Journal: IEEE Transactions on Signal Processing

Volume 56, Issue 9

4113 -- 4123Bruno Otávio Soares Teixeira, Jaganath Chandrasekar, Harish J. Palanthandalam-Madapusi, Leonardo A. B. Tôrres, Luis Antonio Aguirre, Dennis S. Bernstein. Gain-Constrained Kalman Filtering for Linear and Nonlinear Systems
4124 -- 4140Xin Zhang, H. Vincent Poor, Mung Chiang. Optimal Power Allocation for Distributed Detection Over MIMO Channels in Wireless Sensor Networks
4141 -- 4151Francesco Bandiera, D. Orlando, Giuseppe Ricci. A Subspace-Based Adaptive Sidelobe Blanker
4152 -- 4161Francesco Bandiera, Olivier Besson, D. Orlando, Giuseppe Ricci. An Improved Adaptive Sidelobe Blanker
4162 -- 4175Luke Cirillo, Abdelhak M. Zoubir, Moeness G. Amin. Parameter Estimation for Locally Linear FM Signals Using a Time-Frequency Hough Transform
4176 -- 4188Jorge Silva, Shrikanth Narayanan. Upper Bound Kullback-Leibler Divergence for Transient Hidden Markov Models
4189 -- 4198Patrick Rubin-Delanchy, Andrew T. Walden. Kinematics of Complex-Valued Time Series
4199 -- 4206Ran Tao, Feng Zhang, Yue Wang. Fractional Power Spectrum
4207 -- 4220George-Othon Glentis. A Fast Algorithm for APES and Capon Spectral Estimation
4221 -- 4229Samuel Dilshan Somasundaram, Andreas Jakobsson, Michael D. Rowe, John A. S. Smith, Naveed R. Butt, Kaspar Althoefer. Robust Detection of Stochastic Nuclear Quadrupole Resonance Signals
4230 -- 4243Stelios Stefanatos, Aggelos K. Katsaggelos. Joint Data Detection and Channel Tracking for OFDM Systems With Phase Noise
4244 -- 4254Shreyas Sundaram, Christoforos N. Hadjicostis. Fault-Tolerant Convolution Via Chinese Remainder Codes Constructed From Non-Coprime Moduli
4255 -- 4262Bogdan Dumitrescu. SDP Approximation of a Fractional Delay and the Design of Dual-Tree Complex Wavelet Transform
4263 -- 4273Runyi Yu. Theory of Dual-Tree Complex Wavelets
4274 -- 4285Alessandro Nordio, Carla-Fabiana Chiasserini, Emanuele Viterbo. Reconstruction of Multidimensional Signals From Irregular Noisy Samples
4286 -- 4292Riccardo Bernardini, Roberto Rinaldo. Probabilistic Bounds on Error Amplification of Randomly Generated Frames
4293 -- 4305Tanya Roosta, Martin J. Wainwright, Shankar S. Sastry. Convergence Analysis of Reweighted Sum-Product Algorithms
4306 -- 4316V. Havary-Nassab, Shahram Shahbazpanahi, A. Grami, Zhi-Quan Luo. Distributed Beamforming for Relay Networks Based on Second-Order Statistics of the Channel State Information
4317 -- 4329Habti Abeida, Jean Pierre Delmas. Statistical Performance of MUSIC-Like Algorithms in Resolving Noncircular Sources
4330 -- 4339Peter J. Schreier. Polarization Ellipse Analysis of Nonstationary Random Signals
4340 -- 4353Amir Leshem, Alle-Jan van der Veen. Blind Source Separation: The Locationof Local Minima in the Case of Finitely Many Samples
4354 -- 4364Jakob van de Laar, Marc Moonen, Piet C. W. Sommen. MIMO Instantaneous Blind Identification Based on Second-Order Temporal Structure
4365 -- 4376Bruno Clerckx, Claude Oestges. Space-Time Code Design for Correlated Ricean MIMO Channels at Finite SNR
4377 -- 4385Daniel Axehill, Fredrik Gunnarsson, Anders Hansson. A Low-Complexity High-Performance Preprocessing Algorithm for Multiuser Detection Using Gold Sequences
4386 -- 4397Li Guo, Yih-Fang Huang. Interference Suppression for Multiuser Downlink Transmission in Frequency-Selective Fading Channels
4398 -- 4408Lokesh Bheema Thiagarajan, Samir Attallah, Karim Abed-Meraim, Ying-Chang Liang, Hongyi Fu. Non-Data-Aided Joint Carrier Frequency Offset and Channel Estimator for Uplink MC-CDMA Systems
4409 -- 4418Ami Wiesel, Yonina C. Eldar, Shlomo Shamai. Zero-Forcing Precoding and Generalized Inverses
4419 -- 4432Lang P. Withers Jr., Robert M. Taylor Jr., David M. Warme. Echo-MIMO: A Two-Way Channel Training Method for Matched Cooperative Beamforming
4433 -- 4445Ye Wang, Prakash Ishwar, Venkatesh Saligrama. One-Bit Distributed Sensing and Coding for Field Estimation in Sensor Networks
4446 -- 4457Antonio G. Marqués, Xin Wang, Georgios B. Giannakis. Minimizing Transmit Power for Coherent Communications in Wireless Sensor Networks With Finite-Rate Feedback
4458 -- 4469Baris Fidan, Soura Dasgupta, Brian D. O. Anderson. Guaranteeing Practical Convergence in Algorithms for Sensor and Source Localization
4470 -- 4485Xin Wang, Antonio G. Marqués, Georgios B. Giannakis. Power-Efficient Resource Allocation and Quantization for TDMA Using Adaptive Transmission and Limited-Rate Feedback
4486 -- 4495Fengzhong Qu, Dongliang Duan, Liuqing Yang, A. Swami. Signaling With Imperfect Channel State Information: A Battery Power Efficiency Comparison
4496 -- 4507Kuo-ching Liang, Xiaodong Wang, Dimitris Anastassiou. A Sequential Monte Carlo Method for Motif Discovery
4508 -- 4511Hua Fu, Pooi Yuen Kam. Kalman Estimation of Single-Tone Parameters and Performance Comparison With MAP Estimator
4511 -- 4515Ta-Hsin Li, Kai-Sheng Song. On Asymptotic Normality of Nonlinear Least Squares for Sinusoidal Parameter Estimation
4515 -- 4521Lu Yang, Samir Attallah, G. Mathew, Karim Abed-Meraim. Analysis of Orthogonality Error Propagation for FRANS and HFRANS Algorithms
4521 -- 4525T. Ikuma, Aloysius A. Beex, James R. Zeidler. Non-Wiener Mean Weight Behavior of LMS Transversal Equalizers With Sinusoidal Interference
4526 -- 4530Neil J. Bershad. On Error Saturation Nonlinearities for LMS Adaptation in Impulsive Noise
4530 -- 4536E. Prashanth Reddy, Debi Prasad Das, K. M. M. Prabhu. Fast Adaptive Algorithms for Active Control of Nonlinear Noise Processes
4536 -- 4544Tülay Adali, Hualiang Li, M. Novey, J.-F. Cardoso. Complex ICA Using Nonlinear Functions
4544 -- 4548Ka Shun Carson Pun, Truong Q. Nguyen. Widely Linear Filter Bank Equalizer for Real STBC

Volume 56, Issue 8-2

3813 -- 3823Jason D. McEwen, Michael P. Hobson, Anthony N. Lasenby. Optimal Filters on the Sphere
3824 -- 3836Yonina C. Eldar. MSE Bounds With Affine Bias Dominating the CramÉr-Rao Bound
3837 -- 3845E. Sejdic, Igor Djurovic, Ljubisa A. Stankovic. Quantitative Performance Analysis of Scalogram as Instantaneous Frequency Estimator
3846 -- 3854M. Niedzwiecki. Statistically Efficient Smoothing Algorithm for Time-Varying Frequency Estimation
3855 -- 3870Caroline Chaux, Laurent Duval, Amel Benazza-Benyahia, Jean-Christophe Pesquet. A Nonlinear Stein-Based Estimator for Multichannel Image Denoising
3871 -- 3890Milan S. Derpich, Eduardo I. Silva, Daniel E. Quevedo, Graham C. Goodwin. On Optimal Perfect Reconstruction Feedback Quantizers
3891 -- 3904Soo-Chang Pei, Jian-Jiun Ding, Wen-Liang Hsue, Kuo-Wei Chang. Generalized Commuting Matrices and Their Eigenvectors for DFTs, Offset DFTs, and Other Periodic Operations
3918 -- 3931Kai Ni, John William Paisley, Lawrence Carin, David B. Dunson. Multi-Task Learning for Analyzing and Sorting Large Databases of Sequential Data
3932 -- 3943Tsung-Hui Chang, Zhi-Quan Luo, Chong-Yung Chi. Approximation Bounds for Semidefinite Relaxation of Max-Min-Fair Multicast Transmit Beamforming Problem
3944 -- 3958Ben A. Johnson, Yuri I. Abramovich, X. Mestre. MUSIC, G-MUSIC, and Maximum-Likelihood Performance Breakdown
3959 -- 3968Jian Li, Petre Stoica, Xiayu Zheng. Signal Synthesis and Receiver Design for MIMO Radar Imaging
3969 -- 3982Emanuele Grossi, Marco Lops. Sequential Along-Track Integration for Early Detection of Moving Targets
3983 -- 3995Kenneth Kreutz-Delgado, Yogananda Isukapalli. Use of the Newton Method for Blind Adaptive Equalization Based on the Constant Modulus Algorithm
3996 -- 4007Rui Ma, Fabrice Labeau. Error-Resilient Multiple Description Coding
4008 -- 4019Jianwu Chen, Yik-Chung Wu, Shaodan Ma, Tung-Sang Ng. Joint CFO and Channel Estimation for Multiuser MIMO-OFDM Systems With Optimal Training Sequences
4020 -- 4030Shuying Shi, Martin Schubert, Holger Boche. Rate Optimization for Multiuser MIMO Systems With Linear Processing
4031 -- 4038Shuli Sun, Lihua Xie, Wendong Xiao. Optimal Full-Order and Reduced-Order Estimators for Discrete-Time Systems With Multiple Packet Dropouts
4039 -- 4052Marcin Wiczanowski, Slawomir Stanczak, Holger Boche. Performance and Interference Control in Wireless Ad hoc and Mesh Networks - A Generalized Lagrangian Approach
4053 -- 4068Marcin Wiczanowski, Slawomir Stanczak, Holger Boche. Providing Quadratic Convergence of Decentralized Power Control in Wireless Networks - The Method of Min-Max Functions
4069 -- 4081Joyce Chiang, Z. Jane Wang, Martin J. McKeown. A Hidden Markov, Multivariate Autoregressive (HMM-mAR) Network Framework for Analysis of Surface EMG (sEMG) Data
4082 -- 4087Le Yang, Ming Sun, K. C. Ho. Doppler-Bearing Tracking in the Presence of Observer Location Error
4087 -- 4091Magnus Mossberg. High-Accuracy Instrumental Variable Identification of Continuous-Time Autoregressive Processes From Irregularly Sampled Noisy Data
4091 -- 4095Bogdan Dumitrescu. LMI Stability Tests for the Fornasini-Marchesini Model
4095 -- 4099Roald Goossens, Hendrik Rogier, Steven Werbrouck. UCA Root-MUSIC With Sparse Uniform Circular Arrays
4100 -- 4106Gesualdo Scutari, Sergio Barbarossa. Distributed Consensus Over Wireless Sensor Networks Affected by Multipath Fading

