Journal: IEEE Transactions on Signal Processing

Volume 65, Issue 9

2197 -- 2210Le Zheng, Xiaodong Wang. Super-Resolution Delay-Doppler Estimation for OFDM Passive Radar
2211 -- 2220Marco Congedo, Alexandre Barachant, Ehsan Kharati Koopaei. Fixed Point Algorithms for Estimating Power Means of Positive Definite Matrices
2221 -- 2236Heng Qiao, Piya Pal. Gridless Line Spectrum Estimation and Low-Rank Toeplitz Matrix Compression Using Structured Samplers: A Regularization-Free Approach
2237 -- 2246Yuan-Pei Lin. On the Quantization of Phase Shifters for Hybrid Precoding Systems
2247 -- 2261Mihai-Alin Badiu, Thomas Lundgaard Hansen, Bernard Henri Fleury. Variational Bayesian Inference of Line Spectra
2262 -- 2276Jens Steinwandt, Florian Roemer, Martin Haardt, Giovanni Del Galdo. Performance Analysis of Multi-Dimensional ESPRIT-Type Algorithms for Arbitrary and Strictly Non-Circular Sources With Spatial Smoothing
2277 -- 2290Panayotis Mertikopoulos, Elena Veronica Belmega, Romain Negrel, Luca Sanguinetti. Distributed Stochastic Optimization via Matrix Exponential Learning
2291 -- 2305Reza Parseh, Kimmo Kansanen, Dirk T. M. Slock. Distortion Outage Analysis for Joint Space-Time Coding and Kalman Filtering
2306 -- 2316Yonatan Woodbridge, Gal Elidan, Ami Wiesel. Signal Detection in Complex Structured Para Normal Noise
2317 -- 2332Jianbo Ye, Panruo Wu, James Z. Wang, Jia Li. Fast Discrete Distribution Clustering Using Wasserstein Barycenter With Sparse Support
2333 -- 2347Abbas Kazemipour, Sina Miran, Piya Pal, Behtash Babadi, Min Wu. Sampling Requirements for Stable Autoregressive Estimation
2348 -- 2362Pramod Mathecken, Taneli Riihonen, Stefan Werner, Risto Wichman. Constrained Phase Noise Estimation in OFDM Using Scattered Pilots Without Decision Feedback
2363 -- 2378Hei Victor Cheng, Emil Björnson, Erik G. Larsson. Optimal Pilot and Payload Power Control in Single-Cell Massive MIMO Systems
2379 -- 2388Ilya Soloveychik, Ami Wiesel. Joint Estimation of Inverse Covariance Matrices Lying in an Unknown Subspace
2389 -- 2401Kaushallya Adhikari, John R. Buck. Spatial Spectral Estimation with Product Processing of a Pair of Colinear Arrays
2402 -- 2410Kishore Jaganathan, Samet Oymak, Babak Hassibi. Sparse Phase Retrieval: Uniqueness Guarantees and Recovery Algorithms
2411 -- 2420Matthew B. Hawes, Lyudmila Mihaylova, Wei Liu 0001. Location and Orientation Optimization for Spatially Stretched Tripole Arrays Based on Compressive Sensing
2421 -- 2427Carlo Condo, Warren J. Gross. Implementation of Sparse Superposition Codes
2428 -- 2443Sissi Xiaoxiao Wu, Anthony Man-Cho So, Jiaxian Pan, Wing-Kin Ma. Semidefinite Relaxation and Approximation Analysis of a Beamformed Alamouti Scheme for Relay Beamforming Networks
2444 -- 2454Junan Zhu, Dror Baron, Florent Krzakala. Performance Limits for Noisy Multimeasurement Vector Problems
2455 -- 2470Paul M. Baggenstoss. Uniform Manifold Sampling (UMS): Sampling the Maximum Entropy PDF

Volume 65, Issue 8

1929 -- 1944Gesualdo Scutari, Francisco Facchinei, Lorenzo Lampariello. Parallel and Distributed Methods for Constrained Nonconvex Optimization - Part I: Theory
1945 -- 1960Gesualdo Scutari, Francisco Facchinei, Lorenzo Lampariello, Stefania Sardellitti, Peiran Song. Parallel and Distributed Methods for Constrained Nonconvex Optimization-Part II: Applications in Communications and Machine Learning
1961 -- 1974Gang Wang, Georgios B. Giannakis, Jie Chen. Scalable Solvers of Random Quadratic Equations via Stochastic Truncated Amplitude Flow
1975 -- 1987Ba-Ngu Vo, Ba-Tuong Vo, Hung Gia Hoang. An Efficient Implementation of the Generalized Labeled Multi-Bernoulli Filter
1988 -- 2003Keith Levin, Vince Lyzinski. Laplacian Eigenmaps From Sparse, Noisy Similarity Measurements
2004 -- 2019Mostafa Rahmani, George K. Atia. High Dimensional Low Rank Plus Sparse Matrix Decomposition
2020 -- 2032Mostafa El Gamal, Lifeng Lai. On Rate Requirements for Achieving the Centralized Performance in Distributed Estimation
2033 -- 2048Alam Abbas Syed, Qiyu Sun, Hassan Foroosh. An Exact and Fast Computation of Discrete Fourier Transform for Polar and Spherical Grid
2049 -- 2062Jian Wang, Ping Li. Recovery of Sparse Signals Using Multiple Orthogonal Least Squares
2063 -- 2076Alon Amar, Gilad Avrashi, Milica Stojanovic. Low Complexity Residual Doppler Shift Estimation for Underwater Acoustic Multicarrier Communication
2077 -- 2092Jonathan Mei, José M. F. Moura. Signal Processing on Graphs: Causal Modeling of Unstructured Data
2093 -- 2103Sylvain Meignen, Duong Hong Pham, Stephen McLaughlin 0003. On Demodulation, Ridge Detection, and Synchrosqueezing for Multicomponent Signals
2104 -- 2113Taha Bouchoucha, Sajid Ahmed, Tareq Y. Al-Naffouri, Mohamed-Slim Alouini. DFT-Based Closed-Form Covariance Matrix and Direct Waveforms Design for MIMO Radar to Achieve Desired Beampatterns
2114 -- 2122Tamir Bendory. Robust Recovery of Positive Stream of Pulses
2123 -- 2135Pranay Eedara, Hai Li, Nagaraj Janakiraman, N. R. Anudeep Tungala, Jean-François Chamberland, Gregory H. Huff. Occupancy Estimation With Wireless Monitoring Devices and Application-Specific Antennas
2136 -- 2150Sophia Sulis, David Mary, Lionel Bigot. A Study of Periodograms Standardized Using Training Datasets and Application to Exoplanet Detection
2151 -- 2163Lu Zhang, Bo Yang, Maokang Luo. Joint Delay and Doppler Shift Estimation for Multiple Targets Using Exponential Ambiguity Function
2164 -- 2177Feng Yin, Yuxin Zhao, Fredrik Gunnarsson, Fredrik Gustafsson. Received-Signal-Strength Threshold Optimization Using Gaussian Processes
2178 -- 2189Jiangfan Zhang, Zhongyue Chen, Rick S. Blum, Xuanxuan Lu, Wen Xu. Ordering for Reduced Transmission Energy Detection in Sensor Networks Testing a Shift in the Mean of a Gaussian Graphical Model

Volume 65, Issue 7

1644 -- 1659Seungyul Han, Youngchul Sung, Yong-Hoon Lee. Filter Design for Generalized Frequency-Division Multiplexing
1660 -- 1672Clement Elvira, Pierre Chainais, Nicolas Dobigeon. Bayesian Antisparse Coding
1673 -- 1684Eweda Eweda, Neil J. Bershad. Stochastic Analysis of the Signed LMS Algorithms for Cyclostationary White Gaussian Inputs
1685 -- 1699Seunghyun Lee, Rui Zhang 0006. Distributed Wireless Power Transfer With Energy Feedback
1700 -- 1711Kangqi Liu, Meixia Tao, Xiaojun Yuan. Optimal DoF Region for the Asymmetric Two-Pair MIMO Two-Way Relay Channel
1712 -- 1727Michael Muma, Abdelhak M. Zoubir. Bounded Influence Propagation τ-Estimation: A New Robust Method for ARMA Model Estimation
1728 -- 1740Liang Liu, Wei Yu. Cross-Layer Design for Downlink Multihop Cloud Radio Access Networks With Network Coding
1741 -- 1751Talha Cihad Gulcu, Haldun M. Özaktas. Choice of Sampling Interval and Extent for Finite-Energy Fields
1752 -- 1764Jacobo Fanjul, Oscar Gonzalez, Ignacio Santamaría, Carlos Beltrán. Homotopy Continuation for Spatial Interference Alignment in Arbitrary MIMO X Networks
1765 -- 1780Easton Li Xu, Xiaoning Qian, Tie Liu, Shuguang Cui. Detection of Cooperative Interactions in Logistic Regression Models
1781 -- 1794Victor Elvira, Joaquín Míguez, Petar M. Djuric. Adapting the Number of Particles in Sequential Monte Carlo Methods Through an Online Scheme for Convergence Assessment
1795 -- 1809Kamil Dedecius, Petar M. Djuric. Sequential Estimation and Diffusion of Information Over Networks: A Bayesian Approach With Exponential Family of Distributions
1810 -- 1824Xuejing Zhang, Zishu He, Bin Liao, Xuepan Zhang, Ziyang Cheng, Yanxi Lu. 2RC: An Accurate Array Response Control Algorithm for Pattern Synthesis
1825 -- 1840Min Li, Lin Bai, Quan Yu, Jinho Choi 0001. Optimal Beamforming for Dual-Hop MIMO AF Relay Networks With Cochannel Interferences
1841 -- 1854Houssem Sifaou, Abla Kammoun, Luca Sanguinetti, Mérouane Debbah, Mohamed-Slim Alouini. Max-Min SINR in Large-Scale Single-Cell MU-MIMO: Asymptotic Analysis and Low-Complexity Transceivers
1855 -- 1868Eleftherios Kofidis. Preamble-Based Estimation of Highly Frequency Selective Channels in FBMC/OQAM Systems
1869 -- 1880Anup Aprem, Vikram Krishnamurthy. Utility Change Point Detection in Online Social Media: A Revealed Preference Framework
1881 -- 1893Xin Quan, Ying Liu, Shihai Shao, Chuan Huang, Youxi Tang. Impacts of Phase Noise on Digital Self-Interference Cancellation in Full-Duplex Communications
1894 -- 1908Xilin Liu, Guo-Niu Han, Jiasong Wu, Zhuhong Shao, Gouenou Coatrieux, Huazhong Shu. Fractional Krawtchouk Transform With an Application to Image Watermarking
1909 -- 1924Wing-Kin Ma, Jiaxian Pan, Anthony Man-Cho So, Tsung-Hui Chang. Unraveling the Rank-One Solution Mystery of Robust MISO Downlink Transmit Optimization: A Verifiable Sufficient Condition via a New Duality Result

