Journal: IEEE Transactions on Signal Processing

Volume 57, Issue 9

3305 -- 3316Francesco Bandiera, Danilo Orlando, Giuseppe Ricci. CFAR detection strategies for distributed targets under conic constraints
3317 -- 3329Shigeru Ando, Takaaki Nara. An exact direct method of sinusoidal parameter estimation derived from finite Fourier integral of differential equation
3330 -- 3346Iaroslav V. Blagouchine, Eric Moreau. Unbiased adaptive estimations of the fourth-order cumulant for real random zero-mean signal
3347 -- 3360Teemu Roos, Petri Myllymäki, Jorma Rissanen. MDL denoising revisited
3361 -- 3372Noriyuki Takahashi, Isao Yamada. Steady-state mean-square performance analysis of a relaxed set-membership NLMS algorithm by the energy conservation argument
3373 -- 3386Maciej Niedzwiecki, Michal Stanislaw Meller. A new approach to active noise and vibration control-part I: the known frequency case
3387 -- 3398Maciej Niedzwiecki, Michal Stanislaw Meller. A new approach to active noise and vibration control-part II: the unknown frequency case
3399 -- 3410Xiaoping Lai. Optimal design of nonlinear-phase FIR filters with prescribed phase error
3411 -- 3425Kunal Narayan Chaudhury, Michael Unser. Construction of Hilbert transform pairs of wavelet bases and Gabor-like transforms
3426 -- 3441Sofia C. Olhede, Georgios Metikas. The monogenic wavelet transform
3442 -- 3449Antonio G. García, M. A. Hernández-Medina, G. Pérez-Villalón. Oversampling in shift-invariant spaces with a rational sampling period
3450 -- 3465María del Carmen Pérez, Jesús Ureña, Álvaro Hernández, Ana Jiménez, Carlos De Marziani. Efficient generation and correlation of sequence pairs with three zero-correlation zones
3466 -- 3474Hao Zhang, Qijun Chen, Huaicheng Yan, Junhao Liu. Robust H INFINITY filtering for switched stochastic system with missing measurements
3475 -- 3487Dionissios T. Hristopulos, Samuel Elogne. Computationally efficient spatial interpolators based on spartan spatial random fields
3488 -- 3497Lihan He, Lawrence Carin. Exploiting structure in wavelet-based Bayesian compressive sensing
3498 -- 3511Hao Shen, Stefanie Jegelka, Arthur Gretton. Fast kernel-based independent component analysis
3512 -- 3522Stefan J. Wijnholds, Alle-Jan van der Veen. Multisource self-calibration for sensor arrays
3523 -- 3532Xu Xu, Zhongfu Ye, Yufeng Zhang. DOA estimation for mixed signals in the presence of mutual coupling
3533 -- 3544Chun-Yang Chen, P. P. Vaidyanathan. MIMO radar waveform optimization with prior information of the extended target and clutter
3545 -- 3561Gareth W. Peters, Ido Nevat, Jinhong Yuan. Channel estimation in OFDM systems with unknown power delay profile using transdimensional MCMC
3562 -- 3575Christian R. Berger, Marco Guerriero, Shengli Zhou, Peter Willett. PAC vs. MAC for decentralized detection using noncoherent modulation
3576 -- 3587Nikola Vucic, Holger Boche, Shuying Shi. Robust transceiver optimization in downlink multiuser MIMO systems
3588 -- 3599Sébastien Simoens, Olga Muñoz-Medina, Josep Vidal, Aitor del Coso. On the Gaussian MIMO relay channel with full channel state information
3600 -- 3612Tingting Liu, Jian-Kang Zhang, Kon Max Wong. Optimal precoder design for correlated MIMO communication systems using zero-forcing decision feedback equalization
3613 -- 3623Caijun Zhong, Kai-Kit Wong, Shi Jin. Capacity bounds for MIMO Nakagami-m fading channels
3624 -- 3637Raju Hormis, Elliot N. Linzer, Xiaodong Wang. Adaptive mode- and diversity-control for video transmission on MIMO wireless channels
3638 -- 3650Yi Su, Mihaela van der Schaar. Conjectural equilibrium in multiuser power control games
3651 -- 3666Antonio G. Marqués, Xin Wang, Georgios B. Giannakis. Dynamic resource management for cognitive radios using limited-rate feedback
3667 -- 3678Ranadip Pal, Aniruddha Datta, Edward R. Dougherty. Bayesian robustness in the control of gene regulatory networks
3679 -- 3692Yuming Zhu, Chaitali Chakrabarti. Architecture-aware LDPC code design for multiprocessor software defined radio systems
3693 -- 3697Youshen Xia. A compact cooperative recurrent neural network for computing general constrained L1norm estimators
3698 -- 3703Suleyman Serdar Kozat, Andrew C. Singer. Competitive prediction under additive noise
3704 -- 3711J. Yang, B. Geller. Near optimum low complexity smoothing loops for dynamical phase estimation: application to BPSK modulated signals
3711 -- 3716Takao Inoue, Robert W. Heath Jr.. Kerdock codes for limited feedback precoded MIMO systems
3717 -- 3721Shang-Ho Tsai. Transmit equal gain precoding in Rayleigh fading channels
3722 -- 3726Ramiro Samano-Robles, Mounir Ghogho, Desmond C. McLernon. Wireless networks with retransmission diversity and carrier-sense multiple access

Volume 57, Issue 8

2889 -- 2902Francisco Rubio, Xavier Mestre. Consistent reduced-rank LMMSE estimation with a limited number of samples per observation dimension
2903 -- 2907Sergey N. Moiseev, Mikhail S. Kondakov. Prediction of the SINR RMS in the IEEE 802.16 OFDMA system
2908 -- 2918Tran Huy Dat, Haizhou Li. Jump function Kolmogorov for audio classification in noise-mismatch conditions
2919 -- 2930Harsha I. K. Rao, Behrouz Farhang-Boroujeny. Fast LMS/Newton algorithms for stereophonic acoustic echo cancelation
2931 -- 2949Yegui Xiao, Liying Ma, Koji Hasegawa. Properties of FXLMS-based narrowband active noise control with online secondary-path modeling
2950 -- 2956Xi Zhang. Maxflat fractional delay IIR filter design
2957 -- 2972Ilker Bayram, Ivan W. Selesnick. Frequency-domain design of overcomplete rational-dilation wavelet transforms
2973 -- 2985Jun Jason Zhang, Antonia Papandreou-Suppappola, Bertrand Gottin, Cornel Ioana. Time-frequency characterization and receiver waveform design for shallow water environments
2998 -- 3007Aleksandar Ignjatovic. Chromatic derivatives and local approximations
3008 -- 3016Shing-Tai Pan. Design of robust D-stable IIR filters using genetic algorithms with embedded stability criterion
3017 -- 3029Laurent Vanbeylen, Rik Pintelon, Johan Schoukens. Blind maximum-likelihood identification of wiener systems
3030 -- 3040Jizheng Xu, Feng Wu, Wenjun Zhang. Intra-predictive transforms for block-based image coding
3041 -- 3052Nan Zou, Arye Nehorai. Circular acoustic vector-sensor array for mode beamforming
3053 -- 3062Siavash Fazeli-Dehkordy, Shahram Shahbazpanahi, Saeed Gazor. Multiple peer-to-peer communications using a network of relays
3063 -- 3074Bertrand M. Hochwald, Harold Artés. Orthogonalizing beams to train unscheduled terminals
3075 -- 3085Mihailo Stojnic, Farzad Parvaresh, Babak Hassibi. On the reconstruction of block-sparse signals with an optimal number of measurements
3086 -- 3100Jiaheng Wang, Daniel Pérez Palomar. Worst-case robust MIMO transmission with imperfect channel knowledge
3101 -- 3107Jake Gunther, Todd K. Moon. Minimum symbol error rate carrier phase recovery of QPSK
3108 -- 3118Alexandros Valyrakis, Efthimios E. Tsakonas, Nicholas D. Sidiropoulos, Ananthram Swami. Stochastic modeling and particle filtering algorithms for tracking a frequency-hopped signal
3119 -- 3129Yuki Yoshida, Kazunori Hayashi, Hideaki Sakai, Wladimir Bocquet. Analysis and compensation of transmitter IQ imbalances in OFDMA and SC-FDMA systems
3130 -- 3143Gan Zheng, Kai-Kit Wong, Arogyaswami Paulraj, Björn E. Ottersten. Robust collaborative-relay beamforming
3144 -- 3153Mehrzad Biguesh, Saeed Gazor, Mohammad H. Shariat. Optimal training sequence for MIMO wireless systems in colored environments
3154 -- 3166Feng Wan, Wei-Ping Zhu, M. N. S. Swamy. A signal perturbation free whitening-rotation-based semiblind approach for MIMO channel estimation
3167 -- 3181Daniele Angelosante, Ezio Biglieri, Marco Lops. Sequential estimation of multipath MIMO-OFDM channels
3182 -- 3192Kai Bai, Habib Senol, Cihan Tepedelenlioglu. Outage scaling laws and diversity for distributed estimation over parallel fading channels
3193 -- 3207Hao Zhu, Ioannis D. Schizas, Georgios B. Giannakis. Power-efficient dimensionality reduction for distributed channel-aware kalman tracking using WSNs
3208 -- 3225Debargha Mukherjee. Parameter selection for Wyner-Ziv coding of laplacian sources with additive laplacian or gaussian innovation
3226 -- 3239Farah Mourad, Hichem Snoussi, Fahed Abdallah, Cédric Richard. Anchor-based localization via interval analysis for mobile ad-hoc sensor networks
3240 -- 3252Lun Dong, Athina P. Petropulu, H. Vincent Poor. Weighted cross-layer cooperative beamforming for wireless networks
3253 -- 3263Fabien Lotte, Anatole Lécuyer, Bruno Arnaldi. FuRIA: an inverse solution based feature extraction algorithm using fuzzy set theory for brain-computer interfaces
3264 -- 3273Francesco Bandiera, Danilo Orlando, Giuseppe Ricci. One-and two-stage tunable receivers
3274 -- 3279Zhiping Lin, Yongzhi Liu. Design of arbitrary complex coefficient WLS FIR filters with group delay constraints
3279 -- 3283Zaiyue Yang, Che Wai Chan. On estimation of intermodulated frequencies for sinusoidal signals with unknown fundamental frequencies
3283 -- 3287Geir Kjetil Nilsen. Recursive time-frequency reassignment
3287 -- 3291Jaeho Lee, Taewon Hwang, Ye Li. Signal detection for EST based modulation in Doubly-selective channels
3292 -- 3297Jun Fang, Hongbin Li. Power constrained distributed estimation with correlated sensor data
3298 -- 0Tadeusz A. Wysocki, Beata J. Wysocki, Sarah Spence Adams. Correction to The theory of quaternion orthogonal designs