Volume 56, Issue 8-1

3385 -- 3396Saswat Misra, Lang Tong. Error Exponents for the Detection of Gauss-Markov Signals Using Randomly Spaced Sensors
3397 -- 3407Erik G. Larsson, Joakim Jalden. Fixed-Complexity Soft MIMO Detection via Partial Marginalization
3408 -- 3423T. Piotrowski, Isao Yamada. MV-PURE Estimator: Minimum-Variance Pseudo-Unbiased Reduced-Rank Estimator for Linearly Constrained Ill-Conditioned Inverse Problems
3424 -- 3436Philippe Ciblat, Pascal Bianchi, Mounir Ghogho. Training Sequence Optimization for Joint Channel and Frequency Offset Estimation
3437 -- 3446Roland Badeau, Gaël Richard, Bertrand David. Fast and Stable YAST Algorithm for Principal and Minor Subspace Tracking
3447 -- 3457D. Schuhmacher, Ba-Tuong Vo, Ba-Ngu Vo. A Consistent Metric for Performance Evaluation of Multi-Object Filters
3458 -- 3467R. Badeau, B. David, G. Richard. CramÉr-Rao Bounds for Multiple Poles and Coefficients of Quasi-Polynomials in Colored Noise
3468 -- 3481M. Kowalski, B. Torresani. Random Models for Sparse Signals Expansion on Unions of Bases With Application to Audio Signals
3482 -- 3496Ivan W. Selesnick. The Estimation of Laplace Random Vectors in Additive White Gaussian Noise
3497 -- 3509T. Hsiao. Identification of Time-Varying Autoregressive Systems Using Maximum a Posteriori Estimation
3510 -- 3522J. Gomes, V. A. N. Barroso. Array-Based QR-RLS Multichannel Lattice Filtering
3523 -- 3534A. Abbas, T. D. Tran. Rational Coefficient Dual-Tree Complex Wavelet Transform: Design andImplementation
3535 -- 3547Alessandro Nordio, Carla-Fabiana Chiasserini, Emanuele Viterbo. Performance of Linear Field Reconstruction Techniques With Noise and Uncertain Sensor Locations
3548 -- 3561K. R. Varshney, Müjdat Çetin, John W. Fisher III, Alan S. Willsky. Sparse Representation in Structured Dictionaries With Application to Synthetic Aperture Radar
3562 -- 3571Aye Aung, Boon Poh Ng, S. Rahardja. Sequency-Ordered Complex Hadamard Transform: Properties, Computational Complexity and Applications
3572 -- 3585Markus Püschel, José M. F. Moura. Algebraic Signal Processing Theory: Foundation and 1-D Time
3586 -- 3599Markus Püschel, José M. F. Moura. Algebraic Signal Processing Theory: 1-D Space
3600 -- 3612Yuri I. Abramovich, Ben A. Johnson. GLRT-Based Detection-Estimation for Undersampled Training Conditions
3613 -- 3626F. Septier, Y. Delignon, A. Menhaj-Rivenq, C. Garnier. Monte Carlo Methods for Channel, Phase Noise, and Frequency Offset Estimation With Unknown Noise Variances in OFDM Systems
3627 -- 3637Ying-Chang Liang, Eng Yeow Cheu, Li Bai, Guangming Pan. On the Relationship Between MMSE-SIC and BI-GDFE Receivers for Large Multiple-Input Multiple-Output Channels
3638 -- 3651Jianqiang He, Guoxiang Gu, Zhongshan Wu. MMSE Interference Suppression in MIMO Frequency Selective and Time-Varying Fading Channels
3652 -- 3661B. Devillers, Jérôme Louveaux, Luc Vandendorpe. Bit and Power Allocation for Goodput Optimization in Coded Parallel Subchannels With ARQ
3662 -- 3677A. A. D Amico. Tomlinson-Harashima Precoding in MIMO Systems: A Unified Approach to Transceiver Optimization Based on Multiplicative Schur-Convexity
3678 -- 3689Xi Zhang, Daniel Pérez Palomar, Björn E. Ottersten. Statistically Robust Design of Linear MIMO Transceivers
3690 -- 3701S. S. Lokesh, A. Kumar, M. Agrawal. Structure of an Optimum Linear Precoder and its Application to ML Equalizer
3702 -- 3712Shuying Shi, Martin Schubert, Holger Boche. Downlink MMSE Transceiver Optimization for Multiuser MIMO Systems: MMSE Balancing
3713 -- 3726Jianqi Wang, David James Love, Michael D. Zoltowski. User Selection With Zero-Forcing Beamforming Achieves the Asymptotically Optimal Sum Rate
3727 -- 3741E. J. Msechu, S. I. Roumeliotis, A. Ribeiro, G. B. Giannakis. Decentralized Quantized Kalman Filtering With Scalable Communication Cost
3742 -- 3752Peter A. Parker, Patrick Mitran, Daniel W. Bliss, Vahid Tarokh. On Bounds and Algorithms for Frequency Synchronization for Collaborative Communication Systems
3753 -- 3764Mehmet E. Yildiz, Anna Scaglione. Coding With Side Information for Rate-Constrained Consensus
3765 -- 3770Visakan Kadirkamanathan, S. R. Anderson. Maximum-Likelihood Estimation of Delta-Domain Model Parameters From Noisy Output Signals
3770 -- 3775J. Selva. An Efficient Structure for the Design of Variable Fractional Delay Filters Based on the Windowing Method
3775 -- 3778Do-Sik Yoo. Equivalent Complex Baseband Representations of Linear Time-Variant Systems and Signals
3779 -- 3783Christian R. Berger, Shengli Zhou, Peter Willett, Lanbo Liu. Stratification Effect Compensation for Improved Underwater Acoustic Ranging
3784 -- 3789Maja Loncar, Fredrik Rusek. On Reduced-Complexity Equalization Based on Ungerboeck and Forney Observation Models
3789 -- 3794K. Y. Kim, Q. Zou, H. J. Choi, A. H. Sayed. An Efficient Carrier Phase Synchronization Technique for High-Order M-QAM-OFDM
3795 -- 3799Hong Li, MingQuan Lu, Zhenming Feng. Improved Zero-Padding Method for Rapid Long PN-Code Acquisition
3800 -- 3801Kaibin Huang, Robert W. Heath Jr., Jeffrey G. Andrews. Correction to SDMA With a Sum Feedback Rate Constraint
3801 -- 3809Monica Nicoli, Carlo Morelli, Vittorio Rampa. A Jump Markov Particle Filter for Localization of Moving Terminals in Multipath Indoor Scenarios

Volume 56, Issue 7-2

3061 -- 3068J. Navarro-Moreno. ARMA Prediction of Widely Linear Systems by Using the Innovations Algorithm
3069 -- 3080Wenbin Guo, Shuguang Cui. A q-Parameterized Deterministic Annealing EM Algorithm Based on Nonextensive Statistical Mechanics
3081 -- 3088A. Almudevar. Approximate Calibration-Free Trajectory Reconstruction in a Wireless Network
3089 -- 3099Frida Eng, Fredrik Gunnarsson, Fredrik Gustafsson. Frequency Domain Analysis of Signals With Stochastic Sampling Times
3100 -- 3107Holger Boche, Volker Pohl. Boundedness Behavior of the Spectral Factorization for Polynomial Data in the Wiener Algebra
3108 -- 3121Brian D. Jeffs, Karl F. Warnick. Bias Corrected PSD Estimation for an Adaptive Array With Moving Interference
3122 -- 3136Cassio G. Lopes, Ali H. Sayed. Diffusion Least-Mean Squares Over Adaptive Networks: Formulation and Performance Analysis
3137 -- 3149M. T. M. Silva, Victor H. Nascimento. Improving the Tracking Capability of Adaptive Filters via Convex Combination
3150 -- 3161Yuriy V. Zakharov, G. P. White, Jie Liu. Low-Complexity RLS Algorithms Using Dichotomous Coordinate Descent Iterations
3162 -- 3169J. Skaf, S. P. Boyd. Filter Design With Low Complexity Coefficients
3170 -- 3179Holger Boche, Ullrich J. Mönich. There Exists No Globally Uniformly Convergent Reconstruction for the Paley-Wiener Space ::::PW::::::pi:::::1::: of Bandlimited Functions Sampled at Nyquist Rate
3180 -- 3190Ha Thai Nguyen, Minh N. Do. Hybrid Filter Banks With Fractional Delays: Minimax Design and Application to Multichannel Sampling
3191 -- 3197D. Coltuc. Mathematical Complexity of Running Filters on Semi-Groups and Related Problems
3198 -- 3213M. Haardt, F. Roemer, G. Del Galdo. Higher-Order SVD-Based Subspace Estimation to Improve the Parameter Estimation Accuracy in Multidimensional Harmonic Retrieval Problems
3214 -- 3228Shuangchi He, Jitendra K. Tugnait. On Doubly Selective Channel Estimation Using Superimposed Training and Discrete Prolate Spheroidal Sequences
3229 -- 3235Rick Blum, Brian M. Sadler. Energy Efficient Signal Detection in Sensor Networks Using Ordered Transmissions
3236 -- 3247Yi Ma, Na Yi, Rahim Tafazolli. Bit and Power Loading for OFDM-Based Three-Node Relaying Communications
3248 -- 3260Keyvan Zarifi, Alex B. Gershman. High SNR Performance Analysis of Blind Minimum Output Energy Receivers for Large DS-CDMA Systems
3261 -- 3277Sau-Hsuan Wu, Urbashi Mitra, C. C. Jay Kuo. Iterative Joint Channel Estimation and Multiuser Detection for DS-CDMA in Frequency-Selective Fading Channels
3278 -- 3293David Hammarwall, Mats Bengtsson, Björn E. Ottersten. Utilizing the Spatial Information Provided by Channel Norm Feedback in SDMA Systems
3294 -- 3302Runhua Chen, Zukang Shen, Jeffrey G. Andrews, Robert W. Heath Jr.. Multimode Transmission for Multiuser MIMO Systems With Block Diagonalization
3303 -- 3314Chiang-Yu Chen, Aydin Sezgin, John M. Cioffi, Arogyaswami Paulraj. Antenna Selection in Space-Time Block Coded Systems: Performance Analysis and Low-Complexity Algorithm
3315 -- 3326Soummya Kar, José M. F. Moura. Sensor Networks With Random Links: Topology Design for Distributed Consensus
3327 -- 3339Lijun Qian, Haixin Wang, Edward R. Dougherty. Inference of Noisy Nonlinear Differential Equation Models for Gene Regulatory Networks Using Genetic Programming and Kalman Filtering
3340 -- 3346R. C. Nunez, J. G. Gonzalez, G. R. Arce, J. P. Nolan. Fast and Accurate Computation of the Myriad Filter via Branch-and-Bound Search
3346 -- 3351Alex S. Leong, Subhrakanti Dey, Jamie S. Evans. On Kalman Smoothing With Random Packet Loss
3351 -- 3356Kenneth Wing-Kin Lui, Hing-Cheung So. Modified Pisarenko Harmonic Decomposition for Single-Tone Frequency Estimation
3357 -- 3362Olivier Besson, Stéphanie Bidon, Jean-Yves Tourneret. Bounds for Estimation of Covariance Matrices From Heterogeneous Samples
3362 -- 3367Cheng-Yuan Liou, Bruce R. Musicus. Cross Entropy Approximation of Structured Gaussian Covariance Matrices
3367 -- 3369S. Nadarajah. Comments on Statistical Analysis of the Nonhomogeneity Detector for Non-Gaussian Interference Backgrounds
3369 -- 3375R. Yu, A. Baradarani. Sampled-Data Design of FIR Dual Filter Banks for Dual-Tree Complex Wavelet Transforms via LMI Optimization
3375 -- 3380P. Braca, Stefano Maranò, Vincenzo Matta. Enforcing Consensus While Monitoring the Environment in Wireless Sensor Networks