Volume 65, Issue 6

1370 -- 1382Jinming Wen, Zhengchun Zhou, Jian Wang, Xiaohu Tang, Qun Mo. A Sharp Condition for Exact Support Recovery With Orthogonal Matching Pursuit
1383 -- 1398Serkan Saritas, Berkan Dulek, Ahmet Dundar Sezer, Sinan Gezici, Serdar Yüksel. Optimal Power Allocation for Average Detection Probability Criterion Over Flat Fading Channels
1399 -- 1411Quanzhong Li, Qi Zhang, Jiayin Qin. Robust Tomlinson-Harashima Precoding With Gaussian Uncertainties for SWIPT in MIMO Broadcast Channels
1412 -- 1424Chiang-Hen Chen, Cheng-Rung Tsai, Yu-Hsin Liu, Wei-Lun Hung, An-Yeu Wu. Compressive Sensing (CS) Assisted Low-Complexity Beamspace Hybrid Precoding for Millimeter-Wave MIMO Systems
1425 -- 1436Swati Chandna, Andrew T. Walden. A Frequency Domain Test for Propriety of Complex-Valued Vector Time Series
1437 -- 1446Jiachang Liu, An Liu, Vincent K. N. Lau. Compressive Interference Mitigation and Data Recovery in Cloud Radio Access Networks With Limited Fronthaul
1447 -- 1460Yue Wang, K. C. Ho. TDOA Positioning Irrespective of Source Range
1461 -- 1476Kae Won Choi, Dong In Kim, Min Young Chung. Received Power-Based Channel Estimation for Energy Beamforming in Multiple-Antenna RF Energy Transfer System
1477 -- 1485Yue-Yu Xiao. Stability Analysis of Closed-loop Algorithms for Cancelling Nonlinear Memory Effects
1486 -- 1496Jian-Yan Liu, Yi-Long Lu, Yan-Mei Zhang, Wei-Jiang Wang. DOA Estimation With Enhanced DOFs by Exploiting Cyclostationarity
1497 -- 1510Li Xiao, Xiang-Gen Xia, Haiye Huo. Towards Robustness in Residue Number Systems
1511 -- 1526Zemin Zhang, Shuchin Aeron. Exact Tensor Completion Using t-SVD
1527 -- 1537Alice P. Bates, Zubair Khalid, Rodney A. Kennedy. Slepian Spatial-Spectral Concentration Problem on the Sphere: Analytical Formulation for Limited Colatitude-Longitude Spatial Region
1538 -- 1553Nabil Kbayer, Jérôme Galy, Eric Chaumette, François Vincent, Alexandre Renaux, Pascal Larzabal. On Lower Bounds for Nonstandard Deterministic Estimation
1554 -- 1564Sebastian J. Schlecht, Emanuel A. P. Habets. On Lossless Feedback Delay Networks
1565 -- 1579Zhaoting Liu, Chunguang Li. Recursive Least Squares for Censored Regression
1580 -- 1594Mostafa Rahmani, George K. Atia. Randomized Robust Subspace Recovery and Outlier Detection for High Dimensional Data Matrices
1595 -- 1606Alberto Carini, Giovanni L. Sicuranza. BIBO-Stable Recursive Functional Link Polynomial Filters
1607 -- 1621Ali Koochakzadeh, Piya Pal. Performance of Uniform and Sparse Non-Uniform Samplers In Presence of Modeling Errors: A Cramér-Rao Bound Based Study
1622 -- 1637Sha Hu, Fredrik Rusek. A Soft-Output MIMO Detector With Achievable Information Rate based Partial Marginalization
1638 -- 1639Shengyu Zhu, Biao Chen. Corrections to "Quantized Consensus by the ADMM: Probabilistic Versus Deterministic Quantizers"

Volume 65, Issue 5

1101 -- 1115Or Yair, Ronen Talmon. Local Canonical Correlation Analysis for Nonlinear Common Variables Discovery
1116 -- 1129Guolong Cui, Xianxiang Yu, Vincenzo Carotenuto, Lingjiang Kong. Space-Time Transmit Code and Receive Filter Design for Colocated MIMO Radar
1130 -- 1145Yanyan Shen, Xiaoxia Huang, Kyung Sup Kwak, Bo Yang, Shuqiang Wang. Subcarrier-Pairing-Based Resource Optimization for OFDM Wireless Powered Relay Transmissions With Time Switching Scheme
1146 -- 1159Santiago Segarra, Gonzalo Mateos, Antonio G. Marques, Alejandro Ribeiro. Blind Identification of Graph Filters
1160 -- 1171Timothy Anglea, Yongqiang Wang. Phase Desynchronization: A New Approach and Theory Using Pulse-Based Interaction
1172 -- 1182Fangrong Peng, Biao Chen. Decentralized Estimation With Dependent Gaussian Observations
1183 -- 1195Sima Sobhiyeh, Mort Naraghi-Pour. Hypothesis Testing With Dependent Observations
1196 -- 1206Tatsuya Yokota, Namgil Lee, Andrzej Cichocki. Robust Multilinear Tensor Rank Estimation Using Higher Order Singular Value Decomposition and Information Criteria
1207 -- 1221Trung-Kien Le, Nobutaka Ono. Closed-Form and Near Closed-Form Solutions for TDOA-Based Joint Source and Sensor Localization
1222 -- 1234Domenico Ciuonzo, Antonio De Maio, Danilo Orlando. On the Statistical Invariance for Adaptive Radar Detection in Partially Homogeneous Disturbance Plus Structured Interference
1235 -- 1250Markus Thom, Franz Gritschneder. Rapid Exact Signal Scanning With Deep Convolutional Neural Networks
1251 -- 1264Shogo Muramatsu, Kosuke Furuya, Naotaka Yuki. Multidimensional Nonseparable Oversampled Lapped Transforms: Theory and Design
1265 -- 1267Alexander Bertrand. Comments on "Distributed Identification of the Most Critical Node for Average Consensus"
1268 -- 1271Hao Liu, Xianghui Cao, Jianping He, Peng Cheng, Chunguang Li, Jiming Chen, Youxian Sun. Reply to "Comments on 'Distributed Identification of the Most Critical Node for Average Consensus"'
1272 -- 1286Guido Carlo Ferrante, Giovanni Geraci, Tony Q. S. Quek, Moe Z. Win. Group-Blind Detection for Uplink of Massive MIMO Systems
1287 -- 1299Xianyu Chen, Ming Jiang. Adaptive Statistical Bayesian MMSE Channel Estimation for Visible Light Communication
1300 -- 1309Qinyuan Liu, Zidong Wang, Xiao He, Gheorghita Ghinea, Fuad E. Alsaadi. A Resilient Approach to Distributed Filter Design for Time-Varying Systems Under Stochastic Nonlinearities and Sensor Degradation
1310 -- 1323Efren Cruz Cortes, Clayton Scott. Sparse Approximation of a Kernel Mean
1324 -- 1338Daniel S. Bryant, Emmanuel Delande, Steven Gehly, Jeremie Houssineau, Daniel E. Clark, Brandon A. Jones. The CPHD Filter With Target Spawning
1339 -- 1351Zhenliang Zhang, Yuan Wang, Edwin K. P. Chong, Ali Pezeshki. Subspace Selection for Projection Maximization With Matroid Constraints
1352 -- 1365Alhussein Fawzi, Mathieu Sinn, Pascal Frossard. Multitask Additive Models With Shared Transfer Functions Based on Dictionary Learning

Volume 65, Issue 4

821 -- 835Hanjie Pan, Thierry Blu, Martin Vetterli. Towards Generalized FRI Sampling With an Application to Source Resolution in Radioastronomy
836 -- 849Tianpei Xie, Nasser M. Nasrabadi, Alfred O. Hero III. Learning to Classify With Possible Sensor Failures
850 -- 863Licheng Zhao, Daniel P. Palomar. Maximin Joint Optimization of Transmitting Code and Receiving Filter in Radar and Communications
864 -- 875Jean-François Determe, Jérôme Louveaux, Laurent Jacques, François Horlin. On the Noise Robustness of Simultaneous Orthogonal Matching Pursuit
876 -- 887Xiaoping Lai, Hailong Meng, Jiuwen Cao, Zhiping Lin. A Sequential Partial Optimization Algorithm for Minimax Design of Separable-Denominator 2-D IIR Filters
888 -- 903Cem Tekin, Jinsung Yoon, Mihaela van der Schaar. Adaptive Ensemble Learning With Confidence Bounds
904 -- 918Tal Shnitzer, Ronen Talmon, Jean-Jacques E. Slotine. Manifold Learning With Contracting Observers for Data-Driven Time-Series Analysis
919 -- 932Fotios D. Mandanas, Costas Kotropoulos. Robust Multidimensional Scaling Using a Maximum Correntropy Criterion
933 -- 946Mianzhi Wang, Arye Nehorai. Coarrays, MUSIC, and the Cramér-Rao Bound
947 -- 959Yingbin Gao, Xiangyu Kong, Chang-Hua Hu, Li Hongzeng, Li'an Hou. A Generalized Information Criterion for Generalized Minor Component Extraction
960 -- 972Mahsa Salmani, Mehran Nekuii, Timothy N. Davidson. Semidefinite Relaxation Approaches to Soft MIMO Demodulation for Higher Order QAM Signaling
973 -- 984Jingwei Xu, Guisheng Liao, Lei Huang, Hing-Cheung So. Robust Adaptive Beamforming for Fast-Moving Target Detection With FDA-STAP Radar
985 -- 997Brian Baingana, Georgios B. Giannakis. Tracking Switched Dynamic Network Topologies From Information Cascades
998 -- 1012Yuling Jiao, Bangti Jin, Xiliang Lu. 2) Penalty: Theory and Algorithm
1013 -- 1025Bhavya Kailkhura, Thakshila Wimalajeewa, Pramod K. Varshney. Collaborative Compressive Detection With Physical Layer Secrecy Constraints
1026 -- 1041Alessio Zappone, Bho Matthiesen, Eduard Axel Jorswieck. Energy Efficiency in MIMO Underlay and Overlay Device-to-Device Communications and Cognitive Radio Systems
1042 -- 1057Ribhu Chopra, Chandra R. Murthy, Ramesh Annavajjala. Multistream Distributed Cophasing
1058 -- 1067Dani Kogan, Yonina C. Eldar, Dan Oron. On the 2D Phase Retrieval Problem
1068 -- 1081Qunwei Li, Aditya Vempaty, Lav R. Varshney, Pramod K. Varshney. Multi-Object Classification via Crowdsourcing With a Reject Option
1082 -- 1092Olivier Besson, Angelo Coluccia, Eric Chaumette, Giuseppe Ricci, François Vincent. Generalized Likelihood Ratio Test for Detection of Gaussian Rank-One Signals in Gaussian Noise With Unknown Statistics