Volume 57, Issue 7

2437 -- 2444Mike J. Grimble, Shamsher Ali Naz. Nonlinear minimum variance estimation for discrete-time multi-channel systems
2445 -- 2455Seyed Alireza Razavi, Ciprian Doru Giurcaneanu. Optimally distinguishable distributions: a new approach to composite hypothesis testing with applications to the classical linear model
2456 -- 2466Junlin Li, Ghassan Al-Regib. Network lifetime maximization for estimation in multihop wireless sensor networks
2467 -- 2478Fen Chen, Jianglin Ma. An empirical identification method of Gaussian blur parameter for image deblurring
2479 -- 2493Stephen J. Wright, Robert D. Nowak, Mário A. T. Figueiredo. Sparse reconstruction by separable approximation
2494 -- 2502Laura Bacchelli Montefusco, Damiana Lazzaro, Serena Papi. Nonlinear filtering for sparse signal recovery from incomplete measurements
2503 -- 2514Rodrigo C. de Lamare, Raimundo Sampaio Neto. Adaptive reduced-rank processing based on joint and iterative interpolation, decimation, and filtering
2515 -- 2526Ilker Bayram, Ivan W. Selesnick. Orthonormal FBs with rational sampling factors and oversampled DFT-modulated FBs: a connection and filter design
2527 -- 2537Runyi Yu. A new shift-invariance of discrete-time systems and its application to discrete wavelet transform analysis
2538 -- 2547Bishnu P. Lamichhane. Finite element techniques for removing the mixture of Gaussian and impulsive noise
2548 -- 2557Hamid Behmard. Efficient reconstruction algorithms using shifted lattices
2558 -- 2568Amir R. Forouzan. Optimal spectrum management of DSL with nonstrictly convex rate region
2569 -- 2581Dimitrios Dimitriadis, Alexandros Potamianos, Petros Maragos. A comparison of the squared energy and Teager-Kaiser operators for short-term energy estimation in additive noise
2582 -- 2593Aye Aung, Boon Poh Ng, Susanto Rahardja. Conjugate symmetric sequency-ordered complex Hadamard transform
2594 -- 2603Lei Yang, Pengwei Hao. Infinity-norm rotation transforms
2604 -- 2614Sang-Gyun Kim, Chang D. Yoo. Underdetermined blind source separation based on subspace representation
2615 -- 2628Zhu Liang Yu, Wee Ser, Meng Hwa Er, Zhenghui Gu, Yuanqing Li. Robust adaptive beamformers based on worst-case optimization and constraints on magnitude response
2629 -- 2639Marco Guerriero, Peter Willett, Joseph Glaz. Distributed target detection in sensor networks using scan statistics
2640 -- 2650Ali Cafer Gurbuz, James H. McClellan, Waymond R. Scott. A compressive sensing data acquisition and imaging method for stepped frequency GPRs
2651 -- 2659Jie Xu, Ramakrishna Janaswamy. Angular correlation properties with random multiple scattering
2660 -- 2674Ramy H. Gohary, Yao Huang, Zhi-Quan Luo, Jong-Shi Pang. A generalized iterative water-filling algorithm for distributed power control in the presence of a jammer
2675 -- 2689Zhi-Quan Luo, Shuzhong Zhang. Duality gap estimation and polynomial time approximation for optimal spectrum management
2690 -- 2700Sachin Chaudhari, Visa Koivunen, H. Vincent Poor. Autocorrelation-based decentralized sequential detection of OFDM signals in cognitive radios
2701 -- 2710Ying Hung Gan, Cong Ling, Wai Ho Mow. Complex lattice reduction algorithm for low-complexity full-diversity MIMO detection
2711 -- 2720Joakim Jalden, Luis G. Barbero, Björn E. Ottersten, John S. Thompson. The error probability of the fixed-complexity sphere decoder
2721 -- 2735Liang Sun, Matthew R. McKay, Shi Jin. Analytical performance of MIMO multichannel beamforming in the presence of unequal power cochannel interference and noise
2748 -- 2761Tuncer C. Aysal, Mehmet E. Yildiz, Anand D. Sarwate, Anna Scaglione. Broadcast gossip algorithms for consensus
2762 -- 2774Renato L. G. Cavalcante, Isao Yamada, Bernard Mulgrew. An adaptive projected subgradient approach to learning in diffusion networks
2775 -- 2784Kehu Yang, Gang Wang, Zhi-Quan Luo. Efficient convex relaxation methods for robust target localization by a sensor network using time differences of arrivals
2785 -- 2796Batu K. Chalise, Luc Vandendorpe. MIMO relay design for multipoint-to-multipoint communications with imperfect channel state information
2797 -- 2808Narayan Prasad, Kai Li, Xiaodong Wang. Fair-rate allocation in multiuser OFDM-SDMA networks
2809 -- 2823Eduard Calvo, Josep Vidal, Javier Rodríguez Fonollosa. Optimal resource allocation in relay-assisted cellular networks with partial CSI
2824 -- 2839Ainhoa Cortés, Igone Vélez, Juan F. Sevillano. Radix r:::k:::FFTs: matricial representation and SDC/SDF pipeline implementation
2840 -- 2846Li Li, Jianming Hu, Yudong Chen, Yi Zhang. PCA based Hurst exponent estimator for fBm signals under disturbances
2846 -- 2852Marc Castella, Eric Moreau. Generalized identifiability conditions for blind convolutive MIMO separation
2852 -- 2855Ran Tao, Xue-mei Li, Yan-Lei Li, Yue Wang 0001. Time-delay estimation of chirp signals in the fractional Fourier domain
2856 -- 2858Juan Zhao, Ran Tao, Yan-Lei Li, Yue Wang 0001. Uncertainty principles for linear canonical transform
2858 -- 2864Wenwu Wang, Andrzej Cichocki, Jonathon A. Chambers. A multiplicative algorithm for convolutive non-negative matrix factorization based on squared Euclidean distance
2864 -- 2868Yu Gong, Xia Hong. OFDM joint data detection and phase noise cancellation for constant modulus modulations
2868 -- 2875Maria Fresia, Luc Vandendorpe, H. Vincent Poor. Distributed source coding using raptor codes for hidden Markov sources
2875 -- 2881Hyoung-Soo Kim, Jing Wang, Peili Cai, Shuguang Cui. Detection outage and detection diversity in a homogeneous distributed sensor network