Volume 56, Issue 7-1

2625 -- 2638R. R. Nadakuditi, A. Edelman. Sample Eigenvalue Based Detection of High-Dimensional Signals in White Noise Using Relatively Few Samples
2639 -- 2648Ying Zhu, Taikun Cheng, Krishnamoorthy Sivakumar, Benjamin Belzer. Markov Random Field Detection on Two-Dimensional Intersymbol Interference Channels
2649 -- 2661G. Thatte, U. Mitra. Sensor Selection and Power Allocation for Distributed Estimation in Sensor Networks: Beyond the Star Topology
2662 -- 2668G.-T. Gil. Nondata-Aided I/Q Mismatch and DC Offset Compensation for Direct-Conversion Receivers
2669 -- 2676Silong Peng, Wen-Liang Hwang. Adaptive Signal Decomposition Based on Local Narrow Band Signals
2677 -- 2683Kamalesh Kumar Sharma, Shiv Dutt Joshi. Uncertainty Principle for Real Signals in the Linear Canonical Transform Domains
2684 -- 2695Nicolas Dobigeon, Jean-Yves Tourneret, Chein-I Chang. Semi-Supervised Linear Spectral Unmixing Using a Hierarchical Bayesian Model for Hyperspectral Imagery
2696 -- 2705E. Reynders, Rik Pintelon, G. De Roeck. Consistent Impulse-Response Estimation and System Realization From Noisy Data
2706 -- 2717Scott L. Talbot, Behrouz Farhang-Boroujeny. Spectral Method of Blind Carrier Tracking for OFDM
2718 -- 2727M. Jansen. Stable Edge-Adaptive Multiscale Decompositions Using Updated Normal Offsets
2728 -- 2745E. Margolis, Yonina C. Eldar. Nonuniform Sampling of Periodic Bandlimited Signals
2746 -- 2754R. F. Zgheib, G. V. Fleury, E. Lahalle. Lattice Algorithm for Adaptive Stable Identification and Robust Reconstruction of Nonstationary AR Processes With Missing Observations
2755 -- 2770M. Teixeira, Y. I. Rodroguez. Parallel Cyclic Convolution Based on Recursive Formulations of Block Pseudocirculant Matrices
2771 -- 2780Sergi Ventosa, Carine Simon, Martin Schimmel, J. J. Danobeitia, A. Manuel. The S-Transform From a Wavelet Point of View
2781 -- 2796Konstantinos Slavakis, Sergios Theodoridis, Isao Yamada. Online Kernel-Based Classification Using Adaptive Projection Algorithms
2797 -- 2811Dimitrios Ververidis, Constantine Kotropoulos. Gaussian Mixture Modeling by Exploiting the Mahalanobis Distance
2812 -- 2820S. Timofeev, Ahmad Bahai, Pravin Varaiya. Adaptive Acoustic Beamformer With Source Tracking Capabilities
2821 -- 2834Feng Wan, Wei-Ping Zhu, M. N. S. Swamy. A Semiblind Channel Estimation Approach for MIMO-OFDM Systems
2835 -- 2848L. Jacques, Christophe De Vleeschouwer. A Geometrical Study of Matching Pursuit Parametrization
2849 -- 2864Gianpiero Panci, Stefania Colonnese, Stefano Rinauro, Gaetano Scarano. Gain-Control-Free Near-Efficient Phase Acquisition for QAM Constellations
2865 -- 2874Dong-U Lee, Hyungjin Kim, Christopher R. Jones, John D. Villasenor. Pilotless Frame Synchronization for LDPC-Coded Transmission Systems
2875 -- 2885Yang Xu, Tho Le-Ngoc, Saswat Panigrahi. Global Concave Minimization for Optimal Spectrum Balancing in Multi-User DSL Networks
2886 -- 2901J. Zheng, B. D. Rao. Capacity Analysis of MIMO Systems Using Limited Feedback Transmit Precoding Schemes
2902 -- 2914Svante Bergman, Björn E. Ottersten. Lattice-Based Linear Precoding for MIMO Channels With Transmitter CSI
2915 -- 2930Marko Beko, J. Xavier, Victor A. N. Barroso. Further Results on the Capacity and Error Probability Analysis of Noncoherent MIMO Systems in the Low SNR Regime
2931 -- 2940Charlotte Dumard, Thomas Zemen. Low-Complexity MIMO Multiuser Receiver: A Joint Antenna Detection Scheme for Time-Varying Channels
2941 -- 2956Thanongsak Himsoon, W. Pam Siriwongpairat, Weifeng Su, K. J. Ray Liu. Differential Modulations for Multinode Cooperative Communications
2957 -- 2966Frédérique E. Oggier, Babak Hassibi. An Algebraic Coding Scheme for Wireless Relay Networks With Multiple-Antenna Nodes
2967 -- 2980Y.-W. P. Hong, Keng-U Lei, Chong-Yung Chi. Channel-Aware Random Access Control for Distributed Estimation in Sensor Networks
2981 -- 2993Lun Dong, Athina P. Petropulu, H. Vincent Poor. A Cross-Layer Approach to Collaborative Beamforming for Wireless Ad Hoc Networks
2994 -- 3008Wessam Mesbah, Timothy N. Davidson. Optimized Power Allocation for Pairwise Cooperative Multiple Access
3009 -- 3017P. K. Meher, Shrutisagar Chandrasekaran, Abbes Amira. FPGA Realization of FIR Filters by Efficient and Flexible Systolization Using Distributed Arithmetic
3018 -- 3022He-Wen Wei, Qun Wan, Zhang-Xin Chen, Shang-Fu Ye. A Novel Weighted Multidimensional Scaling Analysis for Time-of-Arrival-Based Mobile Location
3023 -- 3028Pu Wang, I. Djurovic, Jianyu Yang. Generalized High-Order Phase Function for Parameter Estimation of Polynomial Phase Signal
3029 -- 3033Li Chai, Jingxin Zhang, Cishen Zhang, Edoardo Mosca. Efficient Computation of Frame Bounds Using LMI-Based Optimization
3033 -- 3038Feifei Gao, Arumugam Nallanathan, Yide Wang. Improved MUSIC Under the Coexistence of Both Circular and Noncircular Sources
3038 -- 3044Chiao-En Chen, Flavio Lorenzelli, Ralph E. Hudson, Kung Yao. Stochastic Maximum-Likelihood DOA Estimation in the Presence of Unknown Nonuniform Noise
3044 -- 3049Jun Liu, Xiangqian Liu, Xiaoli Ma. First-Order Perturbation Analysis of Singular Vectors in Singular Value Decomposition
3049 -- 3055Antti Tölli, Marian Codreanu, Markku J. Juntti. Linear Multiuser MIMO Transceiver Design With Quality of Service and Per-Antenna Power Constraints

Volume 56, Issue 6

2181 -- 2193Prabir Barooah, João Pedro Hespanha. Estimation From Relative Measurements: Electrical Analogy and Large Graphs
2194 -- 2205Ami Wiesel, Yonina C. Eldar, Arie Yeredor. Linear Regression With Gaussian Model Uncertainty: Algorithms and Bounds
2206 -- 2217F. Pascal, Philippe Forster, Jean Philippe Ovarlez, Pascal Larzabal. Performance Analysis of Covariance Matrix Estimates in Impulsive Noise
2218 -- 2228Cédric Herzet, Valery Ramon, A. Renaux, Luc Vandendorpe. A Cramér-Rao Bound Characterization of the EM-Algorithm Mean Speed of Convergence
2229 -- 2238Petar M. Djuric, Mahesh Vemula, Mónica F. Bugallo. Target Tracking by Particle Filtering in Binary Sensor Networks
2239 -- 2248Weichao Xu, Chunqi Chang, Yeung Sam Hung, Peter Chin Wan Fung. Asymptotic Properties of Order Statistics Correlation Coefficient in the Normal Cases
2249 -- 2258J. Huillery, F. Millioz, N. Martin. On the Description of Spectrogram Probabilities With a Chi-Squared Law
2259 -- 2266Hernando Ombao, S. Van Bellegem. Evolutionary Coherence of Nonstationary Signals
2267 -- 2279Luke Cirillo, Abdelhak M. Zoubir, Moeness G. Amin. Blind Source Separation in the Time-Frequency Domain Based on Multiple Hypothesis Testing
2280 -- 2288James A. Bucklew, William A. Sethares. Convergence of a Class of Decentralized Beamforming Algorithms
2289 -- 2297Hongli Shi, Bo Hu, Jian Qiu Zhang. A Novel Scheme for the Design of Approximate Hilbert Transform Pairs of Orthonormal Wavelet Bases
2298 -- 2310I. Bayram, Ivan W. Selesnick. On the Dual-Tree Complex Wavelet Packet and M-Band Transforms
2311 -- 2325Akram Aldroubi, C. Leonetti, Qiyu Sun. Error Analysis of Frame Reconstruction From Noisy Samples
2326 -- 2333L. Berman, A. Feuer. Robust Patterns in Recurrent Sampling of Multiband Signals
2334 -- 2345Yue M. Lu, Minh N. Do. A Theory for Sampling Signals From a Union of Subspaces
2346 -- 2356Shihao Ji, Ya Xue, Lawrence Carin. Bayesian Compressive Sensing
2357 -- 2369Soo-Chang Pei, Wen-Liang Hsue. Tridiagonal Commuting Matrices and Fractionalizations of DCT and DST Matrices of Types I, IV, V, and VIII
2370 -- 2382Thomas Blumensath, Michael E. Davies. Gradient Pursuits
2383 -- 2394A. Koc, Haldun M. Özaktas, Cagatay Candan, M. Alper Kutay. Digital Computation of Linear Canonical Transforms
2395 -- 2405C. J. Bordin, M. G. S. Bruno. Particle Filters for Joint Blind Equalization and Decoding in Frequency-Selective Channels
2406 -- 2416Huiping Duan, Boon Poh Ng, Chong Meng Samson See, Jun Fang. Broadband Interference Suppression Performance of Minimum Redundancy Arrays
2417 -- 2428André L. F. de Almeida, Gérard Favier, João Cesar M. Mota. Constrained Tensor Modeling Approach to Blind Multiple-Antenna CDMA Schemes
2429 -- 2442André L. F. de Almeida, Gérard Favier, João Cesar M. Mota. A Constrained Factor Decomposition With Application to MIMO Antenna Systems
2443 -- 2450Mehmet Akçakaya, Vahid Tarokh. A Frame Construction and a Universal Distortion Bound for Sparse Representations
2451 -- 2460Chandra R. Murthy, Jun Zheng, Bhaskar D. Rao. Performance of Quantized Equal Gain Transmission With Noisy Feedback Channels
2461 -- 2469Javier M. Paredes, Alex B. Gershman, Mohammad Gharavi-Alkhansari. A New Full-Rate Full-Diversity Space-Time Block Code With Nonvanishing Determinants and Simplified Maximum-Likelihood Decoding
2470 -- 2482Rodrigo C. de Lamare, Martin Haardt, Raimundo Sampaio Neto. Blind Adaptive Constrained Reduced-Rank Parameter Estimation Based on Constant Modulus Design for CDMA Interference Suppression
2483 -- 2495R. Guan, Thomas Strohmer. Krylov Subspace Algorithms and Circulant-Embedding Method for Efficient Wideband Single-Carrier Equalization
2496 -- 2508Yaning Zou, Mikko Valkama, Markku Renfors. Digital Compensation of I/Q Imbalance Effects in Space-Time Coded Transmit Diversity Systems
2509 -- 2523Changyong Shin, Robert W. Heath Jr., Edward J. Powers. Non-Redundant Precoding-Based Blind and Semi-Blind Channel Estimation for MIMO Block Transmission With a Cyclic Prefix
2524 -- 2534Seung Young Park, David James Love. Capacity Limits of Multiple Antenna Multicasting Using Antenna Subset Selection
2535 -- 2546Wee-Peng Tay, John N. Tsitsiklis, Moe Z. Win. On the Impact of Node Failures and Unreliable Communications in Dense Sensor Networks
2547 -- 2561Tsang-Yi Wang, Qi Cheng. Collaborative Event-Region and Boundary-Region Detections in Wireless Sensor Networks
2562 -- 2574Shuchin Aeron, Venkatesh Saligrama, David A. Castañon. Efficient Sensor Management Policies for Distributed Target Tracking in Multihop Sensor Networks
2575 -- 2588Minh Hanh Ngo, Vikram Krishnamurthy, Lang Tong. Optimal Channel-Aware ALOHA Protocol for Random Access in WLANs With Multipacket Reception and Decentralized Channel State Information
2589 -- 2593Ienkaran Arasaratnam, Simon Haykin. Square-Root Quadrature Kalman Filtering
2593 -- 2598Petre Stoica, Jian Li, Xumin Zhu. Waveform Synthesis for Diversity-Based Transmit Beampattern Design
2598 -- 2602Petre Stoica, Jian Li, Xumin Zhu, J. R. Guerci. On Using a priori Knowledge in Space-Time Adaptive Processing
2603 -- 2608Tilde Fusco, Angelo Petrella, Mario Tanda. Blind CFO Estimation for Noncritically Sampled FMT Systems
2609 -- 2613Soummya Kar, Saeed A. Aldosari, José M. F. Moura. Topology for Distributed Inference on Graphs
2614 -- 2620Hing-Cheung So, Yiu-Tong Chan, Frankie K. W. Chan. Closed-Form Formulae for Time-Difference-of-Arrival Estimation