Volume 65, Issue 3

544 -- 554Tom Tirer, Anthony J. Weiss. Performance Analysis of a High-Resolution Direct Position Determination Method
555 -- 570Renbo Zhao, Vincent Y. F. Tan. Online Nonnegative Matrix Factorization With Outliers
571 -- 586Hang Yu, Wayne Isaac T. Uy, Justin Dauwels. Modeling Spatial Extremes via Ensemble-of-Trees of Pairwise Copulas
587 -- 600François Rottenberg, Xavier Mestre, François Horlin, Jérôme Louveaux. Single-Tap Precoders and Decoders for Multiuser MIMO FBMC-OQAM Under Strong Channel Frequency Selectivity
601 -- 616Matthew Kokshoorn, He Chen, Peng Wang, Yonghui Li, Branka Vucetic. Millimeter Wave MIMO Channel Estimation Using Overlapped Beam Patterns and Rate Adaptation
617 -- 627Yongchan Gao, Hongbin Li, Braham Himed. Knowledge-Aided Range-Spread Target Detection for Distributed MIMO Radar in Nonhomogeneous Environments
628 -- 637Hatem Hmam. Optimal Sensor Velocity Configuration for TDOA-FDOA Geolocation
638 -- 650Yu-Min Lin, Yi Chen, Nai-Shan Huang, An-Yeu Wu. Low-Complexity Stochastic Gradient Pursuit Algorithm and Architecture for Robust Compressive Sensing Reconstruction
651 -- 662Heng Hu, Mojtaba Soltanalian, Petre Stoica, Xiaohua Zhu. Locating the Few: Sparsity-Aware Waveform Design for Active Radar
663 -- 676Lei Cheng, Yik-Chung Wu, H. Vincent Poor. Probabilistic Tensor Canonical Polyadic Decomposition With Orthogonal Factors
677 -- 689Ali Arshad Nasir, Hoang Duong Tuan, Trung Q. Duong, H. Vincent Poor. Secrecy Rate Beamforming for Multicell Networks With Information and Energy Harvesting
690 -- 704Hamid Esmaeili-Najafabadi, Mohammad Ataei, Mohammad Farzan Sabahi. Designing Sequence With Minimum PSL Using Chebyshev Distance and its Application for Chaotic MIMO Radar Waveform Design
705 -- 720Jiangfan Zhang, Rick S. Blum, Lance M. Kaplan, Xuanxuan Lu. Functional Forms of Optimum Spoofing Attacks for Vector Parameter Estimation in Quantized Sensor Networks
721 -- 732Inho Hwang, Jeong-Woo Lee. Cooperative Spectrum Sensing With Quantization Combining Over Imperfect Feedback Channels
733 -- 747Lei Zuo, Ming Li, Xiang-Gen Xia. New Smoothed Time-Frequency Rate Representations for Suppressing Cross Terms
748 -- 763Koby Todros, Alfred O. Hero III. Measure-Transformed Quasi-Maximum Likelihood Estimation
764 -- 778Daniel Romero, Meng Ma, Georgios B. Giannakis. Kernel-Based Reconstruction of Graph Signals
779 -- 793Linlong Wu, Prabhu Babu, Daniel P. Palomar. Cognitive Radar-Based Sequence Design via SINR Maximization
794 -- 816Ying Sun, Prabhu Babu, Daniel P. Palomar. Majorization-Minimization Algorithms in Signal Processing, Communications, and Machine Learning

Volume 65, Issue 24

6349 -- 0Sergios Theodoridis. A Message From the Outgoing Editor-in-Chief
6350 -- 6364Tianyi Chen, Qing Ling, Georgios B. Giannakis. An Online Convex Optimization Approach to Proactive Network Resource Allocation
6365 -- 6380John Murray-Bruce, Pier Luigi Dragotti. A Sampling Framework for Solving Physics-Driven Inverse Source Problems
6381 -- 6396Nir Halay, Koby Todros, Alfred O. Hero III. Binary Hypothesis Testing via Measure Transformed Quasi-Likelihood Ratio Test
6397 -- 6408Anastasios Deligiannis, Anastasia Panoui, Sangarapillai Lambotharan, Jonathon A. Chambers. Game-Theoretic Power Allocation and the Nash Equilibrium Analysis for a Multistatic MIMO Radar Network
6409 -- 6422Meng-Lin Ku, Yi Han, Beibei Wang, K. J. Ray Liu. Joint Power Waveforming and Beamforming for Wireless Power Transfer
6423 -- 6434Miguel Ferrer, Alberto González, Maria de Diego, Gema Pinero. Distributed Affine Projection Algorithm Over Acoustically Coupled Sensor Networks
6435 -- 6447Jibin Zheng, Hongwei Liu, Qing Huo Liu. Parameterized Centroid Frequency-Chirp Rate Distribution for LFM Signal Analysis and Mechanisms of Constant Delay Introduction
6448 -- 6461Liang Zhang, Gang Wang, Daniel Romero, Georgios B. Giannakis. Randomized Block Frank-Wolfe for Convergent Large-Scale Learning
6462 -- 6477Ahmad A. I. Ibrahim, Andrew C. Marcum, Junil Choi, David J. Love, James V. Krogmeier. Multiway Distributed Wireless Relay Network With Projected Binary Quantization
6478 -- 6488Ashkan Panahi, Mats Viberg. Performance Analysis of Sparsity-Based Parameter Estimation
6489 -- 6504Suat Bayram, Musa Furkan Keskin, Sinan Gezici, Orhan Arikan. Optimal Power Allocation for Jammer Nodes in Wireless Localization Systems
6505 -- 6519Rakshith Rajashekar, Marco Di Renzo, K. V. S. Hari, Lajos Hanzo. A Generalized Transmit and Receive Diversity Condition for Feedback-Assisted MIMO Systems: Theory and Applications in Full-Duplex Spatial Modulation
6520 -- 6535Kan Li, José Carlos Príncipe. Transfer Learning in Adaptive Filters: The Nearest Instance Centroid-Estimation Kernel Least-Mean-Square Algorithm
6536 -- 6550Kon Max Wong, Jian-Kang Zhang, Jiaping Liang, Huiying Jiang. Mean and Median of PSD Matrices on a Riemannian Manifold: Application to Detection of Narrow-Band Sonar Signals
6551 -- 6565Ahmed Al Hilli, Laleh Najafizadeh, Athina P. Petropulu. A Weighted Approach for Sparse Signal Support Estimation with Application to EEG Source Localization
6566 -- 0Marc James Piggott, Victor Solo. Corrections to "Diffusion LMS With Correlated Regressors I: Realization-Wise Stability"

Volume 65, Issue 23

6119 -- 6134Ngoc Hung Nguyen, Kutluyil Dogancay. Improved Pseudolinear Kalman Filter Algorithms for Bearings-Only Target Tracking
6135 -- 6145Julien Flamant, Nicolas Le Bihan, Pierre Chainais. Spectral Analysis of Stationary Random Bivariate Signals
6146 -- 6157Lei Yu, Gang Zheng, Jean-Pierre Barbot. Dynamical Sparse Recovery With Finite-Time Convergence
6158 -- 6170Stefan Wesemann, Thomas L. Marzetta. Channel Training for Analog FDD Repeaters: Optimal Estimators and Cramér-Rao Bounds
6171 -- 6184Jose Rodrigues de Oliveira-Neto, Juliano B. Lima. Discrete Fractional Fourier Transforms Based on Closed-Form Hermite-Gaussian-Like DFT Eigenvectors
6185 -- 6200Hongwu Liu, Kyeong Jin Kim, Theodoros A. Tsiftsis, Kyung Sup Kwak, H. Vincent Poor. Secrecy Performance of Finite-Sized Cooperative Full-Duplex Relay Systems With Unreliable Backhauls
6201 -- 6216Jinseok Choi, Brian L. Evans, Alan Gatherer. Resolution-Adaptive Hybrid MIMO Architectures for Millimeter Wave Communications
6217 -- 6232Xuanyu Cao, K. J. Ray Liu. Decentralized Sparse Multitask RLS Over Networks
6233 -- 6243Parinya Soontornwong, Tian-Bo Deng, Sorawat Chivapreecha. Low-Complexity and High-Modularity Structure for Implementing Transient-Free Pascal-Delay Filter
6244 -- 6259João B. O. Souza Filho, Paulo S. R. Diniz. A Fixed-Point Online Kernel Principal Component Extraction Algorithm
6260 -- 6275Mostafa Rahmani, George K. Atia. Coherence Pursuit: Fast, Simple, and Robust Principal Component Analysis
6276 -- 6291Mostafa Rahmani, George K. Atia. Innovation Pursuit: A New Approach to Subspace Clustering
6292 -- 6302Kai Luo, Athanassios Manikas. Joint Transmitter-Receiver Optimization in Multitarget MIMO Radar
6303 -- 6318Adnan Gavili, Xiao-Ping Zhang. On the Shift Operator, Graph Frequency, and Optimal Filtering in Graph Signal Processing
6319 -- 6331San Gultekin, John Paisley. Nonlinear Kalman Filtering With Divergence Minimization
6332 -- 6344Amir Weiss, Arie Yeredor, Sher Ali Cheema, Martin Haardt. The Extended "Sequentially Drilled" Joint Congruence Transformation and Its Application in Gaussian Independent Vector Analysis