Volume 57, Issue 6

2041 -- 2049Umut Ozertem, Deniz Erdogmus. Principal curve time warping
2050 -- 2063Yang Yang, Rick S. Blum, Brian M. Sadler. Energy-efficient routing for signal detection in wireless sensor networks
2064 -- 2073Francesco Bandiera, Danilo Orlando, Giuseppe Ricci. One-and two-stage tunable receivers
2074 -- 2084Yair Noam, Hagit Messer. Notes on the tightness of the hybrid Cramér-Rao lower bound
2085 -- 2095Christophe Villien, Eric P. Ostertag. A polynomial approximation algorithm for real-time maximum-likelihood estimation
2096 -- 2109Peter O Shea, Richard Andrew Wiltshire. A new class of multilinear functions for polynomial phase signal analysis
2110 -- 2129Kamakshi Sivaramakrishnan, Tsachy Weissman. A context quantization approach to universal denoising
2130 -- 2139Tian-Bo Deng, Sorawat Chivapreecha, Kobchai Dejhan. Unified pascal matrix for first-order s-z domain transformations
2140 -- 2150Umut Sezen. Perfect reconstruction IIR digital filter banks supporting nonexpansive linear signal extensions
2151 -- 2164Liang Tao, Hon Keung Kwan. Novel DCT-based real-valued discrete Gabor transform and its fast algorithms
2165 -- 2177Mathews Jacob. Optimized least-square nonuniform fast Fourier transform
2178 -- 2191Mehrdad Yaghoobi, Thomas Blumensath, Mike E. Davies. Dictionary learning for sparse approximations with the majorization method
2192 -- 2208Suleyman Serdar Kozat, Andrew C. Singer. Switching strategies for sequential decision problems with multiplicative loss with application to portfolios
2209 -- 2221Alper T. Erdogan. On the convergence of ICA algorithms with symmetric orthogonalization
2222 -- 2231Antoine Souloumiac. Nonorthogonal joint diagonalization by combining givens and hyperbolic rotations
2232 -- 2244Chen Meng, Jamal Tuqan, Zhi Ding. A quadratic programming approach to blind equalization and signal separation
2245 -- 2257Marco Grangetto, Enrico Magli, Gabriella Olmo. Distributed arithmetic coding for the Slepian-Wolf problem
2258 -- 2274Minglei Liu, Ce Zhu. M-description lattice vector quantization: index assignment and analysis
2275 -- 2284Matthew A. Herman, Thomas Strohmer. High-resolution radar via compressed sensing
2285 -- 2298M. R. Bhavani Shankar, K. V. S. Hari. Systematic construction of linear transform based full-diversity, rate-one space-time frequency codes
2299 -- 2310Dimitri Nion, Nicholas D. Sidiropoulos. Adaptive algorithms to track the PARAFAC decomposition of a third-order tensor
2311 -- 2322Richard K. Martin, Jamie S. Velotta, John F. Raquet. Bandwidth efficient cooperative TDOA computation for multicarrier signals of opportunity
2323 -- 2335Khoa T. Phan, Sergiy A. Vorobyov, Nicholas D. Sidiropoulos, Chintha Tellambura. Spectrum sharing in wireless networks via QoS-aware secondary multicast beamforming
2336 -- 2353Luis Garcia Ordóñez, Daniel Pérez Palomar, Alba Pagès-Zamora, Javier Rodríguez Fonollosa. Minimum BER linear MIMO transceivers with adaptive number of substreams
2354 -- 2364Nima Sarmadi, Shahram Shahbazpanahi, Alex B. Gershman. Blind channel estimation in orthogonally coded MIMO-OFDM systems: a semidefinite relaxation approach
2365 -- 2382Ioannis D. Schizas, Gonzalo Mateos, Georgios B. Giannakis. Distributed LMS for consensus-based in-network adaptive processing
2383 -- 2395Haotian Zhang, José M. F. Moura, Bruce H. Krogh. Dynamic field estimation using wireless sensor networks: tradeoffs between estimation error and communication cost
2396 -- 2405Anand Oka, Lutz H.-J. Lampe. Incremental distributed identification of Markov random field models in wireless sensor networks
2406 -- 2412Aris S. Lalos, Vassilis Kekatos, Kostas Berberidis. Adaptive conjugate gradient DFEs for wideband MIMO systems
2412 -- 2416Zhengguang Xu, Benxiong Huang, Kewei Li. On Fourier interpolation error for band-limited signals
2417 -- 2420Amitai Koretz, Boaz Rafaely. Dolph-Chebyshev beampattern design for spherical arrays
2420 -- 2424Yongsang Kim, Kyungwhoon Cheun. A reduced-complexity tree search detection algorithm for MIMO systems
2424 -- 2431Cristiano Jacques Miosso, Ricardo von Borries, Miguel Argàez, Leticia Velazquez, C. Quintero, C. M. Potes. Compressive sensing reconstruction with prior information by iteratively reweighted least-squares
2432 -- 2433Jing Li, Peikang Huang. A comment on "Performance bounds on image registration"

Volume 57, Issue 5

1641 -- 1654Horng-Horng Lin, Tyng-Luh Liu, Jen-Hui Chuang. Learning a scene background model via classification
1655 -- 1669Ashok Patel, Bart Kosko. Optimal noise benefits in Neyman-Pearson and inequality-constrained statistical signal detection
1670 -- 1688Antonio Napolitano. Discrete-time estimation of second-order statistics of generalized almost-cyclostationary processes
1689 -- 1702Lars-Johan Brännmark, Anders Ahlén. Spatially robust audio compensation based on SIMO feedforward control
1703 -- 1716Vincent Doré, Mohamed Cheriet. Robust NL-means filter with optimal pixel-wise smoothing parameter for statistical image denoising
1717 -- 1730Tirza Routtenberg, Joseph Tabrikian. MIMO-AR system identification and blind source separation for GMM-distributed sources
1731 -- 1744Avon L. Fernandes, Maxim Raginsky, Todd P. Coleman. A low-complexity universal scheme for rate-constrained distributed regression using a wireless sensor network
1745 -- 1755Min Xu, Hao Chen, Pramod K. Varshney. Ziv-zakai bounds on image registration
1756 -- 1767Jing Wang, Jie Liang. Filter banks for prediction-compensated multiple description coding
1768 -- 1782Yue M. Lu, Minh N. Do, Richard S. Laugesen. A computable fourier condition generating alias-free sampling lattices
1783 -- 1795Grégoire Le Touzé, Barbara Nicolas, Jérôme I. Mars, Jean-Louis Lacoume. Matched representations and filters for guided waves
1796 -- 1810Jorge Silva, Shrikanth S. Narayanan. Discriminative wavelet packet filter bank selection for pattern recognition
1811 -- 1824Jiancheng Lv, Kok Kiong Tan, Zhang Yi, Sunan Huang. Convergence analysis of a class of Hyvärinen-Oja s ICA learning algorithms with constant learning rates
1825 -- 1838Jiantao Zhou, Oscar C. Au, Peter Hon-Wah Wong. Adaptive chosen-ciphertext attack on secure arithmetic coding
1839 -- 1857Zhi Liu, Arye Nehorai, Eytan Paldi. A biologically inspired compound-eye detector array-part I: modeling and fundamental limits
1858 -- 1876Zhi Liu, Arye Nehorai, Eytan Paldi. A biologically inspired compound-eye detector array part II: Statistical performance analysis
1877 -- 1888Granger Hickman, Jeffrey L. Krolik. A graph-theoretic approach to constrained floor plan estimation from radar measurements
1889 -- 1900Hussein Hijazi, Laurent Ros. Analytical analysis of Bayesian Cramér-Rao bound for dynamical rayleigh channel complex gains estimation in OFDM system
1901 -- 1916Michael D. Larsen, A. Lee Swindlehurst, Thomas Svantesson. Performance bounds for MIMO-OFDM channel estimation
1917 -- 1935Gesualdo Scutari, Daniel Pérez Palomar, Sergio Barbarossa. The MIMO iterative waterfilling algorithm
1936 -- 1947Michael Botros Shenouda, Timothy N. Davidson. Nonlinear and linear broadcasting with QoS requirements: tractable approaches for bounded channel uncertainties
1948 -- 1958Tobias J. Oechtering, Rafael F. Wyrembelski, Holger Boche. Multiantenna bidirectional broadcast channels: optimal transmit strategies
1959 -- 1975Kaibin Huang, Robert W. Heath Jr., Jeffrey G. Andrews. Limited feedback beamforming over temporally-correlated channels
1976 -- 1986Stefano Maranò, Vincenzo Matta, Peter K. Willett. Distributed detection with censoring sensors under physical layer secrecy
1987 -- 1999Onur Ozdemir, Ruixin Niu, Pramod K. Varshney. Tracking in wireless sensor networks using particle filtering: physical layer considerations
2000 -- 2016Usman A. Khan, Soummya Kar, José M. F. Moura. Distributed sensor localization in random environments using minimal number of anchor nodes
2017 -- 2024Yogananda Isukapalli, Jun Zheng, Bhaskar D. Rao. Optimum codebook design and average SEP loss analysis of spatially independent and correlated feedback based MISO systems with rectangular QAM constellation
2024 -- 2029Qinfei Huang, Mounir Ghogho, Steven Freear. Pilot design for MIMO OFDM systems with virtual carriers
2030 -- 2034Zhang-Xin Chen, He-Wen Wei, Qun Wan, Shang-Fu Ye, Wan-Lin Yang. A supplement to multidimensional scaling framework formobile location: a unified view