Volume 56, Issue 5

1749 -- 1760Penglang Shui, Zheng Bao, Hongtao Su. Nonparametric Detection of FM Signals Using Time-Frequency Ridge Energy
1761 -- 1769V. R. Kanchumarthy, R. Viswanathan, M. Madishetty. Impact of Channel Errors on Decentralized Detection Performance of Wireless Sensor Networks: A Study of Binary Modulations, Rayleigh-Fading and Nonfading Channels, and Fusion-Combiners
1770 -- 1778Amir Beck, Petre Stoica, Jian Li. Exact and Approximate Solutions of Source Localization Problems
1779 -- 1787I. Vaughan L. Clarkson. Approximate Maximum-Likelihood Period Estimation From Sparse, Noisy Timing Data
1788 -- 1800Yonina C. Eldar. Universal Weighted MSE Improvement of the Least-Squares Estimator
1801 -- 1811Behrouz Farhang-Boroujeny. Filter Bank Spectrum Sensing for Cognitive Radios
1812 -- 1820Xin Zou, Peter Jancovic, Ju Liu, Münevver Köküer. Speech Signal Enhancement Based on MAP Algorithm in the ICA Space
1821 -- 1829Amar Kachenoura, Laurent Albera, Jean-Jacques Bellanger, Lofti Senhadji. Nonminimum Phase Identification Based on Higher Order Spectrum Slices
1830 -- 1839Guoshen Yu, Stéphane Mallat, Emmanuel Bacry. Audio Denoising by Time-Frequency Block Thresholding
1840 -- 1852Elen Macedo Lobato, Orlando José Tobias, Rui Seara. Stochastic Modeling of the Transform-Domain epsilon Algorithm
1853 -- 1864Neil J. Bershad, José Carlos M. Bermudez, Jean-Yves Tourneret. An Affine Combination of Two LMS Adaptive Filters - Transient Mean-Square Analysis
1865 -- 1877F. S. Cattivelli, Cassio G. Lopes, Ali H. Sayed. Diffusion Recursive Least-Squares for Distributed Estimation Over Adaptive Networks
1878 -- 1893Leonardo Rey Vega, Hernan Rey, Jacob Benesty, Sara Tressens. A New Robust Variable Step-Size NLMS Algorithm
1894 -- 1904Sang-Gyun Kim, Chang D. Yoo, T. Q. Nguyen. Alias-Free Subband Adaptive Filtering With Critical Sampling
1905 -- 1915Guoan Bi, Yingtuo Ju, Xiumei Li. Fast Algorithms for Polynomial Time-Frequency Transforms of Real-Valued Sequences
1916 -- 1930V. Chandrasekaran, Jason K. Johnson, Alan S. Willsky. Estimation in Gaussian Graphical Models Using Tractable Subgraphs: A Walk-Sum Analysis
1931 -- 1944Lan Du, Hongwei Liu, Zheng Bao. Radar HRRP Statistical Recognition: Parametric Model and Model Selection
1945 -- 1953Anne Ferréol, Pascal Larzabal, Mats Viberg. On the Resolution Probability of MUSIC in Presence of Modeling Errors
1954 -- 1967Ali Pezeshki, B. D. Van Veen, Louis L. Scharf, H. Cox, M. L. Nordenvaad. Eigenvalue Beamforming Using a Multirank MVDR Beamformer and Subspace Selection
1968 -- 1983Mehrez Souden, Sofiène Affes, Jacob Benesty. A Two-Stage Approach to Estimate the Angles of Arrival and the Angular Spreads of Locally Scattered Sources
1984 -- 1993Maria Greco, Fulvio Gini, Alfonso Farina. Radar Detection and Classification of Jamming Signals Belonging to a Cone Class
1994 -- 2002Karin Schnass, Pierre Vandergheynst. Dictionary Preconditioning for Greedy Algorithms
2003 -- 2016José A. Lopez-Salcedo, Gregori Vázquez. Detection of PPM-UWB Random Signals
2017 -- 2034Antonio Fasano, Sergio Barbarossa. Trace-Orthogonal Space-Time Coding
2035 -- 2049Guosen Yue, Xiaodong Wang, Zigui Yang, Anders Høst-Madsen. Coding Schemes for User Cooperation in Low-Power Regimes
2050 -- 2061Oghenekome Oteri, Arogyaswami Paulraj. Multicell Optimization for Diversity and Interference Mitigation
2062 -- 2075Anand Oka, Lutz H.-J. Lampe. Energy Efficient Distributed Filtering With Wireless Sensor Networks
2076 -- 2090James C. F. Li, Subhrakanti Dey, Jamie S. Evans. Maximal Lifetime Power and Rate Allocation for Wireless Sensor Systems With Data Distortion Constraints
2091 -- 2101Jason A. Fuemmeler, Venugopal V. Veeravalli. Smart Sleeping Policies for Energy Efficient Tracking in Sensor Networks
2102 -- 2116Yi Su, Mihaela van der Schaar. Multiuser Multimedia Resource Allocation Over Multicarrier Wireless Networks
2117 -- 2121Francesco Bandiera, Olivier Besson, D. Orlando, Giuseppe Ricci. Theoretical Performance Analysis of the W-ABORT Detector
2122 -- 2127Soo-Chang Pei, Hong-Jie Hsu. Fractional Bilinear Transform for Analog-to-Digital Conversion
2127 -- 2132Behrouz Farhang-Boroujeny. A Square-Root Nyquist (M) Filter Design for Digital Communication Systems
2133 -- 2138S. C. Olhede. Localisation of Geometric Anisotropy
2138 -- 2143M. T. Hanna. Direct Batch Evaluation of Optimal Orthonormal Eigenvectors of the DFTMatrix
2143 -- 2148Zhu Chen, Moon Ho Lee, Guihua Zeng. Fast Cocyclic Jacket Transform
2148 -- 2154M. Novey, Tülay Adali. On Extending the Complex FastICA Algorithm to Noncircular Sources
2155 -- 2160Gonçalo Nuno Gomes Tavares, Luís Miguel Gomes Tavares, Antonio Petrolino. An Improved Feedforward Frequency Offset Estimator
2161 -- 2164Prabin Kumar Pandey, Marc Moonen. Resource Allocation in ADSL Variable Length Per-Tone Equalizers
2165 -- 2170Dongming Wang, Xiaohu You. Data Throughputs of Noise-Limited MIMO Cellular Systems
2171 -- 2176Jwo-Yuh Wu, Qian-Zhi Huang, Ta-Sung Lee. Minimal Energy Decentralized Estimation via Exploiting the Statistical Knowledge of Sensor Noise Variance