Volume 65, Issue 22

5832 -- 5847Ganesh Venkatraman, Antti Tölli, Markku J. Juntti, Le-Nam Tran. Multigroup Multicast Beamformer Design for MISO-OFDM With Antenna Selection
5848 -- 5859Pascal Vallet, Philippe Loubaton. On the Performance of MUSIC With Toeplitz Rectification in the Context of Large Arrays
5860 -- 5872Satish Mulleti, Chandra Sekhar Seelamantula. Paley-Wiener Characterization of Kernels for Finite-Rate-of-Innovation Sampling
5873 -- 5884Gilles Chabriel, Jean Barrère. Adaptive Target Detection Techniques for OFDM-Based Passive Radar Exploiting Spatial Diversity
5885 -- 5896Bing Gao, Zhiqiang Xu. Phaseless Recovery Using the Gauss-Newton Method
5897 -- 5910Souleymen Sahnoun, Konstantin Usevich, Pierre Comon. Multidimensional ESPRIT for Damped and Undamped Signals: Algorithm, Computations, and Perturbation Analysis
5911 -- 5926Antonio G. Marques, Santiago Segarra, Geert Leus, Alejandro Ribeiro. Stationary Graph Processes and Spectral Estimation
6038 -- 6052Jun Won Choi, Byonghyo Shim. Detection of Large-Scale Wireless Systems via Sparse Error Recovery
6053 -- 6068Ayman Mostafa, Lutz Lampe. On Linear Precoding for the Two-User MISO Broadcast Channel With Confidential Messages and Per-Antenna Constraints
6069 -- 6082Cheng Qian, Xiao Fu, Nicholas D. Sidiropoulos, Lei Huang, Junhao Xie. Inexact Alternating Optimization for Phase Retrieval in the Presence of Outliers
6083 -- 6096Masaki Onuki, Shunsuke Ono, Keiichiro Shirai, Yuichi Tanaka. Fast Singular Value Shrinkage With Chebyshev Polynomial Approximation Based on Signal Sparsity
6097 -- 6112Oskari Tervo, Antti Tölli, Markku J. Juntti, Le-Nam Tran. Energy-Efficient Beam Coordination Strategies With Rate-Dependent Processing Power
6113 -- 6114Dave Zachariah, Petre Stoica, Magnus Jansson. Comments on "Enhanced PUMA for Direction-of-Arrival Estimation and Its Performance Analysis"

Volume 65, Issue 21

5549 -- 5563Jianyan Liu, Yanmei Zhang, Yilong Lu, Shiwei Ren, Shan Cao. Augmented Nested Arrays With Enhanced DOF and Reduced Mutual Coupling
5564 -- 5577Huan Gao, Yongqiang Wang. On Phase Response Function Based Decentralized Phase Desynchronization
5578 -- 5590Yili Xia, Danilo P. Mandic. A Full Mean Square Analysis of CLMS for Second-Order Noncircular Inputs
5591 -- 5604Junpeng Shi, Guoping Hu, Xiaofei Zhang, Fenggang Sun, Hao Zhou. Sparsity-Based Two-Dimensional DOA Estimation for Coprime Array: From Sum-Difference Coarray Viewpoint
5605 -- 5620Phuong Luong, François Gagnon, Charles L. Despins, Le-Nam Tran. Optimal Joint Remote Radio Head Selection and Beamforming Design for Limited Fronthaul C-RAN
5621 -- 5634Hampei Sasahara, Kazunori Hayashi, Masaaki Nagahara. Multiuser Detection Based on MAP Estimation With Sum-of-Absolute-Values Relaxation
5635 -- 5648Kristjan H. Greenewald, Stephen Kelley, Brandon Oselio, Alfred O. Hero III. Similarity Function Tracking Using Pairwise Comparisons
5649 -- 5660Virginie Ollier, Mohammed Nabil El Korso, Rémy Boyer, Pascal Larzabal, Marius Pesavento. Robust Calibration of Radio Interferometers in Non-Gaussian Environment
5661 -- 5674Jesus Fernandez-Bes, Jerónimo Arenas-García, Magno T. M. Silva, Luis Antonio Azpicueta-Ruiz. Adaptive Diffusion Schemes for Heterogeneous Networks
5675 -- 5686Amir Leshem, Michal Yemini. Phase Noise Compensation for OFDM Systems
5687 -- 5701Vardan Papyan, Jeremias Sulam, Michael Elad. Working Locally Thinking Globally: Theoretical Guarantees for Convolutional Sparse Coding
5702 -- 5715Jyun-Wei Li, Che Lin. On the Optimal Power Allocation for Two-Way Full-Duplex AF Relay Networks
5716 -- 5729Gui-Lin Chen, Shang-Ho Tsai, Kai-Jiun Yang. On Performance of Sparse Fast Fourier Transform and Enhancement Algorithm
5730 -- 5742Timothy L. Molloy, Jason J. Ford. Misspecified and Asymptotically Minimax Robust Quickest Change Detection
5743 -- 5755Yael Yankelevsky, Zvi Friedman, Arie Feuer. Component-Based Modeling and Processing of Medical Ultrasound Signals
5756 -- 5769Seyyed Ali Hashemi, Carlo Condo, Warren J. Gross. Fast and Flexible Successive-Cancellation List Decoders for Polar Codes
5770 -- 5784Martijn Bousse, Otto Debals, Lieven De Lathauwer. Tensor-Based Large-Scale Blind System Identification Using Segmentation
5785 -- 5797Shaofeng Zou, Yingbin Liang, H. Vincent Poor, Xinghua Shi. Nonparametric Detection of Anomalous Data Streams
5798 -- 5811Ribhu Chopra, Ramesh Annavajjala, Chandra R. Murthy. Distributed Cophasing With Autonomous Constellation Selection
5812 -- 5827Yang Huang, Bruno Clerckx. Large-Scale Multiantenna Multisine Wireless Power Transfer

Volume 65, Issue 20

5266 -- 5280Ignacio Santamaría, Louis L. Scharf, Javier Vía Rodríguez, Haonan Wang, Yuan Wang. Passive Detection of Correlated Subspace Signals in Two MIMO Channels
5281 -- 5288Chun-Su Park. Guaranteed-Stable Sliding DFT Algorithm With Minimal Computational Requirements
5289 -- 5304Shiwen He, Jiaheng Wang, Yongming Huang, Björn E. Ottersten, Wei Hong. Codebook-Based Hybrid Precoding for Millimeter Wave Multiuser Systems
5305 -- 5317Vincenzo Carotenuto, Antonio De Maio, Danilo Orlando, Petre Stoica. Model Order Selection Rules for Covariance Structure Classification in Radar
5318 -- 5333Roland Lamberti, Yohan Petetin, François Desbouvries, François Septier. Independent Resampling Sequential Monte Carlo Algorithms
5334 -- 5346Francesca Raimondi, Rodrigo Cabral Farias, Olivier J. J. Michel, Pierre Comon. Wideband Multiple Diversity Tensor Array Processing
5347 -- 5356Jinming Wen, Jian Wang, Qinyu Zhang. Nearly Optimal Bounds for Orthogonal Least Squares
5357 -- 5367Rajat Sanyal, Monika Jaiswal, Kunal Narayan Chaudhury. On a Registration-Based Approach to Sensor Network Localization
5368 -- 5380Yeong-Luh Ueng, Chun-Yi Wang, Mao-Ruei Li. An Efficient Combined Bit-Flipping and Stochastic LDPC Decoder Using Improved Probability Tracers
5381 -- 5392Mohammad Moghadamfalahi, Murat Akçakaya, Hooman Nezamfar, Jamshid Sourati, Deniz Erdogmus. An Active RBSE Framework to Generate Optimal Stimulus Sequences in a BCI for Spelling
5393 -- 5405Abigael Taylor, Philippe Forster, Franck Daout, Hélène M. Oriot, Laurent Savy. A Generalization of the Fixed Point Estimate for Packet-Scaled Complex Covariance Matrix Estimation
5406 -- 5420Oguzhan Teke, P. P. Vaidyanathan. Uncertainty Principles and Sparse Eigenvectors of Graphs
5421 -- 5436Pengzhi Gao, Meng Wang, Joe H. Chow, Matthew Berger, Lee M. Seversky. Missing Data Recovery for High-Dimensional Signals With Nonlinear Low-Dimensional Structures
5437 -- 5452Huseyin A. Inan, Alper T. Erdogan, Sergio Cruces. Stationary Point Characterization for a Class of BCA Algorithms
5453 -- 5465John Lipor, Brandon P. Wong, Don Scavia, Branko Kerkez, Laura Balzano. Distance-Penalized Active Learning Using Quantile Search
5466 -- 5480Jin Zeng, Gene Cheung, Antonio Ortega. Bipartite Approximation for Graph Wavelet Signal Decomposition
5481 -- 5494Andrea Simonetto, Emiliano Dall'Anese. Prediction-Correction Algorithms for Time-Varying Constrained Optimization
5495 -- 5509Augustin-Alexandru Saucan, Mark J. Coates, Michael Rabbat. A Multisensor Multi-Bernoulli Filter
5510 -- 5525Geethu Joseph, Chandra R. Murthy. A Noniterative Online Bayesian Algorithm for the Recovery of Temporally Correlated Sparse Vectors
5526 -- 5541Antonio Napolitano 0001. Time-Warped Almost-Cyclostationary Signals: Characterization and Statistical Function Measurements