Volume 57, Issue 4

1241 -- 1249Yuriy S. Shmaliy. Unbiased FIR Filtering of Discrete-Time Polynomial State-Space Models
1250 -- 1259Wei Wang, Tülay Adali, Darren Emge. Subspace Partitioning for Target Detection and Identification
1260 -- 1272Yan Li, Hua Fu, Pooi Yuen Kam. Improved, Approximate, Time-Domain ML Estimators of Chirp Signal Parameters and Their Performance Analysis
1273 -- 1284Huixia He, David J. Thomson. The Canonical Bicoherence - Part I: Definition, Multitaper Estimation, and Statistics
1285 -- 1292Huixia He, David J. Thomson. The Canonical Bicoherence - Part II: QPC Test and Its Application in Geomagnetic Data
1293 -- 1303T. Piotrowski, Renato L. G. Cavalcante, Isao Yamada. Stochastic MV-PURE Estimator - Robust Reduced-Rank Estimator for Stochastic Linear Model
1304 -- 1315J. E. Kolodziej, Orlando José Tobias, Rui Seara, D. R. Morgan. On the Constrained Stochastic Gradient Algorithm: Model, Performance, and Improved Version
1316 -- 1327Clive Cheong Took, Danilo P. Mandic. The Quaternion LMS Algorithm for Adaptive Filtering of Hypercomplex Processes
1328 -- 1338Y. J. Yu, Y. C. Lim, D. Shi. Low-Complexity Design of Variable Bandedge Linear Phase FIR Filters With Sharp Transition Band
1339 -- 1350G. Robert Redinbo. Wavelet Codes: Detection and Correction Using Kalman Estimation
1351 -- 1362Yannis Kopsinis, Steve McLaughlin. Development of EMD-Based Denoising Methods Inspired by Wavelet Thresholding
1363 -- 1372X. Dai, Z. Gao, T. Breikin, H. Wang. Zero Assignment for Robust H::2::/H::infty:: Fault Detection Filter Design
1373 -- 1382Brian D. Jeffs, Karl F. Warnick. Spectral Bias in Adaptive Beamforming With Narrowband Interference
1383 -- 1395Jacek Dmochowski, Jacob Benesty, Sofiène Affes. On Spatial Aliasing in Microphone Arrays
1396 -- 1414Y. Jin, J. M. F. Moura. Time-Reversal Detection Using Antenna Arrays
1415 -- 1425Petre Stoica, Hao He, Jian Li. New Algorithms for Designing Unimodular Sequences With Good Correlation Properties
1426 -- 1443A. S. Cacciapuoti, Giacinto Gelli, Luigi Paura, Francesco Verde. Widely Linear Versus Linear Blind Multiuser Detection With Subspace-Based Channel Estimation: Finite Sample-Size Effects
1444 -- 1455Xiao Li, Yik-Chung Wu, Erchin Serpedin. Timing Synchronization in Decode-and-Forward Cooperative Communication Systems
1456 -- 1468Renato L. G. Cavalcante, Isao Yamada. A Flexible Peak-To-Average Power Ratio Reduction Scheme for OFDM Systems by the Adaptive Projected Subgradient Method
1469 -- 1482Eitan Sayag, Amir Leshem, Nikolaos D. Sidiropoulos. Finite Word Length Effects on Transmission Rate in Zero Forcing Linear Precoding for Multichannel DSL
1483 -- 1493Cenk Toker, G. Altin. Blind, Adaptive Channel Shortening Equalizer Algorithm Which Can Provide Shortened Channel State Information (BACS-SI)
1494 -- 1510Stefano Buzzi, Valeria Massaro, H. Vincent Poor. Energy-Efficient Resource Allocation in Multipath CDMA Channels With Band-Limited Waveforms
1511 -- 1525Keyvan Zarifi, Sofiène Affes, Ali Ghrayeb. Large-System-Based Performance Analysis and Design of Multiuser Cooperative Networks
1526 -- 1537Tiziano Bianchi, Simone Morosi. Pulse Repetition and Cyclic Prefix: Different Transmitting Strategies for Impulse Radio UWB Systems
1538 -- 1550Jussi Salmi, Andreas Richter, Visa Koivunen. Detection and Tracking of MIMO Propagation Path Parameters Using State-Space Approach
1551 -- 1562Xiaojing Shen, Yunmin Zhu, Enbin Song, Yingting Luo. Optimal Centralized Update With Multiple Local Out-of-Sequence Measurements
1563 -- 1576Tuncer C. Aysal, Boris N. Oreshkin, M. J. Coates. Accelerated Distributed Average Consensus via Localized Node State Prediction
1577 -- 1587Marcelino Lázaro, M. Sanchez-Fernandez, Antonio Artés-Rodríguez. Optimal Sensor Selection in Binary Heterogeneous Sensor Networks
1588 -- 1603Thiagarajan Sivanadyan, Akbar M. Sayeed. Active Wireless Sensing: A Versatile Framework for Information Retrieval in Sensor Networks
1604 -- 1615Min Li, David Novo, Bruno Bougard, T. Carlson, Liesbet Van der Perre, Francky Catthoor. Generic Multiphase Software Pipelined Partial FFT on Instruction Level Parallel Architectures
1616 -- 1625Oren Goldshtein, Hagit Messer, Artem Zinevich. Rain Rate Estimation Using Measurements From Commercial Telecommunications Links
1626 -- 1630David Looney, Danilo P. Mandic. Multiscale Image Fusion Using Complex Extensions of EMD
1630 -- 1633Kenneth Wing-Kin Lui, Frankie K. W. Chan, Hing-Cheung So. Semidefinite Programming Approach for Range-Difference Based Source Localization
1634 -- 1637Henning Vetter, Vishakan Ponnampalam, Magnus Sandell, Peter Adam Hoeher. Fixed Complexity LLL Algorithm