Volume 56, Issue 4

1313 -- 1326Ba-Tuong Vo, Ba-Ngu Vo, Antonio Cantoni. Bayesian Filtering With Random Finite Set Observations
1327 -- 1336Peter J. Schreier. A Unifying Discussion of Correlation Analysis for Complex Random Vectors
1337 -- 1348Xiao-Li Hu, Thomas B. Schön, Lennart Ljung. A Basic Convergence Result for Particle Filtering
1349 -- 1361Martin Hurtado, Arye Nehorai. Polarimetric Detection of Targets in Heavy Inhomogeneous Clutter
1362 -- 1373Swaroop Appadwedula, Venugopal V. Veeravalli, Douglas L. Jones. Decentralized Detection With Censoring Sensors
1374 -- 1387Rémy Boyer, Guillaume Bouleux. Oblique Projections for Direction-of-Arrival Estimation With Prior Knowledge
1388 -- 1397Yonina C. Eldar, Amir Beck, Marc Teboulle. A Minimax Chebyshev Estimator for Bounded Error Estimation
1398 -- 1410Tuncer C. Aysal, Kenneth E. Barner. Constrained Decentralized Estimation Over Noisy Channels for Sensor Networks
1411 -- 1420Anubha Gupta, Shiv Dutt Joshi. Variable Step-Size LMS Algorithm for Fractal Signals
1421 -- 1428Esa Ollila, Hyon-Jung Kim, Visa Koivunen. Compact Cramér-Rao Bound Expression for Independent Component Analysis
1429 -- 1439Pei Chen. Heteroscedastic Low-Rank Matrix Approximation by the Wiberg Algorithm
1440 -- 1451S. Kay. A New Nonstationarity Detector
1452 -- 1465Xenofon G. Doukopoulos, George V. Moustakides. Fast and Stable Subspace Tracking
1466 -- 1478Yue M. Lu, Minh N. Do. A Mapping-Based Design for Nonsubsampled Hourglass Filter Banks in Arbitrary Dimensions
1479 -- 1488Brett Ninness, Soren J. Henriksen. Time-Scale Modification of Speech Signals
1489 -- 1501Ana Gabriela Martínez, Alvaro R. De Pierro. Approximating Functions From Sampled Fourier Data Using Spline Pseudofilters
1502 -- 1521Markus Püschel, José M. F. Moura. Algebraic Signal Processing Theory: Cooley-Tukey Type Algorithms for DCTs and DSTs
1522 -- 1531Salem Said, Nicolas Le Bihan, Stephen J. Sangwine. Fast Complexified Quaternion Fourier Transform
1532 -- 1538Marc Oudin, Jean Pierre Delmas. Robustness of Adaptive Narrowband Beamforming With Respect to Bandwidth
1539 -- 1547Seung-Jean Kim, Alessandro Magnani, Almir Mutapcic, Stephen P. Boyd, Zhi-Quan Luo. Robust Beamforming via Worst-Case SINR Maximization
1548 -- 1561Noura Sellami, Aline Roumy, Inbar Fijalkow. A Proof of Convergence of the MAP Turbo-Detector to the AWGN Case
1562 -- 1571Lieven De Lathauwer, Alexandre de Baynast. Blind Deconvolution of DS-CDMA Signals by Means of Decomposition in Rank-(1, L, L) Terms
1572 -- 1588A. S. Cacciapuoti, Giacinto Gelli, Luigi Paura, Francesco Verde. Finite-Sample Performance Analysis of Widely Linear Multiuser Receivers for DS-CDMA Systems
1589 -- 1600Xiayu Zheng, Petre Stoica, Jian Li, Renbiao Wu. Adaptive Arrays for Broadband Communications in the Presence of Unknown Co-Channel Interference
1601 -- 1615Ian C. Wong, Brian L. Evans. Sinusoidal Modeling and Adaptive Channel Prediction in Mobile OFDM Systems
1616 -- 1626Reza Hoshyar, Ferry P. Wathan, Rahim Tafazolli. Novel Low-Density Signature for Synchronous CDMA Systems Over AWGN Channel
1627 -- 1636Slobodan Djukanovic, Milos Dakovic, Ljubisa A. Stankovic. Local Polynomial Fourier Transform Receiver for Nonstationary Interference Excision in DSSS Communications
1637 -- 1649Tsung-Hui Chang, Wing-Kin Ma, Chong-Yung Chi. Maximum-Likelihood Detection of Orthogonal Space-Time Block Coded OFDM in Unknown Block Fading Channels
1650 -- 1666Ioannis D. Schizas, Georgios B. Giannakis, Stergios I. Roumeliotis, Alejandro Ribeiro. Consensus in Ad Hoc WSNs With Noisy Links - Part II: Distributed Estimation and Smoothing of Random Signals
1667 -- 1684Gesualdo Scutari, Sergio Barbarossa, Loreto Pescosolido. Distributed Decision Through Self-Synchronizing Sensor Networks in the Presence of Propagation Delays and Asymmetric Channels
1685 -- 1697Qasim M. Chaudhari, Erchin Serpedin, Khalid A. Qaraqe. On Maximum Likelihood Estimation of Clock Offset and Skew in Networks With Exponential Delays
1698 -- 1709Shu Xiao, Edmund Ming-Kit Lai. A Rough Programming Approach to Power-Balanced Instruction Scheduling for VLIW Digital Signal Processors
1710 -- 1715Duc-Son Pham, Abdelhak M. Zoubir. Estimation of Multicomponent Polynomial Phase Signals With Missing Observations
1715 -- 1716Petr Tichavský, Zbynek Koldovský, Erkki Oja. Corrections to Performance Analysis of the FastICA Algorithm and CramÉr-Rao Bounds for Linear Independent Component Analysis
1716 -- 1721David B. H. Tay. Hilbert Pair of Orthogonal Wavelet Bases: Revisiting the Condition
1721 -- 1726Changkyu Seol, Kyungwhoon Cheun. A Low Complexity Euclidean Norm Approximation
1726 -- 1730Matteo Pardini, Fabrizio Lombardini, Fulvio Gini. The Hybrid Cramér-Rao Bound on Broadside DOA Estimation of Extended Sources in Presence of Array Errors
1730 -- 1735Jinho Choi, Cheng-Chew Lim. A Cholesky Factorization Based Approach for Blind FIR Channel Identification
1735 -- 1740Davide Mattera, Luigi Paura, Fabio Sterle. MMSE WL Equalizer in Presence of Receiver IQ Imbalance
1740 -- 1745Michael A. Lexa, Don H. Johnson. Distributed Structures, Sequential Optimization, and Quantization for Detection

Volume 56, Issue 3

873 -- 886Vladimir Katkovnik, Vladimir Spokoiny. Spatially Adaptive Estimation via Fitted Local Likelihood Techniques
887 -- 894Samuel Dilshan Somasundaram, Andreas Jakobsson, Erik Gudmundson. Robust Nuclear Quadrupole Resonance Signal Detection Allowing for Amplitude Uncertainties
895 -- 908Terrence J. Moore, Brian M. Sadler, Richard J. Kozick. Maximum-Likelihood Estimation, the Cramér-Rao Bound, and the Method of Scoring With Parameter Constraints
909 -- 920Olivier Besson, Stéphanie Bidon, Jean-Yves Tourneret. Covariance Matrix Estimation With Heterogeneous Samples
921 -- 936Amin Zia, Thiagalingam Kirubarajan, James P. Reilly, Derek Yee, K. Punithakumar, Shahram Shirani. An EM Algorithm for Nonlinear State Estimation With Model Uncertainties
937 -- 948Ioannis Kyriakides, Darryl Morrell, Antonia Papandreou-Suppappola. Sequential Monte Carlo Methods for Tracking Multiple Targets With Deterministic and Stochastic Constraints
949 -- 963Sotirios Chatzis, Dimitrios I. Kosmopoulos, Theodora A. Varvarigou. Signal Modeling and Classification Using a Robust Latent Space Model Based on t Distributions
964 -- 979Serdar Sezginer, Pascal Bianchi. Asymptotically Efficient Reduced Complexity Frequency Offset and Channel Estimators for Uplink MIMO-OFDMA Systems
980 -- 989Gilles Chabriel, Jean Barrère, Nadège Thirion-Moreau, Eric Moreau. Algebraic Joint Zero-Diagonalization and Blind Sources Separation
990 -- 1004L. Liu, Moeness G. Amin. Performance Analysis of GPS Receivers in Non-Gaussian Noise Incorporating Precorrelation Filter and Sampling Rate
1005 -- 1017Kutluyil Dogancay. Relationship Between Geometric Translations and TLS Estimation Bias in Bearings-Only Target Localization
1018 -- 1027Neil J. Bershad, José Carlos M. Bermudez, Jean-Yves Tourneret. Stochastic Analysis of the LMS Algorithm for System Identification With Subspace Inputs
1028 -- 1042Renato L. G. Cavalcante, Isao Yamada. Multiaccess Interference Suppression in Orthogonal Space-Time Block Coded MIMO Systems by Adaptive Projected Subgradient Method
1043 -- 1054G. Takos, Christoforos N. Hadjicostis. Determination of the Number of Errors in DFT Codes Subject to Low-Level Quantization Noise
1055 -- 1070Sathish Ramani, Dimitri Van De Ville, Thierry Blu, Michael Unser. Nonideal Sampling and Regularization Theory
1071 -- 1082Petros Boufounos, Alan V. Oppenheim, Vivek K. Goyal. Causal Compensation for Erasures in Frame Representations
1083 -- 1095Youshen Xia, Mohamed S. Kamel. Cooperative Learning Algorithms for Data Fusion Using Novel L::1:: Estimation
1096 -- 1105Lieven De Lathauwer, Joséphine Castaing. Blind Identification of Underdetermined Mixtures by Simultaneous Matrix Diagonalization
1106 -- 1119A. Wang, V. Krishnamurthy. Signal Interpretation of Multifunction Radars: Modeling and Statistical Signal Processing With Stochastic Context Free Grammar
1120 -- 1133Martin Hurtado, Tong Zhao, Arye Nehorai. Adaptive Polarized Waveform Design for Target Tracking Based on Sequential Bayesian Inference
1134 -- 1147Traian E. Abrudan, Jan Eriksson, Visa Koivunen. Steepest Descent Algorithms for Optimization Under Unitary Matrix Constraint
1148 -- 1160Arun P. Kannu, Philip Schniter. Design and Analysis of MMSE Pilot-Aided Cyclic-Prefixed Block Transmissions for Doubly Selective Channels
1161 -- 1166Abolfazl Ghassemi, T. Aaron Gulliver. A Low-Complexity PTS-Based Radix FFT Method for PAPR Reduction in OFDM Systems
1167 -- 1177Jeng-Kuang Hwang, Yu-Lun Chiu, Rih-Lung Chung. Efficient Bidirectional Decision-Feedback Receiver for MBOK Direct Sequence
1178 -- 1187Yong Li, Jaekyun Moon. Reduced-Complexity Soft MIMO Detection Based on Causal and Noncausal Decision Feedback
1188 -- 1204David Hammarwall, Mats Bengtsson, Björn E. Ottersten. Acquiring Partial CSI for Spatially Selective Transmission by Instantaneous Channel Norm Feedback
1205 -- 1216Alexandros G. Dimakis, Anand D. Sarwate, Martin J. Wainwright. Geographic Gossip: Efficient Averaging for Sensor Networks
1217 -- 1229Ping Gao, Cihan Tepedelenlioglu. Practical Issues in Estimation Over Multiaccess Fading Channels With TBMA Wireless Sensor Networks
1230 -- 1249Gesualdo Scutari, Daniel Pérez Palomar, Sergio Barbarossa. Optimal Linear Precoding Strategies for Wideband Noncooperative Systems Based on Game Theory - Part I: Nash Equilibria
1250 -- 1267Gesualdo Scutari, Daniel Pérez Palomar, Sergio Barbarossa. Optimal Linear Precoding Strategies for Wideband Non-Cooperative Systems Based on Game Theory - Part II: Algorithms
1268 -- 1279Eleftherios Karipidis, Nikos D. Sidiropoulos, Zhi-Quan Luo. Quality of Service and Max-Min Fair Transmit Beamforming to Multiple Cochannel Multicast Groups
1280 -- 1294Ranadip Pal, Aniruddha Datta, Edward R. Dougherty. Robust Intervention in Probabilistic Boolean Networks
1295 -- 1295Saralees Nadarajah. A Comment on Transient Detection With Cross Wavelet Transforms and Wavelet Coherence
1296 -- 1302Ngai Wong, Chi-Un Lei. IIR Approximation of FIR Filters Via Discrete-Time Vector Fitting
1302 -- 1308Atef Isaac, Peter Willett, Yaakov Bar-Shalom. Quickest Detection and Tracking of Spawning Targets Using Monopulse Radar Channel Signals
1308 -- 1309Borching Su, Palghat P. Vaidyanathan. Comments on Performance Analysis of a Deterministic Channel Estimator for Block Transmission Systems With Null Guard Intervals