Volume 65, Issue 2

274 -- 288Elvin Isufi, Andreas Loukas, Andrea Simonetto, Geert Leus. Autoregressive Moving Average Graph Filtering
289 -- 302Massimo Franceschetti, Stefano Maranò, Vincenzo Matta. Chernoff Test for Strong-or-Weak Radar Models
303 -- 318Saeid Haghighatshoar, Giuseppe Caire. Massive MIMO Channel Subspace Estimation From Low-Dimensional Projections
319 -- 334Weiyu Huang, Alejandro Ribeiro. Persistent Homology Lower Bounds on High-Order Network Distances
335 -- 345An Liu, Vincent K. N. Lau. Joint BS-User Association, Power Allocation, and User-Side Interference Cancellation in Cell-free Heterogeneous Networks
346 -- 358Martijn Bousse, Otto Debals, Lieven De Lathauwer. A Tensor-Based Method for Large-Scale Blind Source Separation Using Segmentation
359 -- 371Mahdi Imani, Ulisses de Mendonça Braga Neto. Maximum-Likelihood Adaptive Filter for Partially Observed Boolean Dynamical Systems
372 -- 385Thomas Trigano, Yann Sepulcre, Yaacov Ritov. Sparse Reconstruction Algorithm for Nonhomogeneous Counting Rate Estimation
386 -- 396Manuel Stein, Josef A. Nossek. A Pessimistic Approximation for the Fisher Information Measure
397 -- 408Yuanxin Li, Yue Sun, Yuejie Chi. Low-Rank Positive Semidefinite Matrix Recovery From Corrupted Rank-One Measurements
409 -- 422Oguzhan Teke, P. P. Vaidyanathan. Extending Classical Multirate Signal Processing Theory to Graphs - Part I: Fundamentals
423 -- 437Oguzhan Teke, P. P. Vaidyanathan. Extending Classical Multirate Signal Processing Theory to Graphs - Part II: M-Channel Filter Banks
438 -- 453Licheng Zhao, Junxiao Song, Prabhu Babu, Daniel P. Palomar. A Unified Framework for Low Autocorrelation Sequence Design via Majorization-Minimization
454 -- 466Tuomas Aittomäki, Visa Koivunen. Mismatched Filter Design and Interference Mitigation for MIMO Radars
467 -- 481Subhro Das, José M. F. Moura. Consensus+Innovations Distributed Kalman Filter With Optimized Gains
482 -- 493Iñigo Urteaga, Petar M. Djuric. Sequential Estimation of Hidden ARMA Processes by Particle Filtering - Part I
494 -- 504Iñigo Urteaga, Petar M. Djuric. Sequential Estimation of Hidden ARMA Processes by Particle Filtering - Part II
505 -- 516Masanori Sugimoto, Hayato Kumaki, Takayuki Akiyama, Hiromichi Hashizume. Optimally Modulated Illumination for Rapid and Accurate Time Synchronization
517 -- 527Mikael Sørensen, Lieven De Lathauwer. Multidimensional Harmonic Retrieval via Coupled Canonical Polyadic Decomposition - Part I: Model and Identifiability
528 -- 539Mikael Sørensen, Lieven De Lathauwer. Multidimensional Harmonic Retrieval via Coupled Canonical Polyadic Decomposition - Part II: Algorithm and Multirate Sampling

Volume 65, Issue 19

4979 -- 4993Roula Nassif, Cédric Richard, André Ferrari, Ali H. Sayed. Diffusion LMS for Multitask Problems With Local Linear Equality Constraints
4994 -- 5005Qiuyi Han, Jie Ding, Edoardo M. Airoldi, Vahid Tarokh. SLANTS: Sequential Adaptive Nonlinear Modeling of Time Series
5006 -- 5020Chun-Lin Liu, P. P. Vaidyanathan. Correlation Subspaces: Generalizations and Connection to Difference Coarrays
5021 -- 5033Sunil Rudresh, Chandra Sekhar Seelamantula. Finite-Rate-of-Innovation-Sampling-Based Super-Resolution Radar Imaging
5034 -- 5046Shaofeng Zou, Yingbin Liang, H. Vincent Poor. Nonparametric Detection of Geometric Structures Over Networks
5047 -- 5061Michael Beard, Ba-Tuong Vo, Ba-Ngu Vo, Sanjeev Arulampalam. Void Probabilities and Cauchy-Schwarz Divergence for Generalized Labeled Multi-Bernoulli Models
5062 -- 5077Yong Li, Wenrui Dai, Junni Zou, Hongkai Xiong, Yuan F. Zheng. Structured Sparse Representation With Union of Data-Driven Linear and Multilinear Subspaces Model for Compressive Video Sampling
5078 -- 5091Domenico Ciuonzo, Vincenzo Carotenuto, Antonio De Maio. On Multiple Covariance Equality Testing with Application to SAR Change Detection
5092 -- 5107Dennis Ogbe, David J. Love, Vasanthan Raghavan. Noisy Beam Alignment Techniques for Reciprocal MIMO Channels
5108 -- 5120Soo-Chang Pei, Kuo-Wei Chang. Two-Dimensional Period Estimation by Ramanujan's Sum
5121 -- 5136Máximo Morales Céspedes, Jorge Plata-Chaves, Dimitris Toumpakaris, Syed Ali Jafar, Ana García Armada. Cognitive Blind Interference Alignment for Macro-Femto Networks
5137 -- 5152Tobias Lindstrøm Jensen, Jesper Kjær Nielsen, Jesper Rindom Jensen, Mads Græsbøll Christensen, Søren Holdt Jensen. A Fast Algorithm for Maximum-Likelihood Estimation of Harmonic Chirp Parameters
5153 -- 5163Kamil Dedecius, Vladimira Seckárová. Factorized Estimation of Partially Shared Parameters in Diffusion Networks
5164 -- 5178Soo-Chang Pei, Wen-Yang Lu, Bo-Yi Guo. M-Channel Perfect Recovery of Coarsened Graphs and Graph Signals With Spectral Invariance and Topological Preservation
5179 -- 5190Samir Ouelha, Abdeldjalil Aïssa-El-Bey, Boualem Boashash. Improving DOA Estimation Algorithms Using High-Resolution Quadratic Time-Frequency Distributions
5191 -- 5202Zhiyong Chen, Zhiguo Ding, Xuchu Dai, Rui Zhang. An Optimization Perspective of the Superiority of NOMA Compared to Conventional OMA
5203 -- 5214Yijing Chu, Cheuk Ming Mak. A New Parametric Adaptive Nonstationarity Detector and Application
5215 -- 5224Jordan Frécon, Nelly Pustelnik, Nicolas Dobigeon, Herwig Wendt, Patrice Abry. 2-Potts Model Regularization Parameter: 1-D Piecewise Constant Signal Denoising
5225 -- 5239Mingyang Cao, Sergiy A. Vorobyov, Aboulnasr Hassanien. Transmit Array Interpolation for DOA Estimation via Tensor Decomposition in 2-D MIMO Radar
5240 -- 5248Rafael Boloix-Tortosa, Juan José Murillo-Fuentes, Irene Santos Velázquez, Fernando Pérez-Cruz. Widely Linear Complex-Valued Kernel Methods for Regression
5249 -- 5261Elad Tzoreff, Anthony J. Weiss. Path Design for Best Emitter Location Using Two Mobile Sensors

Volume 65, Issue 18

4702 -- 4716Xiliang Luo, Penghao Cai, Xiaoyu Zhang, Die Hu, Cong Shen. A Scalable Framework for CSI Feedback in FDD Massive MIMO via DL Path Aligning
4717 -- 4731Zhaoqiang Liu, Vincent Y. F. Tan. Rank-One NMF-Based Initialization for NMF and Relative Error Bounds Under a Geometric Assumption
4732 -- 4744Samer Bazzi, Wen Xu. Downlink Training Sequence Design for FDD Multiuser Massive MIMO Systems
4745 -- 4755Seifallah Jardak, Sajid Ahmed, Mohamed-Slim Alouini. Low Complexity Moving Target Parameter Estimation for MIMO Radar Using 2D-FFT
4756 -- 4769Guolong Cui, Xianxiang Yu, Goffredo Foglia, Yongwei Huang, Jian Li. Quadratic Optimization With Similarity Constraint for Unimodular Sequence Synthesis
4770 -- 4783Emilie Chouzenoux, Jean-Christophe Pesquet. A Stochastic Majorize-Minimize Subspace Algorithm for Online Penalized Least Squares Estimation
4784 -- 4796Shanxiang Lyu, Cong Ling. Boosted KZ and LLL Algorithms
4797 -- 4811Jun Shi, Xiaoping Liu, Xuejun Sha, Qinyu Zhang, Naitong Zhang. A Sampling Theorem for Fractional Wavelet Transform With Error Estimates
4812 -- 4820Zeyu Wang, Ming Li 0004, Hongmeng Chen, Lei Zuo, Peng Zhang, Yan Wu 0003. Adaptive Detection of a Subspace Signal in Signal-Dependent Interference
4821 -- 4832Bryan Paul, Christian D. Chapman, Alex R. Chiriyath, Daniel W. Bliss. Bridging Mixture Model Estimation and Information Bounds Using I-MMSE
4833 -- 4846David B. H. Tay, Antonio Ortega. Bipartite Graph Filter Banks: Polyphase Analysis and Generalization
4847 -- 4861Gilberto Oliveira Corrêa, Alvaro Talavera. Competitive Robust Estimation for Uncertain Linear Dynamic Models
4862 -- 4873Alla Tarighati, James Gross, Joakim Jaldén. Decentralized Hypothesis Testing in Energy Harvesting Wireless Sensor Networks
4874 -- 4886Yanqing Xu, Chao Shen, Zhiguo Ding, Xiaofang Sun, Shi Yan, Gang Zhu, Zhangdui Zhong. Joint Beamforming and Power-Splitting Control in Downlink Cooperative SWIPT NOMA Systems
4887 -- 4901Juening Jin, Yahong Rosa Zheng, Wen Chen, Chengshan Xiao. Generalized Quadratic Matrix Programming: A Unified Framework for Linear Precoding With Arbitrary Input Distributions
4902 -- 4911Ehsan Olfat, Mats Bengtsson. Joint Channel and Clipping Level Estimation for OFDM in IoT-based Networks
4912 -- 4923Ziyang Cheng, Zishu He, Shengmiao Zhang, Jian Li. Constant Modulus Waveform Design for MIMO Radar Transmit Beampattern
4924 -- 4939Arash Mohammadi 0001, Konstantinos N. Plataniotis. Event-Based Estimation With Information-Based Triggering and Adaptive Update
4940 -- 4955Po-Chih Chen, Borching Su, Yenming Huang. Matrix Characterization for GFDM: Low Complexity MMSE Receivers and Optimal Filters
4956 -- 4970Jian Lan, X. Rong Li. Multiple Conversions of Measurements for Nonlinear Estimation
4971 -- 4972David A. Castañón, Theodoros Tsiligkaridis, Alfred O. Hero III. Corrections to "On Decentralized Estimation With Active Queries"
4973 -- 4974Rémy Boyer, Behtash Babadi, Nicholas Kalouptsidis, Vahid Tarokh. Corrections to "Asymptotic Achievability of the Cramér-Rao Bound for Noisy Compressive Sampling"