Volume 57, Issue 3

825 -- 834Andrew T. Walden, Patrick Rubin-Delanchy. On Testing for Impropriety of Complex-Valued Gaussian Vectors
835 -- 842H. Bassily, R. Lund, J. Wagner. Fault Detection in Multivariate Signals With Applications to Gas Turbines
843 -- 858Petre Stoica, Jian Li, Hao He. Spectral Analysis of Nonuniformly Sampled Data: A New Approach Versus the Periodogram
859 -- 867Tryphon T. Georgiou, Johan Karlsson, Mir Shahrouz Takyar. Metrics for Power Spectra: An Axiomatic Approach
868 -- 877Johan Sandberg, Maria Hansson-Sandsten. A Comparison Between Different Discrete Ambiguity Domain Definitions in Stochastic Time-Frequency Analysis
878 -- 891Petr Tichavský, Arie Yeredor. Fast Approximate Joint Diagonalization Incorporating Weight Matrices
892 -- 903Ali Abdi, Huaihai Guo. Signal Correlation Modeling in Acoustic Vector Sensor Arrays
904 -- 915Isabelle Smith, André Ferrari, Marcel Carbillet. Detection of a Moving Source in Speckle Noise. Application to Exoplanet Detection
916 -- 926Jean-Yves Tourneret, Neil J. Bershad, José Carlos M. Bermudez. Echo Cancellation - The Generalized Likelihood Ratio Test For Double-Talk Versus Channel Change
927 -- 943Masahiro Yukawa. Krylov-Proportionate Adaptive Filtering Techniques Not Limited to Sparse Systems
944 -- 955Nguyen Thien Hoang, Hoang Duong Tuan, Truong Q. Nguyen, Hung Gia Hoang. Optimized Analog Filter Designs With Flat Responses by Semidefinite Programming
956 -- 965Hung Gia Hoang, Hoang Duong Tuan, Truong Q. Nguyen. Frequency-Selective KYP Lemma, IIR Filter, and Filter Bank Design
966 -- 976Ha Hoang Kha, Hoang Duong Tuan, Truong Q. Nguyen. Efficient Design of Cosine-Modulated Filter Banks via Convex Optimization
977 -- 992T. Michaeli, Yonina C. Eldar. High-Rate Interpolation of Random Signals From Nonideal Samples
993 -- 1009Moshe Mishali, Yonina C. Eldar. Blind Multiband Signal Reconstruction: Compressed Sensing for Analog Signals
1010 -- 1020Ning Chen, Zhiyuan Yan. Cyclotomic FFTs With Reduced Additive Complexities Based on a Novel Common Subexpression Elimination Algorithm
1021 -- 1029A. Zemouche, M. Boutayeb. Sobolev Norms-Based State Estimation and Input Recovery for a Class of Nonlinear Systems. Design and Experimental Results
1030 -- 1043Dimitry M. Gorinevsky, Seung-Jean Kim, S. Beard, Stephen P. Boyd, G. Gordon. Optimal Estimation of Deterioration From Diagnostic Image Sequence
1044 -- 1057Hongming Yang, Jan W. M. Bergmans, Tim C. W. Schenk, Jean-Paul M. G. Linnartz, R. Rietman. Uniform Illumination Rendering Using an Array of LEDs: A Signal Processing Perspective
1058 -- 1067Cédric Richard, José Carlos M. Bermudez, Paul Honeine. Online Prediction of Time Series Data With Kernels
1068 -- 1083Taesup Moon, Tsachy Weissman. Universal FIR MMSE Filtering
1084 -- 1097Xing Tan, William Roberts, Jian Li, Peter Stoica. Range-Doppler Imaging Via a Train of Probing Pulses
1098 -- 1112Stefano Savazzi, Umberto Spagnolini. Optimizing Training Lengths and Training Intervals in Time-Varying Fading Channels
1113 -- 1127Cássio B. Ribeiro, Marcello L. R. de Campos, Paulo S. R. Diniz. Time-Varying FIR Transmultiplexers With Minimum Redundancy
1128 -- 1140Zhi Quan, Shuguang Cui, Ali H. Sayed, H. Vincent Poor. Optimal Multiband Joint Detection for Spectrum Sensing in Cognitive Radio Networks
1141 -- 1150Minhua Ding, Steven D. Blostein. MIMO Minimum Total MSE Transceiver Design With Imperfect CSI at Both Ends
1151 -- 1162Nguyen Nam Tran, D. H. Pham, Hoang Duong Tuan, Ha H. Nguyen. Orthogonal Affine Precoding and Decoding for Channel Estimation and Source Detection in MIMO Frequency-Selective Fading Channels
1163 -- 1176Abdulla Firag, Lee M. Garth. Adaptive Joint Decoding and Equalization for Space-Time Block-Coded Amplify-and-Forward Relaying Systems
1177 -- 1189Ye Wang, Prakash Ishwar. Distributed Field Estimation With Randomly Deployed, Noisy, Binary Sensors
1190 -- 1202O. Ozdemir, Ruixin Niu, Pramod K. Varshney. Channel Aware Target Localization With Quantized Data in Wireless Sensor Networks
1203 -- 1209Nader Ghasemi, Subhrakanti Dey. A Constrained MDP Approach to Dynamic Quantizer Design for HMM State Estimation
1209 -- 1216Leonardo Rey Vega, Hernan Rey, Jacob Benesty, Sara Tressens. A Fast Robust Recursive Least-Squares Algorithm
1217 -- 1222Roberto Carrasco-Alvarez, Ramon Parra-Michel, Aldo G. Orozco-Lugo, Jitendra K. Tugnait. Enhanced Channel Estimation Using Superimposed Training Based on Universal Basis Expansion
1222 -- 1227Alireza Shoa, Shahram Shirani. Design and Analysis of a Successively Refinable Lattice Quantizer for i.i.d. Gaussian Sources
1227 -- 1233Antonia Oya, Jesús Navarro-Moreno, Juan Carlos Ruiz-Molina. Numerical Evaluation of Reproducing Kernel Hilbert Space Inner Products
1233 -- 1236Behtash Babadi, Nicholas Kalouptsidis, Vahid Tarokh. Asymptotic Achievability of the CramÉr-Rao Bound for Noisy Compressive Sampling

Volume 57, Issue 2

409 -- 423Ba-Tuong Vo, Ba-Ngu Vo, Antonio Cantoni. The Cardinality Balanced Multi-Target Multi-Bernoulli Filter and Its Implementations
424 -- 435Dror Givon, Panagiotis Stinis, Jonathan Weare. Variance Reduction for Particle Filters of Systems With Time Scale Separation
436 -- 450Antonio De Maio, Silvio De Nicola, Yongwei Huang, Shuzhong Zhang, Alfonso Farina. Adaptive Detection and Estimation in the Presence of Useful Signal and Interference Mismatches
451 -- 462Siddharth Joshi, Stephen Boyd. Sensor Selection via Convex Optimization
463 -- 470Yariv Ephraim, William J. J. Roberts. An EM Algorithm for Markov Modulated Markov Processes
482 -- 492Kenneth Scerri, Michael Dewar, Visakan Kadirkamanathan. Estimation and Model Selection for an IDE-Based Spatio-Temporal Model
493 -- 502Thomas Weickert, Claus Benjaminsen, Uwe Kiencke. Analytic Wavelet Packets - Combining the Dual-Tree Approach With Wavelet Packets for Signal Analysis and Filtering
503 -- 515Daniel E. Quevedo, Helmut Bölcskei, Graham C. Goodwin. Quantization of Filter Bank Frame Expansions Through Moving Horizon Optimization
516 -- 525Pengwei Hao. Reversible Resampling of Integer Signals
526 -- 535Shih Yu Chang, Hsiao-Chun Wu. Novel Fast Computation Algorithm of the Second-Order Statistics for Autoregressive Moving-Average Processes
536 -- 550Claudio Turchetti, Giorgio Biagetti, Francesco Gianfelici, Paolo Crippa. Nonlinear System Identification: An Effective Framework Based on the Karhunen-LoÈve Transform
551 -- 564Guergana Mollova, Wolfgang F. G. Mecklenbräuker. A Design Method for 3-D FIR Cone-Shaped Filters Based on the McClellan Transformation
565 -- 575Jen-Tzung Chien, Jung-Chun Chen. Recursive Bayesian Linear Regression for Adaptive Classification
576 -- 587Jin-Jun Xiao, Arye Nehorai. Optimal Polarized Beampattern Synthesis Using a Vector Antenna Array
588 -- 599Michael Rübsamen, Alex B. Gershman. Direction-of-Arrival Estimation for Nonuniform Sensor Arrays: From Manifold Separation to Fourier Domain MUSIC Methods
600 -- 609Farzan Haddadi, Mohammad Mahdi Nayebi, Mohammad Reza Aref. Direction-of-Arrival Estimation for Temporally Correlated Narrowband Signals
610 -- 621Antonio De Maio, Silvio De Nicola, Yongwei Huang, Zhi-Quan Luo, Shuzhong Zhang. Design of Phase Codes for Radar Performance Optimization With a Similarity Constraint
622 -- 634Ming Chen, Mats Viberg. Long-Range Channel Prediction Based on Nonstationary Parametric Modeling
635 -- 644Jian-Kang Zhang, Wing-Kin Ma. Full Diversity Blind Alamouti Space-Time Block Codes for Unique Identification of Flat-Fading Channels
645 -- 657Olivier Roy, Martin Vetterli. Rate-Constrained Collaborative Noise Reduction for Wireless Hearing Aids
658 -- 671Tao Cui, Feifei Gao, Tracey Ho, Arumugam Nallanathan. Distributed Space-Time Coding for Two-Way Wireless Relay Networks
672 -- 689L. G. Ordoez, Daniel Pérez Palomar, Javier Rodríguez Fonollosa. Ordered Eigenvalues of a General Class of Hermitian Random Matrices With Application to the Performance Analysis of MIMO Systems
690 -- 697Vincent Le Nir, Marc Moonen, Jan Verlinden, Mamoun Guenach. Optimal Power Allocation for Downstream xDSL With Per-Modem Total Power Constraints: Broadcast Channel Optimal Spectrum Balancing (BC-OSB)
698 -- 713Raphael Hunger, Michael Joham, Wolfgang Utschick. On the MSE-Duality of the Broadcast Channel and the Multiple Access Channel
714 -- 725Nikola Vucic, Holger Boche. Robust QoS-Constrained Optimization of Downlink Multiuser MISO Systems
726 -- 737Rui Zhang, Chin Choy Chai, Ying-Chang Liang. Joint Beamforming and Power Control for Multiantenna Relay Broadcast Channel With QoS Constraints
738 -- 751Zhi Quan, William J. Kaiser, Ali H. Sayed. Innovations Diffusion: A Spatial Sampling Scheme for Distributed Estimation and Detection
752 -- 763Kenneth Wing-Kin Lui, Wing-Kin Ma, H. C. So, Frankie K. W. Chan. Semi-Definite Programming Algorithms for Sensor Network Node Localization With Uncertainties in Anchor Positions and/or Propagation Speed
764 -- 782Walid Hachem, Pascal Bianchi, Philippe Ciblat. Outage Probability-Based Power and Time Optimization for Relay Networks
783 -- 797Yunxia Chen, Qing Zhao, Ananthram Swami. Distributed Spectrum Sensing and Access in Cognitive Radio Networks With Energy Constraint
798 -- 802Wei Liu, Desmond C. McLernon, Mounir Ghogho. Design of Frequency Invariant Beamformer Without Temporal Filtering
803 -- 808Satyabrata Sen, Arye Nehorai. Exploiting Close-to-the-Sensor Multipath Reflections Using a Human-Hearing-Inspired Model
809 -- 814Dezhong Peng, Yong Xiang. Underdetermined Blind Source Separation Based on Relaxed Sparsity Condition of Sources
814 -- 819Khoa T. Phan, Sergiy A. Vorobyov, Chintha Tellambura. Precoder Design for Space-Time Coded Systems Over Correlated Rayleigh Fading Channels Using Convex Optimization