Volume 56, Issue 2

437 -- 446Jeffrey M. Farrell, Ioannis N. Psaromiligkos, Stella N. Batalama. Design and Analysis of Supervised and Decision-Directed Estimators of the MMSE/LCMV Filter in Data Limited Environments
447 -- 463Youngchul Sung, Xin Zhang, Lang Tong, H. Vincent Poor. Sensor Configuration and Activation for Field Detection in Large Sensor Arrays
464 -- 477K. C. Ho, Ming Sun. Passive Source Localization Using Time Differences of Arrival and Gain Ratios of Arrival
478 -- 491Karl Werner, Magnus Jansson, Petre Stoica. On Estimation of Covariance Matrices With Kronecker Product Structure
492 -- 504Roland Badeau, Gaël Richard, Bertrand David. Performance of ESPRIT for Estimating Mixtures of Complex Exponentials Modulated by Polynomials
505 -- 517Michaël Betser, Patrice Collen, Gaël Richard, Bertrand David. Estimation of Frequency for AM/FM Models Using the Phase Vocoder Framework
518 -- 531Silvia Zuffi, Simone Santini, Raimondo Schettini. From Color Sensor Space to Feasible Reflectance Spectra
532 -- 542Ahmed Zoubir, Yide Wang, Pascal Chargé. Efficient Subspace-Based Estimator for Localization of Multiple Incoherently Distributed Sources
543 -- 554Weifeng Liu, Puskal P. Pokharel, Jose C. Principe. The Kernel Least-Mean-Square Algorithm
555 -- 564Guilherme Holsbach Costa, José Carlos M. Bermudez. Informed Choice of the LMS Parameters in Super-Resolution Video Reconstruction Applications
565 -- 575Mariane R. Petraglia, Paulo B. Batalheiro. Nonuniform Subband Adaptive Filtering With Critical Sampling
576 -- 587Femke van Belzen, Siep Weiland. Reconstruction and Approximation of Multidimensional Signals Described by Proper Orthogonal Decompositions
588 -- 597Peter Hinterseer, Sandra Hirche, Subhasis Chaudhuri, Eckehard G. Steinbach, Martin Buss. Perception-Based Data Reduction and Transmission of Haptic Data in Telepresence and Teleaction Systems
598 -- 614Xavier Mestre, Miguel Angel Lagunas. Modified Subspace Algorithms for DoA Estimation With Large Arrays
615 -- 622Tricia J. Willink. Efficient Adaptive SVD Algorithm for MIMO Applications
623 -- 635Chun-Yang Chen, Palghat P. Vaidyanathan. MIMO Radar Space-Time Adaptive Processing Using Prolate Spheroidal Wave Functions
636 -- 649Alireza Shoa, Shahram Shirani. Progressive Coding of a Gaussian Source Using Matching Pursuit
650 -- 663Keyvan Zarifi, Alex B. Gershman. Asymptotic Performance Analysis of Blind Minimum Output Energy Receivers for Large DS-CDMA Systems
664 -- 674Carlos Mosquera, Sandro Scalise, Roberto López-Valcarce. Non-Data-Aided Symbol Rate Estimation of Linearly Modulated Signals
675 -- 685Xiaohua Li, Fan Ng, Taewoo Han. Carrier Frequency Offset Mitigation in Asynchronous Cooperative OFDM Transmissions
686 -- 701Yue Rong, Yingbo Hua, Ananthram Swami, A. Lee Swindlehurst. Space-Time Power Schedule for Distributed MIMO Links Without Instantaneous Channel State Information at the Transmitting Nodes
702 -- 711Shahram Shahbazpanahi, Alex B. Gershman, Georgios B. Giannakis. Blind and Semiblind Channel and Carrier Frequency-Offset Estimation in Orthogonally Space-Time Block Coded MIMO Systems
712 -- 726Mihailo Stojnic, Haris Vikalo, Babak Hassibi. Speeding up the Sphere Decoder With H:::infty::: and SDP Inspired Lower Bounds
727 -- 738Chan-Byoung Chae, Taiwen Tang, Robert W. Heath Jr., Sunghyun Cho. MIMO Relaying With Linear Processing for Multiuser Transmission in Fixed Relay Networks
739 -- 747Deric W. Waters, John R. Barry. The Chase Family of Detection Algorithms for Multiple-Input Multiple-Output Channels
748 -- 756Stefano Maranò, Vincenzo Matta, Peter Willett. Distributed Estimation in Large Wireless Sensor Networks via a Locally Optimum Approach
757 -- 770Jinjun Xiao, Shuguang Cui, Zhi-Quan Luo, Andrea J. Goldsmith. Linear Coherent Decentralized Estimation
771 -- 784Lun Dong, Athina P. Petropulu. Multichannel ALLIANCES: A Cooperative Cross-Layer Scheme for Wireless Networks
785 -- 796Qing Zhao, Stefan Geirhofer, Lang Tong, Brian M. Sadler. Opportunistic Spectrum Access via Periodic Channel Sensing
797 -- 815Brian Foo, Yiannis Andreopoulos, Mihaela van der Schaar. Analytical Rate-Distortion-Complexity Modeling of Wavelet-Based Video Coders
816 -- 821Jean-Marc Le Caillec. Hypothesis Testing for Nonlinearity Detection Based on an MA Model
821 -- 825Magnus Mossberg. Estimation of Continuous-Time Stochastic Signals From Sample Covariances
825 -- 832Donka S. Angelova, Lyudmila Mihaylova. Extended Object Tracking Using Monte Carlo Methods
832 -- 838D. Tsipouridou, Athanasios P. Liavas. On the Sensitivity of the Transmit MIMO Wiener Filter With Respect to Channel and Noise Second-Order Statistics Uncertainties
839 -- 845Yonggang Zhang, Ning Li, Jonathon A. Chambers, A. H. Sayed. Steady-State Performance Analysis of a Variable Tap-Length LMS Algorithm
846 -- 851Przemzslaw Sliwinski, Zygmunt Hasiewicz. Computational Algorithms for Wavelet Identification of Nonlinearities in Hammerstein Systems With Random Inputs
851 -- 855Hasan S. Mir. A Generalized Transfer-Function Based Array Calibration Technique for Direction Finding
855 -- 860Wei Liu, Stephan Weiss. Design of Frequency Invariant Beamformers for Broadband Arrays
860 -- 864Martin Kleinsteuber, Abd-Krim Seghouane. On the Deterministic CRB for DOA Estimation in Unknown Noise Fields Using Sparse Sensor Arrays
865 -- 869Duong A. Hoang, Ronald A. Iltis. Noncooperative Eigencoding for MIMO Ad hoc Networks

Volume 56, Issue 12

5746 -- 5757Roni Mittelman, Eric L. Miller. Nonlinear Filtering Using a New Proposal Distribution and the Improved Fast Gauss Transform With Tighter Performance Bounds
5758 -- 5772K. C. Ho, Le Yang. On the Use of a Calibration Emitter for Source Localization in the Presence of Sensor Position Uncertainty
5773 -- 5789K. C. Ho, L. M. Vicente. Sensor Allocation for Source Localization With Decoupled Range and Bearing Estimation
5790 -- 5803Derek Yee, James P. Reilly, Thia Kirubarajan, K. Punithakumar. Approximate Conditional Mean Particle Filtering for Linear/Nonlinear Dynamic State Space Models
5804 -- 5816Magnus O. Ulfarsson, Victor Solo. Dimension Estimation in Noisy PCA With SURE and Random Matrix Theory
5817 -- 5822José Cândido Silveira Santos Filho, Michel Daoud Yacoub. Coloring Non-Gaussian Sequences
5823 -- 5832Magnus O. Ulfarsson, Victor Solo. Sparse Variable PCA Using Geodesic Steepest Descent
5833 -- 5839Konstantinos I. Diamantaras, Theophilos Papadimitriou. An Efficient Subspace Method for the Blind Identification of Multichannel FIR Systems
5840 -- 5850Christian Schüldt, Fredric Lindström, Ingvar Claesson. A Low-Complexity Delayless Selective Subband Adaptive Filtering Algorithm
5851 -- 5860Lu Gan, Cong Ling. Computation of the Para-Pseudoinverse for Oversampled Filter Banks: Forward and Backward Greville Formulas
5861 -- 5873Qingtang Jiang. Orthogonal and Biorthogonal FIR Hexagonal Filter Banks With Sixfold Symmetry
5874 -- 5890Tsvi G. Dvorkind, Yonina C. Eldar, Ewa Matusiak. Nonlinear and Nonideal Sampling: Theory and Methods
5891 -- 5902Jian-Wu Xu, António R. C. Paiva, Il Park, José Carlos Príncipe. A Reproducing Kernel Hilbert Space Framework for Information-Theoretic Learning
5903 -- 5915Eddy Taillefer, Jun Cheng, Yoichiro Watanabe. Full Azimuth Direction-of-Arrival Estimation With Successive-Selection Technique
5916 -- 5925Lei Huang, Teng Long, Shunjun Wu. Source Enumeration for High-Resolution Array Processing Using Improved Gerschgorin Radii Without Eigendecomposition
5926 -- 5936Chun-Yang Chen, P. P. Vaidyanathan. MIMO Radar Ambiguity Properties and Optimization Using Frequency-Hopping Waveforms
5937 -- 5949Feifei Gao, Tao Cui, Arumugam Nallanathan. Optimal Training Design for Channel Estimation in Decode-and-Forward Relay Networks With Individual and Total Power Constraints
5950 -- 5961Javier Vía, Ignacio Santamaría. Correlation Matching Approaches for Blind OSTBC Channel Estimation
5962 -- 5975David F. Crouse, Christian R. Berger, Shengli Zhou, Peter Willett. Optimal Memoryless Relays With Noncoherent Modulation
5976 -- 5986Francisco A. S. Silva, José M. N. Leitão. Importance Sampling Evaluation of Digital Phase Detectors With Carrier Phase Tracking: A Large Deviations Approach
5987 -- 6002Borching Su, P. P. Vaidyanathan. New Blind Block Synchronization for Transceivers Using Redundant Precoders
6003 -- 6016Chin Keong Ho, Hongming Yang, Ashish Pandharipande, Jan W. M. Bergmans. ARQ by Subcarrier Assignment for OFDM-Based Systems
6017 -- 6030Vasanthan Raghavan, Venugopal V. Veeravalli, Akbar M. Sayeed. Quantized Multimode Precoding in Spatially Correlated Multiantenna Channels
6031 -- 6043Luis G. Barbero, Tharmalingam Ratnarajah, Colin Cowan. On the Complexity of the Sphere Decoder for Frequency-Selective MIMO Channels
6044 -- 6056Chan-Byoung Chae, David Mazzarese, Takao Inoue, Robert W. Heath Jr.. Coordinated Beamforming for the Multiuser MIMO Broadcast Channel With Limited Feedforward
6057 -- 6068Habib Senol, Cihan Tepedelenlioglu. Performance of Distributed Estimation Over Unknown Parallel Fading Channels
6069 -- 6085A. Dogandzi, Kun Qiu. Decentralized Random-Field Estimation for Sensor Networks Using Quantized Spatially Correlated Data and Fusion-Center Feedback
6086 -- 6101Vikram Krishnamurthy, Michael Maskery, Gang George Yin. Decentralized Adaptive Filtering Algorithms for Sensor Activation in an Unattended Ground Sensor Network
6102 -- 6106Wenlong Liu, Shuxue Ding. An Efficient Method to Determine the Diagonal Loading Factor Using the Constant Modulus Feature
6106 -- 6113Feng Zheng, Thomas Kaiser. On the Evaluation of Channel Capacity of UWB Indoor Wireless Systems

