, Georgios B. Giannakis. Space-time block-coded OFDMA with linear precoding for multirate services
130 -- 140Philippe Ciblat, Philippe Loubaton, Erchin Serpedin, Georgios B. Giannakis. Performance analysis of blind carrier frequency offset estimators for noncircular transmissions through frequency-selective channels
141 -- 150Jérôme Soubielle, Inbar Fijalkow, Patrick Duvaut, Alain Bibaut. GPS positioning in a multipath environment
151 -- 159Tony Gustafsson, Bhaskar D. Rao. Statistical analysis of subspace-based estimation of reduced-rank linear regressions
160 -- 167Sungwook Yu, Earl E. Swartzlander Jr.. A scaled DCT architecture with the CORDIC algorithm