Volume 57, Issue 12

4597 -- 0Ali H. Sayed. Free electronic access to SP publications
4598 -- 4615Le Yang, K. C. Ho. An approximately efficient TDOA localization algorithm in closed-form for locating multiple disjoint sources with erroneous sensor positions
4616 -- 4632Jean-Christophe Pesquet, Amel Benazza-Benyahia, Caroline Chaux. A SURE approach for digital signal/image deconvolution problems
4633 -- 4645Michaël Betser. Sinusoidal polynomial parameter estimation using the distribution derivative
4646 -- 4659Michael Jachan, Gerald Matz, Franz Hlawatsch. Vector time-frequency AR models for nonstationary multivariate random processes
4660 -- 4674Masahiro Yukawa, Rodrigo C. de Lamare, Isao Yamada. Robust reduced-rank adaptive algorithm based on parallel subgradient projection and Krylov subspace
4675 -- 4685Anatoli Torokhti, Jonathan H. Manton. Generic weighted filtering of stochastic signals
4686 -- 4698Gilles Gasso, Alain Rakotomamonjy, Stéphane Canu. Recovering sparse signals with a certain family of nonconvex penalties and DC programming
4699 -- 4710Holger Boche, Ullrich J. Mönich. Complete characterization of stable bandlimited systems under quantization and thresholding
4711 -- 4718Alessandro Nordio, Carla-Fabiana Chiasserini, Emanuele Viterbo. Signal reconstruction errors in jittered sampling
4719 -- 4733Jussi Salmi, Andreas Richter, Visa Koivunen. Sequential unfolding SVD for tensors with applications in array signal processing
4734 -- 4743Simone Fiori, Toshihisa Tanaka. An algorithm to compute averages on matrix Lie groups
4744 -- 4764Konstantinos Slavakis, Sergios Theodoridis, Isao Yamada. Adaptive constrained learning in reproducing Kernel Hilbert spaces: the robust beamforming case
4765 -- 4776Mihai Gurban, Jean-Philippe Thiran. Information theoretic feature extraction for audio-visual speech recognition
4777 -- 4787Tao Wang, Geert Leus, Li Huang. Ranging energy optimization for robust sensor positioning based on semidefinite programming
4788 -- 4799Jake Gunther, Todd K. Moon. Minimum bayes risk adaptive linear equalizers
4800 -- 4810Mehrdad Yaghoobi, Laurent Daudet, Mike E. Davies. Parametric dictionary design for sparse coding
4811 -- 4822Mikalai Kisialiou, Xiaodong Luo, Zhi-Quan Luo. Efficient implementation of quasi-maximum-likelihood detection based on semidefinite relaxation
4823 -- 4836Ana I. Pérez-Neira, Miguel Angel Lagunas, Miguel Angel Rojas, Petre Stoica. Correlation matching approach for spectrum sensing in open spectrum communications
4837 -- 4851Yue Rong, Xiaojun Tang, Yingbo Hua. A unified framework for optimizing linear nonregenerative multicarrier MIMO relay communication systems
4852 -- 4860Chunguo Li, Xiang Wang, Luxi Yang, Wei-Ping Zhu. A joint source and relay power allocation scheme for a class of MIMO relay systems
4861 -- 4870Yiyue Wu, Linda M. Davis, A. Robert Calderbank. Finite precision analysis for space-time decoding
4871 -- 4881Gan Zheng, Kai-Kit Wong, Björn E. Ottersten. Robust cognitive beamforming with bounded channel uncertainties
4882 -- 4894Evaggelia Matskani, Nicholas D. Sidiropoulos, Zhi-Quan Luo, Leandros Tassiulas. Efficient batch and adaptive approximation algorithms for joint multicast beamforming and admission control
4895 -- 4905Liming Wang, Dan Schonfeld. Mapping equivalence for symbolic sequences: theory and applications
4906 -- 4917Rami A. Abdallah, Naresh R. Shanbhag. Error-resilient low-power Viterbi decoder architectures
4918 -- 4929Wei-Yu Chiu, Bor-Sen Chen. Mobile Positioning problem in Manhattan-like urban areas: uniqueness of solution, optimal deployment of BSs, and fuzzy implementation
4930 -- 4935Jesús Navarro-Moreno, Javier Moreno-Kayser, Rosa M. Fernández-Alcalá, Juan Carlos Ruiz-Molina. Widely linear estimation algorithms for second-order stationary signals
4935 -- 4936W. F. McGee. Comment on "Parity-check matrix calculation for paraunitary oversampled DFT filter banks"
4936 -- 4941Guangming Shi, Lili Liang, Xuemei Xie. Design of directional filter banks with arbitrary number of subbands
4942 -- 4945Chengwen Xing, Shaodan Ma, Yik-Chung Wu. On low complexity robust beamforming with positive semidefinite constraints
4946 -- 4952Stefania Colonnese, Gianpiero Panci, Stefano Rinauro, Gaetano Scarano. Semiblind bussgang equalization for sparse channels
4952 -- 4958Tilde Fusco, Luciano Izzo, Angelo Petrella, Mario Tanda. Blind symbol timing estimation for OFDM/OQAM systems
4958 -- 4964Mounir Ghogho, Philippe Ciblat, Ananthram Swami, Pascal Bianchi. Training design for repetitive-slot-based CFO estimation in OFDM
4964 -- 4970Ramy H. Gohary, Tricia J. Willink. Robust IWFA for open-spectrum communications
4970 -- 4973Seyed Aidin Bassam, Slim Boumaiza, Fadhel M. Ghannouchi. Block-wise estimation of and compensation for I/Q imbalance in direct-conversion transmitters