Volume 56, Issue 11

5309 -- 5318Alon Amar, Anthony J. Weiss. Fundamental Limitations on the Resolution of Deterministic Signals
5319 -- 5333Eric Chaumette, Jérôme Galy, Angela Quinlan, Pascal Larzabal. A New Barankin Bound Approximation for the Prediction of the Threshold Region Performance of Maximum Likelihood Estimators
5334 -- 5352A. Renaux, Philippe Forster, Pascal Larzabal, C. D. Richmond, Arye Nehorai. A Fresh Look at the Bayesian Bounds of the Weiss-Weinstein Family
5353 -- 5368Xavier Mestre. On the Asymptotic Behavior of the Sample Estimates of Eigenvalues and Eigenvectors of Covariance Matrices
5369 -- 5375Wei Yang, I. G. Zurbenko. A Semiadaptive Smoothing Algorithm in Bispectrum Estimation
5376 -- 5388Götz E. Pfander, Holger Rauhut, Jared Tanner. Identification of Matrices Having a Sparse Representation
5389 -- 5402E. Bashan, Raviv Raich, Alfred O. Hero III. Optimal Two-Stage Search for Sparse Targets Using Convex Criteria
5403 -- 5413Maria D. Miranda, Magno T. M. Silva, Victor H. Nascimento. Avoiding Divergence in the Shalvi-Weinstein Algorithm
5414 -- 5426Zi-Jing Zhang, Peng-lang Shui, Tao Su. Efficient Design of High-Complexity Cosine Modulated Filter Banks Using 2 Mth Band Conditions
5427 -- 5434J. M. O Toole, Mostefa Mesbah, Boualem Boashash. A New Discrete Analytic Signal for Reducing Aliasing in the Discrete Wigner-Ville Distribution
5435 -- 5441Sergei A. Avdonin, Sergei A. Ivanov. Sampling and Interpolation Problems for Vector Valued Signals in the Paley-Wiener Spaces
5442 -- 5453Davor Petrinovic. Causal Cubic Splines: Formulations, Interpolation Properties and Implementations
5454 -- 5464Ran Tao, Bing-zhao Li, Yue Wang, G. K. Aggrey. On Sampling of Band-Limited Signals Associated With the Linear Canonical Transform
5465 -- 5477J. Selva. Convolution-Based Trigonometric Interpolation of Band-Limited Signals
5478 -- 5486C. Z. Wu, Kok Lay Teo, Volker Rehbock, Hai Huyen Dam. Global Optimum Design of Uniform FIR Filter Bank With Magnitude Constraints
5487 -- 5499Tong Zhou. Boundedness of Multidimensional Filters Over a Prescribed Frequency Domain
5500 -- 5508A. Amar, A. J. Weiss. Localization of Narrowband Radio Emitters Based on Doppler Frequency Shifts
5509 -- 5526Yuri I. Abramovich, Ben A. Johnson, Nicholas K. Spencer. Two-Dimensional Multivariate Parametric Models for Radar Applications - Part I: Maximum-Entropy Extensions for Toeplitz-Block Matrices
5527 -- 5539Yuri I. Abramovich, Ben A. Johnson, Nicholas K. Spencer. Two-Dimensional Multivariate Parametric Models for Radar Applications - Part II: Maximum-Entropy Extensions for Hermitian-Block Matrices
5540 -- 5554K. C. Ho, Yiu-Tong Chan. Geometric-Polar Tracking From Bearings-Only and Doppler-Bearing Measurements
5555 -- 5566Kun Fang, Luca Rugini, Geert Leus. Low-Complexity Block Turbo Equalization for OFDM Systems in Time-Varying Channels
5567 -- 5579Dimitri Nion, Lieven De Lathauwer. A Block Component Model-Based Blind DS-CDMA Receiver
5580 -- 5588I. Rosenhouse, Anthony J. Weiss. Consistent Estimation of Symmetric Tent Chaotic Sequences With Coded Itineraries
5589 -- 5604Ananya Sen Gupta, Andrew Singer. Interference Suppression for Memoryless Nonlinear Multiuser Systems Using Constellation Structure
5605 -- 5617Keyvan Zarifi, Alex B. Gershman. Generalized Correlation Decomposition-Based Blind Channel Estimation in DS-CDMA Systems With Unknown Wide-Sense Stationary Noise
5618 -- 5629Antonio De Maio, Silvio De Nicola, Yongwei Huang, Shuzhong Zhang, Alfonso Farina. Code Design to Optimize Radar Detection Performance Under Accuracy and Similarity Constraints
5630 -- 5643D. Richard Brown III, H. Vincent Poor. Time-Slotted Round-Trip Carrier Synchronization for Distributed Beamforming
5644 -- 5653Luqing Wang, Chintha Tellambura. Clipping-Noise Guided Sign-Selection for PAR Reduction in OFDM Systems
5654 -- 5667Øyvind Ryan, Mérouane Debbah. Channel Capacity Estimation Using Free-Probability Theory
5668 -- 5679Joshua N. Ash, Randolph L. Moses. On the Relative and Absolute Positioning Errors in Self-Localization Systems
5680 -- 5691Woong Cho, Rui Cao, Liuqing Yang. Optimum Resource Allocation for Amplify-and-Forward Relay Networks With Differential Modulation
5692 -- 5703Saeed Sharifi Tehrani, Shie Mannor, Warren J. Gross. Fully Parallel Stochastic LDPC Decoders
5704 -- 5709Johan Thomas, Yannick Deville, Shahram Hosseini. Fast Blind Separation of Long Mixture Recordings Using Multivariate Polynomial Identification
5709 -- 5713Carine Simon, Martin Schimmel, J. J. Danobeitia. On the TT-Transform and Its Diagonal Elements
5713 -- 5718François Vincent, Olivier Besson, Cédric Richard. Matched Subspace Detection With Hypothesis Dependent Noise Power
5719 -- 5724Sergiy A. Vorobyov, Haihua Chen, Alex B. Gershman. On the Relationship Between Robust Minimum Variance Beamformers With Probabilistic and Worst-Case Distortionless Response Constraints
5724 -- 5728Amar Mezache, Faouzi Soltani. A New Approach for Estimating the Parameters of the rmK-Distribution Using Fuzzy-Neural Networks
5729 -- 5733Sirikiat Lek Ariyavisitakul, Jun Zheng, E. Ojard, Joonsuk Kim. Subspace Beamforming for Near-Capacity MIMO Performance
5733 -- 5739Saeed Sharifi Tehrani, Christophe Jégo, Bo Zhu, Warren J. Gross. Stochastic Decoding of Linear Block Codes With High-Density Parity-Check Matrices

Volume 56, Issue 10-2

5001 -- 5012Umut Orguner, Fredrik Gustafsson. Risk-Sensitive Particle Filters for Mitigating Sample Impoverishment
5013 -- 5019Louis L. Scharf, Edwin K. P. Chong, Michael D. Zoltowski, J. Scot Goldstein, Irving S. Reed. Subspace Expansion and the Equivalence of Conjugate Direction and Multistage Wiener Filters
5020 -- 5030Václav Smídl, Anthony Quinn. Variational Bayesian Filtering
5031 -- 5041Hao Chen, Pramod K. Varshney. Theory of the Stochastic Resonance Effect in Signal Detection - Part II: Variable Detectors
5042 -- 5050Naveed R. Butt, Andreas Jakobsson, Samuel Dilshan Somasundaram, John A. S. Smith. Robust Multichannel Detection of Mixtures Using Nuclear Quadrupole Resonance
5051 -- 5061Antonio De Maio, Marco Lops, Luca Venturino. Diversity-Integration Tradeoffs in MIMO Detection
5062 -- 5073Alireza Shahan Behbahani, Ricardo Merched, Ahmed M. Eltawil. Optimizations of a MIMO Relay Network
5074 -- 5081Hao Chen, Pramod K. Varshney, J. H. Michels. Noise Enhanced Parameter Estimation
5082 -- 5092Huigang Wang, Steven Kay, S. Saha. An Importance Sampling Maximum Likelihood Direction of Arrival Estimator
5093 -- 5108Umut Orguner, Mübeccel Demirekler. Maximum Likelihood Estimation of Transition Probabilities of Jump Markov Linear Systems
5109 -- 5119Petre Stoica, Jian Li, Xing Tan. On Spatial Power Spectrum and Signal Estimation Using the Pisarenko Framework
5120 -- 5134Tsung-Han Chan, Wing-Kin Ma, Chong-Yung Chi, Yue Wang. A Convex Analysis Framework for Blind Separation of Non-Negative Sources
5135 -- 5146Vincent Yan Fu Tan, Vivek K. Goyal. Estimating Signals With Finite Rate of Innovation From Noisy Samples: A Stochastic Algorithm
5147 -- 5156P. Sommen, K. Janse. On the Relationship Between Uniform and Recurrent Nonuniform Discrete-Time Sampling Schemes
5157 -- 5168Takao Hinamoto, Toru Oumi, Osemekhian I. Omoifo, Wu-Sheng Lu. Minimization of Frequency-Weighted l::2:: -Sensitivity Subject to l::2:: -Scaling Constraints for Two-Dimensional State-Space Digital Filters
5169 -- 5180Yeqiu Ying, Mounir Ghogho, Ananthram Swami. Code-Assisted Synchronization for UWB-IR Systems: Algorithms and Analysis
5181 -- 5190Sharon M. Betz, H. Vincent Poor. Energy Efficient Communications in CDMA Networks: A Game Theoretic Analysis Considering Operating Costs
5191 -- 5203Rui Zhang, John M. Cioffi. Approaching MIMO-OFDM Capacity With Zero-Forcing V-BLAST Decoding and Optimized Power, Rate, and Antenna-Mapping Feedback
5204 -- 5221Shi Jin, Matthew R. McKay, Kai-Kit Wong, Xiqi Gao. Transmit Beamforming in Rayleigh Product MIMO Channels: Capacity and Performance Analysis
5222 -- 5231Chengjin Zhang, Robert R. Bitmead. MIMO Equalization With State-Space Channel Models
5232 -- 5245Animashree Anandkumar, Lang Tong, Ananthram Swami. Optimal Node Density for Detection in Energy-Constrained Random Networks
5246 -- 5257Jun Fang, Hongbin Li. Distributed Adaptive Quantization for Wireless Sensor Networks: From Delta Modulation to Maximum Likelihood
5258 -- 5268Yongqiang Wang, S. X. Ding, Hao Ye, Guizeng Wang. A New Fault Detection Scheme for Networked Control Systems Subject to Uncertain Time-Varying Delay
5269 -- 5272J. T. Hastings. Spectral Peak-Shift Estimation With Wavelength Dependent Sources and Detectors
5273 -- 5277T. Ikuma, Aloysius A. Beex. Improved Mean-Square Error Estimate for the LMS Transversal Equalizer With Narrowband Interference
5277 -- 5283T. Karp, Michel Kieffer, Pierre Duhamel. Parity-Check Matrix Calculation for Paraunitary Oversampled DFT Filter Banks
5283 -- 5286Fernando Pérez-Cruz, Juan José Murillo-Fuentes, Sebatian Caro. Nonlinear Channel Equalization With Gaussian Processes for Regression
5287 -- 5291Morten Holm Larsen, Mads Græsbøll Christensen, Søren Holdt Jensen. Multiple Description Trellis-Coded Quantization of Sinusoidal Parameters
5292 -- 5296Eduard A. Jorswieck, Erik G. Larsson, Danyo Danev. Complete Characterization of the Pareto Boundary for the MISO Interference Channel
5296 -- 5301Xiaofei Song, Heung-No Lee. Multimode Precoding for MIMO Systems: Performance Bounds and Limited Feedback Codebook Design
5301 -- 5305Wenbin Guo, Jinjun Xiao, Shuguang Cui. An Efficient Water-Filling Solution for Linear Coherent Joint Estimation