Volume 65, Issue 17

4429 -- 4442Yuejie Chi, Haoyu Fu. Subspace Learning From Bits
4443 -- 4453Norifumi Kamiya, Eisaku Sasaki. Pilot-Symbol-Assisted Phase Noise Compensation With Forward-Backward Wiener Smoothing Filters
4454 -- 4467François Rottenberg, Xavier Mestre, Dmitry Petrov, François Horlin, Jérôme Louveaux. Parallel Equalization Structure for MIMO FBMC-OQAM Systems Under Strong Time and Frequency Selectivity
4468 -- 4480Christopher K. Kovach. A Biased Look at Phase Locking: Brief Critical Review and Proposed Remedy
4481 -- 4494Ivan W. Selesnick. Sparse Regularization via Convex Analysis
4495 -- 4510Jie Ding, Yu Xiang, Lu Shen, Vahid Tarokh. Multiple Change Point Analysis: Fast Implementation and Strong Consistency
4511 -- 4524Chang Liu, Yong Fang, Jianzhong Liu. Some New Results About Sufficient Conditions for Exact Support Recovery of Sparse Signals via Orthogonal Matching Pursuit
4525 -- 4537Yujie Gu, Nathan A. Goodman. Information-Theoretic Compressive Sensing Kernel Optimization and Bayesian Cramér-Rao Bound for Time Delay Estimation
4538 -- 4550Luisa F. Polania, Kenneth E. Barner. Exploiting Restricted Boltzmann Machines and Deep Belief Networks in Compressed Sensing
4551 -- 4561L. Zhuang, Andrew T. Walden. Sample Mean Versus Sample Fréchet Mean for Combining Complex Wishart Matrices: A Statistical Study
4562 -- 4576Yikai Wang, Wei Xia, Zishu He, Hongbin Li, Athina P. Petropulu. Polarimetric Detection in Compound Gaussian Clutter With Kronecker Structured Covariance Matrix
4577 -- 4592Sundeep Rangan, Alyson K. Fletcher, Vivek K. Goyal, Evan Byrne, Philip Schniter. Hybrid Approximate Message Passing
4593 -- 4608Farzaneh Eshaghian, Shahram Shahbazpanahi. Jointly Optimal Pre- and Post-Channel Equalization and Distributed Beamforming in Asynchronous Bidirectional Relay Networks
4609 -- 4623Keith Yu Kit Leung, Felipe Inostroza, Martin Adams. Relating Random Vector and Random Finite Set Estimation in Navigation, Mapping, and Tracking
4624 -- 4634Amodh Kant Saxena, Inbar Fijalkow, A. Lee Swindlehurst. Analysis of One-Bit Quantized Precoding for the Multiuser Massive MIMO Downlink
4635 -- 4644Michel Barlaud, Wafa Belhajali, Patrick L. Combettes, Lionel Fillatre. Classification and Regression Using an Outer Approximation Projection-Gradient Method
4645 -- 4654Bernhard Alois Moser. Similarity Recovery From Threshold-Based Sampling Under General Conditions
4655 -- 4669Erdem Koyuncu, Hamid Jafarkhani. On the Minimum Average Distortion of Quantizers With Index-Dependent Distortion Measures
4670 -- 4683Peng Chen, Le Zheng, Xiaodong Wang, Hongbin Li, Lenan Wu. Moving Target Detection Using Colocated MIMO Radar on Multiple Distributed Moving Platforms
4684 -- 4697Qiang Li, Ying Zhang, Jingran Lin, Sissi Xiaoxiao Wu. Full-Duplex Bidirectional Secure Communications Under Perfect and Distributionally Ambiguous Eavesdropper's CSI

Volume 65, Issue 16

4150 -- 4165Xiao Fu, Kejun Huang, Mingyi Hong, Nicholas D. Sidiropoulos, Anthony Man-Cho So. Scalable and Flexible Multiview MAX-VAR Canonical Correlation Analysis
4166 -- 4176Zbynek Koldovský, Francesco Nesta. Performance Analysis of Source Image Estimators in Blind Source Separation
4177 -- 4192Shiqi Gong, Chengwen Xing, Sheng Chen, Zesong Fei. Secure Communications for Dual-Polarized MIMO Systems
4193 -- 4208Paolo Di Lorenzo, Paolo Banelli, Sergio Barbarossa, Stefania Sardellitti. Distributed Adaptive Learning of Graph Signals
4209 -- 4222Mohammadreza Soltani, Chinmay Hegde. Fast Algorithms for Demixing Sparse Signals From Nonlinear Observations
4223 -- 4237Graham W. Pulford. Channel-Dependent Constrained Combinatorial Clustering
4238 -- 4251Ilker Bayram, Savaskan Bulek. A Penalty Function Promoting Sparsity Within and Across Groups
4252 -- 4264Panos P. Markopoulos, Sandipan Kundu, Shubham Chamadia, Dimitris A. Pados. Efficient L1-Norm Principal-Component Analysis via Bit Flipping
4265 -- 4280Jure Sokolic, Raja Giryes, Guillermo Sapiro, Miguel R. D. Rodrigues. Robust Large Margin Deep Neural Networks
4281 -- 4292Shahin Shahrampour, Mohammad Noshad, Vahid Tarokh. On Sequential Elimination Algorithms for Best-Arm Identification in Multi-Armed Bandits
4293 -- 4308Mark Borgerding, Philip Schniter, Sundeep Rangan. AMP-Inspired Deep Networks for Sparse Linear Inverse Problems
4309 -- 4323George Papageorgiou, Pantelis Bouboulis, Sergios Theodoridis. Robust Nonlinear Regression: A Greedy Approach Employing Kernels With Application to Image Denoising
4324 -- 4338Sebastian Hitziger, Maureen Clerc, Sandrine Saillet, Christian Bénar, Théodore Papadopoulo. Adaptive Waveform Learning: A Framework for Modeling Variability in Neurophysiological Signals
4339 -- 4352Bahram Ehsandoust, Massoud Babaie-Zadeh, Bertrand Rivet, Christian Jutten. Blind Source Separation in Nonlinear Mixtures: Separability and a Basic Algorithm
4353 -- 4366Nan Zhang, Zhiqiang Yao, Yixian Liu, Stephen P. Boyd, Zhi-Quan Luo. Dynamic Resource Allocation for Energy Efficient Transmission in Digital Subscriber Lines
4367 -- 4378Cristian Rusu, John Thompson. Learning Fast Sparsifying Transforms
4379 -- 4393Alice P. Bates, Zubair Khalid, Rodney A. Kennedy. Efficient Computation of Slepian Functions for Arbitrary Regions on the Sphere
4394 -- 4405Hongbin Li, Yuan Jiang, Jun Fang, Muralidhar Rangaswamy. Adaptive Subspace Signal Detection with Uncertain Partial Prior Knowledge
4406 -- 4421Elvin Isufi, Andreas Loukas, Andrea Simonetto, Geert Leus. Filtering Random Graph Processes Over Random Time-Varying Graphs

Volume 65, Issue 15

3866 -- 3880Domenico Ciuonzo, Augusto Aubry, Vincenzo Carotenuto. Rician MIMO Channel- and Jamming-Aware Decision Fusion
3881 -- 3892Maciej Niedzwiecki, Marcin Ciolek. New Semicausal and Noncausal Techniques for Detection of Impulsive Disturbances in Multivariate Signals With Audio Applications
3893 -- 3908Chung-Kai Yu, Mihaela van der Schaar, Ali H. Sayed. Distributed Learning for Stochastic Generalized Nash Equilibrium Problems
3909 -- 3921Sara Al-Sayed, Abdelhak M. Zoubir, Ali H. Sayed. Robust Distributed Estimation by Networked Agents
3922 -- 3933Weiheng Ni, Xiaodai Dong, Wu-Sheng Lu. Near-Optimal Hybrid Processing for Massive MIMO Systems via Matrix Decomposition
3934 -- 3947Marc James Piggott, Victor Solo. Diffusion LMS With Correlated Regressors II: Performance
3948 -- 3959Eweda Eweda. Stabilization of High-Order Stochastic Gradient Adaptive Filtering Algorithms
3960 -- 3975Marco Compagnoni, Alessia Pini, Antonio Canclini, Paolo Bestagini, Fabio Antonacci, Stefano Tubaro, Augusto Sarti. A Geometrical-Statistical Approach to Outlier Removal for TDOA Measurements
3976 -- 3989Mohannad H. Al-Ali, Dominic K. C. Ho. Precoding for MIMO Channels in Cognitive Radio Networks with CSI Uncertainties and for MIMO Compound Capacity
3990 -- 4003Xiaomei Qu, Lihua Xie, Wenrong Tan. Iterative Constrained Weighted Least Squares Source Localization Using TDOA and FDOA Measurements
4004 -- 4018Yanning Shen, Morteza Mardani, Georgios B. Giannakis. Online Categorical Subspace Learning for Sketching Big Data with Misses
4019 -- 4030Johann A. Bengua, Ho N. Phien, Hoang Duong Tuan, Minh N. Do. Matrix Product State for Higher-Order Tensor Compression and Classification
4031 -- 4046Mostafa Mohammadkarimi, Ebrahim Karami, Octavia A. Dobre, Moe Z. Win. Number of Transmit Antennas Detection Using Time-Diversity of the Fading Channel
4047 -- 4058Ido Nevat, Pengfei Zhang, Gad Frenkel, Gareth W. Peters. Parameter Estimation in Sensor Networks Under Probabilistic Censoring
4059 -- 4074Namrata Vaswani, Seyedehsara Nayer, Yonina C. Eldar. Low-Rank Phase Retrieval
4075 -- 4089Yongzhi Li, Cheng Tao, Gonzalo Seco-Granados, Amine Mezghani, A. Lee Swindlehurst, Liu Liu. Channel Estimation and Performance Analysis of One-Bit Massive MIMO Systems
4090 -- 4101Frederik Van Eeghem, Mikael Sørensen, Lieven De Lathauwer. Tensor Decompositions With Several Block-Hankel Factors and Application in Blind System Identification
4102 -- 4116Yunpeng Li, Mark Coates. Particle Filtering With Invertible Particle Flow
4117 -- 4131Santiago Segarra, Antonio G. Marques, Alejandro Ribeiro. Optimal Graph-Filter Design and Applications to Distributed Linear Network Operators
4132 -- 4145Mikael Sørensen, Frederik Van Eeghem, Lieven De Lathauwer. Blind Multichannel Deconvolution and Convolutive Extensions of Canonical Polyadic and Block Term Decompositions