Volume 57, Issue 11

4165 -- 4174Timo Gerkmann, Rainer Martin. On the statistics of spectral amplitudes after variance reduction by temporal cepstrum smoothing and cepstral nulling
4175 -- 4181María-Pilar Jarabo-Amores, Manuel Rosa-Zurera, Roberto Gil-Pita, Francisco López-Ferreras. Study of two error functions to approximate the Neyman-pearson detector using supervised learning machines
4182 -- 4195Jarmo Lundén, Visa Koivunen, Anu Huttunen, H. Vincent Poor. Collaborative cyclostationary spectrum sensing for cognitive radio systems
4196 -- 4208Bamrung Tau Sieskul, Feng Zheng, Thomas Kaiser. On the effect of shadow fading on wireless geolocation in mixed LoS/NLoS environments
4209 -- 4219Mark R. Morelande. Parameter estimation of phase-modulated signals using Bayesian unwrapping
4220 -- 4231Mark R. Morelande, Branko Ristic. Radiological source detection and localisation using Bayesian techniques
4232 -- 4246Ozgur Erdinc, Peter Willett, Yaakov Bar-Shalom. The bin-occupancy filter and its connection to the PHD filters
4247 -- 4259Steffen Barembruch, Aurelien Garivier, Eric Moulines. On approximate maximum-likelihood methods for blind identification: how to cope with the curse of dimensionality
4260 -- 4268Peter Strobach. The QS-householder sliding window Bi-SVD subspace tracker
4269 -- 4281Hongming Yang, Jan W. M. Bergmans, Tim C. W. Schenk. Illumination sensing in LED lighting systems based on frequency-division multiplexing
4282 -- 4291Ka Lung Law, Robert M. Fossum, Minh N. Do. Generic invertibility of multidimensional FIR filter banks and MIMO systems
4292 -- 4303Til Aach, Hartmut Führ. On bounds of shift variance in two-channel multirate filter banks
4304 -- 4313Qingtang Jiang. Orthogonal and biorthogonal SQUARE ROOT 3-refinement wavelets for hexagonal data processing
4314 -- 4322Xiaowei Li 0000, Hong Liang, Xiang-Gen Xia. A robust Chinese remainder theorem with its applications in frequency estimation from undersampled waveforms
4323 -- 4332Pascal Clark, Les E. Atlas. Time-frequency coherent modulation filtering of nonstationary signals
4333 -- 4346Thomas Blumensath, Mike E. Davies. Stagewise weak gradient pursuits
4347 -- 4354Joshua Trzasko, Armando Manduca. Relaxed conditions for sparse signal recovery with general concave priors
4355 -- 4368Nicolas Dobigeon, Saïd Moussaoui, Martial Coulon, Jean-Yves Tourneret, Alfred O. Hero. Joint Bayesian endmember extraction and linear unmixing for hyperspectral imagery
4369 -- 4377Ami Wiesel, Alfred O. Hero. Decomposable principal component analysis
4378 -- 4390Hadi Zayyani, Massoud Babaie-Zadeh, Christian Jutten. An iterative Bayesian algorithm for sparse component analysis in presence of noise
4391 -- 4405Hao He, Petre Stoica, Jian Li. Designing unimodular sequence sets with good correlations: including an application to MIMO radar
4406 -- 4417Xin Li, Yimin Zhang, Moeness G. Amin. Cooperative wireless medium access exploiting multi-beam adaptive arrays and relay selection
4418 -- 4432Tsung-Han Chan, Chong-Yung Chi, Yu-Min Huang, Wing-Kin Ma. A convex analysis-based minimum-volume enclosing simplex algorithm for hyperspectral unmixing
4433 -- 4442Mounir Ghogho, Tim Whitworth, Ananthram Swami, Desmond C. McLernon. Full-rank and rank-deficient precoding schemes for single-carrier block transmissions
4443 -- 4455Feifei Gao, Rui Zhang, Ying-Chang Liang. Channel estimation for OFDM modulated two-way relay networks
4456 -- 4466Thomas Arildsen, Manohar N. Murthi, Søren Vang Andersen, Søren Holdt Jensen. On predictive coding for erasure channels using a Kalman framework
4467 -- 4481Momin Uppal, Zhixin Liu, Vladimir Stankovic, Zixiang Xiong. Compress-forward coding with BPSK modulation for the half-duplex Gaussian relay channel
4482 -- 4496Kai Yang, Narayan Prasad, Xiaodong Wang. An auction approach to resource allocation in uplink OFDMA systems
4497 -- 4508Rodrigo de Miguel, Ralf R. Müller. On convex vector precoding for multiuser MIMO broadcast channels
4509 -- 4521Svante Bergman, Daniel Pérez Palomar, Björn E. Ottersten. Joint bit allocation and precoding for MIMO systems with decision feedback detection
4522 -- 4537Ming Sun, K. C. Ho. Successive and asymptotically efficient localization of sensor nodes in closed-form
4538 -- 4547Cathy Qun Xu, Chun Jason Xue, Jingtong Hu, Edwin Hsing-Mean Sha. Optimizing scheduling and intercluster connection for application-specific DSP processors
4548 -- 4553Frankie K. W. Chan, H. C. So. Efficient weighted multidimensional scaling for wireless sensor network localization
4554 -- 4557Robby G. McKilliam, I. Vaughan L. Clarkson. Identifiability and aliasing in polynomial-phase signals
4558 -- 4563El-Hadi Djermoune, Marc Tomczak. Perturbation analysis of subspace-based methods in estimating a damped complex exponential
4563 -- 4568Roberto Diversi. Noisy FIR identification as a quadratic eigenvalue problem
4568 -- 4573Jong-Jy Shyu, Soo-Chang Pei, Yun-Da Huang. Least-squares design of variable maximally linear FIR differentiators
4573 -- 4578K. K. Sharma. Approximate signal reconstruction using nonuniform samples in fractional Fourier and linear canonical transform domains
4579 -- 4583Issa M. S. Panahi. Efficient positivity test algorithms for parametric and nonparametric sequences of covariance estimates
4583 -- 4588Gonzalo Mateos, Ioannis D. Schizas, Georgios B. Giannakis. Distributed recursive least-squares for consensus-based in-network adaptive estimation
4588 -- 4593Jeffrey Feigin, David Brady. Joint transmitter/receiver I/Q imbalance compensation for direct conversion OFDM in packet-switched multipath environments