Volume 56, Issue 10-1

4553 -- 4562Kush R. Varshney, Lav R. Varshney. Quantization of Prior Probabilities for Hypothesis Testing
4563 -- 4573Yacine Chitour, Frédéric Pascal. Exact Maximum Likelihood Estimates for SIRV Covariance Matrix: Existence and Algorithm Analysis
4574 -- 4582D. Kouame, J.-M. Girault. Multidimensional Multiple-Order Complex Parametric Model Identification
4598 -- 4610E. E. Tsakonas, Nicholas D. Sidiropoulos, Ananthram Swami. Optimal Particle Filters for Tracking a Time-Varying Harmonic or Chirp Signal
4611 -- 4620Dinh-Tuan Pham, Frédéric Vrins, Michel Verleysen. On the Risk of Using RÉnyi s Entropy for Blind Source Separation
4621 -- 4634Dmitry M. Malioutov, Jason K. Johnson, Myung Jin Choi, Alan S. Willsky. Low-Rank Variance Approximation in GMRF Models: Single and Multiscale Approaches
4635 -- 4650A. Gupta, S. Joshi. Some Studies on the Structure of Covariance Matrix of Discrete-Time fBm
4651 -- 4660Truong T. Nguyen, Soontorn Oraintara. The Shiftable Complex Directional Pyramid - Part I: Theoretical Aspects
4661 -- 4672Truong T. Nguyen, Soontorn Oraintara. The Shiftable Complex Directional Pyramid - Part II: Implementation and Applications
4673 -- 4682Wei-Hsin Chang, T. Q. Nguyen. On the Fixed-Point Accuracy Analysis of FFT Algorithms
4683 -- 4691Luc Knockaert, Daniel De Zutter, Tom Dhaene. Adaptive Interpolation Based on PÓlya Frequency Functions
4692 -- 4702Moshe Mishali, Yonina C. Eldar. Reduce and Boost: Recovering Arbitrary Sets of Jointly Sparse Vectors
4703 -- 4715Federico Fontana, Federico Avanzini. Computation of Delay-Free Nonlinear Digital Filter Networks: Application to Chaotic Circuits and Intracellular Signal Transduction
4716 -- 4728Hüseyin Akçay. Synthesis of Complete Orthonormal Fractional Basis Functions With Prescribed Poles
4729 -- 4737Christoph Krall, Klaus Witrisal, Geert Leus, Heinz Koeppl. Minimum Mean-Square Error Equalization for Second-Order Volterra Systems
4738 -- 4751Arsenia Chorti, Dionissios T. Hristopulos. Nonparametric Identification of Anisotropic (Elliptic) Correlations in Spatially Distributed Data Sets
4752 -- 4761Rafal Zdunek, Andrzej Cichocki. Improved M-FOCUSS Algorithm With Overlapping Blocks for Locally Smooth Sparse Signals
4762 -- 4771Yun Wen Chen, Yan Qiu Chen. Invariant Description and Retrieval of Planar Shapes Using Radon Composite Features
4772 -- 4784Mohamed M. Abdallah, Haralabos C. Papadopoulos. Beamforming Algorithms for Information Relaying in Wireless Sensor Networks
4785 -- 4793Anne Ferréol, Pascal Larzabal, Mats Viberg. Performance Prediction of Maximum-Likelihood Direction-of-Arrival Estimation in the Presence of Modeling Errors
4794 -- 4809Daniela Donno, Arye Nehorai, Umberto Spagnolini. Seismic Velocity and Polarization Estimation for Wavefield Separation
4810 -- 4824Troels Pedersen, Claus Pedersen, Xuefeng Yin, Bernard H. Fleury. Optimization of Spatiotemporal Apertures in Channel Sounding
4825 -- 4843Paschalis Tsiaflakis, Moritz Diehl, Marc Moonen. Distributed Spectrum Management Algorithms for Multiuser DSL Networks
4844 -- 4855Emad Alsusa, Lin Yang. A Low-Complexity Time-Domain Linear Symbol Combining Technique for PAPR Reduction in OFDM Systems
4856 -- 4866Mats Rydström, Luca Reggiani, Erik G. Strom, Arne Svensson. Suboptimal Soft Range Estimators With Applications in UWB Sensor Networks
4867 -- 4878Byonghyo Shim, InSung Kang. Sphere Decoding With a Probabilistic Tree Pruning
4879 -- 4891Aydin Sezgin, Eduard A. Jorswieck, Oliver Henkel, Stephanie Pereira, Arogyaswami Paulraj. On the Relation of OSTBC and Code Rate One QSTBC: Average Rate, BER, and Coding Gain
4892 -- 4904Dimitrios Katselis, Eleftherios Kofidis, Sergios Theodoridis. On Training Optimization for Estimation of Correlated MIMO Channels in the Presence of Multiuser Interference
4905 -- 4918Tuncer C. Aysal, Mark Coates, Michael Rabbat. Distributed Average Consensus With Dithered Quantization
4919 -- 4935Usman A. Khan, José M. F. Moura. Distributing the Kalman Filter for Large-Scale Systems
4936 -- 4950V. Krishnamurthy. Decentralized Activation in Dense Sensor Networks via Global Games
4951 -- 4965Holger Boche, Martin Schubert. Concave and Convex Interference Functions - General Characterizations and Applications
4966 -- 4976Xiaoning Qian, Edward R. Dougherty. Effect of Function Perturbation on the Steady-State Distribution of Genetic Regulatory Networks: Optimal Structural Intervention
4977 -- 4983Yuntao Wu, Hing-Cheung So, Hongqing Liu. Subspace-Based Algorithm for Parameter Estimation of Polynomial Phase Signals
4983 -- 4984F. Ding, Y. Shi, T. Chen. Amendments to Performance Analysis of Estimation Algorithms of Nonstationary ARMA Processes [Mar 06 1041-1053]
4984 -- 4989Victor H. Nascimento, M. T. M. Silva. Stochastic Stability Analysis for the Constant-Modulus Algorithm
4990 -- 4994Luqing Wang, Chintha Tellambura. Cross-Entropy-Based Sign-Selection Algorithms for Peak-to-Average Power Ratio Reduction of OFDM Systems

Volume 56, Issue 1

1 -- 13Yannis Kopsinis, Steve McLaughlin. Investigation and Performance Enhancement of the Empirical Mode Decomposition Method Based on a Heuristic Search Optimization Approach
14 -- 25Francesco Bandiera, Olivier Besson, Giuseppe Ricci. An ABORT-Like Detector With Improved Mismatched Signals Rejection Capabilities
26 -- 33William J. J. Roberts, Yariv Ephraim. An EM Algorithm for Ion-Channel Current Estimation
34 -- 48Frédéric Pascal, Yacine Chitour, Jean Philippe Ovarlez, Philippe Forster, Pascal Larzabal. Covariance Structure Maximum-Likelihood Estimates in Compound Gaussian Noise: Existence and Algorithm Analysis
49 -- 60Travis E. Oliphant. On Parameter Estimates of the Lossy Wave Equation
61 -- 70Stéphanie Bay, Cédric Herzet, Jean-Marc Brossier, Jean-Pierre Barbot, Benoit Geller. Analytic and Asymptotic Analysis of Bayesian Cramér-Rao Bound for Dynamical Phase Offset Estimation
71 -- 84Francois Caron, Manuel Davy, Arnaud Doucet, Emmanuel Duflos, Philippe Vanheeghe. Bayesian Inference for Linear Dynamic Models With Dirichlet Process Mixtures
85 -- 95Gabriel Rilling, Patrick Flandrin. One or Two Frequencies? The Empirical Mode Decomposition Answers
96 -- 110Jean-Marc Le Caillec. Time Series Modeling by a Second-Order Hammerstein System
111 -- 124Yuanning Yu, Athina P. Petropulu. PARAFAC-Based Blind Estimation Of Possibly Underdetermined Convolutive MIMO Systems
125 -- 133Maciej Niedzwiecki, Adam Sobocinski. Generalized Adaptive Notch Smoothers for Real-Valued Signals and Systems
134 -- 139Zhi Guo Feng, Kok Lay Teo. A Discrete Filled Function Method for the Design of FIR Filters With Signed-Powers-of-Two Coefficients
140 -- 157Yiannis Andreopoulos, Mihaela van der Schaar. Incremental Refinement of Computation for the Discrete Wavelet Transform
158 -- 171Ran Tao, Bing Deng, Wei-Qiang Zhang, Yue Wang. Sampling and Sampling Rate Conversion of Band Limited Signals in the Fractional Fourier Transform Domain
172 -- 188Alba Sloin, David Burshtein. Support Vector Machine Training for Improved Hidden Markov Modeling
189 -- 204Suleyman S. Kozat, Andrew C. Singer. Universal Switching Linear Least Squares Prediction
205 -- 217Stéphanie Bidon, Olivier Besson, Jean-Yves Tourneret. A Bayesian Approach to Adaptive Detection in Nonhomogeneous Environments
218 -- 232Jian Li, Luzhou Xu, Petre Stoica, Keith W. Forsythe, Daniel W. Bliss. Range Compression and Waveform Optimization for MIMO Radar: A Cramér-Rao Bound Based Study
233 -- 247José M. F. Moura, Yuanwei Jin. Time Reversal Imaging by Adaptive Interference Canceling
248 -- 255Zhiguo Ding, Tharmalingam Ratnarajah, Colin Cowan. HOS-Based Semi-Blind Spatial Equalization for MIMO Rayleigh Fading Channels
256 -- 265Jennifer Seberry, Ken Finlayson, Sarah Spence Adams, Tadeusz A. Wysocki, Tianbing Xia, Beata J. Wysocki. The Theory of Quaternion Orthogonal Designs
266 -- 273Michael R. Souryal, Erik G. Larsson, Bojan Peric, Branimir R. Vojcic. Soft-Decision Metrics for Coded Orthogonal Signaling in Symmetric Alpha-Stable Noise
274 -- 283Holger Boche, Volker Pohl. Robustness of the Inner-Outer Factorization and of the Spectral Factorization for FIR Data
284 -- 295Huilin Xu, Liuqing Yang. Differential UWB Communications With Digital Multicarrier Modulation
296 -- 303Mikael Coldrey, Patrik Bohlin. Training-Based MIMO Systems: Part II -Improvements Using Detected Symbol Information
304 -- 312Zhendong Luo, Ming Zhao 0003, Siyang Liu, Yuanan Liu. Generalized Parallel Interference Cancellation With Near-Optimal Detection Performance
313 -- 328Aydin Sezgin, Eduard A. Jorswieck, Elena Costa. LDC in MIMO Ricean Channels: Optimal Transmit Strategy With MMSE Detection
329 -- 338Natallia Katenka, Elizaveta Levina, George Michailidis. Local Vote Decision Fusion for Target Detection in Wireless Sensor Networks
339 -- 349Ruixin Niu, Pramod K. Varshney. Performance Analysis of Distributed Detection in a Random Sensor Field
350 -- 364Ioannis D. Schizas, Alejandro Ribeiro, Georgios B. Giannakis. Consensus in Ad Hoc WSNs With Noisy Links - Part I: Distributed Estimation of Deterministic Signals
365 -- 377Chartchai Meesookho, Urbashi Mitra, Shrikanth Narayanan. On Energy-Based Acoustic Source Localization for Sensor Networks
378 -- 392Brian Foo, Mihaela van der Schaar. A Queuing Theoretic Approach to Processor Power Adaptation for Video Decoding Systems
393 -- 403Chao Cheng, Keshab K. Parhi. High-Speed VLSI Implementation of 2-D Discrete Wavelet Transform
404 -- 408Bernard Picinbono. Generating Singular Signals by Filtering Bernoulli Correlated Inputs
408 -- 414Tarek Medkour, Andrew T. Walden. Statistical Properties of the Estimated Degree of Polarization
414 -- 418Zhang Lei, Anamitra Makur. Enumeration of Downsampling Lattices in Two-Dimensional Multirate Systems
418 -- 424Dragana Carevic. Multitarget Detection and Estimation Based on Passive Multilateral TDOAs of Transient Signals
424 -- 430Dung Ngoc Dao, Chau Yuen, Chintha Tellambura, Yong Liang Guan, Tjeng Thiang Tjhung. Four-Group Decodable Space-Time Block Codes