Volume 65, Issue 14

3587 -- 3602Bernhard Etzlinger, Florian Meyer, Franz Hlawatsch, Andreas Springer, Henk Wymeersch. Cooperative Simultaneous Localization and Synchronization in Mobile Agent Networks
3603 -- 3616Ruchi Tripathi, Boda Mohan, Ketan Rajawat. Adaptive Low-Rank Matrix Completion
3617 -- 3631Ka Lung Law, Christos Masouros, Marius Pesavento. Transmit Precoding for Interference Exploitation in the Underlay Cognitive Radio Z-channel
3632 -- 3646Xin Ding, Wei Chen, Ian J. Wassell. Joint Sensing Matrix and Sparsifying Dictionary Optimization for Tensor Compressive Sensing
3647 -- 3661Mohammad Mahdi Naghsh, Mahmoud Modarres-Hashemi, Mohammad Alaee Kerahroodi, Ehsan Haj Mirza Alian. An Information Theoretic Approach to Robust Constrained Code Design for MIMO Radars
3662 -- 3674Rex C. Y. Cheung, Alexander Aue, Thomas C. M. Lee. Consistent Estimation for Partition-Wise Regression and Classification Models
3675 -- 3687Yanning Shen, Brian Baingana, Georgios B. Giannakis. Tensor Decompositions for Identifying Directed Graph Topologies and Tracking Dynamic Networks
3688 -- 3701Dimitris Berberidis, Georgios B. Giannakis. Data Sketching for Large-Scale Kalman Filtering
3702 -- 3717Jiaxi Ying, Hengfa Lu, Qingtao Wei, Jian-Feng Cai, Di Guo, Jihui Wu, Zhong Chen, Xiaobo Qu. Hankel Matrix Nuclear Norm Regularized Tensor Completion for N-dimensional Exponential Signals
3718 -- 3732Ming-Xian Chang, Wang-Yueh Chang. Maximum-Likelihood Detection for MIMO Systems Based on Differential Metrics
3733 -- 3748Abbas Kazemipour, Min Wu, Behtash Babadi. Robust Estimation of Self-Exciting Generalized Linear Models With Application to Neuronal Modeling
3749 -- 3760Fatma Abdelkefi, Jaouhar Ayadi. Efficient Techniques for Impulsive Noise Cancellation in CGU/SD Systems
3761 -- 3774Cheng Lu, Ya-Feng Liu. An Efficient Global Algorithm for Single-Group Multicast Beamforming
3775 -- 3788Guiqiang Peng, Leibo Liu, Peng Zhang, Shouyi Yin, Shaojun Wei. Low-Computing-Load, High-Parallelism Detection Method Based on Chebyshev Iteration for Massive MIMO Systems With VLSI Architecture
3789 -- 3802Viet-Dung Nguyen, Karim Abed-Meraim, Nguyen Linh-Trung, Rodolphe Weber. Generalized Minimum Noise Subspace For Array Processing
3803 -- 3817Pedro A. Forero, Scott Shafer, Josh Harguess. Sparsity-Driven Laplacian-Regularized Outlier Identification for Dictionary Learning
3818 -- 3832Sungwoo Park, JeongHun Park, Ali Yazdan Panah, Robert W. Heath Jr.. Exploiting Spatial Channel Covariance for Hybrid Precoding in Massive MIMO Systems
3833 -- 3845Hung-Chun Chen, Yuan-Pei Lin. Differential Feedback of Geometrical Mean Decomposition Precoder for Time-Correlated MIMO Systems
3846 -- 3861Lei Chen, Qiping Zhu, Weixiao Meng, Yingbo Hua. Fast Power Allocation for Secure Communication With Full-Duplex Radio

Volume 65, Issue 13

3313 -- 3328Yang Yang, Marius Pesavento. A Unified Successive Pseudoconvex Approximation Framework
3329 -- 3343Zhichao Sheng, Hoang Duong Tuan, Ha H. Nguyen, Mérouane Debbah. Optimal Training Sequences for Large-Scale MIMO-OFDM Systems
3344 -- 3358Howard H. Yang, Giovanni Geraci, Tony Q. S. Quek, Jeffrey G. Andrews. Cell-Edge-Aware Precoding for Downlink Massive MIMO Cellular Networks
3359 -- 3368Roberto F. Leonarduzzi, Herwig Wendt, Patrice Abry, Stéphane Jaffard, Clothilde Mélot. Finite-Resolution Effects in p-Leader Multifractal Analysis
3369 -- 3383Chun-Lin Liu, Palghat P. Vaidyanathan. Hourglass Arrays and Other Novel 2-D Sparse Arrays With Reduced Mutual Coupling
3384 -- 3398Zhejun Lu, Weidong Hu, Thia Kirubarajan. Labeled Random Finite Sets With Moment Approximation
3399 -- 3413Philipp Thuene, Gerald Enzner. Maximum-Likelihood Approach With Bayesian Refinement for Multichannel-Wiener Postfiltering
3414 -- 3429Kailing Guo, Xiangmin Xu, Dacheng Tao. Discriminative GoDec+ for Classification
3430 -- 3445Lorenzo Ferrari, Qing Zhao, Anna Scaglione. Utility Maximizing Sequential Sensing Over a Finite Horizon
3446 -- 3461Yasuo Matsuyama. The Alpha-HMM Estimation Algorithm: Prior Cycle Guides Fast Paths
3462 -- 3477Nathanael Perraudin, Pierre Vandergheynst. Stationary Signal Processing on Graphs
3478 -- 3493Florian Meyer, Paolo Braca, Peter Willett, Franz Hlawatsch. A Scalable Algorithm for Tracking an Unknown Number of Targets Using Multiple Sensors
3494 -- 3509Aritra Konar, Nicholas D. Sidiropoulos. Fast Approximation Algorithms for a Class of Non-convex QCQP Problems Using First-Order Methods
3510 -- 3525Renliang Gu, Aleksandar Dogandzic. Projected Nesterov's Proximal-Gradient Algorithm for Sparse Signal Recovery
3526 -- 3537Sahar Khawatmi, Ali H. Sayed, Abdelhak M. Zoubir. Decentralized Clustering and Linking by Networked Agents
3538 -- 3550Raphael Bacher, Celine Meillier, Florent Chatelain, Olivier J. J. Michel. Robust Control of Varying Weak Hyperspectral Target Detection With Sparse Nonnegative Representation
3551 -- 3582Nicholas D. Sidiropoulos, Lieven De Lathauwer, Xiao Fu, Kejun Huang, Evangelos E. Papalexakis, Christos Faloutsos. Tensor Decomposition for Signal Processing and Machine Learning

Volume 65, Issue 12

3036 -- 3047Yi Liu, Xiang-Gen Xia, Zhiqiang Zhang, Hailin Zhang. Distributed Space-Time Coding Based on the Self-Coding of RLI for Full-Duplex Two-Way Relay Cooperative Networks
3048 -- 3061Mengjiao Tang, Yao Rong, Jie Zhou, X. Rong Li. Invariant Adaptive Detection of Range-Spread Targets Under Structured Noise Covariance
3062 -- 3077Alec Koppel, Brian M. Sadler, Alejandro Ribeiro. Proximity Without Consensus in Online Multiagent Optimization
3078 -- 3093Tianyi Chen, Aryan Mokhtari, Xin Wang, Alejandro Ribeiro, Georgios B. Giannakis. Stochastic Averaging for Constrained Optimization With Application to Online Resource Allocation
3094 -- 3106Junkun Yan, Hongwei Liu, Wenqiang Pu, Hongliang Liu, Zheng Liu, Zheng Bao. Joint Threshold Adjustment and Power Allocation for Cognitive Target Tracking in Asynchronous Radar Network
3107 -- 3119Zi-Long Liu, Yong Liang Guan, Wai Ho Mow. Asymptotically Locally Optimal Weight Vector Design for a Tighter Correlation Lower Bound of Quasi-Complementary Sequence Sets
3120 -- 3135Songtao Lu, Mingyi Hong, Zhengdao Wang. A Nonconvex Splitting Method for Symmetric Nonnegative Matrix Factorization: Convergence Analysis and Optimality
3136 -- 3151Adam M. Sykulski, Sofia Charlotta Olhede, Jonathan M. Lilly, Jeffrey J. Early. Frequency-Domain Stochastic Modeling of Stationary Bivariate or Complex-Valued Signals
3152 -- 3167Sean F. Lawlor, Michael G. Rabbat. Time-Varying Mixtures of Markov Chains: An Application to Road Traffic Modeling
3168 -- 3178Duong Hong Pham, Sylvain Meignen. High-Order Synchrosqueezing Transform for Multicomponent Signals Analysis - With an Application to Gravitational-Wave Signal
3179 -- 3190Farnaz Sedighin, Massoud Babaie-Zadeh, Bertrand Rivet, Christian Jutten. Multimodal Soft Nonnegative Matrix Co-Factorization for Convolutive Source Separation
3191 -- 3203Hans-Christian Ruiz, Hilbert J. Kappen. Particle Smoothing for Hidden Diffusion Processes: Adaptive Path Integral Smoother
3204 -- 3217Vincent Gouldieff, Jacques Palicot, Steredenn Daumont. Blind Modulation Classification for Cognitive Satellite in the Spectral Coexistence Context
3218 -- 3233Ming Jin, Qinghua Guo, Jiangtao Xi, Youming Li, Yonghui Li. On Spectrum Sensing of OFDM Signals at Low SNR: New Detectors and Asymptotic Performance
3234 -- 3246Johan Wahlström, Isaac Skog, Patricio S. La Rosa, Peter Handel, Arye Nehorai. The β-Model - Maximum Likelihood, Cramér-Rao Bounds, and Hypothesis Testing
3247 -- 3260Zhongju Wang, Prabhu Babu, Daniel P. Palomar. Effective Low-Complexity Optimization Methods for Joint Phase Noise and Channel Estimation in OFDM
3261 -- 3276Yongchang Hu, Geert Leus. Robust Differential Received Signal Strength-Based Localization
3277 -- 3292Yunxiang Jiang, Francis C. M. Lau, Ivan Wang Hei Ho, He Chen, Yongming Huang. Max-Min Weighted Downlink SINR With Uplink SINR Constraints for Full-Duplex MIMO Systems
3293 -- 3305Jose P. Gonzalez-Coma, Andreas Gründinger, Michael Joham, Luis Castedo. MSE Balancing in the MIMO BC: Unequal Targets and Probabilistic Interference Constraints