Volume 57, Issue 10

3733 -- 3745Peng-Lang Shu, Hong-wei Liu, Zheng Bao. Range-spread target detection based on cross time-frequency distribution features of two adjacent received signals
3746 -- 3758Junlin Li, Ghassan Al-Regib. Distributed estimation in energy-constrained wireless sensor networks
3759 -- 3774Qingjiang Shi, Chen He, Ling-ge Jiang. Normalized incremental subgradient algorithm and its application
3775 -- 3786Pau Closas, Carles Fernández-Prades, Juan A. Fernández-Rubio. Cramér-Rao bound analysis of positioning approaches in GNSS receivers
3787 -- 3800Francisco Rubio, Xavier Mestre. Generalized consistent estimation on low-rank Krylov subspaces of arbitrarily high dimension
3801 -- 3814Weifeng Liu, Il Park, Yiwen Wang 0002, José C. Príncipe. Extended kernel recursive least squares algorithm
3815 -- 3826Guilherme Holsbach Costa, José Carlos M. Bermudez. Registration errors: are they always bad for super-resolution?
3827 -- 3843Jérôme Gauthier, Laurent Duval, Jean-Christophe Pesquet. Optimization of synthesis oversampled complex filter banks
3844 -- 3857Li Chai, Jingxin Zhang, Cishen Zhang, Edoardo Mosca. Optimal noise reduction in oversampled PR filter banks
3858 -- 3868Soo-Chang Pei, Pai-Wei Wang. Novel inverse S transform with equalization filter
3869 -- 3878Ching-Hsiang Tseng. A universal formula for the complete bandpass sampling requirements of nonlinear systems
3879 -- 3890Jonathan M. Nichols, Colin C. Olson, Joseph V. Michalowicz, Frank Bucholtz. The bispectrum and bicoherence for quadratically nonlinear systems subject to non-Gaussian inputs
3891 -- 3904Yekutiel Avargel, Israel Cohen. Adaptive nonlinear system identification in the short-time fourier transform domain
3905 -- 3917John William Paisley, Lawrence Carin. Hidden Markov models with stick-breaking priors
3918 -- 3929Yi-Ou Li, Tülay Adali, Wei Wang 0018, Vince D. Calhoun. Joint blind source separation by multiset canonical correlation analysis
3930 -- 3941Shira Kritchman, Boaz Nadler. Non-parametric detection of the number of signals: hypothesis testing and random matrix theory
3942 -- 3953Houcem Gazzah, Karim Abed-Meraim. Optimum ambiguity-free directional and omnidirectional planar antenna arrays for DOA estimation
3954 -- 3969Vikram Krishnamurthy, Dejan V. Djonin. Optimal threshold policies for multivariate POMDPs in radar resource management
3970 -- 3983Hao Zhu, Georgios B. Giannakis, Alfonso Cano. Distributed in-network channel decoding
3984 -- 3998Jean-Paul M. G. Linnartz, Lorenzo Feri, Hongming Yang, Sel B. Colak, Tim C. W. Schenk. Code division-based sensing of illumination contributions in solid-state lighting systems
3999 -- 4013Vikram Krishnamurthy. Decentralized spectrum access amongstcognitive radios: an interacting multivariate global game-theoretic approach
4014 -- 4026Xiangyun Zhou, Parastoo Sadeghi, Tharaka A. Lamahewa, Salman Durrani. Design guidelines for training-based MIMO systems with feedback
4027 -- 4041Emil Björnson, David Hammarwall, Björn E. Ottersten. Exploiting quantized channel norm feedback through conditional statistics in arbitrarily correlated MIMO systems
4042 -- 4051Wee-Peng Tay, John N. Tsitsiklis, Moe Z. Win. Bayesian detection in bounded height tree networks
4052 -- 4065Yi Huang, Yingbo Hua. Energy planning for progressive estimation in multihop sensor networks
4066 -- 4075Ankur Saxena, Kenneth Rose. Distributed predictive coding for spatio-temporally correlated sources
4076 -- 4084Mohamed Amine Miled, Mohamad Sawan, Ebrahim Ghafar-Zadeh. A dynamic decoder for first-order SigmaDelta modulators dedicated to lab-on-chip applications
4085 -- 4094Aaron E. Cohen, Keshab K. Parhi. A low-complexity hybrid LDPC code encoder for IEEE 802.3an (10GBase-T) ethernet
4095 -- 4099André Monin. Dynamic estimation of linear systems constrained by bounds
4100 -- 4105Frankie K. W. Chan, H. C. So. Accurate distributed range-based positioning algorithm for wireless sensor networks
4105 -- 4111Neil J. Bershad. On error-saturation nonlinearities in NLMS adaptation
4111 -- 4118Clive Cheong Took, Danilo P. Mandic. Adaptive IIR filtering of noncircular complex signals
4118 -- 4123Zhiming Xu, Anamitra Makur. On the arbitrary-length M-channel linear phase perfect reconstruction filter banks
4124 -- 4128Modesto G. Medina-Meléndrez, Miguel Arias-Estrada, Albertina Castro. Input and/or output pruning of composite length FFTs using a DIF-DIT transform decomposition
4129 -- 4135Gerasimos Mileounis, Nicholas Kalouptsidis. Blind identification of second order volterra systemswith complex random inputs using higher order cumulants
4135 -- 4142Lei Huang, Teng Long, Erke Mao, H. C. So. MMSE-based MDL method for robust estimation of number of sources without eigendecomposition
4142 -- 4147Jin-Jun Xiao, Arye Nehorai. Joint transmitter and receiver polarization optimization for scattering estimation in clutter
4148 -- 4153Mehrez Souden, Sofiène Affes, Jacob Benesty, Rim Bahroun. Robust Doppler spread estimation in the presence of a residual carrier frequency offset
4154 -- 4158Simon Malinowski, Xavier Artigas, Christine Guillemot, Luis Torres. Distributed coding using punctured quasi-arithmetic codes for memory and memoryless sources
4159 -- 0Jiaheng Wang, Daniel Pérez Palomar. Correction to worst-case robust MIMO transmission with imperfect channel knowledge

Volume 57, Issue 1

2 -- 15Marco Guerriero, Stefano Maranò, Vincenzo Matta, Peter Willett. Stochastic Resonance in Sequential Detectors
16 -- 29Stefano Maranò, Vincenzo Matta, Lang Tong. Distributed Detection in the Presence of Byzantine Attacks
30 -- 47Volkan Cevher, Rama Chellappa, James H. McClellan. Vehicle Speed Estimation Using Acoustic Wave Patterns
48 -- 61Martial Coulon, Marie Chabert, Ananthram Swami. Detection of Multiple Changes in Fractional Integrated ARMA Processes
62 -- 72Ta-Hsin Li, Kai-Sheng Song. Estimation of the Parameters of Sinusoidal Signals inNon-Gaussian Noise
73 -- 82Jean Pierre Delmas, Yann Meurisse, Pierre Comon. Performance Limits of Alphabet Diversities for FIR SISO Channel Identification
83 -- 91Michael Dewar, Kenneth Scerri, Visakan Kadirkamanathan. Data-Driven Spatio-Temporal Modeling Using the Integro-Difference Equation
92 -- 106Shihao Ji, David B. Dunson, Lawrence Carin. Multitask Compressive Sensing
107 -- 118S. J. M. de Almeida, José Carlos M. Bermudez, Neil J. Bershad. A Stochastic Model for a Pseudo Affine Projection Algorithm
119 -- 130Shengkui Zhao, Zhihong Man, Suiyang Khoo, Hong Ren Wu. Stability and Convergence Analysis of Transform-Domain LMS Adaptive Filters With Second-Order Autoregressive Process
131 -- 145I. Bayram, Ivan W. Selesnick. Overcomplete Discrete Wavelet Transforms With Rational Dilation Factors
146 -- 160J. M. Lilly, S. C. Olhede. Higher-Order Properties of Analytic Wavelets
161 -- 167Weidong Chen. A Fast Convergence Algorithm for Band-Limited Extrapolation by Sampling
168 -- 181J. Selva. Functionally Weighted Lagrange Interpolation of Band-Limited Signals From Nonuniform Samples
182 -- 193Julius Kusuma, Vivek K. Goyal. On the Accuracy and Resolution of Powersum-Based Sampling Methods
194 -- 204Elias Masry, Aditya Vadrevu. Random Sampling Estimates of Fourier Transforms: Antithetical Stratified Monte Carlo
205 -- 222Yevgen Voronenko, Markus Püschel. Algebraic Signal Processing Theory: Cooley-Tukey Type Algorithms for Real DFTs
223 -- 236Michael A. Chappell, Adrian R. Groves, Brandon Whitcher, Mark W. Woolrich. Variational Bayesian Inference for a Nonlinear Forward Model
237 -- 246Haiquan Zhao, Jiashu Zhang. A Novel Adaptive Nonlinear Filter-Based Pipelined Feedforward Second-Order Volterra Architecture
247 -- 259Esa Ollila, Visa Koivunen. Influence Function and Asymptotic Efficiency of Scatter Matrix Based Array Processors: Case MVDR Beamformer
260 -- 269Frankie K. W. Chan, Hing-Cheung So, Wing-Kin Ma. A Novel Subspace Approach for Cooperative Localization in Wireless Sensor Networks Using Range Measurements
270 -- 278Nebojsa Stojanovic. Tail Extrapolation in MLSE Receivers Using Nonparametric Channel Model Estimation
279 -- 288Xiaolin Wu, Xiaohan Wang, Zhe Wang. Resource-Scalable Joint Source-Channel MAP and MMSE Estimation of Multiple Descriptions
289 -- 301G. Hosein Mohimani, Massoud Babaie-Zadeh, Christian Jutten. A Fast Approach for Overcomplete Sparse Decomposition Based on Smoothed ell :::0::: Norm
302 -- 312Neda Ehtiati, Benoît Champagne. Constrained Adaptive Echo Cancellation for Discrete Multitone Systems
313 -- 323Yunlong Cai, Rodrigo C. de Lamare. Low-Complexity Variable Step-Size Mechanism for Code-Constrained Constant Modulus Stochastic Gradient Algorithms Applied to CDMA Interference Suppression
324 -- 341Thanh Tùng Kim, Mikael Skoglund, Giuseppe Caire. On Source Transmission Over MIMO Channels With Limited Feedback
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