Volume 65, Issue 11

2758 -- 2772Beixiong Zheng, Miaowen Wen, Ertugrul Basar, Fangjiong Chen. Multiple-Input Multiple-Output OFDM With Index Modulation: Low-Complexity Detector Design
2773 -- 2786Wei Xie, Fei Wen, Jiangbo Liu, Qun Wan. Source Association, DOA, and Fading Coefficients Estimation for Multipath Signals
2787 -- 2797Georgios Rovatsos, Xichen Jiang, Alejandro D. Domínguez-García, Venugopal V. Veeravalli. Statistical Power System Line Outage Detection Under Transient Dynamics
2798 -- 2813Gemma Morral, Pascal Bianchi, Gersende Fort. Success and Failure of Adaptation-Diffusion Algorithms With Decaying Step Size in Multiagent Networks
2814 -- 2827Maryam Fatemi, Karl Granström, Lennart Svensson, Francisco J. R. Ruiz, Lars Hammarstrand. Poisson Multi-Bernoulli Mapping Using Gibbs Sampling
2828 -- 2843Daphney-Stavroula Zois, Urbashi Mitra. Active State Tracking With Sensing Costs: Analysis of Two-States and Methods for n-States
2844 -- 2859Alessio Zappone, Emil Björnson, Luca Sanguinetti, Eduard A. Jorswieck. Globally Optimal Energy-Efficient Power Control and Receiver Design in Wireless Networks
2860 -- 2874Gang Yang, Mohammad R. Vedady Moghadam, Rui Zhang 0006. Magnetic MIMO Signal Processing and Optimization for Wireless Power Transfer
2875 -- 2887John Tranter, Nicholas D. Sidiropoulos, Xiao Fu, Ananthram Swami. Fast Unit-Modulus Least Squares With Applications in Beamforming
2888 -- 2901Badong Chen, Lei Xing, Bin Xu, Haiquan Zhao, Nanning Zheng, José C. Príncipe. Kernel Risk-Sensitive Loss: Definition, Properties and Application to Robust Adaptive Filtering
2902 -- 2916A. P. Prathosh, Pragathi Praveena, Lalit K. Mestha, Sanjay Bharadwaj. Estimation of Respiratory Pattern From Video Using Selective Ensemble Aggregation
2917 -- 2932Karthik Upadhya, Sergiy A. Vorobyov, Mikko Vehkaperä. Superimposed Pilots Are Superior for Mitigating Pilot Contamination in Massive MIMO
2933 -- 2948Mingyi Hong, Tsung-Hui Chang. Stochastic Proximal Gradient Consensus Over Random Networks
2949 -- 2961Sang Mok Jung, PooGyeon Park. Stabilization of a Bias-Compensated Normalized Least-Mean-Square Algorithm for Noisy Inputs
2962 -- 2974Chen Sun, Xiqi Gao, Zhi Ding. BDMA in Multicell Massive MIMO Communications: Power Allocation Algorithms
2975 -- 2987Bingbo Cui, Xiyuan Chen, Xinhua Tang. Improved Cubature Kalman Filter for GNSS/INS Based on Transformation of Posterior Sigma-Points Error
2988 -- 3003Jitendra K. Tugnait, Sonia A. Bhaskar. On Testing for Impropriety of Multivariate Complex-Valued Random Sequences
3004 -- 3019Deborah Cohen, Yonina C. Eldar. Sub-Nyquist Cyclostationary Detection for Cognitive Radio
3020 -- 3031Christian Schlegel, Marat V. Burnashev. The Interplay Between Error Control Coding and Iterative Signal Cancelation

Volume 65, Issue 10

2475 -- 2487Nil Garcia, Henk Wymeersch, Erik G. Larsson, Alexander M. Haimovich, Martial Coulon. Direct Localization for Massive MIMO
2488 -- 2502Dominik Rzepka, Miroslaw Pawlak, Dariusz Koscielnik, Marek Miskowicz. Bandwidth Estimation From Multiple Level-Crossings of Stochastic Signals
2503 -- 2516Yanning Shen, Brian Baingana, Georgios B. Giannakis. Kernel-Based Structural Equation Models for Topology Identification of Directed Networks
2517 -- 2530Feng Ji, Wee-Peng Tay. An Algorithmic Framework for Estimating Rumor Sources With Different Start Times
2531 -- 2546Roozbeh Dehghannasiri, Mohammad Shahrokh Esfahani. Intrinsically Bayesian Robust Kalman Filter: An Innovation Process Approach
2547 -- 2560Daniel Romero, Seung-Jun Kim, Georgios B. Giannakis, Roberto López-Valcarce. Learning Power Spectrum Maps From Quantized Power Measurements
2561 -- 2575Ivan Selesnick, Masoud Farshchian. Sparse Signal Approximation via Nonseparable Regularization
2576 -- 2587Ming-Li Wang, Chih-Peng Li, Wan-Jen Huang. Semiblind Channel Estimation and Precoding Scheme in Two-Way Multirelay Networks
2588 -- 2599Omar Aldayel, Vishal Monga, Muralidhar Rangaswamy. Tractable Transmit MIMO Beampattern Design Under a Constant Modulus Constraint
2600 -- 2612Yun Xu, Tingrui Han, Kai Cai, Zhiyun Lin, Gangfeng Yan, Minyue Fu. A Distributed Algorithm for Resource Allocation Over Dynamic Digraphs
2613 -- 2628Mark Eisen, Aryan Mokhtari, Alejandro Ribeiro. Decentralized Quasi-Newton Methods
2629 -- 2644Gilles Baechler, Adam Scholefield, Loïc Baboulaz, Martin Vetterli. Sampling and Exact Reconstruction of Pulses with Variable Width
2645 -- 2658Shahar Stein, Or Yair, Deborah Cohen, Yonina C. Eldar. CaSCADE: Compressed Carrier and DOA Estimation
2659 -- 2671Amir Zaimbashi. Forward M-Ary Hypothesis Testing Based Detection Approach for Passive Radar
2672 -- 2685Feng Wang, Chongbin Xu, Yongwei Huang, Xin Wang, Xiqi Gao. REEL-BF Design: Achieving the SDP Bound for Downlink Beamforming With Arbitrary Shaping Constraints
2686 -- 2700Lucien Bacharach, Alexandre Renaux, Mohammed Nabil El Korso, Eric Chaumette. Weiss-Weinstein Bound on Multiple Change-Points Estimation
2701 -- 2713Boualem Boashash, Samir Ouelha. An Improved Design of High-Resolution Quadratic Time-Frequency Distributions for the Analysis of Nonstationary Multicomponent Signals Using Directional Compact Kernels
2714 -- 2724Heng Wang, Haiyong Zeng, Min Li, Baoguo Wang, Ping Wang. Maximum Likelihood Estimation of Clock Skew in Wireless Sensor Networks With Periodical Clock Correction Under Exponential Delays
2725 -- 2740Siheng Chen, Yaoqing Yang, Shi Zong, Aarti Singh, Jelena Kovacevic. Detecting Localized Categorical Attributes on Graphs
2741 -- 2753Zeqiang Ma, Wei Dai, Yimin Liu, Xiqin Wang. Group Sparse Bayesian Learning Via Exact and Fast Marginal Likelihood Maximization

Volume 65, Issue 1

5 -- 14Jennifer Y. H. Chan, Boris Leistedt, Thomas D. Kitching, Jason D. McEwen. Second-Generation Curvelets on the Sphere
15 -- 26Gokhan Gul, Abdelhak M. Zoubir. Theoretical Bounds in Minimax Decentralized Hypothesis Testing
27 -- 40Tao Yang, Xiaojun Yuan, Qifu Tyler Sun. A Signal-Space Aligned Network Coding Approach to Distributed MIMO
41 -- 55Kushal Anand, Erry Gunawan, Yong Liang Guan. Precoder Designs for the Relay-Aided X Channel Without Source CSI
56 -- 68Augusto Zebadua, Pierre-Olivier Amblard, Eric Moisan, Olivier J. J. Michel. Compressed and Quantized Correlation Estimators
69 -- 80Yuki Itoh, Marco F. Duarte, Mario Parente. Perfect Recovery Conditions for Non-negative Sparse Modeling
81 -- 94Si-qin, Yimin D. Zhang, Moeness G. Amin, Abdelhak M. Zoubir. Generalized Coprime Sampling of Toeplitz Matrices for Spectrum Estimation
95 -- 104Behzad Shahrasbi, Nazanin Rahnavard. Model-Based Nonuniform Compressive Sampling and Recovery of Natural Images Utilizing a Wavelet-Domain Universal Hidden Markov Model
105 -- 118Fei Wen, Peilin Liu, Yipeng Liu, Robert C. Qiu, Wenxian Yu. 1 Optimization
119 -- 129Adel Khosravi, Yousef S. Kavian. Broadcast Gossip Ratio Consensus: Asynchronous Distributed Averaging in Strongly Connected Networks
130 -- 145Qing Zhou, Di Li, Soummya Kar, Lauren M. Huie, H. Vincent Poor, Shuguang Cui. Learning-Based Distributed Detection-Estimation in Sensor Networks With Unknown Sensor Defects
146 -- 161Aryan Mokhtari, Qing Ling, Alejandro Ribeiro. Network Newton Distributed Optimization Methods
162 -- 172Andre Rauh, Gonzalo R. Arce. Optimized Spectrum Permutation for the Multidimensional Sparse FFT
173 -- 183An Liu, Feibai Zhu, Vincent K. N. Lau. Closed-Loop Autonomous Pilot and Compressive CSIT Feedback Resource Adaptation in Multi-User FDD Massive MIMO Systems
184 -- 199Uditha Lakmal Wijewardhana, Marian Codreanu. A Bayesian Approach for Online Recovery of Streaming Signals From Compressive Measurements
200 -- 211Hassan Naseri, Visa Koivunen. Cooperative Simultaneous Localization and Mapping by Exploiting Multipath Propagation
212 -- 227Javier Rubio, Antonio Pascual-Iserte, Daniel P. Palomar, Andrea Goldsmith. Joint Optimization of Power and Data Transfer in Multiuser MIMO Systems
228 -- 241Thang X. Vu, Hieu Duy Nguyen, Tony Q. S. Quek, Sumei Sun. Adaptive Cloud Radio Access Networks: Compression and Optimization
242 -- 255Bailu Wang, Wei Yi, Reza Hoseinnezhad, Suqi Li, Lingjiang Kong, Xiaobo Yang. Distributed Fusion With Multi-Bernoulli Filter Based on Generalized Covariance Intersection
256 -- 269Bo Yang, Xiao Fu, Nicholas D. Sidiropoulos. Learning From Hidden Traits: Joint Factor Analysis and Latent Clustering